Varoufakis Releases Full List Of Public Speaking Fees To Mute "Greek Outrage" At "Self-Enrichment Drive"

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He may no longer be antagonizing Djisselbloem and the Eurogroup of finance ministers with his inexplicable adherence to practical mathematics, but former Greek fin min Varoufakis remains firmly in the global media spotlight.

Case in point, over the weekend, the Sunday Times unleashed the latest so-called scandal involving the man who allegedly almost returned Greece to the Drachma (and, jokingly, bitcoin) when it presented what it dubbed "Greek outrage" at his $60,000 speeches (considering that such Citadel traders get at least $250,000 per speech perhaps the outrage is that he wasn't charging more):

"He calls himself a Marxist libertarian but his lifestyle of endless photo-shoots, evenings in chic bars and weekend stays in luxurious island villas have long outraged Greek public opinion and the Syriza party he once served.


Now, Yanis Varoufakis, the former Greek finance minister, has stunned the country by reportedly charging up to $60,000-a-time for making speeches and receiving payments through an HSBC bank account in Oman."

The newspaper further claims that these findings "contradict claims by Varoufakis that he has received about €1,100 for more than 40 paid appearances at public speaking events he had attended since since his dismissal."

Today, Varoufakis decided to put an end to speculation that he may be doing what Hillary and Bill Clinton have been so good at, namely profiting from speeches made after his political departure (which in the Clintons' case was merely a tacit way of purchasing influence and future favors, i.e., bribing), and laid out all his public speeches and the associated fees since August 2015.

This is what he said:

Since my resignation from the finance ministry, in protest at our government’s capitulation to the troika, I have been spending my time and energy to transfer the spirit of the Athens Spring to the heart of Europe – to promote the urgent need to shine the light of transparency on Europe’s decision making as a prerequisite to tackling Europe’s gargantuan democratic deficit.


In practice, this meant endless travel, and more than twenty appearances in different European cities over the space of a couple of months. As expected, the same troika-friendly media that attempted to vilify the Athens Spring during our tug-of-war with the troika also invested effort in vilifying my latest endeavours. After all, nothing upsets the powers-that-be in Brussels, Frankfurt, etc. more than the exposure of their deep contempt for democratic principles and practice.


Beginning with some Greek media outlets which have an impecable record of defamation (e.g. a grubby newspaper that ‘reported’, during my ministry, that I was conspiring with a Singaporean company to make Bitcoin Greece’s currency), a fresh campaign of vilification has begun the purpose of which is to portray my recent efforts, and travels, as part of a self-enrichment drive.


Transparency is one of the pillars of the European democracy network that I, and many others, are working towards these days, and which my travels and talks are intended to promote. For this reason, I owe a debt of gratitude to the troika-led media in the sense that, through their vilification campaign, have given me a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate in practice the principle of transparency that we want to bring to European politics.


Our campaign for Transparency Everywhere! can thus begin now, in this post. Below the reader will find, in response to the reports regarding the fees, format and travel costs of my recent and future speeches an account of where I have been, whom have I addressed, complete with fees and travel costs.


List A refers to political speeches I gave (or plan to give) since my resignation from the Greek Ministry of Finance. My fee for delivering the bulk of these speeches was the radical number ‘zero’. In three cases I received a small sum (mainly because the organisers insisted I should).


List B comprises two speeches/appearances which I delivered commercially to maintain my economic independent from vested interests and to my other activities. (Note that this ratio of about 12 to 1, unpaid to paid, appearances was also my practice as an academic prior to 2014, when I decided to throw my hat in the ring of politics).

His conclusion:

I conclude with a message to the troika-loyal media, in Greece and at large: Your continued efforts to vilify me constitute a great gift for which I am thankful to you. They confirm the extent to which you are still threatened by the Athens Spring and that your loathing of the hope it spread around the world is undying. At the same time, your grimy efforts contribute to us, your opponents, excellent ideas on how to promote the task of Transparency Everywhere!

To this we can just add that we would be delighted if the US population showed the same indignation and revulsion to the Clintons' speeches, which generated tens if not hundreds of millions in bribes proceeds as the Greeks did in this particular case.

The full list of speeches given by Yanis:

LIST A – Political Speeches, given and planned since August 2015

23 Aug. 2015 – Open air political speech at a rally in Frangy (France). Topic: “What does the Athens Spring mean for France and for Europe” – along with former French Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg.

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

4 Sept. 2015 – Day long debates and meetings concerning the prospects of the European and Greek economies, organized by OMFIF, London

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

5 Sept. 2015 – Speech in the House of Ambrosseti, Lake Como, along with French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron, invited by former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

12 Sept. 2015 – Address at the “Festival of Humanity” (Festival de l’humanité), in Paris. Topic: “The Solution Must Be European”

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

13 Sept. 2015 – Back-to-back speeches with Britain’s Shadow Chancellor John MacDonnell, Brighton UK. Topic: “Austerity was never an option”

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

14 Sept. 2015 (morning) – Address of striking staff at London’s National Gallery

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: No

14 Sept. 2015 (evening) – Public address at the Emmanuel Centre, in London, UK. Topic: “Fighting for Our Future” (with Labour Party parliamentarian and Shadow Cabinet Minister Diane Abbot)

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: No

24 Sept. 2015 – Panelist on top BBC tv political debate’s program “Question Time” (Cambridge, UK)

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

26 Sept. 2015 – Public debate with Daniel Cohn Bedit at the Festival of Le Monde, Paris

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

1 Oct. 2015 – Closing Speech at the 6th Moscow Biennale. Topic: “Artists Should Be Feared by the Powerful”, Moscow, Russia

Fee: €1000, Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

6 Oct. 2015 – Public address at the Volksbühne Theater, Berlin, Germany. Topic: An Alternative Plan for Europe”

Fee: €500 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

15 Oct. 2015 – Talk at the Bon Centre, Municipality of Barcelona, invited by Mayor Ada Colau

Fee: €1700 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

17 Oct. 2015 – Inaugural Lecture of the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra (Portugal)

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

23 Oct. 2015   Open public address at the Central Westminster Hall, London, UK – organized by THE GUARDIAN newspaper

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

24 Oct. 2015   Address at the Oxford Union, the University of Oxford, Oxford Union

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: No

25 Oct. 2015 – Public debate with Lord Howard, How To Academy, London

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: No

26 Oct. 2015   Address at an inter-collegiate meeting hosted by the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: No

27 Oct. 2015   Public debate in Munich with German economist Professor Hans Werner Sinn

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

3 Nov. 2015    Keynote speaker at a Summit with international banking sector representatives organised by Financial Times and hosted by the FT’s economics editor Mr Martin Wolf

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

4 Nov. 2015    Public Lecture, University of Vienna University (co-organisation with Kreisky Forum)

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

5 Nov. 2015    Opening event at the Kilkenomics Festival, Ireland

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

6 Nov. 2015    Public Lecture University of Bocconi, Milano, Italy

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: No

16 Nov. 2015   Public Debate on the Future of Europe, with Professor Slavoj Zizek, Royal Festival Hall, London, UK

Fee: 0 Travel expenses: Yes (Economy)

LIST B – Commercial Speeches/Apperances, given and planned since August 2015

27 Sep. 2015 – Participation in tv program Che Tempo Che Fa, RAI 3,

Fee: €24,000 after Italian tax and social security contributions Travel expenses: Yes (First Class)

21 Oct 2015 – Presentation in the context of the Abraaj annual conference in Singapore

Fee: €28,800 after Greek tax

Travel expenses: Yes (Business Class)

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Latitude25's picture

Poor Varoufakis, the castrated genius.

SWRichmond's picture

The system cannot abide an honest man.

"The state has fallen upon such evil days that a man cannot be safe unless he is wicked."

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

If you don't feel you have enough of a viscera to beat them... Than you must sell out with speaking engagements and join them!

Wasn't the experimental conditioning of the socialist Western European cradle to grave pension after WWII a magnificent achievement for the Zionist banking machine?... Varoufakis is a child of that, so it stands to reason he would finally capitulate because that is all he really knows... 

One thing is for certain.

He got no roots from the peloponnese! He's an Athenian through and through!!!

Booked's picture

Have all the Spartans been eradicated?

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Have all the Spartans been eradicated?

Not to my knowledge. But the only way you would ever know is finding out how many of them live in Syriza' and have left it to make a new Party to finish the job Syriza wouldn't!

Peter Pan's picture

No, the Spartans are still here but they take the form of an Edward Snowden. But more frightening is the fear that the next Spartan might not be another whstleblower but someone who is so disgusted by the establishment that they actually perpetrate an act far more dastardly than any whstleblower.

We live in a world that might be very tech savvy but that savvy tech also makes us very vulnerable to an attack on it, whether it be a telephone exchange, a stock market or a power plant.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

At some point even when they know who you are you have to be proud enough to say that it's gone too far and "role the dice"...

At the end of the day this means your name and integrity has at least some value when you no longer fear speaking out.  With that said there are worse things in life than dying, especially when we carry so much shame and disgrace without any guilt in this Country given what we've done to the rest of the World.

As an American of Spartan descent, when I saw the pictures coming out of Abu Ghraib in 2004 I knew it was pretty much done for the American military and it's image and reputation and I wasn't wrong either then or now. 14 years later it's only gotten worse with the stories we've heard along with the facts and evidence behind what we've done to those countries and it's peoples.

 It only got worse when the truth came out about "Ground Zero" in Manhattan which begs the question... What did the United States military know and when did they know it?!!! More importantly they knew the truth after the invasion of Iraq and have kept on ignoring it to the present.

johnconnor's picture

there is a tiny slight difference between his fees vs Hillary

junction's picture

Instead of worrying about Varoufakis' speech fees, Greek newspapers should be worrying about the health of the border crossers invading their country from the sea.  In a news article today from Reuters, the WHO said that deaths from TB worldwideare now greater than deaths from AIDS.  Many of those immigrants arriving in Greece have TB, as well as hepatitis, AIDS and other serious illnesses.  This public health crisis does not make the news. The cost of treating the contagious immigrants will be in the billions for European governments.

CHICAGO (Reuters) - For the first time, tuberculosis infections rivaled HIV/AIDS as a leading cause of death from infectious diseases, the World Health Organization said in a report released on Wednesday.

It found that during 2014, 1.1 million people died of TB in 2014. During the same period, HIV/AIDS killed 1.2 million people globally, including 400,000 who were infected with both HIV and TB.

Dr. Mario Raviglione, director of the WHO TB program, said the report reflects the dramatic gains in access to HIV/AIDS treatment in the past decade, which has helped many people survive their infections. But it also reflects disparities in funding for the two global killers.

RockySpears's picture




Already here.  Well, London, which can go to wrack and ruin as far as I am concerned.

The Greek horse's picture

Sorry for skipping ahead! For the record ZH is a phenomenal news site. Not this particular article though.. reason is Mr. Varoufakis told the nation of Greece he would resign if they voted for Yes to austerity.. Tsipras is the Goon here Mr. Varoufakis had the Zionist Banksters against the Ropes.. And that is WHY he resigned because Tsipras caved and by doing that he put the Greek people forever in debt.. So what he charged a fee for his speech a man still got to eat.. The Spartans in Greece are Golden Dawn that is it.. I am very surprise no lone wolf has not attempted to wack Tsipras.. Tyler for this article you need more critical thinking before you call Mr. Varoufakis a sellout..  

Raymond_K._Hessel's picture
Raymond_K._Hessel (not verified) Oct 28, 2015 11:36 AM

Varoufakis was likely made an offer he couldn't refuse, and for deciding to live, he is going to be a well-paid pet monkey.

If so - look for a Stockholm Syndeome-like future of wild confabulation and revisionism.

what I mean is the guy is going to start sounding more and more like the bankster cunts he had been opposing.

Why, he may advocate moar printing and negative rates by Halloween.

giovanni_f's picture

Great that you signed in two weeks ago, troll. Your contribution to ZH is already invaluable.

Raymond_K._Hessel's picture
Raymond_K._Hessel (not verified) giovanni_f Oct 28, 2015 12:29 PM

how is that being a troll? Because you don't like an opinion?

By the way - I'll BET you don't even understand what I wrote.

Great that you presented an argument instead of lazy, inane sarcasm.


Raymond_K._Hessel's picture
Raymond_K._Hessel (not verified) Raymond_K._Hessel Oct 28, 2015 1:06 PM

Ah, still no reply - can't quite explain yourself, is it?

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

University of Texas "Langley" bought and paid for shill!!!

Spitzer's picture

Why did ZH turn on this guy ?

He was a commi. There was no way he was going to just let it blow and let the free market take care of it. In the end he caved. Got more pressure from the krauts then he expected.

Philo Beddoe's picture

There used to be a shitload of man love for this idiot back in the day. Everybody who called out the piece of shit for what he is got hammered wih down votes. Good thing many ZHers can see through these shitheads with their saran wrap facades. 

Johnny Horscaulk's picture
Johnny Horscaulk (not verified) Philo Beddoe Oct 28, 2015 12:47 PM

I read comments with the most reds a second time, more closely.

don't always agree, but often, it indicates someone saying something incredibly, how you say in your language - "not wrong"...

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

There used to be a shitload of man love for this idiot back in the day. Everybody who called out the piece of shit for what he is got hammered wih down votes.

I agree.

Just wondering if you will say the same thing when Donald Trump becomes the 45th by "decree" and does the exact same thing?

Philo Beddoe's picture

No fan of Charlotte Rae or Donald Trump. I get the two confused from time to time. 

goldsaver's picture

I'm confused. Varoufakis was the minister of finance under a party that had made certain promises to the electorate. After months of fighting the Troika, a no vote from the people and outright sell out by Syriza, he resigns in disgust and spends his productive time traveling to give speeches in order to promote his viewpoint. Most of the speeches are reportedly unpaid gigs and yet there are some her that call him an idiot and a sellout for accepting travel expenses  from ten venues and royalties from exactly two commercial venues. Exactly how does this makes him an idiot and a traitor to his anti troika cause? How is his pittance in royalties comparable, even in principle, from the millions collected in bribes by her royal highness Hilderbeast?

taopraxis's picture
taopraxis (not verified) Oct 28, 2015 11:40 AM

Rare individual, free thinker, one who engenders hatred from all facets of the power structure while living a simple, ethical bohemian life...well worth watching.

bonin006's picture

I wouldn't call it a bohemian life, but I don't expect that either. I figured he probably was the real deal when that talk about charging him with treason started.

Philo Beddoe's picture

Stop it, you are making me misty.

Omega_Man's picture

he would make a good VP of USA... after Putin rules both nations 

venturen's picture

$60k...we have county administrators getting that per speech. Even the Janitor at the FED gets more than that

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

As a private citizen he is welcome to earn what he can but it was clear to me for a very long time that this man is a globalist creep,  most likely nibbled by British Intel during his university years


giovanni_f's picture

What exactly makes you claim he is a "globalist"? And what is a "globalist" exactly? You may also want to provide a qualified link if you just don't know by yourself what that label might mean.

Raymond_K._Hessel's picture
Raymond_K._Hessel (not verified) giovanni_f Oct 28, 2015 1:05 PM

are you ever not a cunt?

give it a try.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

His solutions orbit around increasing banking scale. (we must turn toward european fiscal union Etc)

No national or local equity solutions are entertained.

Most of European problems are solved if you give them enough purchasing power buy production.

No more need to engage in wasteful mercantalism. 


.problem solved.

People can return to their village and live a comfortable life free from usury.


THE DORK OF CORK's picture

His solutions orbit around increasing banking scale. (we must turn toward european fiscal union Etc)

No national or local equity solutions are entertained.

Most of European problems are solved if you give them enough purchasing power buy production.

No more need to engage in wasteful mercantalism. 


.problem solved.

People can return to their village and live a comfortable life free from usury.


walküre's picture

What does he have to say that I can't find in the commentary at ZH? Can he sing or dance? Not sure what the point is of paying to hear him regurgitate political vomit. He is no longer in a position of power. Sad fellow.

Joe A's picture

I wonder how much Tsipras got for making a U-turn.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

 Greek and all administrations under euro vasalage should have engaged in war like preparations so as to protect their people from the bankers


Yanis made many statements over  and over again.

The common theme was that bankers were our friends....they in  fact have laid a effective massive and permanent  claim to out income stream

To the point where they have completely destroyed the production /consumption loop.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

I never trusted either him or Tsipras.  Suspicions borne out.

bonin006's picture

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no point in being a damn fool about it."  - W. C. Fields

Varoufakis resigned after finding out he was the only politition that actually intended to go by the results referendum. At that point, not taking Field's advice would have been suicidal.


THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Not sure how much money the banks are subtracting from Greece but in Ireland last year taxes not spent in the country reached a absurd 21 billion euros.

Nasa budget is I think 18 ~billion dollars.

Paddy is giving enough resources away each year to start a flipping space programme.

God knows what the poor Greeks are giving away to those bastards.

Raul44's picture

Nothing like Ben and Hitlary for sure.

kaboomnomic's picture

Greece?? WILL BE bailout by EU & US. Don't worry greeks.

Now, message to greeks.
1. If Germans asked you to payback that debt? Playing full retard act. Say you will aligns with Russian. Say you will allows Russia AF & NAVY in your land.

Consequences. That NATO bases in greece? Would be beside Russian "bear" bases. See how panic the EU/US would be.

2. Hosting Russian bases in your land? Would means if turkey dares to close the bosphorus straight? Russian troops would launch massive strikes from greece bases to occupy turkey. See how EU/US likes that.

3. By aligning to Russia? You cuts US advantage of placing NATO forces to eastern EU. Including Ukraine. See if those Uklraine trolls likes that. Bwahahahaha...

It also means, in time of war with NATO? Greece would be chokes points for any advancements of NATO troops going east.

4. This russia alignment also means oportunity to install gas pipes from turkey streams to EU. That for sure kills any pipes from latvia & Ukraine. Cause these 2 pipes (germans & turkish stream), would have execive capacities, even for future EU needs. See how the ukrainian trolls like this. Bwahahahaha..

- - -

So, greece? You have trumps cards options that you can plays, that would forced EU to bail you out.

So if germans creditors, really foolish enough NOT to give you loans (free money btw)? Plays this cards in succession. And see how panic EU & US would be.


yrad's picture

I'll be right back, gotta download Google Translate..

Calculus99's picture

If socailism ever collapses the Champagne growers will go out of business. 

NoWayJose's picture

If he had stuck to his guns and fought the EU, he could have commanded any speaking fees he wanted. But he folded like the rest of his gang. The world does not want to hear from losers.

slackrabbit's picture

So he has published and the MSM have inuendo.

If they are not facts we should see a retort very quickly right?......right?