Russia Takes Over The Mid-East: Moscow Gets Green Light For Strikes In Iraq, Sets Up Alliance With Jordan

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Once it became clear that Moscow and Tehran had jointly planned the incursion in Syria with Russia promising full air support and Iran pledging ground troops from Hezbollah, its various Shiite militias, and the IRGC, we immediately suggested that Iraq was next on the agenda after the Assad regime is restored. 

For those unfamiliar with the situation on the ground, we encourage you to read “Who Really Controls Iraq? Inside Iran's Powerful Proxy Armies,” in which we outline the extent to which Tehran effectively controls both the Iraqi military and the politicians in Baghdad.

The US allows this because i) there’s really not much Washington can do about it, and ii) even if there was, it would mean first trying to root out Iranian influence on the political process and second attempting to separate the Shiite militias from the Iraqi regulars, which would only serve to weaken the country’s ability to resist Sunni extremists like ISIS. The other important thing to understand about Iran’s proxy armies in Iraq is that they are the very same militias fighting alongside the Russians in Syria (we mean “very same” in the most literal sense possible as they were called over the border by Quds commander Qassem Soleimani himself). This means they are Washington’s allies in Iraq but as soon as they cross the border into Syria, they become the targets of US-supported and supplied rebels battling at Aleppo. Obviously, that makes absolutely no sense and is emblematic of just how schizophrenic Washington’s Mid-East strategy has become. It’s also worth noting that these are the same Shiite militias who, with Tehran’s blessing, attacked US troops in Iraq after George Bush destroyed the US-Iran post-9/11 alliance by putting the country in his infamous “Axis Of Evil" (see here for more). 

Here's a picture that should give you an idea about why Iran's proxy armies have proven particularly effective at bullying the ISIS bully, so to speak:

Meanwhile, flying missions over Iraq is the logical next step for The Kremlin in Russia’s bid to supplant the US as Mid-East superpower puppet master. One would be hard pressed to come up with a more humiliating scenario for Washington than for the US to be effectively kicked out of the country it “liberated” over a decade ago by Vladimir Putin on the excuse that try as they may (or may “not”, depending on how prone you are to conspiracy theories), the Americans are apparently not very good at fighting terror. 

Just like in Syria, Russian airstrikes would be supported by Iran-backed fighters on the ground, and thanks to the IRGC’s grip over Iraqi politics, Moscow would find Baghdad very receptive to Russia’s presence in the country. 

The US knows all of this of course and in an effort to get out ahead of the situation, Washington sent Gen. Joseph Dunford (chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) to Iraq this week to issue what can only be described as a petulant, childish ultimatum to PM Haider al-Abadi. “It’s either us, or the Russians,” Abadi was told, although not specifically in those terms. Here’s what Dunford actually said: 

"I said it would make it very difficult for us to be able to provide the kind of support you need if the Russians were here conducting operations as well. We can't conduct operations if the Russians were operating in Iraq right now."

(Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi)

Although the PM purportedly pledged not to request Russian assistance, anyone who’s followed the story knows Dunford’s trip was far too little, far too late.

ISIS has been running amok in Iraq for more than a year and the US appears powerless to stop them. As we noted, there are several theories as to why Washington is so intent on keeping Moscow out. The common sense theory that requires no conspiratorial ruminations says that the US is desperate to avoid ceding Baghdad to Russia and the Pentagon knows that with Iran already effectively in control of the army and the government, Russia would find a very receptive military and political environment. For those inclined to think that in addition to any initial support (i.e. funding and training prior to the official formation of ISIS), the US is still supporting Islamic State, well then the worry for Washington is that Russia simply wipes them out.

Whatever the case, Iraq has apparently had just about enough of it and indeed, one of the reasons Dunford made the trip was that last week, Abadi said he would “welcome Russian airstrikes.” Throw in the brand new intelligence sharing center in Baghdad jointly staffed by Russia, Iran, and Syria and it’s pretty clear that despite what Abadi might have told Dunford to reassure the Pentagon, the "red" coats (if you will) are indeed coming. 

Sure enough, according to Turkey’s state run Anadolu Agency, Russia has now received permission from Iraq to target ISIS convoys coming from Syria. Here’s more

The Iraqi government authorized Russia to target Daesh convoys coming from Syria, a senior Iraqi official said.


The authorization for Russia to target Daesh inside Iraq comes amid security coordination between Iraq, Russia, Iran and Syria.


Hakem al-Zamli, chief of the Iraqi parliament’s security and defense committee, told Anadolu Agency on Friday that the measure contributed to weakening Daesh by cutting off its supply routes.

That will be just the beginning. We assume the whole “convoys from Syria” language is an effort on Baghdad’s part to make it sound like this isn’t a green light for Russia to take over the skies above Iraq but one certainly wonders how Washington intends to respond given that Abadi just told Dunford Iraq wouldn’t allow this to happen. 

And that’s not all. 

Russia has now created yet another intelligence sharing cell in the Mid-East, this time in Jordan as Moscow and Amman are set to work together to rout ISIS. Here’s RT:

Russia and Jordan agreed to create a coordination center in Amman, which will be used by the two countries to share information on the counter-terrorism operations, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.


Russia is already in touch with Iran, Iraq and Syria through a Baghdad-based center used for the same purpose. 


Lavrov said Jordan would play a positive part in finding a political solution to the Syrian conflict through negotiations between Damascus and opposition forces, an outcome that Russia itself is pursuing. 


“Under an agreement between His Majesty King Abdullah II and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, the militaries of the two countries have agreed to coordinate their actions, including military aircraft missions over the Syrian territory,”Lavrov said. His Jordanian counterpart Nasser Judeh said the center would serve as an efficient communication tool for the militaries of the two nations.

As you might recall, Jordan's King Abdullah wasn't exactly pleased after ISIS released a video showing a Jordanian pilot being burned alive. Here's the visual message he sent to the group after the video surfaced:

Once again, it's important to understand that this is all made possible by the fact that the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey decided to use extremist groups as their weapon of choice to destabilize Assad. That gives Moscow all the political and PR cover it needs to not only make a pure power play in Syria, but to establish closer diplomatic and political ties in Iraq and now Jordan. Thanks to the fact that the Western media has held up ISIS as the devil incarnate, The Kremlin has a foolproof cover story for what is quite clearly becoming a sweeping attempt to establish Russian influence across the region. 

Finally, don't forget that with each move Russia makes towards replacing the US as Mid-East superpower puppet master, Iran gets that much closer to supplanting Saudi Arabia as regional power broker. The Kremlin's alliance with Jordan plays right into that dynamic as the Moscow-Tehran nexus is literally encircling Riyadh, Doha, and the UAE...

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WordSmith2013's picture

Putin's Russia Obliterates The USA’s Secret ‘Mideast Strategy’


"The Primary Zio-Anglo-American Strategy
In The Middle East Was Just Destroyed."

Looney's picture

From the “Train & Equip ISIS” manual:

If you are surrounded by enemies, use inflated condoms to escape by air.

If you are captured with American-made weapons, blame Putin.

If you are caught having sex with a camel, tell them that you are practicing the Heimlich Maneuver.  ;-)


mtndds's picture

Russia is making the president of the united states look really bad, weak, and dumb.  OUCH!!

Looney's picture

Finally!!! Our TINY.GOV has come up with an anti-Putin strategy in Syria and Iraq!

The next time our leaders meet, 0bama will be wearing custom-fitted Mom Jeans with a flirtatiously protruding Camel Toe. ;-)


Paveway IV's picture

"...Washington sent Gen. Joseph Dunford (chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) to Iraq this week to issue what can only be described as a petulant, childish ultimatum to PM Haider al-Abadi. “It’s either us, or the Russians,” Abadi was told, although not specifically in those terms..."

Yeah? Well, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, Gen. Dunford - you useless sack of shit. You lost your heroin ops in Afghanistan to your CIA pals, the Taliban. Why don't you pick up the American soldiers on your way out of that failed drug operation, too?

No - I'm sure you and your CIA 'partners' are gearing up for the upcoming fake Kurdish Spring uprising, you psychopathic bitch. Next time the Israeli-firster fucks in congress send you on any other "freedom and liberty" clownfuckery anywhere else in the Middel East, why don't you pause for a minute and thing about your oath? You know - the one you've been wiping your feed on your entire fucking career:   

...I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same...

You lying, treasonous fucker.

Payne's picture

What will it take for them to assist in Libya as well ??

They did not mention that every step is a day closer to ending the Petro dollar

CheapBastard's picture

Is that "Jordan" related to the Billionaire, "Micheal Jordan"?

BaBaBouy's picture

WOW ... Now they Gonna Kick Some Isis A$$...

Money Counterfeiter's picture
Money Counterfeiter (not verified) Lore Oct 24, 2015 2:37 PM

This is how a military runs when the Zionist are gone.  You actually win.

y3maxx's picture

Israel ain't gonna take this sitting down.....false flag event in 3....2.....1....

Money Counterfeiter's picture
Money Counterfeiter (not verified) y3maxx Oct 24, 2015 4:05 PM

Israel knows the fiat world is about to end. Don't think they are going to do shit.  Battle of the Bulge?  Maybe bend the fuck over. 

Latina Lover's picture

Paveway IV, I bow before your eloquence. +1000!

macholatte's picture




The next 15 months are going to be awesome.  Many of us will be there with our mouths open saying stuff like “I don’t believe it” & “How could they get away with that” & just plain WTF?


And 44% of Americans will vote for Hitlery no matter what.



Bumpo's picture

Tough to take America' side when their strategy involves lies, duplicity and sucking up to the Darkside. There is no Win Win Game Theory with these bastards.

NEKO's picture

Isreal is starting to look a bit encircled too...

847328_3527's picture

Russia takes over the Middle East  ....


Moar of O'Bama's 'Legacy.'

Keyser's picture

Smart move by Jordan to align with Russia as they would be next on the USSA hit-list after toppling Assad... If Lebanon is smart, they will do the same... Watch for Palestine to do the same... 

wee-weed up's picture



Yep, Putin the Alpha-dog moves into position and growls...

And Obozo the bitch, rolls over and exposes his belly in submission and whines.

JamesBond's picture

Remember the good ole days when Iraq and Iran kept each other in check?  Yeah, not so much any more.


Bush -  You dumb ass.  




Manthong's picture

If O’Bama, the Irish negro community organizer, born un-natural citizen and Kenyan Colonial British Crown subject wants to see where his legacy is being written.. look here.

American political patriarchy and hegemony dies under his guidance.

Millions are vanquished from the warm ME to the frigid climes of the prosperous part of the EU.

Europe is fractured by the forced migration.

Globalization is furthered.. Merkel approves the “fallout”.

Obamacare can be fixed, the global displacement of power and population… not so much.

But maybe that was his plan all along as he golfs the resorts of the North Shore of Oahu in his comfortable post-autocracy.

PS..  FU Republicans.. you ALL are worse than worthless..


Calmyourself's picture

NOW, now you know what he meant when he told Medvedev he would have more flexibility after the election.  He wasn't talking about Reggie.  He is going to assist in or even take down the petro dollar, the most damaging thing he can do to a country he hates and half our countrymen support him.  Buckle up butter cup this train just left the station.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Calmyourself Oct 25, 2015 11:27 AM

Right is in opposition to the USA Sun in Cancer, Uranus is square as well.

This is the final pass of Pluto over USA Sun and the one that drives the nail home. It is a long slow change and has been long in the making, it will take decades to see the final results of this transit. But history will show this day, this time, was the final blow.

Did Obama plan to fold the USA superpower at this time, I don't know but it was going to happen

anyway at this time.

It is however amazing to watch this. First starting in 2008 Pluto was opposed to USA Venus (money) Jupiter (truth, excess)

which proved we can't be trusted with world reserve currency, the first leg of the table was kicked in. We printed too much money and were reckless and untruthful in our financial matters. Pluto came along to clean that up by destroying it and unmasking us for the world to see.

USA has Venus conjunct Jupiter which is lucky, lozza resources as a new country and always would land

on her feet. It can be a great combo: sense of hope, enthusiasm for new ideas, the quest for truth, a “can-do” attitude, regardless of circumstance.

Now the check has been delivered to the table and we must pay, sort of like when the English had to pay the check in 1917 with the Balfour deceleration. It was the most important document in the history of a nation they say. Pluto was also opposed to  England's Capricorn Sun, the same transit we are under. The amazing thing is as it is exact today, it is very clear for those paying attention that the check reads "it is no longer a unipolar world"

the funny thing is the chart of Israel seems to not be that damaged, yes the angles are hit by Pluto 4th/10th but Saturn in Sag supports all the Leo planets as does Uranus. Meet the new boss same as the old boss.

WOWurstupid's picture

The Zionists don't run anything but Israel and they always win.  Read a book bozo

Ignatius's picture

Journalism -- real journalism -- in Turkey is a relatively dangerous occupation.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Real journalism is fairly dangerous here in the U.S. as well. The post 9-11 anthrax attacks pretty much ended journalism, as I have no doubt they were intended to.

BlindMonkey's picture

"Real journalism is fairly dangerous here in the U.S. as well."


What ever do you mean?  Mercedes catch fire and blow up all the time.   


Wait...What???  You mean they don't?  Oh.  Apparently that only happens when investigative reports are driving.  Please, carry on...

Keyser's picture

I have to quote the authority on this topic...

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

besnook's picture

he bought the country to make it the first bball svereign state, killing infidel baseball and football and soccer players all the world to build a one world basketball empire. you either play round ball or no ball at all.

jeff montanye's picture

that is delightfully strange and strangely delightful.

eretz basketball


Lost My Shorts's picture

I've never been a Putin admirer -- he's an old-school kleptocratic tyrant.  But I'd like to thank him personally for taking the Middle East off our hands.  Have fun in the sandbox, dude.  I predict that it's a Pyrrhic victory for Russia, but I am certain it's a great victory for the American people.

Max Steel's picture

If you think US and Russia have same goals and priorities in Middle East then good luck . You've not figured Russia's interests.

jeff montanye's picture

among many other things, apparently.

Lost My Shorts's picture

I only care about the interests of the American people, which are to get clear of the Middle East.

It doesn't matter what Russia's interests are.  If you had any ability to learn from experience, you would notice that trying to control the Middle East is a fool's errand, and in the end one's interests will not be served.  OK, maybe at least Russia is pursuing its own interests in the Middle East, instead of those of foreign lobbyists and parasite states.  But still their long-term net from the adventure will be negative, just as ours was.

If you had any ability to learn from experience, you would notice that it's much easier and more fun to sit on the sidelines and lob cheap monkey wrenches into the gears of some other fool's imperial aspirations, than it is to be the fool with imperial aspirations.  Let us lob the monkey wrenches for a while, and let Putin be the other fool.

I heard a British ex-spy master the other day on NPR, expressing the Anglo-Amero-Zionist certainty that Russia is a nation in decline -- demographic decline, cultural decline, you name it.  The brutal kleptocratic reality of life inside Russia causes a permanent brain drain, whereby anyone with any abilities (such as the founder of ZH) votes with their feet and leaves.  If that is true, adding a Middle Eastern empire to their load will only hasten Russia's decline.  So if you stand for America and dislike the Russians, Putin's current adventures are a double win.

Volkodav's picture

really npr?

you're funny...

Transformer's picture

Well, if you hear it on NPR, then (pick one)

It must be true.

Are you shitting me?

Baby Bladeface's picture
Baby Bladeface (not verified) Lost My Shorts Oct 24, 2015 6:35 PM


"I heard a British ex-spy master the other day on NPR"

Will be on my list of sources to be only after money as psychics and signals from space.

"expressing the Anglo-Amero-Zionist certainty that Russia is a nation in decline -- demographic decline, cultural decline, you name it."

Regular officers daughter. This ex-spy master is stuck still in year 1994? Well, turn on your brains for once. Or you head need only "there to eat"?

Links here and you will ignore because they for you cause burning sensation in the anus.

Russia's Baby Boom. Fertility Rate Far Higher Than in EU, Rising Quickly

Russia Demographics Are Now Reasonably Healthy. Birth Rate the Highest in Europe

Recession Won't Reverse Russian Demographic Recovery

'Dying Russia' Has Healthiest Demographics in the Region

Russia’s Remarkable Renaissance

I broke your fine mental organization? Well, excuse me.

"The brutal kleptocratic reality of life inside Russia causes a permanent brain drain, whereby anyone with any abilities (such as the founder of ZH) votes with their feet and leaves."

On display here infamous American expertise geography. Bulgaria on a unique magical plate tectonic and somehow floated inside Russia?

"If that is true, adding a Middle Eastern empire to their load will only hasten Russia's decline."

If is true? Your statements exhibit a peculiar truth evasion. Russian imperial aspirations are phantoms in your head reside.

"So if you stand for America and dislike the Russians"

Reads like US political corrects expression for retardity.

Woodpecker you're brainless. Good luck in general, in your hopeless case...

gonetogalt's picture

Oh, Baby, I may speak better English, but I can't top that...

Himins's picture

the green arrow is for your hillary moniker, say anything you wish.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Baby Bladeface Oct 25, 2015 6:29 AM

Russia did not embrace modernism, that is it's ace in the hole I say.

Look what it has done to the West, they have the luxury to access  the long term results as they are building a new country.

Just look at Putin's home, the classic world is celebrated.

silvermail's picture

You do not understand the difference between the foreign policy of Russia and the United States.
- Russian integrates other countries in its environment, as friends and equal partners.
- US colonize other countries and nations as vassals and slaves.

For this reason, all your conclusions are wrong.

DrewJackson's picture

Yes Russia does this now....  say the past 20 years to be generous.


But what about the other 1,000 years or so?    Sure the Poles, Lithuanians, Germans, Hungarians, etc feels as if they were equal partners.


This new niche has been created because USSA policy have gone off the rails, and opened the door for Russia to be the "Good guys".


It will change....

BarkingCat's picture

"I heard a British ex-spy master the other day on NPR, expressing the Anglo-Amero-Zionist certainty that Russia is a nation in decline"


That is really funny. An ex-spy from the land of fags and paedophile is talking about Russia being in decline.

Has this guy walk though the streets of London lately??

Rock and Hard Space's picture

Exactly what part of America are you standing for?

Our outright destruction of any non-government connected?

The Oligarchy that continues to rape us while offshoring or outlawing our ability to produce anything?

The overreaching Nanny State that wants to take children from homes because they walk to parks or schools?

Or maybe the mandating of toxins known to cause brain impairment and death for our health?

Oh, I know, the America that invades, or fund terrorists to invade, sovereign nations, creating millions of victims that now really do wish us harm?

I'm so confused, my public educated brain washing wants to believe in the "America" you speak of, instead all I have is this pile of facts that "America" has been dead and buried a long, long, time.

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

So because the USA has made a clusterfuck of the middle east, then any power that succeeds them will also face the same trouble?

Thats a typically American way of thinking - that the only way to fix the place is to act exactly as the USA has done. Which also happens to be exactly how the British handled the place beforehand.

How could the exceptional nation not be 100% correct in all things?

Maybe the Russians have a completely different way of thinking and acting, and Americas way is not the only path.

Time will tell, but by the look of things currently the history books will be full of ridicule for the stupidity of the USA's self serving, narcisistic, and frankly completely disasterous empire building efforts.

So continue to tell yourself that this is yet another "Mission Accomplished" banner to be saluted with delusional pride.

Lost My Shorts's picture

I was curious -- was my comment being down-voted by:

1) Putin admirers who are angry that I make fun of him and doubt his triumph will be a triumph in the end; or

2) Putin critics who think I don't appreciate the magnitude of his victory and the terrible danger that he poses?

Or did I manage to offend both sides?

datura's picture

this is not about who admires Putin and who does not. You don't get the full picture. 1) Russia still has its big problems (like corruption), but unlike the USA they try to fight it. They are certainly not a nation in decline, that's just Western propaganda.

2) Middle East is Russia's backyard, that is why Russia's goals are different: Russia needs a stable and orderly Middle East, because anything else is a huge threat to Russia itself. If your backyard is overflowing with rubbish, that rubbish starts to get to your house and you have no choice but to clean up that backyard. All those wars and radical insane groups are starting to overflow to Russia already now. Russia must make order in the Middle East to stop it. On the other hand, the USA is so far away from the Middle East that chaos and mess there does not trouble them. NWO elites even wanted all that chaos and mess in the Middle East as one of the tools to destroy Russia (and China)! China also has its muslim population and all that mess in the Middle East is a problem for them as well. This is why simply for practical reasons (of survival) both Russia and China need to make the Middle East orderly again. 

And that is why the USA (like everyone else) needs to stick only to its own backyard. In other words, the USA has no business in the Middle East and Russia should have no business in Mexico (or Canada:-). And this is exactly what Putin proposes as the "multipolar" world: every big nation has the right to its own sphere of influence and should not interfere in spheres of others - the only practical way to avoid world wars and Armageddon. Russia and China already understand that and they are doing quite well in staying out of each other's way and making practical agreements, the USA should learn to do the same. And I bet the USA would do the same, if they weren't controlled by insane zionists, who believe that they can control the entire world, which is impossible and cannot ever be achieved. 

chubbar's picture

Nicely stated, kudos.