Finland To House Refugees In Shipping Containers

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First the good news: with a cold winter about to slam Europe where thousand of refugees make their way north every day, and where many of these migrants have been scrambling to find any form of lodging ahead of the first snow, Finland has decided to generously provide much needed housing facilities.

The bad news: said facilities are empty shipping containers and tents. Neither has heating.

According to Reuters Finland, like Germany, has seen an acceleration in the influx of migrants this month, following a modest slow down last month, the interior ministry said on Tuesday. As a result, the Nordic nation "is preparing to house asylum seekers in tents and shipping containers."

The country took in just over 7,000 refugees in October - about 3,800 fewer than in September - but just last week more than 2,000 asylum seekers arrived. It expects 30,000-35,000 migrants to arrive this year, mostly from Iraq, compared with just 3,600 in 2014.


"Even with new centers being opened, the reception capacity will not be sufficient, and authorities are preparing for the use of tent and container accommodation," the ministry said in a statement.


Afghanis were the biggest single group in those who arrived last week, according to ministry figures. Finland recently stopped processing asylum claims from Afghanis out of security concerns, but has narrowed asylum criteria for Iraqis and Somalis based on its assessment that the security situation has improved in both countries.

Living in a shipping container may hardly be as comfortable an option as residing in NJ's bankrupt Revel casino, but it is better than nothing, which is what migrants in neighboring Sweden have to look forward to. Reuters notes that Sweden, which expects 190,000 asylum seekers this year, last week warned it could no longer guarantee finding accommodation for newly arrived refugees, and applied for EU emergency aid to cope with asylum seekers.

The worst news, however, is for residents of San Francisco: as reported previously, they too have the opportunity of living in a shipping container box, however unlike Finland's migrants they get to pay $1000/month for the privilege.

This is what a thousand dollars rents you in San Francisco.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.41.45 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.41.59 AM

We conclude with some good news: if Finland ever runs out of empty shipping container boxes, it should just kindly ask for the port of Long Beach to send it some. After all, as we wrote a month ago, a third of all containers "shipped" from the largest west coast port are empty as a result of an accelerating global recession. At least this way instead of fooling economists about the "recovering" state of the US economy, those thousands of containers, or as they are better known in Helsinki and San Francisco "houses", could save some lives.

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Maybe the Fins intention is to put them in the containers and back on a boat?

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They lost all of their refugees in a boating accident.........

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Canned Muslim..

Well, there’s an idea.

Semi-trailers would work, too.

Actually, they can be quite nice with a little work..


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Actually very insightful....for when they send them back

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Bureaucracy and mindless humanitarianism is the death of the western civilization. Trying to take care of the entire world doesn't work, never did and never will, there's only so much one can do to help other countries.
Billions were spent in Africa over the past decades and it's still a pit of misery, there's nothing we can do to help them, they don't accept birth control and need to breed until they starve to death, them let them be to be honest...

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Sweden will take in 180,000 migrants this year. Germany may take in 1.5 million. Most of them will be young men following the Mohammed retirement plan.

Europeans are being assured that the Mohammeds will balance out the demographic disparity of an aging population with too many retirees and too few younger workers. But instead the Mohammeds will put even more pressure on the younger workers who not only have to subsidize their elders, but millions of Mohammeds, their multiple brides and their fourteen child Islamic retirement plans.

Retirement ages will go further up and social services for the elderly will be cut. The welfare state will collapse, but it will have to be kept running because the alternative will be major social unrest.

Imagine a Sweden or a Germany where 50 percent of the young male population is Muslim, mostly unemployed, turning into Syria when the economy collapses and the bill comes due. Imagine European Muslim street riots where the gangs have heavy artillery and each ghetto Caliph has his own Imams and Fatwas to back up his claims.

- Daniel Greenfeld

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Millions of displaced persons were housed in Nissen huts after WWII, and guess what, they have survived. When you come without an invitation (to avoid the word gatecrasher) you need to take what they have. 2,747,904 foreigners without having the status to live there are registered in Germany (Bundestag 30th June 2015), sounds strange but you must believe official Bundestag figures. The figure of those whose asylum application was not successful and who did not go back but went underground in Germany is not available. Forget Germany as they stuff it up because of paranoia, weakness, and greed to raise population levels without quality control.

It was clear to me that one day the overpopulation issues in many countries would lead to Germany being overrun, unless they could drop their timidness about being tough. It'll also spell the end of NATO as these immigrants cannot be used to fight NATO's wars.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) uhland62 Nov 10, 2015 11:30 PM

Shipping containers, no.  Trash compactors, yes.

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How hard is it to treat the refugees humanely but make them sign an oath that they will return to their country of origin when the fighting stops?

Bazza McKenzie's picture

And how stupid would you have to be to believe such an oath?

PT's picture

Sorry, my geography ain't that good.  Two questions:
1.  How far are they travelling?
2.  Who is feeding them?

Thanks in advance.

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If you burn down your neighbor's house, it's your obligation to house them until it's safe to live there again (or in a fair world, you would suffer just punishment.)  If NATO/Coalition of the Willing didn't destroy these refugees' homeland, they wouldn't be here.  So yes, there is a consequence and this is it.

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Raymond_K._Hessel (not verified) COSMOS Nov 10, 2015 11:30 PM

Greenfeld, huh?

Notice yet cosmos that jews are always all over demands for moar immigration into europe?

Or that they would love nothing more than Christians and Muslims to kill each other?


Well enjoy the Seth Rogen Christmas movie. Im sure the commercial must be running on Fox.

o r c k's picture

COSMOS, thanks. A glimpse into the very near future. And it can't be stopped.

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In Sweden they put the university students in shipping containers because the manufactured housing crisis has been o acute. The rapefugees get to stay in luxury hotels and manor houses.

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A few large things. We can not afford government. Hence the debts. Supposedly, these government programs were "investments that would PAY dividens". But they don't. This has been going on for decades, now generations. This debt/government/economic killing cycle is self fueling, like a forrest fire. It is unstoppable. Debts and killing taxes and other forms of whore theft require violence and a spy state. All resources are all pledged, many times over. People amuse, distract, and drug themselves. People destroy themselves. People steal and covet junk. Many are sheeple. Like swine, wanting but a warm pen and better slop.  Many are state capos.  They know, but cooperate. And, we, our labors, our childrens children are harvested, pledged already. People, even sheeple sense this. Hence the reluctance to start families, turn the most important thing of young people into the machinery of the state.Hence the non replacement of harvestible new sheeple. Hence the last ditch effort, like late German Nazi government to bring in slave labor, or the present German Socialist/Central Bank , and regimes like it, (like the US which copied first the German notion of expert from German academy, German central bank, copied German professional officer corps when it abandoned local militia companies and the German SheepleCare and control welfare/servalence systems) efforts to import new basic sheeple to serve/slave the humble toilets,sewers, kitchens, maintance of the regime and its Priest temples of central banking. Any partial or full knowledge critics are the true enemies and traitors of this or any regime. We live in a era of new slavery. Even if you own, you own nothing, not even yourself.

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What is with this "demographic disparity" nonsense?  We've been told for years to have fewer children in order to save the planet.  Global warming, and all that. 

ACP's picture

Canned muslim. That works, as long as no dolphins were injured in the process.

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Back when my great grandma was Holocaust victim, they had to use rail cars. Uphill....both ways.

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Just like my gold.  Never take gold, guns or ammo on a boat.  Bad mix.

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“Maybe the Fins intention is to put them in the containers and back on a boat?”

Ah yes, nothing like a scenic container ship cruise.

Pretty cool compilation follows including beachings at Alang, India.

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Is there any good reason why they just didn't go to a Syrian  beach on this warm summers day and roast marsmallows?

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Once you have the islamotrash in the containers, lock the containters and ship the trash back to the country of origin. Dump them on the docks and call it squaresies.

acetinker's picture

Now, I don't wanna seem insensitive or nothin' like that- but I'd let 'em freeze to death.

Then, in the spring when they start stinkin', I'd torch the whole shiteree.

Y'all come back now, ya' hear?

Freddie's picture

The Finns are MUCH smarter than the Swedes, Norwegians, Germans and others rolling out the f**king red carpet for these ISIS people.  F**k Merkel - she needs to be Mussolinied (as in a verb).

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Get real Freddie the 'fugees are running from ISIS/Alciad'uh. Struth any sane minded individual would rather take their chances in an overfilled raft than get a knock on the door from this NATO Proxy Army.

Anopheles's picture

The majority are economic refugees and contrary to beliefs and assumptions, the majority are NOT families, women and children,  they're just men. . Women aren't worth much, so they're left behind. 

They don't want to settle in "poor" countries in eastern Europe, they're heading for the big buck handouts. 

acetinker's picture

Beg to differ, old boy!  They're not refugees, they're invaders.

They plan to fuck their way into prominence in Europe.

You should really pay more attention.

edit:  Watch this and come back and tell me I'm wrong-

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

Good plan! It makes it a lot easier to ship them back where they came from! 

noob's picture

Will this have any effect on the baltic dry index?

booboo's picture

No but the Islamic Wet Index is spiking in the Mediterranean shipping lanes.

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Good Old Finland adhering to ' minimum requirements ' EU Directive 31862. On the other hand those containers would come in handy should the 'fugees decide to return home to their US sponsored war-torn land providing greater security against drone attacks. Win/Win S/C

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Shipping companies alerted for return to Syria.

nmewn's picture

Its a helluva lot better than housing them in Christian churches and taking down the cross, alter and pulpit so they're "not offended" in any way.

Doubt me at your peril ;-)

BGO's picture

First word that came to mind when I read the headline: GOOD.

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In a Nutshell, for the Upside that BP/Cohorts and Banksters get their mitts on cheap oil to flog to Turkey & Israel they are perfectly willing to shrug off the Downside of displacing middle eastern communities and having Western Governments pick up the TAB via the Public Purse.

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Why is it considered  'cool' at ZH to be stupid . The west bombs the fuck out of a nation destroying everything from the electrical grid, sewers, water treatment and security, like the police, allowing all kinds of criminal kidnap gangs radical religious groups etc to be vomitted up along with the ultra violence of western instigated civil war and the fucking airheads here make should happen to them even if just for twenty four hours so they fucking know what it means to be terrified for your life and those you love.The fact the refugees are being turfed out of Turkey and sent to Europe to destabilise governments weakening the Euro there speaks volumes of the U.S. Govt.-Central Bankers desperation to keep their precious reserve dollar and all the license and power it provides those who should never have been given such a spectacular privilege they have squandered on greed instead of compassion.

Johnny Horscaulk's picture
Johnny Horscaulk (not verified) frankly scarlet Nov 10, 2015 11:57 PM

Because many are very smart but dont quite grasp that the very people incentivizing these migrants are also, largely, the people who want to villify and dehumanize all muslims.

That way, Israel's drive for lebensraum, which will kill hundreds of thousands of more people, VERY MUCH including the ancient remnant of Christianity (hey, theyre just Ay-rabs or sumthin too, gyuh huh!) will be seen as something other than mass murder.

25or6to4's picture


The only posting stupid comments so far come from you. It is Israhell that is destabilizing the ME using its proxy the US. The Europeans were in fact staunchly opposed to these wars if your old enough to remember the massive protests in the 00s. The fact is these rapefugees pass through dozens of safe zones in order to get to the sweetest gravey train going which is usually Sweden or Germany. Finland is not a member of ZATO so it had absolutely nothing to do at all with the situation in the ME. What Is going on in Europe is nothing less than white genocide perpetrated by the dual citizens.

chisler's picture

Geeez man, "It is Israhell that is destabilizing the ME using its proxy the US." is about as stupid as it gets but

I do agree, in part, with the rest of your comment.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

While western europe, especially northern europe have impressive ability to train people to help them break out of their born class, I am leery about how that will work with these immigrants.

I believe part of the previous reason their training has worked was the homogeneity of the students.  Now that will not apply.  They will have the same issue of the US, and I fear their schools will begin to look like US schools, designed for the dumbest student at the expense of the smartest.  

Plus I don't know of areas in Europe where inclusion and assimilation has worked too well, regardless of the intelligence of the newcomers.  They need some models to follow.