"If We Don't Find A Solution Today, It's The End Of The European Union" - Refugee Crisis Hits Tipping Point

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After escalating for months, Europe's refugee crisis hit its most serious tipping point yet, when when earlier today European Union leaders held a mini-summit on Sunday debating whether to send hundreds of guards to its borders with the western Balkans, as well as deploying more ships off Greece, as the bloc seeks to balance Germany's welcome for refugees with tougher security measures.

So far, over 680,000 migrants and refugees have crossed to Europe by sea so far this year, fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, according to the International Organization for Migration. Their goal has been Germany, which has promised sanctuary, however as a result of a populist backlash and concerns over the economy, Merkel's popularity has taken a major hit, sliding to the lowest level in four years.


Taking place just two weeks after a full EU summit, the meeting was sought by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to Reuters, "many see it as an attempt by Juncker and Merkel to raise pressure on central and southeast European states to coordinate among themselves in managing the migration flow in a more humane way and end a series of unilateral actions."

Central and eastern European leaders meeting in Brussels may agree to send 400 border guards and set up new checkpoints if the EU's frontier states drop their policy of giving arrivals passage to other countries, according to a draft statement seen by Reuters that must still be agreed.

According to Reuters, the draft said that "we commit to immediately increase our efforts to manage our borders," which, if formalized, would be a 16-point plan and the latest step in drawing up a common approach to dealing with the thousands of migrants streaming into the EU every day from the Middle East, North Africa and Afghanistan.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU's chief executive, has called leaders of Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, plus refugee organizations involved, to attend the meeting in Brussels.

Europe has been forced to tread lightly as Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania said they would close their borders if Germany or other countries shut the door on refugees, warning they would not let the Balkan region become a "buffer zone" for stranded migrants.

In recent week, the fate of the European "Schengen" Customs Union has been in doubt following Hungary's decision to close its border with Serbia and Croatia which prompted others to follow, stranding tens of thousands in dire conditions as temperatures drop.

The traditional European response to another systemic risk has been the usual fallback: chaos, as the European Union has been so far unable to implement a coherent, credible response.

Rights group Amnesty International said the 28-country bloc could not afford to end another meeting without an agreed plan. "As winter looms, the sight of thousands of refugees sleeping rough as they make their way through Europe represents a damning indictment of the European Union's failure to offer a coordinated response to the refugee crisis," said John Dalhuisen, Amnesty's director for Europe and Central Asia.

And while Europe dithers, the lack of a common policy is straining ties between European leaders, raising questions about the EU's future.

It was just a few days ago that Hungary warned that Europe's future is at stake, when it announced it would seal its border with Croatia.  "This is the second-best option," Hungarian foreign minister Szijjarto told reporters. "The best option, setting up an EU force to defend Greece’s external borders, was rejected in Brussels yesterday."

Now others are joining in.

Yesterday, it was the turn of Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann who told the Austrian Kronen Zeitung that “now the speech is about either a common Europe or about a quiet collapse of the European Union. One path is burdensome, difficult and supposedly long and the other one would lead to the chaos."

Then moments ago, Slovenia Prime Minister was quoted by Reuters during his arrival at the latest mini-summit, as saying "if European leaders fail to agree a plan to counter the sudden inflows of refugees, it could mean the end of the European Union."

"If we don't find a solution today, if we don't do everything we can today, then it is the end of the European Union as such," Prime Minister Miro Cerar said. "If we don't deliver concrete action, I believe Europe will start falling apart," he told reporters.

Considering this is the same Europe, which five years after the first Greek default has been unable to find any solution to its economic troubles - or at least a solution that does not benefit only the top 1% -  aside from kicking the can time and again and covering up record amounts of debt with even more debt, we are skeptical Europe will "deliver concrete action" today, or at any one point in the near and not so near future.

Which means more crises, more summits, more confusion, more human suffering and tragedy.

Which may be just what Europe wants.

Tecall the prophetic 2008 AIG report on "Empire Europe" which explained in 4 simple bullet points just what Europe wants:

AIG's explanation: "To use global issues as excuses to extend its power"

  • environmental issues: increase control over member countries; advance idea of global governance
  • terrorism: use excuse for greater control over police and judicial issues; increase extent of surveillance
  • global financial crisis: kill two birds (free market; Anglo-Saxon economies) with one stone (Europe-wide regulator; attempts at global financial governance)
  • EMU: create a crisis to force introduction of “European economic government”

And there it is: in four simple bullet points laid out in a 7 year old presentation, a prediction which has come true time and again: from the endless Greek bailouts, to the austerity paradox, to European youth unemployment stubbornly flat at 50% for years in many "southern" European nations, to Europe's QE creating the deflationary impulse it is said to be fighting against, and now - to the "refugee crisis", it is all playing out as if according to some unseen script.


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_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

Good. EU go away. You suck.

ken's picture

Oh, you don't respect the birthplace of Western Civilization? They "suck," because there's not a Walmart, McDonald's, and Starbucks, on every other block? Nevermind. Who cares.

silverer's picture

They suck because they don't even care to defend themselves, their religion, their heritage, their culture, and don't even defend what they claim to defend.  Yep, they suck.  Almost as much as most Americans.

Dubaibanker's picture

Europe fell apart the day they all joined hands to create a common currency in 1999 and when all notes were issued mandatorily 2002 onwards...

Ever since it has been lurching from one crisis to the next...

Time to end the crisis prone Eurozone....and let all countries go their own ways...

Whoever thought a German could be same like a Greek has certainly not studied history and most certainly not their military histories!

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Protocols of Zion edict #1 mix the races

Pure Evil's picture

Hey, I know.

Let's build a Tower of Babel in Europe.

It worked so well last time.

Muddy1's picture

I believe Europe will start falling apart


Note to Miro:  It already is falling apart

Haus-Targaryen's picture

The EU will fall apart .. we can only hope.  

If anyone has been paying attetion -- the EU isn't going anywhere unfortunantly, like that 7 year rash -- its almost impossible to get rid of once it manifests itself.  

Someone has to leave to start the domino effect, and a "united response" (e.g., forcing 6 figures of head choppers and female genital mutilators on Poland) would almost certainly do it.  

Besides, you cannot have a "free movement of people" if millions of people cannot leave a specific country.  A "quota" system defeats the "free movement of people" which is one of the "pillars" of the EU (think about the 10 Commandments for the EU fanboys -- but just Holier).  Thus the EU will say "we have to unite into a USSA (cough trilateral commission cough) to solve this crisis" and they'll do like they have before, and use this to enlarge their power at the expense of the people.  

The fate of Western Europe is in the hands of Eastern Europeans specifically Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia -- given the emasculation of Western European men and the informational lobotomy that has occurred on the population as a whole.  

Hilft uns Orban!  


SafelyGraze's picture

degil multeciler.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

The EU will just have to up their handouts to the Eastern European countries.....

Pay the piper, EU, since all of these issues were definitely unforeseeable....

Maybe the EU will use this club to align laws among its members?


Freddie's picture

So similiar to the past history of Western Europe.  Vienna 1683.


King Jan Sobieski and Poland came to save Vienna and Europe.  The Austrians and Germans were losing.  Poland saved the day.

Now if today's Poles will just wake the F up and realize that fellow Christian Russia and Putin are not the enemy.  Zato and the EU are the enemy.

I think the Hungarians, Slovakia and Czechs understand.  This history has been going on in Europe for hundreds of years.  Vienna - two sieges. 

The Battle of Lepanto 1571 AD. 


And who creates all this misery almost every time over hundreds of years?  Turkey.

What is happening today is worse than Vienna 1683.


Gavrikon's picture

Ditto with Ukraine, Moldova, the Balkans.

Russia is their only hope.

The EU is the pathway to destruction, not prosperity.

The_Dude's picture

I wonder if the Europeans will start hanging their politicians when they finally realize that this refugee crisis was provoked and encouraged by their leaders (pushed by the US) to drain Syria of it's military aged men.  All a ploy to neuter Assad so that the Saudi/Qatar slime could overthrow Assad to line their pockets with money from gas exports to Europe (and prop up the US$ a little longer).

Putin seeing the move has masterfully stepped in and changed the entire narrative in the ME (using the US's 'stamping out terrorism' shtick) and likely shortening the Petro-dollar timeline to months and no longer years.

So the Europeans will get to pay the price to feed the immigrants now (and let their women involuntarily service many of them) and likely have a civil war with them in 30 years in their own country.  Merkel goes along because she thinks it will give her cheap gas get her out from under the thumb of Putin's Russian gas control.  (But she fails to realize it puts her even more under the thumb of the Saudi scum that will be even more manipulative than the Russians.)

StychoKiller's picture

Welfare State(s), meet Open Borders -- Hilarity ensues! :>D

ThirteenthFloor's picture

This will end in war.

This was the same operation when the CIA moved 600000 northern Vietnamese to south Vietnam starting around 1952. The poor jobless and hungry, grappled with locals until fights and war.

How are the Refugees paying for passage to Europe ? Let me guess Soros and CIA operatives.

And look all the war equipment and NATO is in place already, how convenient.

Stroke's picture

Hey I know....What about the pope & the vatican being the most prosperus place on earth


The plan was to spread the word, and help the poor........Crickets

williambanzai7's picture

You mean the Tower of Babble...

KnightTakesKing's picture

I believe the large hadron collider in CERN is the modern day Tower of Babel. So yeah, Europe is building the Tower of Babel with the same demonic purpose.

Tallest Skil's picture

You HAVE seen the EU headquarters, right?

surf0766's picture

Was a satirical play used as propaganda 50 years after it was initially created.

agent default's picture

If you knew fuck all about the EU then you would realize that the EU is only about Walmart, McDonald's, Starbucks, Goldman Sacks, DB, BNP and nothing to do with civilization.  But then again you obviously don't care.

Villageidiot777's picture

EU does not represent its membership state citizens, their cultures, their way of lives. EU represents crony politics. Nothing good has ever come from EU and never will.

Freddie's picture

The same as all western countries and many others.  Evil evil evil politicians owned by the elites f**king over the citizens at every turn. People in Canada, USA, Europe and other places can all get along but the evil politician screw the citizenry.

Only some of the Eastern Europeans and Russia have any common sense because they fought many many battles against Islam's invasion.

Anonymous User's picture
Anonymous User (not verified) Villageidiot777 Oct 25, 2015 6:04 PM

EU became USSE since a decade ago.

Sooner rather than later will have the same fate as the other Socialist Soviets Union.

Tallest Skil's picture

You're mentally defective and know absolutely nothing about what is being discussed. Go away.

sun tzu's picture

EU was formed in 1993. Western Civilization was founded long before that. The EU has done nothing to preserve Western Civilization and it is people like you that hate Western Civilization because you support the destruction of the European culture and replacing it with an Islamic caliphate

Demdere's picture

I agree that EU sucks, but not at all with your reasons.


Everybody is very very wrong about 'multi-culturalism'.  As humans and civilizations, we have been fleeing toward those our entire history, and life is better with every larger group we bring under the umbrella of positive-sum strategy.

And the hugely-negative things in our lives all emanate from our own laws and institutions and the turmoil and losses they drive through the society and institutions.  Our public schools are horrendous in causing personal failure, the welfare and drug laws amplify those enormously.

So of course we blame blacks for their crime rate and Islam for the turmoil though the ME and the social turmoil that immigration is causing in the EU, carefully not noticing the many barriers the various countries have built between the populations, on the immigrant's lack of assimilation and different religion.

Mono-culturalism is a very stupid concept, nobody can live that way in the modern world, you would have to be a modern hermit to avoid the world outside of your small farm community, turn off the TV and stop all print.  We all love the results, the many products so cheap, and increasingly well made, the Chinese are working through the same stages as the Japanese did and the Koreans did and the Thais did, their products start out lousy and are forced to get better by competition.

I pay attention to patterns, and everywhere I see standard patterns of government-media-politician flows that say we are very, very controlled.



My web site is one long "if you look at things a bit differently, none of the stories make any sense at all".  We better start thinking clearly, quickly.


This is another front-page masquerading as a zh comment, and effective beause zh readers are so intelligent, follow links.

I love meta-.

Tallest Skil's picture

>>As humans and civilizations, we have been fleeing toward those our entire history

The exact opposite, in fact.

>>And the hugely-negative things in our lives all emanate from our own laws and institutions

You know absolutely nothing about what you're trying to discuss.

>>So of course we blame blacks for their crime rate

Because they commit it and whites do not.

>>and Islam for the turmoil though the ME

Because they perpetrate it and Christian societies do not.

>>and the social turmoil that immigration is causing in the EU

Because it's not the desire of native Europeans.

>> not noticing the many barriers the various countries have built between the populations,

What's your point?

>>the immigrant's lack of assimilation and different religion.

Learn what assimilation is.

>>Mono-culturalism is a very stupid concept

Given that every single successful nation in human history has had a single culture, you are mentally defective and need to seek psychiatric help.

>>nobody can live that way in the modern world

*GASP* "It's the current year. THE CURRENT YEAR. How dare you have a thought that I don't like because I say so and you're wrong now!"

>>you would have to be a modern hermit to avoid the world outside of your small farm community, turn off the TV and stop all print.

That has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with purity of culture.

>>cheap products


>>My web site

Never visiting. Reported for advertising. Red arrow for being a completely deluded nutcase.

Demdere's picture

Just to pick the easiest of your points to refute decisively in everyone's mind "Given that every single successful nation in human history has had a single culture".

Was not your family superior to some of those around you?

No country has been a single culture, unless very small.  There are few countries where you can pick a person up in one place, blindfold and transport to somewhere different, and expect them not to notice and be noticed.

Every successful country pulls people in because its people avoid the low-end jobs.  That leaves a place in the economy to create value by people willing to live poorer.  Only immigrants can do so reliably, they were much poorer in their home countries, so merely poorer is a large improvement.

Our kids don't want to work the fields and stand down by Home Depot to be day labor.  And they don't need to because of welfare, don't want to because life is OK on welfare and school didn't tell them anything about the consequences for societies that go down the allied paths of militarism and welfarism.

If cheap products have nothing to do with multiculturalism, why the trade treaties?  Think you can give the gov one kind of power?  Power is fungible. Power has intrinsic positive feedback, it cascades.

I live life in a multi-cultural world, it is really quite wonderful, read the link above.

You can't back up any of your points, which is why you call me names.  I can live with that, you guys are losing the argument big-time.

And keep it going, visits to my web site are so good for me ego, people are agreeing with me, not you.

Re-reading your comment, I notice that it does not notice my comments about propaganda in the media.  Is there some reason you aren't interested in what seems to me to be the much larger issue, our government's control of whether you approve of multi-culturalism or not?

sun tzu's picture

He calls you an idiot because you are an idiot. 


Trade has nothing to do with multicults.Any nation can have trade without flooding itself with hordes of third world savages that hate freedom and liberty. Many countries have been successful without importing hordes of illiterate savages. Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland were doing fine. So was France, Netherlands, and many other countries. There will always be a place work low-skilled and low wage workers among the native population. Just because a country is wealthy does not mean that 100% of the citizens can become or want to become doctors, scientists, and engineers.

Four chan's picture

multiculturalism is an attack on europeans whites and the intelligent. 

Tallest Skil's picture


Learn what a culture is.

>>Every successful country pulls people in because its people avoid the low-end jobs.

1. [citation needed]

2. Germany didn't. You know what Germany I mean.

3. People do jobs that need done when they need done. Stop fellating a lie.

>>Only immigrants can do so reliably


>>Our kids don't want to work the fields and stand down by Home Depot to be day labor. 

Too bad. Sometimes it's not about what you want. Sometimes it's about what you MUST do. Menial tasks build character. Kids are supposed to have low wage jobs.

>>If cheap products have nothing to do with multiculturalism, why the trade treaties?

I wish that sentence had anything to do with ANYTHING.

>>I live life in a multi-cultural world, it is really quite wonderful

You're suffering from delusions. Please seek psychiatric help.

>>You can't back up any of your points

I can back up literally anything you care to demand. You have no points whatsoever and have no comprehension of the words you're using. It's difficult to respond to that. 

>>you guys are losing the argument big-time.

And yet it's the multiculturalists who will be hanging from the lampposts... 

>>visits to my web site are so good for me ego

Ah, overcompensation, huh. I see. Again: not going to your website.

>>people are agreeing with me, not you.

Which is, of course, why Europe and the United States are seeing a resurgence in people who will be expelling all foreigners and hanging the multiculturalists.


>>it does not notice my comments about propaganda in the media.

What's there to be said? The media has been owned by your ilk for decades. If you had actually had ANYTHING RELEVANT to discuss, this would have been expounded upon.

Chuck Walla's picture

Please to explain Japan and its success. Not too multi-cultural as I recall even to the point of despising other cultures. All of them.



How's that multiculturalism working out in Canada?

El Vaquero's picture

I live in a "multicultural" area myself.  The reason that it works for us is because, dispite the multiple ethnicities, most of us have adopted local customs, several probably without even knowing it, that make it a bit less multicultural than it appears on the surface.  You either fit in here, or you don't.

Gavrikon's picture

Please kill yourself.  

Sooner than later.

Like, now?

bh2's picture

Merkel herself has declared multiculturalism failed in Germany.  Of course it has.  As it must fail anywhere that large numbers of people arrive and do not integrate by adopting values of the receiving culture. The only possible outcome will be continuing conflict and chaos.

Freddie's picture

The poor Germans always sold out by people controlled by Red Shield banksters and US, German and London industrialists.

Hitler was a f**king Austrian run by American industrialists and banskters plus London and German "tribal" banksters.  Merkel is a east german stasi wh*re run by the same people.

25or6to4's picture


It is mono-culturism that provides you the technology to spew your incoherent and factually unsupported arguments via the internet. Western monoculture has provided you with 98% of the innovations you so cherish. Your so called "barriers" against negros and middle easterners are the fact that western nations societies are based upon people with an average IQ of at least 100 which both those groups fail to have.

Noplebian's picture

We are heading for the abyss......



lakecity55's picture

good premise for an sf story.

algol_dog's picture

I thought Mario solved all this Thursday, with the promise of more QE. What the Hell's going on here?

PGR88's picture

ending NATO would start a crisis that would help reform the EU.

Playtime's Over's picture

Yeah sure.. .... resist the cresent moon 20 years too late.

sun tzu's picture

The Berlin Wall didn't come down with one big crash. It was hundreds of hammers chipping away until it was history. The same will happen to the US. People don't want to be ruled by bureaucrats living 2000 miles away.

Ghordius's picture

the Berlin Wall was part of the Iron Curtain. i.e.  a great wall, a strong manned border fence, a border nobody could cross without permission or without risking a bullet

specifically designed to keep (mostly) people in, specifically in a system that was neither sustainable nor humane, but with plenty of propaganda

just saying

numbers's picture

Merkel is a damn fool. Anybody with an IQ in double digits could have seen where this migration was going. When you wave the welcome mat to millions of Muslims in the ME, promising welfare state freebies to all, guess what you're going to get? Duh!

Zoomorph's picture

Implying Merkel doesn't want this.

fudge's picture

Merkel does want this,,she wants it badly.