One Day After Obama Kills Keystone XL Pipeline Another Buffett-Owned Oil Tanker Train Derails In Wisconsin

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It must be somewhat ironic for the U.S. progressive moment that a day after Obama officially slammed the seal shut on Transcanada's Keystone XL pipeline after a seven year "review" (and days after the company itself withdrew its application, something which the admin ignored just so it could have the final say on the mater), moments ago an oil tanker train derailed north of Alma, Wisconsin along the Mississippi River 80 miles south of Minneapolis, with at least 32 cars off the tracks.

The train belongs to BNSF - a company owned by Warren Buffett, and best known being directly involved in most of the recent oil train accidents. As such, this is the latest accident involving a "safe" Warren Buffett-owned train carrying toxic commodities, in a year where this "safe" Buffett-endorsed medium of transportation has already seen a record number of accidents.

As an reference point, here is a smattering of comparable headlines from just this year:

And here is the latest one.

According to Fox9, the Buffalo County sheriff's office says 32 cars derailed north of Alma around 8:50 am prompting several road closures and a voluntary evacuation of the affected area, according to the Buffalo County sheriff's office. There are no reports of fire, smoke or injuries, BNSF Railway  told the Associated Press.

Highway 35 is closed between North Main Street and Riverview Dr. in Alma, WI to Highway 35 and Spring Creek Road. Highway 37 is closed from County Road S to Highway 35. The Buffalo County sheriff's office says it is unknown when the roads will reopen.

RT adds that some tankers containing denatured alcohol, according to the sheriff’s office. A voluntary evacuation has been announced.

Emergency crews are working with BNSF and the La Crosse hazmat regional team to evaluate the derailment and determine when roads can reopen and people can return to their homes

The cause of the accident is not yet clear. There have been no reports of injuries. The derailment has prompted several road closures, according to the Buffalo County sheriff’s office.

In July, more than 5,000 people in eastern Tennessee were evacuated after a freight train carrying “highly flammable and toxic gas” derailed and caught fire. Several firefighters were injured while battling the flames.

This is what we said in May:

And now make that 3 in the past 8 months. But at least the environment is safe because Obama finally pulled the plug on the "dangerous" Keystone XL pipeline.

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We derailed some folks...

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Money Counterfeiter (not verified) Roving reporter Nov 7, 2015 3:28 PM

Obama turns everything he touches into shit.  Buffet did not get the memo.  Sad.

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Ecologically hazardous pipelines and exploding oil trains can be avoided altogether by simply pumping and dumping the crude directly into the Mississippi for further collection and processing downstream in Lousianna...

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) JuliaS Nov 7, 2015 4:37 PM

Free oil for everybody!!!  FREE!!!

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It would look much more attractive around the other neck.

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LOL...yes.  The environmentalist's ought to be behind the pipeline, considering that the rail lines are that much worse.

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

Meanwhile, in the middle east, they pipeline everything they can to keep it safe from flying bombs and rockets! 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

My Condolences, once more.  -JR*

* J. Rockefeller

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

If you like your oil train, you can keep your oil train...

U4 eee aaa's picture

I can imagine that those trains are being pushed to go faster than is safe so that good ol' uncle Warren can meet his profit margins

knukles's picture

Well, there is a logical thought process behind faster, safer trains.
The faster the train goes, the less time it spends in any one place to derail there, thus making the entire journey safer!

It's really a bitch being caught in a Lacuna (stasis, so to speak) way the fuck out in a 10th standard deviation mini-distribution on the negative side of normal in a neo-leptokurtic distribution. 

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I thought fracking ended?

wisefool's picture

Pump naturally occurring fossil fuels from ground. Transport to different location encased in naturally occurring metals in same ground. Refine into consumables at strategically located and mature refineries. Don't use said infra to sell cheaply to foreign countries who already bought all of our grandchildren's serfdom on the international debt market for pennies ... unless you just have to make default avoidance payment to same creditors.

Or, take on the very energy intensive task of dissembling thousands of mountains around the world to get a couple of pounds of nuclear fuel from each. Transport. Aggregate into man-made radio isotopes that do not occur naturally anywhere in universe, much less the immunological resistances developed by all life on planet earth over millions of years. Burn said mana from the ____'s in reactors. One of which will blows up on average every 10 years, Creating 100 square mile exclusion zones till the end of time. Avoid man-made global warming and man-made carbon taxation.

Blame accidents like this as necessary workaround to protect some prarieland dung beetle we have not discovered yet, but have 501c3's and gofundme pages pre-staged for that day.

Ukulele Video: US billionaire Warren Buffett sings for Chinese New Year (youtube/RT)

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What's the point of blocking the oil pipeline? In Europe all oil is being delivered to refineries via pipelines, either from Russia or from Mediterenian, not sure about Norway.

wisefool's picture

One argument offered is that if this pipeline existed, Oil Tycoons could transport shale from canada to the gulf of mexico and they would be forced by the invisible hand of the "free market" to sell it to foriegners who have more money than north american consumers ...

Meanwhile, North american tax payers are paying over a trillion tax dollars per year to impose the visible hand of military force on the otherside of the world to enact the otherside of the argument ...

Communism and Facism have alot in common from 50,000 feet.

iampreparedru's picture

In fact Canada's keystone oil is heavy crude, and would have replaced Venezuela cruding being imported. Why dont you take your success bashing communist ass to Venezuela and bask in social paradise where there are no more self made men. 

wisefool's picture

I assume you did not understand the 50,000 foot point 'cause I got a file with the IRS that makes people pee their pance, and strong desire to not use force to aquire the $100,000 it takes to ex-pat. On the other hand, "self-made" men like Jon McCain can send me a "stern letter" any time he wants to.

Charming Anarchist's picture

There may be lots of different arguments offered to but what trumps them all is that the indigenous people do not want to give up their land. 

wisefool's picture

Well said. Practical people with empathy find practical solutions. Ego driven people are another story.

Kinda different than a famous Warren Buffet quote: "Make sure any business you create can be run by an idiot because someday it will be"

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Snarky little prick Maher mocked his guest last nite, when she made a logical argument for the pipeline.
She mentioned it has been calculated 47 people a year will die by the trains. He laughed and mocked her, like the typical liberal cunts ALWAYS do. They think they have a lock on smarts. Hands down, some of the dumbest, most illogical fucking idiots on the planet.

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Wreck Buffet's shit!!!!



DosZap's picture

Obama didn't OFFICALLY kill it the Canucks did,

NoWayJose's picture

Officially the Canucks asked to suspend a decision until after the 2015 elections. Thus what Obama did was meaningless.

The Merovingian's picture

Everything Obungler does is meaningless. What a douche.

WOD's picture

Build more pyramids...

dreadnaught's picture

and fill them with oil, not grain....

NoWayJose's picture

So a pipeline, which generally traverses open fields, is MOAR dangerous than railroads, which mainly run along rivers!

Charming Anarchist's picture

So a pipleline, which generally traverses your open fields, is MOAR betterer than railroads, which mainly run along somebody else's rivers!  

wchild's picture

Buffett killed the pipeline, stalled it before,and now killed it

TexasAggie's picture

What are the chances that this admin's EPA and Safety organizations are going to fine BNSF the same or more than if it had been a pipeline? 

Duc888's picture



Black goo.

Dragon HAwk's picture

Good thing Pipelines never have problems..   /s

Berspankme's picture

Becky get my trousers

hannah's picture

every time i see becky i think about how she has to change warrens diapers. filled with a massive dump. just the idea of her wiping his ass while he coos on a changing table makes me want to puke.

yogibear's picture

Buffet and Munger are laughing all the way to the bank. Insurance pays for the loses while their paid-for stooge Obama destroyed any chance of a pipeline.

DosZap's picture

The pipeline would not have created many jobs, for long anyway,what difference does it make.

Yes Obama is the worst poser of a POTUS ever to be elected.

What a bag of leftovers.

Village-idiot's picture

Ah, but all these derailments create lots of jobs!

Dorothea Binz's picture

Train derailments are organic.

New_Meat's picture

news says ethanol leaking into the river.  Happy Fish of a Saturday night!

Ms No's picture

Warren Buffet is just another POS trying to present himself as a man of the people (and secretaries apparently).  Under these corrupt circumstances it's hard to even have a position either way on this issue.  Normally pipelines would be safer but in the current pipelining environment guys have been getting pushed way to hard and everything is quantity over quality and half the inspectors out there shouldn't be anywhere near a pipeline and for these reasons and others I would expect pipelines to be leaking everywhere (as they already have been).... so corruption, cutting corners and greed will ensure that we have a problem either way.   

brown_hornet's picture

Hey- I like the idea of a pipeline too. Safer than rail and cheaper in the long run. But all the rail cars in that picture hanging in the river are auto carriers. Maybe the ethanol is leaking out of the gas tanks?

80 years are up's picture

The good news here on the ground in Alma is that I did rent 3 of my hotel suites to the clean up crew.  I am wondering where I send the thank you note to.

wiscodave's picture

Being a Wisconsin boy all my life.I'll tell ya even a lot of conservatives and pro business in the state do not like this on there soil/waters.Just saying this shit pisses a lot of people off.State boys will be a coming.

stkboy's picture

I think they call this poetic justice

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Even better than the fact BNSF = Barely Negligible Safety Factor, check out the newly appointed head of the agency that is supposed to regulate for safety.

Sarah Feinberg:

Feinberg’s political posts, prior to Obama naming her FRA’s acting administrator, included DOT’s chief of staff, senior adviser to the White House chief of staff, communications director for the House Democratic Caucus, and national press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

No railroad industry background, no engineering education or even the normal law degree.

100% political hack.

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Arrest Warren Buffet !!!