Is Washington Preparing For World War III?

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Submitted by Patrick Martin via,

The US military-intelligence complex is engaged in systematic preparations for World War III. As far as the Pentagon is concerned, a military conflict with China and/or Russia is inevitable, and this prospect has become the driving force of its tactical and strategic planning.

Three congressional hearings Tuesday demonstrated this reality. In the morning, the Senate Armed Services Committee held a lengthy hearing on cyberwarfare. In the afternoon, a subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee discussed the present size and deployment of the US fleet of aircraft carriers, while another subcommittee of the same panel discussed the modernization of US nuclear weapons.

We will provide a more detailed account of these hearings, which were attended by a WSWS reporter. But certain preliminary observations can be made.

None of the hearings discussed the broader implications of the US preparations for war, or what a major war between nuclear-armed powers would mean for the survival of the human race, and even of life on our planet. On the contrary, the hearings were examples of what might be called the routinization of World War III. A US war with China and/or Russia was taken as given, and the testimony of witnesses and questions from senators and representatives, Democrats and Republicans alike, concerned the best methods for prevailing in such a conflict.

The hearings were component parts of an ongoing process. The witnesses referred to their past writings and statements. The senators and representatives referred to previous testimony by other witnesses. In other words, the preparations for world war, using cyber weapons, aircraft carriers, bombers, missiles and the rest of a vast array of weaponry, have been under way for a protracted period of time. They are not a response to recent events, whether in the South China Sea, Ukraine, Syria or anywhere else.

Each of the hearings presumed a major US conflict with another great power (sometimes unnamed, sometimes explicitly designated as China or Russia) within a relatively short time frame, years rather than decades. The danger of terrorism, hyped incessantly for the purposes of stampeding public opinion, was downplayed and to some extent discounted. At one point in the Senate hearing on cyberwarfare, in response to a direct question from Democrat Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, the panel witnesses all declared that their greatest concern was nation-states, not terrorists.

One of the witnesses at that hearing was Dr. Peter W. Singer, listed as a “Strategist and Senior Fellow” for New America, a Washington think tank. He titled his presentation, “The Lessons of World War 3.” He began his prepared statement with the following description of that imagined conflict:

“US and Chinese warships battle at sea, firing everything from cannons to cruise missiles to lasers. Stealthy Russian and American fighter jets dogfight in the air, with robotic drones flying as their wingmen. Hackers in Shanghai and Silicon Valley duel in digital playgrounds. And fights in outer space decide who wins below on Earth. Are these scenes from a novel or what could actually take place in the real world the day after tomorrow? The answer is both.”

None of the hearings saw any debate about either the likelihood of a major war or the necessity of winning that war. No one challenged the assumption that “victory” in a world war between nuclear-armed powers is a meaningful concept. The discussion was entirely devoted to what technologies, assets and human resources were required for the US military to prevail.

This was just as true for the Democratic senators and representatives as for their Republican counterparts. By custom, the two parties are seated on opposite sides of the committee or subcommittee chairmen. Without that arrangement, there would be no way of detecting, from their questions and expressions of opinion, which party they belonged to.

Contrary to the media portrayal of Washington as deeply divided between parties with intransigently opposed political outlooks, there was bipartisan agreement on this most fundamental of issues, the preparation of a new imperialist world war.

The unanimity of the political representatives of big business by no means suggests that there are no obstacles in the path of this drive to war. Each of the hearings grappled, in different ways, with the profound crisis confronting American imperialism. This crisis has two major components: the declining economic power of the United States compared to its major rivals, and the internal contradictions of American society, with the deepening alienation of the working class and particularly the youth.

At the House subcommittee hearing on aircraft carriers, the chairman noted that one of the witnesses, a top Navy admiral, had expressed concern over having “an 11-carrier navy in a 15-carrier world.” There were so many challenges confronting Washington, he continued, that what was really needed was a navy of 21 aircraft carriers—double the present size, and one that would bankrupt even a country with far more resources than the United States.

The Senate hearing on cybersecurity touched briefly on the internal challenge to American militarism. The lead witness, retired Gen. Keith Alexander, former director of the National Security Agency and former head of the Pentagon’s CyberCommand, bemoaned the effect of leaks by NSA contractor Edward Snowden and Army private Chelsea Manning, declaring that “insider attacks” were one of the most serious threats facing the US military.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia asked him directly, referring to Snowden, “Should we treat him as a traitor?” Alexander responded, “He should be treated as a traitor and tried as such.” Manchin nodded heartily, in evident agreement.

While the witnesses and senators chose to use the names of Snowden and Manning to personify the “enemy within,” they were clearly conscious that the domestic opposition to war is far broader than a few individual whistleblowers.

This is not a matter simply of the deep-seated revulsion among working people in response to 14 years of bloody imperialist interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Yemen and across North Africa, important as that is.

A war between the United States and a major power like China or Russia, even if it were possible to prevent its escalation into an all-out nuclear exchange, would involve a colossal mobilization of the resources of American society, both economic and human. It would mean further dramatic reductions in the living standards of the American people, combined with a huge blood toll that would inevitably fall mainly on the children of the working class.

Ever since the Vietnam War, the US military has operated as an all-volunteer force, avoiding conscription, which provoked widespread opposition and direct defiance in the 1960s and early 1970s. A non-nuclear war with China or Russia would mean the restoration of the draft and bring the human cost of war home to every family in America.

Under those conditions, no matter how great the buildup of police powers and the resort to repressive measures against antiwar sentiments, the stability of American society would be put to the test. The US ruling elite is deeply afraid of the political consequences. And it should be.

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DeadFred's picture

Before WWI and WWII is was clear for years that a war was coming. Yet somehow no one was able to figure out how to avoid it.

BlackChicken's picture

Screw these stupid wars; we die and pay while elitist and banker whores profit.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

They must think all the 'hateful' comments for them on the internet are generated by Russian and Chinese spambots. If they would step out of DC and their gated mansions for just a moment, they'd know that wasn't the case and who the public considers to be the real traitors.

JoeSexPack's picture

No draft.


US command remembers fragging of Vietnam, & doesn't want a repeat. 1000+ incidents, many more unreported, records started in '69. MSM avoids this like the FED's owners (Rothschilds).


"in May 1971, the U.S. Army in Vietnam temporarily halted the issuance of grenades to nearly all its units and soldiers in Vietnam, inventoried stocks of weapons, and searched soldier's quarters, confiscating weapons, ammunition, grenades, and knives. This action, however, failed to reduce fragging incidents as soldiers could easily obtain weapons in a flourishing black market among nearby Vietnamese communities."

fleur de lis's picture

DeadFred, WW1 was being planned by psychopathic central bankers and their political concubines at the end of the 19th century. Everything was in place by summer of 1914, and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was the trigger. All the dominoes fell one after the other, millions were wiped off the Earth, and the world map was redrawn.

As soon as the smoke cleared in 1918 the same psychopaths went to work planning for the next big bloodletting to finish up loose ends from the first one. The only difference between then and now is that technology is widely available, so the psychos do not have the benefit of complete secrecy and indeed get busted on a regular basis.

The question is why the media insists upon carrying the water for the warmongers even as they plan conflagration against the will of Americans.

strannick's picture

America is now everything the Founding Fathers and the Constitution loathed, feared and fought. Freedom lovers everywhere prepare. The stars and stripes is the new swastika, Mcain a would be Hitler, while Putin preaches peace, practices Christianity alone amoung world leaders  and won't back down as he prepares for war against these evil men. The greatest American is a Russian.

coinhead's picture
coinhead (not verified) strannick Nov 6, 2015 11:51 PM

If you're US Military and you're reading this, please just drop out and quit.  Go AWOL, make a video giving your reasons.  You're not fighting for the USA, you're fighting for this miserable faggot Obama and his banker buddies.  We will support you and stand behind you.

nuubee's picture

What's funny is these neoconservatives and neoprogressives probably actually think that war was unavoidable and that they can win. They're retarded.

Right now, the U.S. is about as prepared for a world war as an imaginary U.S. would have been before WW2 if it had no steel industry and no manufacturing industry. How can I say this? Because war is no longer won with steel and explosives, it's won with technology. And all the microchip foundries have left the U.S.... we have no technology manufacturing in the U.S. anymore. Picking a real fight against a real enemy right now is like starting a shooting war with a well-armed neighbor after you gave away all your gunpowder. Just about grade-A retarded.

philipat's picture

Why can't the US live peacefully alongside other Nations? Neither China nor Russia has done anything to threatedn the security of the US, so what is this really about?

Lore's picture

The answer is always complicated, but dominant themes are resource scarcity and competition for CONTROL among cartels dominated by manipulative psychopaths.

I don't think there will be a war in the sense that the abovementioned aging "Brass" conceive it, though it will not be for their lack of trying.  We are fortunate that many of those penis-envious old warhawks and those who manipulate them from behind are nearing the end of their lives and will soon be pushing up daisies.  The internet has unlocked ideas previously kept hidden, like the fact that all wars are bankster wars, artificial contrivances, exercises in mass manipulation.  We may see continued fertilization of bogeymen like Al Qaeda and ISIS and Global Warming and foreign-funded color revolution insurgencies like in Kiev, and Proxy War may become more violent and eventually move closer to home, always to serve political expedients, but the most important war is the war of ideas, and that war is already lost. The proverbial cat is out of the bag. 'False Flag' is a common household term. The real enemy to be defeated is the one who stages this shit.  Moral high ground goes to those who restore accountability and refuse to play the old games.

Political Ponerology:  A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes

Implied Violins's picture

I like the cut of your jib, Lore. Political Ponerology is a book that is SO important that I have often considered buying a bunch of copies and forcing people to read them at gunpoint, if only to drive the point home (but obviously - sarcasm here, folks). That book would not exist today if it weren't for the work of Laura Knight-Jadzyck, who was putting out info on psychopaths and the dude who wrote that book and was sitting on it read her material, and responded to her - and she made it happen. Thanks for the link; it is VERY important, especially at this time in our history.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Let's just look at this like a wargame.  Just for fun.

At the House subcommittee hearing on aircraft carriers, the chairman noted that one of the witnesses, a top Navy admiral, had expressed concern over having “an 11-carrier navy in a 15-carrier world.” There were so many challenges confronting Washington, he continued, that what was really needed was a navy of 21 aircraft carriers—double the present size...”

Aircraft carriers, indeed surface ships, are relics, sitting ducks, target practice.  Can this admiral be retired?

A non-nuclear war with China or Russia would mean the restoration of the draft and bring the human cost of war home to every family in America.

So an all out land war in Asia?  Paging Douglas MacArthur.....

N2OJoe's picture

A wise man once said:

"War is when the government tells the people who it's enemies are.

Revolution is when the people figure it out for themselves."

WordSmith2013's picture

If Mikhail Lesin was in fact just assassinated in DC then, YES, they are prepping for WW3


Did a Top Russian Media Mogul Just Get Assassinated in Washington, D.C.?

FreeNewEnergy's picture

Dude, thanks for the heads-up. That could be a pretty big deal. Sure Putin isn't happy about it. The guy was only 57. Heart attack in DC hotel room sounds pretty damn fishy.

Stuck on Zero's picture

It is usually the case that the machismo, bravado, and chest beating of the empire reaches a crescendo just before it collapses. 

TruxtonSpangler's picture

Preparing? We are IN world war 3 now.

JamesBond's picture

I have to disagree with the author on this one.  I believe it's too difficult to fight a world war while simulataneously fighting a civil war at the same time.




DutchR's picture

Could go like this,    (Michael Clayton - Tracking Shot)

Surviver22's picture
Surviver22 (not verified) DutchR Nov 7, 2015 11:32 AM

WW3 will start soon, it is all in Prophecy!!!

CheapBastard's picture

Lucky for the elites this is an 'all volunteer military' so their kids are safe.

MedTechEntrepreneur's picture

I bet TPTB didnt see Trump upsetting the 'ol apple cart of chosen establishment elitist freaks...Trump better have REAL good security.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Trump now has secret service protection.

CheapBastard's picture
Ex-Putin aide found dead in US hotel


Officially "Heart Attack" but ... Coke and 18-y.o. hookers can be dangerous to those older folks.

JustTheTTIP's picture

He wasn't just an Ex Putin aide.

He was a big russian political figure and mass media expert credited with inspiring the creation of Russia Today.. Lesin, a former press minister and ex-head of Gazprom-Media,


Lesin believed in making Russian views heard at the international level. “It’s been a long time since I was scared by the word propaganda,” Lesin said back in 2007. “We need to promote Russia internationally. Otherwise, we’d just look like roaring bears on the prowl.”


In other news:



‘Underwater drone with explosives’ spotted near Baltic Nord Stream pipeline


Abitdodgie's picture

They are doing with Trump the same game plan as Obama , he will say what we want to hear and then when he gets elected ( not by us but by the board of directors , congress as he is a CEO of the corporation "UNITED STATES") he will then do a 180 and it will be business as usual by the corporation for another two terms . The only way to stop this is by revolution .

Demdere's picture

I agree about the revolution, but also very much oppose killing people.  That won't be necessary.

There is exactly zero possibility authorities can control the country by force of arms.

I think we need to keep the pressure on, many more comments in their strongholds, e.g. Washington Times, and all gun rights, etc. people push hard.  I think our authorities understand all this as well as I do, that is why they backed down at Bundy Ranch.  We win just by preparing and letting the collapse happen.

Preparing includings reading and understanding and building connections.  If it becomes time to implement a Bunny Bangers or Afghanistan 1000X solution, what are you going to do to help?  We need bunches of Youtube HOWTOs on all that, and everyone needs to get onto an overlay net, set up a TOR exit node.

bluez's picture

The answer is just too simple for people to understand. When individual people accumulate too much wealth and-or power, they become opulopaths. This is a form of moral insanity. It inevitably leads to disaster on a vast scale. But only for the peasants who have some notion about sanity. Which the opulopaths utterly lack.

tumblemore's picture

The post war system was founded on the USA being both the dominant industrial and military power. The banking mafia unbalanced the system when they off-shored US industry and that set this process in motion.


Freddie's picture

This dual shit-i-zen bankster evil has been going on for a long long time.  Wars in Europe to mass murder innocents for profits started hundreds of years ago.

It started early in the USA.  Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States and one of the best against European tribal family central banksters.  They tried to kill him more than once.

After Jackson - any President supporting gold/silver as money, againt central banks or fiat was killed.

Garfield, Lincoln (sold out for bankster Civil War but was flirting wiyth fighting central banks) McKinley (for bi-metalism), JFK.  They may have also killed Zachary Taylor and Harding.

Anyone know that during Harding's administration, Eugene Debs, a socialist politician, got 10 years in prison for speaking out against WW1!   Harding pardoned him.

You can see the psychopaths have been pushing endless war for $$$ for a long time.

lakecity55's picture

"Billy Bob? A deserter? Gee, Mr Fed, I have not seen him. I know he was stationed in Alaska and likes to hang out there."

rejected's picture

Yes,,, Too bad the forefathers are not here to enjoy their "strong central government" they wanted when trashing the Articles for the Constitution.

Uchtdorf's picture

They expected a free press to point out the abuses and a concerned citizenry to make the traitors pay any time they stepped out of line. We're now sorely lacking in both of those categories.

Expectorant's picture

So true. Russia is now, the America of past. It now harbours the persecuted (I.e. Snowden), among others. The tables have turned. Putin now stands tall. I have high respect for the man.

Implied Violins's picture

That's because 98% of all media are owned by 6 corporations, all of which have extensive ties to the MIC and government. In fact, there is a merry-go-round of elites among the top rungs of all organizations, MIC-politics-corporations-media-etc., that all share one thing: membership in the Council for Foreign Relations, a 'finishing school' for top university grads that preps these elite scum for their roles at the top of the pyramid. And the CFR is only one such organization; there are many more, every country hosting some, and all are interconnected.

For a good read on what WWI and WWII were really about, and an explanation of the CFR, check out Larry Abraham's 'Call it Conspiracy' from 1985. The first edition, 'None Dare Call it Conspiracy,' by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham, is available as a free downloadable PDF file if you just do a simple 'net search.

ALL WARS ARE BANKER WARS...always have been.

lakecity55's picture

I may be wrong, but I think 5 of the 6 have Zionist owners. I suppose #6 would also be a Zionist, but only in political sympathy.

I'm in my 60s. When I was about 15 I remember (because that's when I started shooting sports photos) there were several hundred independent radio stations and newspapers.

fudge's picture

I see Western MSM as a wholly owned subsidiary of the MIC, every where I read is constant fear mongering, lies and aggression, even when caught in lies it's ignored as though they did not print them. Not to say that certain sections of Russia Press is any different.  

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

The presstitutes, those of the $600 haircuts and .60 brains are not the media. They are the propagandists of the TPTB.
There are a few truth seekers, such as Tyler, GW and others that are posted here at ZH. Most others, have long since been banned from op-ed pages long ago and had to seek the refuge of the Internet, the last bastion of free press, free speech and free of censorship.
The Deep State is getting nervous, because people are no longer tuning in, but tuning out the incessant babblers on the TV and major "faux news." The six corporations that own 90% of the media, are losing the battle for controlling the "news." This is exactly why they want to gain control of the Internet. The pendulum is swinging the other way now.
More and more truth seekers are posting every day. They want to link and share their sites with more like minded authors, bloggers and people, so that we can maybe, just maybe shoot enough holes in the propagandists blather and lies.
I was beginning to think that journalism, much like their brethren, common sense, rule of law, ethics and honesty, had died... but recently, especially after finding The Hedge four years ago, I see that journalism has been making a comeback.
Thanks to all that post and comment here, especially the Tyler's, for I have a renewed sense of purpose again, something that I have been lacking for a while...

reinhardt's picture

you are right

but, it is important to include.. it is all and has always been directly connected/related to revolutions in industry(s)


Macon Richardson's picture

Fleur, you ask why the media insists on carrying water for the warmongers. Fleur, there is no "media"; there is only propaganda. If we can hold firmly to that fact, we need not be deceived. It is all propaganda. THERE IS NO "MEDIA". THERE ARE ONLY AGENDAS. The propagandists you speak of are only carrying out their masters' commands and doing so gladly, willing slaves that they are, gladly down on their knees in alleyways, giving blowjobs to the drunk cowboys of war.

willwork4food's picture

Well when you're forced @ gunpoint to go fight an  "enemy" that the enlightend US CONgress (or President wants), it might become handy to off the asshole lieutenant that makes you take that hill no matter what.

lakecity55's picture

Yeah, I remember that. The VC did not allow MPs or CIC to search their quarters, haha.

TheReplacement's picture

Don't we all wish.

What is the Patriots' record?  Did you see what whats'ername did this week?  Can you believe Obama is such a pussy letting Putin walk all over him like that?

Seriously, the majority around here are pretty braindead and unaware.

Zoomorph's picture

The NSA knows who all of these 'hateful' comments are coming from....

El Vaquero's picture

Good.  Fuck you NSA.  And I'm sure that Russian and Chinese ICBMs are targeting NSA facilities too.  Even if not, it'll be kind of hard to keep them up and running when the power grid is down for good.  How's that for national security, huh douchebags? 

aurum4040's picture

Exactly, fuck you NSA, fuck you Obama, fuck you CIA ISIS creators and maintainers, fuck big oil, fuck corporate cronyism, fuck Congress, fuck every mother fucking piece of shit lying scumbag politician Bildeberg Rothschild Jew banker pawn, fuck you Ben Bernanke, fuck you Janet Yellen, fuck you Lloyd Blankfein, fuck you Jamie Dimon, fuck you CFTC precious metals rigging mother fuckers, fuck you Federal Reserve unconstitutional fucks, fuck you fiat USD, fuck you UAW, fuck you Obamacare, fuck you Hillary Clinton, fuck you Nancy Pelosi, fuck all you want to confiscate American citizen gun mother fuckers who false flag nearly every shooting, fuck you MIC for every war since WWI, fuck you SS administration, fuck you FBI and your bullshit apology for 1k+ police officer killings of citizens in 2015, fuck all you Jade Helm master the human domain mother fuckers, and fuck you every single individual who has ever stepped own OUR FOREFATHERS CONSTITUTION. YOU WILL PAY. 

CuttingEdge's picture

I have a question for your average NSA desk grunt contractor (as opposed to the cunts in charge)...

How the fuck do you live with yourself???

Some of you must torture yourselves daily on how you are pissing on fellow Americans.

Edward Snowden has bigger balls and a conscience than the lot of you combined.