Brits Turn To "Sugar Daddy" To 'Date' Their Way Out Of Student Debt

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While record numbers of indebted Americans are increasingly turning to exchanging bodily fluids directly for cash, it appears (by implication) British students are taking a similar (but indirect) path to reducing their debt loads. As Sky News reports, thousands of British students are funding their way through university on so-called "Sugar Daddy" websites. One site,, claims 12,600 UK students have signed up with proof of university enrolment, with some making over $3,000 per month for her 'arrangement' enabling her to pay off her student loan and travel more. While sex is not 'expected', as one female student explained, "there's a fine line between being a 'sugar baby' and prostitution."

Well, not really...

The sites advertise themselves as a way for "beautiful, ambitious people to graduate debt free" through "arrangements" with older "sponsors"...

"Attending college means you have a choice: take out loans and eat ramen, or get a Sugar Daddy and live the life you always wanted." (on your back?)

All seems above board?!??

In an interview with Sky News, Brandon Wade, the founder of denied it was an escort site but that it enabled "sugar babies" to "upgrade their lifestyle".

He said sex was never expected, but it is aspired to and that the website had led to countless marriages worldwide.

"You want to find somebody who is well educated, who can provide for you financially, you know it's sort of the Disney dream so to say," said Mr Wade.

However, a married 62-year-old sugar daddy who is currently seeing four sugar babies told Sky News:

"I wouldn't be able to meet girls as young and as beautiful as this through an ordinary dating website".


He also said that "sex is an integral part of the site".


He believed consensual relationships were "really appropriate for students" looking to supplement their bank accounts.


"What a great way to get a little bit of extra pocket money and much better than having to spend eight hours slogging in a bar earning the minimum wage," he added.

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What better way indeed...

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BramsMountainFortress's picture

While this sugar daddy post is now almost 3 weeks old, it's the reason I finally registered on this great forum, so I should make the point I originaly intended.

You're conducting friendly fire when you condemn males for doing what 99.9% of males want to do, which is to date younger partners. It's in the DNA. It cannot be socially engineered out of us. In fact, the only reason why humans live to age 90+ is because men that age were sleeping with their employees, slaves, etc such as with policies like "First Night". You probably saw the film "Rob Roy" and hated the old guy who considered it his right to sleep with Rob's wife before Rob did, but that kind of behavior in the past is why you may live to be a very old man. Think about it. The old mens' genes are what we carry. That's a good thing. The best defense against cancer is that our healthiest cancer-free male ancestors slept with women who could still have babies, while most of the least healthy men in history never procreated. Cancer free older women could never pass any valuable DNA to the world as a result of their specifically not having had cancer. Older men could and did.

In our anti-evolutionary world of today, feminists, neocons and social commies are at the root of the campaign to make men dating younger women seem worse than men dating other men. At the top, the elites don't want men making the most stable relationships there are, which are the ones where the men stay physically attracted to their partners for the longest period of time possible, something which is mostly only possible when there are age differences of 15 years or more.

Feminists are driven primarily by a need to stop men their age from abandoning them for younger women. 

Neocons are afflicted with an "out of body" desire to be part of a hivemind of good vs evil, and are thus willing to sacrifice their own personal interest in getting laid well, while also cheering the big banks as they destroy country after country, including their own, to keep the petrodollar alive for an extra year or two. Neocons are mindless fools as ZH readers already know.

Young Communists believe that every man deserves one woman and virtual polygamists, such as what the manosphere refers to as Alpha Males, are considered criminals whom insecure young commies want killed.

There was a particular comment in this thread where a young, insecure guy called for the extermination of all sugar daddies. He's a social commie. Students of the Russian Revolution know that many of the young men in the Red Army were looking forward to finally being able to mate with hot women who would otherwise have tried to hook up with a nobleman. That's why they killed noblemen with great abandon. It was all based on competion for hot women.

I am a senior citizen with 2 college student girlfriends and a common law wife. I am depriving two other men of the younger women for a certain period of time. But that is the choice of those women. That is the way things have to be with social capitalism. It's a free market.

And, no, it isn't really money that makes these relationships happen. It's mostly experience in making conversation plus confidence. Women also like men who are liked by the other women in the community, so having a distinguished, stately "wife" is a chick magnet.

Finally, older men are often filled out more in the chest and arms. One college student told me recently that the guys her age are all skinny, where their six packs are defined mostly by the lack of mass overall.

But older men be warned: young women are not attacted to pot bellies. Work hard to get a flat stomach. That alone will take ten years off your apparent age. 

y3maxx's picture

...I'm bisexual....if i cant have sex w/ my wife...I go and buy it.

ACP's picture

And don't forget their new site, Miss Travel.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

I have no comment on this article.

CrazyCooter's picture

Males and females have innate behaviors that have been selected over 1000s of years mostly on the basis of survival and procreation. Modern science has largely figured this out and it is regularly used in media and advertising to manipulate behaviors for political position, sales, you name it.

People these days are completely screwed up in the head with rare exception.

I have a good gal at home and am very happy, but I can tell you dating at my age is a complete, total clusterfuck. I think if something happened to my gal there is no way in hell I would marry again.



Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Mr. Cooter,

Take care of those you are call your own and keep good company.



Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

Now there's the voice of experience. Really Smith old boy, you need to give up on that Dragon Lady. You're much better off without her, IMHO.

CheapBastard's picture

The "sugar daddy" thingy is going on all over China I read. Some newspaper showed pics of literally rows of dozens limos lined up waiting outside a university ready to pick their young college babe up from school. It's a real jaw dropper.


You can imagine who's in the dark tinted limos.


All these QEs have not only distorted economies but also changed the course of entire cultures including China, USA, and all of Europe.

JamesBond's picture

The must watch video for men before dating and marriage.





schatzi's picture

"there's a fine line between being a 'sugar baby' and prostitution."


No there isn't. Students unwilling to face the truth.

BlindMonkey's picture

"Students unwilling to face the truth."


They must be econ majors.

NidStyles's picture

Worse, some sort of gender studies bullshit.

VinceFostersGhost's picture





Are you a hooker?


I just thought I was doing great with you.

Normalcy Bias's picture

"It's sort of a Disney dream, so to say." - Brandon Wade, founder of

Yeah, right. I don't remember the 'Dirty Sanchez' scene in Cinderella ...or, was it in Snow White?

Max Hunter's picture

As the great wise man (Vince Neil) said: "Better use it before you lose it"

PT's picture

So, if you choose to be "innocent" (or you're too ugly), you have to go the hard yards, and no-one will notice your suffering because plenty of other people are studying and graduating so it can't be too hard!  Congrats.  The whores will rule academia.  To accommodate the demand for paying students and the lack of talent, courses are dumbed down and now we understand the correlation between the Age of Intellects and the Collapse of Empire.


fudge's picture

but I can tell you dating at my age is a complete, total clusterfuck.

Then you must be doing something wrong..wrong girls, wrong attitude or looking for the wrong thing.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



The wrong thing can be kinda fun sometimes.......just sayin.

Ghordius's picture

possibly. though the complaint that "it isn't as it used to be" is becoming quite loud, in the US, and marriage is becoming...

...a dreadful thing to avoid for many young men. (thanks, third-generation feminism/s)

let's be realistic, here. girls want to study, and they form the new majority in colleges and universities, while they were a minority in my own lifetime's memory

they tend more often then not to choose quite unrealistic studies, like the one I just heard over the weekend: "I'd like to mix theater studies with communication"

they used to be financed in their studies by... daddy. a hint about the fact that studying used to be something the upper and upper middle classes did, except in the presence of brilliance, which per definition is not common and so not average and so no, probably not you, my dear little unique snowflake

here, on the european continent, their studies are financed by Daddy State. and usually they finish (or not) their studies without debt

but in the US and the UK, an out-of-control business (lobbying without moderation) model of "education" is driving them in the arms of the banker and/or Sugar Daddy

moderation? lacking. lobbying? out of control. continental europeans still mostly using antiquated, "socialist" models. yes

the US and UK dragging the whole world towards a new bright and uncharted future? that's leadership, I guess

but in this comparison, may I point out that our damn "socialized" education systems are way, way cheaper, in the same way as our "socialized" health systems?

but wait, there is more! the US and the UK are also "pioneering" (then the historical precedents are legion, and damn scary) new models of "un-socialized" military systems

soon they will - or are already - enjoy the services of more mercenaries then "socialist model" soldiers

at a certain point, we might witness a True Phyrric Victory Against All Socialism And Statism. Corporate security, corporate tribunals, corporations ruling.

What a Brave New World, not based on conservative excesses nor socialist excesses but on liberal (classic sense) excesses

moderation is a virtue, common sense a hard-to-achieve state of mind

rant end

PT's picture

... "girls want to study" ... "and form the new majority" ...
I guess they would form the new majority when they can just open their legs to pay their way.  It's a little bit more difficult if you have to take on debt or exchange labour to pay your bills ...

Ghordius's picture

I beg to differ, they form the new majority here, too, where this phenomenon of extremely expensive universities fuelled by as much credit as possible does not yet exist in such measures

schatzi's picture

My daughter started studying this semester. She had the 2nd highest score in class, but is by no means a genius. Just a hard worker and therefore had various options but without the benefit of a bursary. From 150k$ HongKong to 80k Pound London. We decided for 12k Euro Erasmus in Rotterdam (all measured over 4 years). Offers the same quality at a tenth of the price. All hail the continental European market economy still tempered by good old socialism. It really does have its virtues.

Ghordius's picture

schatzi, the one I just heard over the weekend: "I'd like to mix theater studies with communication" is American, and she is going to study in Germany following a similar reasoning

to the point that your daughter and she could be the first of a flood

some virtues among the sins. ideology is similar to poisons and drugs. you have to be watchful about the... dose. and so +1 for... temperance

orez65's picture

"... socialism... has its virtues ..."

No, Europe does exactly what the US does: spends more than you produce and have their respective central banks counterfeit the deficit.

The only difference is that in the US we spend much more in the military than on "education".

Ghordius's picture

two words: trade balance

yellowsub's picture

If she's studying the equivalent to get a Liberal Arts or Communication degree then save your money...

HamRove's picture

Then you must be doing something wrong..wrong girls, wrong attitude or looking for the wrong thing.

No. The clusterfuck is bonafide. 

Antifaschistische's picture

I'm more perplexed by the fact they claim to provide an opportunity for "beautiful" women. I've been to England a half a dozen times and I found it pretty darn hard to find a beautiful lady there.

BlindMonkey's picture

SMH.  And they make jokes about the teeth in the US south.

rbg81's picture

Really?  I've visited London a couple of time and I don't think I've seen any girl who was less than a "7".  Wish I could say that about New York City.

rbg81's picture

I've seen some jaw dropping behavior from women over the years.  Especially from some who you would never guess from looking at them or talking to them.  It's led me to believe that, under the right circumstances, all women would cheat or whore themselves out.  Epecially if they think no one will find out (they really get off on that).  There is literally no limit to what a woman will do behind a man's back.

Of course, almost all guys would too, with even less prodding.  But most men still cling to the idea that women are "different"--they're not, though they try their utmost to cultivate the illusion that they are.  In the end, men and women largely deserve each other.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris is role confusion... Sugar Daddy is old man with money, Sugar Baby is young girl with debt...? What is call old man with debt?

fudge's picture

old man with debt like Boris is shit outa luck :D :D :D :D

silverserfer's picture

what is the type that goes to ZH to insecurly mock others to entertan self rather than comrades? Mentaly fudgepacked i suppose. 

Lost My Shorts's picture

Is called "Walmart greeter"

Sex not is expected, but customer sometimes say "if you can find it, you can have it"

DriveByLurker's picture

Boris - No one calls the old man with debt.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

What is poor old man to celibate?

IronForge's picture

"Join with Facebook".

I had to LMAO on that one at their Website.  A Website Hack would expose many a married FB user who patronizes those services w/o their spouse's consent.

They should call the site "Flying with Floozies".


Itchy and Scratchy's picture

Good for you! You sound like quite the catch! The Mrs really hit the jackpot!

OldPhart's picture

I'm bi, too.  I can do it with either hand.

HolyfieldsOtherEar's picture

What I don't like about this report is the accusatory tone. "This sounds like PROSTITUTION to me!" Aucune merde, M. Poirot.

They make it sound like it's a bad thing.