This Is What The "Invasion Of Europe" Looks Like

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On Monday, we brought you a series of still shots along with a video which depicted the scope of Europe’s migrant crisis via drone footage.

The point in highlighting the imagery was to demonstrate just how futile the EU’s effort to establish a series of refugee “holding camps” along the Balkan route to Germany is likely to be. 

As a reminder, Jean-Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel are attempting to convince recalcitrant states to support efforts to place hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers, but a mandatory quota system only served to enrage the likes of Hungary which quickly moved to close off its borders with Serbia and Croatia and that, in turn, set off a Balkan border battle.

Now, Brussels is looking to provide shelter for the migrants as they make their way to Germany but as we noted earlier this week, these way stations will swiftly become overcrowded, unsafe refugee internment camps and they’ll likely be easy targets for vociferous anti-migrant protests or worse. 

If you needed further evidence of the extent to which any attempt to shelter the flood of asylum seekers with makeshift camps is likely to prove not only futile, but dangerous, consider the following video which vividly demonstrates just how acute the crisis has become:


As you can see, the situation is quickly spiraling out of control and it isn't at all clear that Europe can cope with the people flows even if it wanted to. This is nothing short of an epochal demographic shift and as we've documented on a number of occasions (see here and here for instance), it's not at all clear that Europeans are prepared for it.

Caution: xenophobia ahead.

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Raymond_K._Hessel's picture
Raymond_K._Hessel (not verified) Oct 29, 2015 3:21 PM

Someone/something - is driving these people there.

This isn't organic - they are being incentivized to make this trip.

Tom Servo's picture

another Soros funded project?


ZerOhead's picture


It will give the European muttonheads someone else to hate when their economies collapse other than their Globalist overlords who create all of the worlds problems in the first place.

All refugees are banker's refugees.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

I believe they prefer the term oatmeal brains rather than muttonheads

ACP's picture

Keep up the good work Eastern and Central Europe. Let Western Europe commit suicide and you become the economic powerhouse by default.

duo's picture

Military history says you need an army of 2% of the population to occupy it.  Germany will have taken in 1.5 million with a population of 80 million.  Mission accomplished.  Guns or not, Germany is under an occupation force.

ACP's picture

And Angela Burka is the leader of the terrorist occupation force. Observe as she tosses the German flag at an event:


Even the Congolese UN diplomat Bokwango called African refugees "human trash who raid cities like rats."

ThaBigPerm's picture

Und hier kommt der Winter

ACP's picture

Any bets are to how long it will be until Oktoberfest is outlawed in Germany?

Handful of Dust's picture

I would not like being a Jew right now in Europe.


Attacks on Jews rise to five-year high in Germany

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I have said this from the beginning and I will keep saying it.  This will end in a huge body count. 

For my fellow German speaking Zerohedgers'

Bei einer Massenschlägerei in einer Flüchtlingsunterkunft in Wiesloch im Rhein-Neckar-Kreis sind am Mittwoch 14 Menschen verletzt worden. Wie die Polizei heute mitteilt, seien die rund 200 Bewohner zum Teil mit Metallstangen und Stuhlbeinen aufeinander losgegangen. Zudem seien Steine gegen den Sicherheitsdienst geworfen worden, der den Streit schlichten wollte. Ein Mann kam in ein Krankenhaus. Drei Flüchtlinge seien bis Donnerstagmorgen vorübergehend in Gewahrsam genommen worden.

Auslöser des Streits war der Polizei zufolge ein vermeintlicher Diebstahl: Ein 25-Jähriger war mit einer Flasche auf einen 20-Jährigen losgegangen, weil er ihn verdächtigte, Geld von ihm gestohlen zu haben. Nach und nach hätten sich fast alle Bewohner der Unterkunft eingemischt. Die Polizei ermittelt wegen des Verdachts der gefährlichen Körperverletzung.

hannah's picture
for my brothers...hahaha. For brothers Arabic. Please come to Europe. These pussies do not have a clue. Lets get this country.
Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

Im glad Tyler uses the word invasion in parenthisis.

When the west uses every imaginable millitary intervention in the middle east, the MSM will use any and every twist of semantics to avoid calling it an invasion. When people flee the chaos we've created -  thats an invasion

sounds like woody allens definition of comedy & tragedy

Calmyourself's picture

Can the bullshit, they are fleeing failed societies to societies that will fail.  Those men are not fleeing war they are fleeing poverty.  Which they will soon establish in their "host" countries like every parasite they will diminish their host.

ACP's picture

So, basically like a virus?

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Damn, that is one really big Free Shit Army.

Richard Chesler's picture

A Kenyan POTUS should have been the tell.


jeff montanye's picture

i'm not sure about that and i'm definitely not sure about them not fleeing war.  my experience with battle zones is none but from what i've seen in video of iraq and syria, i'd leave if i could.

on the bright side this ought to make the european allies of the u.s. hate the u.s. for causing this.

and, for the more perceptive, hate israel for making the u.s. cause it.

svayambhu108's picture

I see the sheep, I see the dogs, but I don't see the shepherd

Majestic12's picture

"This Is What The "Invasion Of Europe" Looks Like"

Make no mistake...

This is what "Blood for Oil" invasion results "Looks like"...

Keep following the shiny object, sheeple...stab each other in the back and never, never, never keep you eye on the ball (.00001%)...

turtle's picture

and a great excuse for permanent martial law...


Motasaurus's picture

Why do they all herd together like that? Seriously. Just... don't. People are weird some times. What is it about a queue that we love so much?

svayambhu108's picture

I see the sheep, I see the dogs, but I don't see the shepherd

Axie's picture

This is how (Croatian and Slovenian) communists governing Yugoslavia accepted Albanians on Serbia's Kosovo and Metohija.

Then their natality, demography, works, coped with illegal business money to fund tribe's interests. 

Just wait and see, in theater near you this time. Although, unlike you did, we won't bomb your countries for 'humanitarian resons' and to 'prevent genocid' when you get to the point to clean the mess. It won't be necessary.

Newsflash: Kosovo is to enter Unesco, claming medival churches and monasteries as theirs. That is, what's left of them, as they burned around 170 few years ago.

Prepare to take shoes off entering Notre Dame and Koelner Dom gentlmen.

Dolar in a vortex's picture

They're not fleeing, they'd be content living in squalor except someone has promised them riches in the previously owned izlum territories.

847328_3527's picture

I am not completely sure but I think he is related to the fellows who stole the battery out of my car.

Manthong's picture

The silence of the .gov trolls and their media propagandists regarding this travesty is freaking deafening.

Just maybe "globalization fallout" (Merkel's words) kills slowly.


Lockesmith's picture

The biggest anti war protests the world has ever seen took place in Europe...yet the invasions still occurred.
Democracy is a con.

jeff montanye's picture

war is a racket

everything is a rich man's trick

intellectual awareness brings some satisfaction.

ACP's picture

The question is though, how many Germans need to be raped and/or killed before the gloves come off?

Over 4 million German women were raped by the Russians after WWII, and the Russians have nothing on the hajis.

What will it take?

Pure Evil's picture

Well, since the stream of endless migrants seems never ending we shall soon find out.

Undoubtedly the people of Hungary are sleeping easy each night knowing the head of their government is looking out for them.

Ghordius's picture

Oh, the rape card. In Germany, there is a rape every two hours. Horrifying statistic, isn't it? What will it take to stop that?

Meanwhile... check on this statistic and see who does what to whom, and what percentage is about foreigners of any kind

And that's the problem. Some crimes aren't even discussed anymore, only fractions of fractions of them elevated to political sound bites

Vylahkinnen's picture

Das ist eine Missverstandnis. Ist ein Freundschaftsfest, um sich bei Frau Merkel zu bedanken. Findet jetzt fast jeden Tag statt, wenn ich deutsche Nachrichten lese. Sorry for any mistakes. I am not German. Those past 6 years have made me totally insane.

Anyone here remember Dostoyevski? Who is sane and who is insane? Anyway, I've lost my mind. My German friend though bought more weapons and ammunition in the past weeks. Just like the Austrians did. The weapons dealers are making the profit of a century.

This whole refugee thing is a fuse. It just needs a lighter and a couple of incidents.

Alexandre Stavisky's picture

Reminds of the refugee stream in Apacalypto, Gibson's movie.  "WE ARE SEEKING A NEW BEGINNING!".  But later same stream painted blue to mark them for sacrifice.  APOCALYPTO BLUES. Avatar, anyone?  See pics:  Note murals, and also battle dress.

Caught, crushed, restrained, and tethered, lead by a garrote or rein/leash, taken to the high temple to be used for tribute.  Rule of rigour, wickedness in high places, fulness of the ripening in iniquity.  Dominion, Death. Topsy-turvy.  Black is white.

So for Halloween trick...the pillars.  good/evil. Righteousness/wickedness.  Not a time for ambivalence.

The opposite of men of tribute, are men of the yoke.  No compulsion.  Gentle guidance of the yokemaster's voice.  The only sanctuary in the whirlwind.  The only riches which can be preserved against the season.

And for the spooky... plain sight  The Beast Code


Know them by their friends, define them too by their opposition.

Trick'n'treat, it's a deep rabbit hole out there.  Beatles, "‘A Little Help from My Friends".

Devil & his angels, busy trying to capture the flag...and throne.

uhland62's picture

There was a similar brawl near Meißen where the trigger was a quarrel over prazer times. 

It was clear to me for a long time that the overpopulation issues in many countries would lead to Europe being overrun one day. This belief strengthened my resolve to leave. 

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Unless you went to Norway, Iceland or perhaps New Zealand, you stepped from the frying pan into the frier.  

Things will get super bad here.  No doubt.  Things will be worse in the US.  

jefferson32's picture

"Greek minister threatens Europe with wave of migrants potentially including IS jihadists"

Date: March 2015

Enough said?

COSMOS's picture

Those Greeks served their role well as Trojan horses for the immigrant flood.  The EU is to blame for its refugee benefits and policies and for not kicking the greeks out and putting up a fence on its border with greece.

istt's picture

Gee, that's odd. I thought Jews considered themselves to be part of the general Caucasian population. When it works in their favor they choose to be separate. When it works in their favor to be part of the bigger group they choose to be included. And how do we know any of these crimes were committed because the person was a Jew? I question all these figures.

BlueViolet's picture
BlueViolet (not verified) Handful of Dust Oct 29, 2015 11:50 PM

Antisemitism IS a trick!!!!! oh dear =>

omniversling's picture

'Cultural Marxist' Ms Spectre knew her tribe wouldn't be popular as they divided and conquered Europe:

"Barbara Spectre, Paideia and the Genocidal cultural indoctrination of WhiteEuropeans"

Multiculturalism in Europe:Who is Behind It? by David Duke

the phantom's picture

What about all the diseases they are bringing in, and the fact that many muslims will not allow a woman doctor or nurse to give them care?  Or the doctor and nurses who are in critical condition from stab wounds when they tried to give treatment to a baby dragged across Europe for 3 months but died?  Don't hear that in the msm.  Merkel should be tried for treason.

Poundsand's picture

Time for a disneyland fast pass! 

Calmyourself's picture

H1B Disney can import their customers my family will never use or view their crap products again.

californiagirl's picture

Good Point!  I remember seeing news stories showing the Hungarian wearing surgical masks around the refugees.  The slanted news, particularly NPR, made it sound like they were doing this out of racism.  The reporters did not mention one word about the high rate of extremely contagious tuberculosis.  There was even one story I read that implied the Hungarians were behaving like the Nazis.  So the Europeans should risk serious disease for the purposes of being politically correct and not offending the Mulims?  That is just B.S!  I would like to see those reporters go out there personally, in close proximity to hundreds of refugees without a surgical mask and without knowing which of them are carrying contagious diseases.

uhland62's picture

What would you expect from a Kohl protegé?