Video: U.S. Apache Attack Helicopter Follows Behind ISIS Convoy … Doesn’t Fire a Single Shot

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This video from LiveLeak purports to be an Apache attack helicopter following a huge ISIS convoy of white pickup trucks crossing from Iraq to Syria ... and - instead of attacking - more or less "escorting" it across the border:

What do you think?

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ISIS support vehicles couresty of US tax payers. US Apache chopper to protect US tax payer investment. They're just makin sure we get what we pay for.

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Tap this thing on?

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And here i am still watching videos waiting for Putins response on the downing.

Waiting for the event where the number of white trucks do not matter anymore.

Popcorn getting stale.


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An awful lot of trucks in that convoy, and the video was cut off before they were all passed, with what looked like many more in the distance.  Maybe that Blackhawk was just monitoring what was happening.  I doubt it was unarmed, but I don't doubt that it had sufficient ammo on board to do anything more than tear up the first bunch of trucks, and maybe a bit of road surface to slow them down some.  And then they would be fired on, and probably brought down with what looked like some pretty hefty guns mounted on quite a few of those trucks.  They still could have called in for support and had a field day with it, just like they did in the first Gulf war.

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that video was a cut from the new show "The Rat Patrol 2"

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I just wonder how the US troops based in Irak respond to all this shit... Wanna piss off the military Barry? How long will they put up with this?

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and what exactly is "the military" going to do to stop it? 

jack shit

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White Trucks = Good Terrorists, Black = Bad.  Or do I have that backwards?

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"Black = Bad"  --- I dunno... that sounds pretty raciss to me. Your internet drivers license is going to be revoked.  :-P

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It depends on which country you mean and at what point in time. These things tend to be very time sensitive, apparently. Al Quaeda was very very very very bad, until it became a partner. The Talibans as well, other way around...

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Much truth, Kimo Sabe.

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As usual GW posts hype, not facts. That's not an Apache or any other US helicopter.

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The word 'purports' is the fifth word in the first sentence. Since you think you know better, what do you purport it to be? And, how do you know its not a US helicopter? You don't know its not an American helicopter, that is the only honest answer. But that is OK, I don't expect honesty from trolls.


@ZeroHedge  -  How fucking clever to have HALF the video covered by ads.


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It aint no Hwy of Death like Desert Storm...

There's BOJ's QE heading down the hwy...

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You guys have the wrong idea. The chopper had them so scared they didnt need to shoot.  Chased the muzzies right out of the country without firing a shot!!!

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Russian helicopter.

Who said the people in those trucks were ISIS?  Why, just because they are wearing black?

How do you know those aren't Russian special forces????

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Sounded like Arabic on soundtrack. Squelch sound from tactical radio audible.

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Because the State Department isn't buying Toyota trucks for the Russians.  Yet.

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Hahahahah no they dont use your apache and neiher they use your toyota pickups.

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Do they use Ladas?  Are these just picknickers, heading off for a weekend of facing east?

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#Bogdanov: Some partners fail to collaborate genuinely against #ISIS, we cannot help doubting in their real agenda |

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How hard is it to blow these fuckers up? Hell, they're in the middle of the desert without a tiny shrub to hide behind. Their MO: huge convoys of white trucks. Come on!

As far as the helicopter: meaningless. We know they've commandeered jets, so they most assuredly have choppers as well. 

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Who needs shrubs when you're protected by Gawt!

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I think this is the German border.  They're all heading into the Fatherland.

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The ISIS camel fuckers seem to have a helicopter by hook or sword.

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Definitely not Apaches!  Russian supplied helicopters.  Who's reviewing this stuff?  One thing to note, all of the vehicles have individuals in the cabs only and many vehicles have external 12.7-14.5mm (class) guns mounted on the back.  That means the vehicles were ferrying to some point for some reason, perhaps to pick up cargo and troops.

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You must be with that guy Quick

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Whoever produced this clip did it for propaganda or misdirection purposes, it's not an "honest" film, it's been carefully altered, produced too give an impression without revealing any detail of significance.

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Mi-24 George. Doesn't even sound like an Apache.

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Thats a Hind, not an Apache.

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Does ISIS buy Hinds?  Are the pilots trained in France?

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PS:- Those who own hind don't support your armed and funded sandmonkeys. Don't ya know

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Can't tell anything from this clip. It could be from anywhere, anytime, can't see who's driving, no flags anywhere. No conclusions whatsoever can be drawn from this movie.

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Heavy, bunched road convoy of one type of vehicle, in broad daylight, Iraq or Syria, tiny network of roads, easily detectible by JSTARS, no fear of US/British/French air attack. At least one other such convoy, also unimpeded.

Hind helicopter, possibly flown by Syrian AF defector. Easily detectible by AWACS. No attack by Russians therefore prior to their arrival. No fear of air attack by US.

Tentative conclusion: ISIS movement coordinated with US Air Force.

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It's been digitally altered, the area of the driver and passenger on each vehicle has been blocked out as they go past.

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Just maintaining a schedule here.

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< - ISIS = US/Israel/Saudis/etc.

< - ISIS = Anything they tell me on TV.

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Job security muthafukkerz.


MIC sucks my azz.

Who is the piece of shit flying that helicoptor?  That's all you need to know.

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Obama to ISIS: "We've got folks watching your back!"

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When Hitlery becomes president in the 2016 coup, the new Secretary of Defense, Hummer Abdrool, is never going to allow the US military to fire on her muzzieboyz.

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When Hitlery is president, they'll get TWO helicopters for escort.  And US taxes will double.  And Obamacare deductibles and premiums will rise.  And Social Security will have seen its last COLA adjustment.  And the basket will come to your home once a month for foundation donations.

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and you'll get chipped during your colonoscopy