The US Spends $35 Billion In Global Economic Aid (But Where Does All This Money Really Go?)

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The United States provided approximately $35 billion in economic aid to over 140 countries in fiscal year 2014.


In the map below, the relative size of each country is proportionate to the aid received from the United States and the color of each country indicates GDP per capita.



Clearly, not all aid is distributed equally. The question is: Who received the largest slice of the pie from the U.S.? From the map above, the answer is clear: Israel. 

Of the $35 billion of total economic aid distributed, almost a quarter of funds went to five countries.  Below are the top 5 recipients of economic aid in 2014.

  • Israel: $3.1 billion
  • Egypt: $1.5 billion
  • Afghanistan: $1.1 billion
  • Jordan: $1.0 billion
  • Pakistan: $933 million

At first glance, one may wonder why Israel would receive roughly 9% of U.S. economic aid. It is important to note that foreign aid has a variety of uses depending on the current political, economic, and social climate.

According to the U.S. State Government 2013-2015 Foreign Assistance report, all $3.1 billion of Israel’s funding was used for military financing.  In Egypt, $1.3 billion of $1.5 billion received was used for military-related activities as well.  On the other hand, the majority of funds received by Afghanistan, Jordan, and Pakistan were used for economic development purposes. 


Of the $35 billion referenced in the report, $8.4 billion (24%) was used towards global health programs, $5.9 billion (17%) was used for foreign military financing, $4.6 billion (13%) was used for economic support, and $2.5 billion (7%) was used for development assistance.

Below is a breakout of aid received by geographic region in fiscal year 2014.

  • Africa: 20%
  • East Asia and Pacific: 2%
  • Europe and Eurasia: 2%
  • Near East: 20%
  • South and Central Asia: 7%
  • Western Hemisphere: 4%
  • General Aid: 45%

With 142 countries receiving aid out of the 188 countries listed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2014, approximately 76% of the world received some form of economic assistance from the U.S., the majority located within Africa and the Near East. 

Depending on future geopolitical events, this allocation is subject to change; however, according to the federal government’s 2015 estimates, the approximate $33 billion requests in aid follow a similar geographic allocation.  Nonetheless, in the past three years, the economic support from the U.S. will have impacted a large majority of the world’s population, totaling $103 billion in economic support across various programs.

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Your tax dollars at work.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Paraphrasing Ron Paul: Stealing money from poor people in rich countries, and giving it to rich dictators in poor countries.

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Wonder what influence our $0.1 million buys us from Malta?

pods's picture

$30k per capita is a nice vig, wonder how they scored that?




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Well, at least Peru gets a little bit...

pods's picture

Just have to find a way to make bearings a national security issue. :D


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And they still don't behave.

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Isn't most of our "aid" to Egypt orders for tanks and helicopters that they don't need to stimulate our MIC?


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why do we give the jews anything? lets take a year off all 35 billion world wide and see how it goes.

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Sum Ting Wong


 Wikipedia disagrees with those numbers for 2014

Total world aid was $105B  not $35B

Mexico got $917M  not $207M

Pakistan got $3.5B  not $933M

Kenya got $2.4B not $260M

Etc.  etc.




List of countries by foreign aid received

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Accurate or not, why do you worry yourself with such paltry sums? To quote one of my dear friends:

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.


macholatte's picture


Eleanor Roosevelt? One of your dear Friends?

I understand why it's OK with you when an article providing false and/or misleading information is published....  You must be a life long Democrat?

Bra ha ha ha



I think it's wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly.

Steven Wright



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Um.. there ain’t no money there.

It is all “credit”.


("Full faith and blah, blah, blah.....")


fx's picture

$155 mln to Syria? Are they kidding? To Assad or whom? Unlikely. So rather to Syrian "moderate" terrorists.... Interesting that they already count as the new "Syria" in the eyes of the empire...

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Ha ! $3Billion is chump change . We,re still living high on the hog on that $2Trillion that went missing from your "Defence" budget. Thanks brother Dov ! hahahahahahahahahaha

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Note that Israel is not listed on that page.

Note it does not say that the money is from the USA.



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Yes, but these are amounts of total international aid provided by ODA (, ie 28 member countries. The subject at hand is solo US foreign aid. 


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imo this doesn't really come close to capturing the expense for the u.s. of israel or even saudi arabia.

we fight wars for these people, or think we do.  both the first and second iraq wars were fought for both countries to remove saddam seen as an existential risk by both, supposedly.  these wars cost trillions and thousands of u.s. lives.

israel is a hideous warmonger and oppressor but at least understands public relations a bit. ksa not so much.  check these out:

ten years in prison and a thousand lashes for a political blog.  they thought they were being merciful when they decided to give him fifty lashes twenty times.  



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Israel is making nice to China. A Chinese investment banker has become the head of a new Israeli-Chinese technical School in Israel. They know that US time is coming to an end and are looking for a new host.


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Empire is moving East, along with the parasites.  Hopefully, the US will perform some pest control as it happens.

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You've blown your cover 38B. ;-)

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97% of Money now exists as debt so loaning out more of it to charities won't do anything except create an even bigger problem.

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Ron Paul is still my president.

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 "It goes to ISIS."


It goes to ISIS' banker. Saul Rosenbergergoldstein


There, fixed it.

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In fact, by law, 75% flows directly back to the US military complex.

Israel has to buy from the corporations behind the lobby.

The rest of the funds are used for low-cost Israeli military R&D (as compared to onshore R&D), leveraged by Israeli budgets, and used for experimenting new tech on the back of Israeli soldiers. 

Another sheeple state? Na.




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It all goes to the MIC.  I bet not one dollar leaves this country.  It goes to buy/build bombs, planes, tanks that are made here and then we ship that stuff to dictators around the world to kill and suppress innocent people.  And we wonder why the world hates us?

I heard it said that Egypt has enough M1A1 battle tanks to defend against an interplanetary alien invasion.

Bring on the collapse of the U.S.!!!  And soon!

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Imagine what that $103 billion would do for veterans hospitals, border patrol and the Wall/fence between our borders,

The fact that we're borrowing it from China to give away is asinine.

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Its Chinas loss. All the US contributed was being in debt with no intention of paying.

doctor10's picture

Leseee-ALL that is debt monies getting kicked out to foreigners.

There's more than a few states could use a little bit of that

Hulk's picture

Fuck where it goes, where does it come from ???

Its BORROWED. We are borrowing the money we are giving away. Unbelievable...

A Nanny Moose's picture

I'm sure some Marxist say....the pope, can come up with some logic to explain this.

Hulk's picture

There is no explanation ,its pure fucking insanity...

A Nanny Moose's picture

We know it. But does the US Franchise of the FSA know it?

DeadFred's picture

In a fractional reserve system it it didn't exist until it was borrowed so who cares if we give it away? Oh, we have to pay it back? I didn't think about that.

new game's picture

it will not be paid back. mathematically impossible. but that matters not. it is the control they have...

until they don't, well, what will go wrong? and when? the multi-trillion dolla question we get to pay interest on...

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The bankers game is not just control, but ownership of the nation's assets such as roads, bridges, airports,..etc.  All given to bankers who create money out of nothing to lend out at interest with the collateral being the national assets (which they will seize) and the wage labor (which they will tax) of all of the citizens.


And the amount of money given to Egypt and Jordan really is just going to to pacify Israel's neighbors, so the real amount of foreign aid Israel gets is more like 5 billion per year, or about $1K per year per Jew in Israel.    The cost of the Iraq/Afghan war is 6 trillion, or about 500 billion per year, and these wars were desgined to increase Israel's hegemonic control over the ME, so the real figure is more like $100K per year per Jew in Israel.  And this is a recurring expense. 


The majority of Americans are such stupid dumb animals.  They don't care to wise up, or are too afraid 

dark pools of soros's picture

they are trained to act like the people that are in commercials and be scared and wary of the people they see in movies and the news



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The coming inflection point will not be of "borrowed," but "printed."

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And who is the fucking retarded asshole who down voted that statement???

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And it's not only the $35 billion referenced in the story that was borrowed in 2014.  That's just the share of borrowing that the US on-lent directly, and doesn't include contingent liabilities where the US taxpayer assumes payment risk for the borrower (e.g. the USD 1B loan guarantee that Jack Lew signed you up for in May 2014... several Rinse, Repeat episodes and billions of off balance sheet Ukrainian debt ago).

Hulk's picture

Something has always told me this debt is going to land squarely on our shoulders.

Odious debt law will be ruled null and void...

Bazza McKenzie's picture

I'm sure Obama and Boehner/Ryan/McConnell reckon future taxpayers are good for it.  So no probs.

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Calling it "aid" is a bit of a stretch.  Bribes, payoffs, destabilization funds and hush money would be more accurate.  You think nobody's getting anything in return for this money?


Lurk Skywatcher's picture

No, this is aid. The bribes, payoffs, destabilization funds and hush money are not recorded anywhere that we might find them.
Do you see Ukraine anywhere?
$4 billion spent, but its not on that map...

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in all fairness, we stole their gold.  that should count for something.

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I've gotta wonder how much of that went up Hunter Biden's nose.

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Absolutely Criminal. Make sure you wake up extra early tomorrow and work late. Netanyahoooo and Kissinger are counting on you.

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that's nothing... US charitable giving was $358 billion in 2014... $258 billion of that was _individual contributions_

let those numbers sink in for a moment...