Caught On Helmet Cam: US Releases Video Footage From SpecOps ISIS Prison Raid

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It would have been bad enough for Washington if Moscow had simply intervened in Syria and left it to the media to speculate and report on the progress made by Iranian ground troops operating under the cover of Russian airstrikes. But subtlety isn’t really Putin’s style and besides, the conflict in Syria represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to lay bare the West’s deplorable strategy of funding and arming extremists on the way to destabilizing recalcitrant regimes. 

And so, not wanting to miss a chance at thoroughly embarrassing the West, The Kremlin has unleashed a veritable avalanche of videos, foreign policy critiques, and pronouncements aimed at i) unmasking the role Washington and its regional allies have played in facilitating the rise of Sunni extremism and ii) highlighting the extent to which Russia is the only country that’s actually gotten results in the campaign to eradicate terrorism in Syria. The media blitz encompasses near daily videos from the Russian Defense Ministry, characteristically deadpan (not to mention hilarious) soundbites from Sergei Lavrov, stinging criticism from Moscow’s Western foreign policy critic extraordinaire Maria Zakharova, and of course, plenty of Putin admonishments. 

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the West has been left dumbfounded. There’s just no way to explain this to the public. There’s no way to rationalize Washington’s insistence on not cooperating with the Russians because the US has spent a year holding up ISIS as the scourge of humanity. There’s also no way to go about apologizing for the fact that Russian airstrikes have achieved more in four weeks than US airstrikes have achieved in 13 months. 

Of course the above isn’t entirely accurate. The situation is very easily explainable. Washington could just say this: “look, Russia and Iran are the real enemies here and ISIS is just a bunch of guys we and our Mid-East allies supported initially because we thought they would help oust Assad and break up the Shiite crescent.” But saying that would be to shatter the illusion and because the public must forever be left in the dark, the US has been left to scramble around for ways to salvage the narrative. 

Well, in what might reasonably be described as a bizarre story, the Western media has now released what looks like GoPro helmet cam footage from what Washington is trying to call a dramatic rescue effort that freed dozens of hostages from an ISIS prison in the northern Iraqi town of Huwija. 

Apparently, the Peshmerga were attempting to free what they thought were Kurdish prisoners whose graves ISIS had (literally) already dug when Delta Force (who were on the scene acting as “advisers”) decided to step in and assist.

The ensuing firefight led to the first American casualty in Iraq since 2011.

Here’s Reuters:

One member of a U.S. special operations force was killed during an overnight mission to rescue hostages held by Islamic State militants in northern Iraq, the first American to die in ground combat with the militant group, U.S. officials said on Thursday.


Sixty-nine hostages were rescued in the action, which targeted an Islamic State prison around 7 kilometers north of the town of Hawija, according to the security council of the Kurdistan region, whose counterterrorism forces took part.


The U.S. rescue mission unfolded amid mounting concerns in Washington over increasing Russian intervention in the Middle East.


The hostages rescued in the raid were all Arabs, including local residents and Islamic State fighters held as suspected spies, a U.S. official said on Thursday.


The official told Reuters that around 20 of the hostages were members of Iraqi security forces.


"Some of the remainder were Daesh (Islamic State) ... fighters that Daesh thought were spies," the official said. "The rest of them were citizens of the local town".


More than 20 Islamic State militants were killed and six detained, the security council said.


Islamic State called the operation "unsuccessful" but acknowledged casualties among its fighters.


In a statement distributed online on Thursday by supporters, it said U.S. gunships had shelled areas around the prison to prevent the arrival of reinforcements, then clashed with militants for two hours.


The statement confirmed U.S. claims that some guards had been killed and others detained in the operation.


"Dozens" of U.S. troops were involved in the mission, a U.S. defense official said, declining to be more specific about the number.


"It was a deliberately planned operation, but it was also done with the knowledge that imminent action was needed to save the lives of these people," the U.S. defense official said.

Now obviously, there’s no telling what actually went on here, nor is there any telling what 30 members of Delta Force were doing running around with the Peshmerga in northern Iraq, but one thing is for sure: the US media seems to be trying to counter the Russian propaganda blitz by holding up the Huwija raid and the death of Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler as proof that Washington is serious about battling ISIS.

Here’s AP:

The U.S. soldier fatally wounded in a hostage rescue mission in Iraq heroically inserted himself into a firefight to defend Kurdish soldiers, even though the plan called for the Kurds to do the fighting, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Friday.


"This is someone who saw the team that he was advising and assisting coming under attack, and he rushed to help them and made it possible for them to be effective, and in doing that lost his own life," Carter told a Pentagon news conference.

Carter applauded Army Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler, 39, of Roland, Oklahoma, who died of his wounds Thursday.


The defense chief gave the most extensive public description yet of what transpired during the pre-dawn raid on an Islamic State prison compound near the town of Hawija. About 70 people, including at least 20 members of the Iraqi security forces, were freed. It was the first time U.S. troops had become involved in direct ground combat in Iraq since the war against the Islamic State was launched in August 2014, and Wheeler was the first U.S. combat death.


"As the compound was being stormed, the plan was not for the U.S. ... forces to enter the compound or be involved in the firefight," Carter said. "However, when a firefight ensued, this American did what I'm very proud that Americans do in that situation, and he ran to the sound of the guns and he stood up. All the indications are that it was his actions and that of one of his teammates that protected those who were involved in breaching the compound and made the mission a success."


"That is an inherent risk that we ask people to assume," Carter added. "Again, it wasn't part of the plan, but it was something that he did, and I'm immensely proud that he did that."

Carter went on to suggest that "missions" like these are set to become more commonplace going forward:

Carter said he expects U.S. forces to be involved in more such raids against Islamic State targets, describing it as part and parcel of what the Pentagon calls a "train, advise and assist" mission in support of Iraqi forces. At one point he said, "It doesn't represent assuming a combat role" — but later, in noting that it is difficult to see the full picture of what happened during the Hawija raid, he said: "This is combat. It's complex."

We are of course not attempting to trivialize the death of Joshua Wheeler by writing this off as some kind of publicity stunt aimed at countering the Russian media blitz. In fact, the opposite is true. If the US is now set to ramp up the frequency with which the Pentagon puts American lives at stake by inserting spec ops in ground operations just so Washington can prove to the world that America is just as serious as Russia is about fighting ISIS, well then that's a crying shame for US servicemen; especially considering the role the US and its regional allies had in creating the groups that Delta Force and other units are now tasked with countering.

In any event, here's the helmet cam footage which we'll leave it to readers to analyze and critique.

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I saw Elvis and JFK

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I was looking for the Paintball Channel and was given this link.

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Business of Religion Government



More statist chest thumping for invasion.



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Propaganda volume is now set to 11.

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Did I hear "Let's do this for Barack" right before they went in?

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Didn't see any bullets flying or blood anywhere.

That thing looked more fake than Caitlyn's snatch.

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Directly from Langley studios in VA

check the 17 sec mark , the guy did a poor job of faking

This shit is 100% fake and cheaply made .

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Why isn't he described as a "combat" casualty?

If this story follows the arc of most US propaganda, we will find out in a few days that he was killed by friendly fire.  

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Notice it's someone with a White name... to quell the White domestic terrorists at home no doubt. They should have claimed it was someone named Juan Gutierrez, a transgender faggot from LA. That might have been believable. I don't watch/read anything hosted or posted by nbc. That alone means it's probably fake or at least misleading to some degree.

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How much did this stunt cost American taxpayers?

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and of course it was on the Progressive Propaganda Network (PPN)

also know as   NBC



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I didn't see that roaring lion before this production?

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Hey you stupid Ministery of Propaganda fucks.

This is what a real battle looks like from a Go-Pro.



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Hey, if it actually happened, kudos to the operators.

But, there is very little to go on. It could have been filmed anywhere.

Since we have one KIA on our side, I tend to think it is real, particularly because they only rescued town folk and Daesh turncoats,  who hopefully have been propery despatched by the Peshmerga by now after extracting "data." The intel was faulty, there were supposed to be Kurdish fighters in the crossbar motel.

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Why should the US be putting fine young seppos into Iraq just to save groups of random arabs like this ? Like WHAT THE FUCK ??  Who are these carpet pilots ? why are they so important ?????

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This is King Barak trying to look relevant.

Forward (over the cliff)!

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Anonymous User (not verified) lakecity55 Oct 25, 2015 6:21 PM

Is that the sound of popcorn popping?

Well, that says it all.

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Popcorn sounds like it was all the same caliber, which is odd.

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Sounded like blanks to me.


What do I know though, I've only fired a few hundred thousand of live and blanks using miliary equipment......

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> The ensuing firefight led to the first American casualty in Iraq since 2011.

> Propaganda volume is now set to 11.

Precisely, that's such pathetic bullocks.

ISIS is a US Special Operations unit and that single official casualty that can't be hidden for some reason just confirms that CIA/Academy etc. instructors have been fully engaged in Syria.

This cheap footage is made in some Hollywood settings, and surely it's good enough for the sheeple watching the news somewhere in Cancun, sipping alcohol from their bubba keg mugs and pissing in water by the pool bar all day long (" -Hi, I am from Manitoba, where are from?, -I am from Wisconsin, how ya doin'?").

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NO shit, i thought it was nice of ISIS to have prefect lighting for the spec ops go pro camera....also i wonder if they used the same studio as the "beheadings"???

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those beheadings videos were some shit weren't they?

looked like the plane flying into the wtc with this little puff of smoke (like roadrunner) coming out.

how much contempt they must have for us to put this shit out.

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"...Propaganda volume is now set to 11..."

I agree in principle, Igantius, but not in scale. Four or five, maybe. The reason is because of the staged chaos plan for the Middle East courtesy ZATO and Gulf Cronies. They are pacing themselves for the Kurdish Spring. That will require a 10 or 11.

I don't confess to know everything about the Kurdish situation, but here's my Break it down, Barney-style version:

The U.S. and Israel have had their fangs in Iraqi Kurdistan for a long time. They forced the creation of a fake united Kurdish government and have been stuffing it with thier stooges for years. It's basically Barazani and the KDP as the main bribed stooges, with layers of lesser but equally corrupt minions in billions of useless bureaucratic positions.

Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga mostly usurped = Kurdish Stazi (for U.S./Israeli scheming)

In the mean time, the U.S. and Israel have usurped the peshmerga to be a kind of Stazi for the fake Kurdish Regional Government (KRG). They didn't have that role a couple of decades ago - the peshmerga were just the Kurdish Army as it were. Farmers and laborers that knew how to use a rifle to protect their land and people. At the time, that was mostly from Hussein and the Baath Party. Today, it's clear that they have been semi-corrupted by inside and outside forces to be a kind of mercenary Stazi for the KRG. The 'other' Kurdish fighters, the PKK rebels, do not fight 'for' the KRG - they fight for Kurdsish independence (primarily from Turkey). The PKK couldn't be corrupted - in fact, they pretty much hate the U.S. and Israel. The peshmerga were just a coalition of local Kurd militia - easy to create a fake command structure and use them for Stazi-type scheming.

No doubt the peshmerga still do have a lot of local, normal Kurds with no ambitions other than security of their land and people. Evidence for peshmerga usurping was seen back with the Yazidi ethnic cleansing. The peshmerga for the most part sat back and did nothing. It was the Rojava that came from Syria to help them and take the survivors in. Once the Yazidi were nearly wiped out, the U.S. and peshmerga mounted a few token operations against the ISIS invaders, but it was way too late. This is NOT the action of the 'old' peshmerga - they would have helped in a heartbeat. The 'new' U.S./Israeli-backed Stazi peshmerga are kept on a much shorter leash. The Yazidi were throw-away people to the U.S. and Israel (and apparently the KRG).

Syrian Kurds - Rojava - have no state Stazi (peshmerga). YPG is the local militia - they are the farmers and working people

The Rojava (Syrian) Kurds and their local militias - the YPG - are also farmers and laborers, just like the Iraqi Kurd peshmerga use to be. The U.S. and Israel mostly didn't bother with them - no oil or gold. Similar to the Yazidi situation, the peshmerga (and the U.S.) did nothing until Kobane was almost wiped out of existence. Then they stepped in at the last possible minute to help the Rojava YPG. The idea was to make the Rojava Kurds indebted to the usurped Iraqi Kurd KRG, and make the YPG subservient to the peshmerga. 

U.S./Israel plan to bring Rojava into KRG fold by force and extend Iraqi Stazi peshmerga control over Syrian YPG with fake Rojava peshmerga

The big secret was that during this time, the U.S. and Israel supposedly brought 3000 Rojava over to Iraq and trained them to be peshmerga. In reality, no Rojava interested in defending Kobane would have ever left to join the KRG Stazi. A substantial number of them are just Kurdish mercs from Turkey and everywhere else - they're not even from any of the Syrian Rojava cantons. In fact, the Rojava today will not let the U.S. or Iraqi Kurdistan send these 3000 fake 'Rojava peshmerga' back into Syria. They don't trust them and don't want any 'federal' Stazi fucks marching around giving orders to the local YPG troops that died for their land.

Today: U.S./Israel scheming on how to control the disobedient Rojava and make them subservient to KRG and peshmerga

Plan B: Send in the 3000 mercs trained as fake Rojava peshmerga to retake Raqqa and 'federalize' Kobani

The weapons airdrop? I don't think that went to the Rojava/YPG at all. I think the fake 'Rojava peshmerga' grabbed them for the assault on Raqqa. The U.S. was pissed because the Kobani Kurds (who they almost let get annihilated) just wanted Kobani back. They don't want to be marching all over Syria fighting ISIS. They don't want ISIS in Raqqa, but are not willing to go all the way down there to fight them - it's not part of Kobani canton. The U.S. didn't give the Kobani Kurds shit when they were getting wiped out - no weapons, ammo or anything until the very last minute. The Rojava Kurds don't trust the U.S. one bit. Solution: Send back the 3000 mercs to take Raqqa and (more importantly) take military and political control of the Kobani Kurds.

Ultimate U.S./Israeli plan (requiring 10 or 11): Arab Spring in Turkey/Syria/Iraq/Iran using the puppet KRG to speak for all Kurds (when they do nothing of the sort). 

Rojava Kurds won't behave? No problem - fake peshmerga Stazi can take them out. Arabs, Turkmen, Yazidi or other 'foreigners' living in fake New Kurdistan borders? No problem - peshmerga Stazi-assisted ethnic cleansing. Start Arab Spring. Plenty of Academi/Xe snipers in Turkey to get the party started. MSM weepy narrative about 'Kurdish Homeland'. Demonizing of YPG and local militias, while glorifying usurped Stazi peshmerga as 'freedom fighters'.  

Result: Continued supply of discounted Kurdish oil for Israel; Kurdish corridor from Mediterranean to Iran for THAT planned bombing campaign. For the U.S.: another corrupt, puppet regime (the KRG) to do their bidding in the area. 

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no kidding, Russians and BHO are competing for film of the events ? Notice all small arms were semi auto, not auto. Much more effective, but was it real ? I imagine most of you here at ZH would have shit your pants immediately. This is not fight club any longer thats for sure ! Pussies.

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the concept of a virtual fight club is more than a little silly just to start with.

more like a yelling club.

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So the film segment shows Special Forces heroically facing unarmed opposition? How did the US guy meet his end? Friendly fire? Did the US Special Forces decide to 'assist' without informing the Peshmerga beforehand? That strikes me as a spectacularly bad idea.


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More people died at Sandy Hook and Umpqua than this operation.

Meaning, its all fake.

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It was just a sleepover, those guys were in their nightshirts, and someone decided on some Jiffy-pop, that's all the crackling you hear in the background.

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Either that or some muzzie cherry assholes were being popped by the Great Muslim In Chief.

All Hail Obutthurt.

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Put some Air Jorans on them at least!

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Such cynical posts and many here wondering why Zero Hedge is losing its appeal.


Anyway, great video and sound quality.


Can’t say the same about the comments above.


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Are you off your meds? You don't sound like you anymore. Or, are you like the Tylers now - as in plural.

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Easy there, cowboy!


Tyler(s) is/are doing God’s work.


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Btw, "Easy there cowboy" does not sound like the old Escrava Isaura either.

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imo the tylers are a little too easy on the great sinner israel, as was marla.

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The world is full of people who imagine they have something to say.

Why should it be any different here?

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Then go post on some nbc forum or comment section with the other degenerates and brain-dead retards.

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The item that bothers me is there is no live fire shown. Somebody could have been off stage popping rounds for all we know. I sure hope it was a legit raid, but Vlad is now in charge, Uncle Scam. Another week or two, and the US will probably be kicked out of Iraq and the Red Army/Air Force will move in and do a real actual job on these retards.

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As long as there's a "seven of nine" for me I'm ok with the Borg.

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The U.S. soldier fatally wounded in a hostage rescue mission in Iraq heroically inserted himself into a firefight to defend Kurdish soldiers, even though the plan called for the Kurds to do the fighting, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Friday.
My bullshit detector just exploded and fused itself to my desk.

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his very name evokes weenyness.

reminds me of mcnamara without the business experience.

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In the future, your real life will be a bad ass massively multiplayer first person shooter game.   You read it here first.   Prepare accordingly.  

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How come they never show us film or videos of the CIA and Unocal arming and paying off the Taliban?

Or all those Toyota trucks shipped to ISIS?

Or money and arms to al Qaeda in Syria?

Or Jamie Dimon's visits to the White House?

Or Jeffrey Immelt in Iran?

Or Dick Cheney in Iran?

Or President Obama's stealthy roving ambassador to extradite Assange in his many visits to Sweden, Karl Rove?

Just this stuff . . .



[Today's Question:  Is John Forbes-Winthrop-Dudley Kerry by any chance related to Bill Dudley over at the FRBNY?]

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The ISIS oil trucks heading for Turkey.