Why Preppers have it all wrong

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Prepping has not only gone mainstream, it's infected even the billionaire culture as referenced recently on a ZH article:

When it comes to “prepping”, many among the elite take things to an entirely different level.  As you will see below, the elite are willing to pay big money for cutting edge home security measures, luxury bomb shelters and superyacht getaway submarines. Some of the things that the elite are demanding for their own protection go beyond even what we would see in a James Bond film, and serving the prepping needs of the elite has become a multi-billion dollar business.  Meanwhile, the media outlets that the elite own continue to mock the rest of us for getting prepared.  All the time we see headlines like this one that appeared in a major American news source: “Preppers: Meet the paranoid Americans awaiting the apocalypse“.  Well, if we are paranoid for setting aside some extra food and supplies for the future, what does that make the people that you will read about in this article?

Financial prepping has been the mantra of the 'hedge' fund community since it started to exist.  Instead of just blindly buying stocks and hoping the market always goes up, 'hedge funds' provided a 'hedge' in case the market actually didn't go straight up.  Of course, this is now just for lazy investors, now it's possible to buy options for almost any situation, and insurance companies will sell insurance for anything - even being abducted by aliens (over 30,000 policies sold in Europe according to Geico).

Description of the prepper & background

So let's take the average prepper, metaphorically speaking.  You have your safe house, stockpile of supplies, food, ammo, tools, toilet paper, shortwave radios and other electronics powered by cranks, etc. etc. etc. (depending on how deep your infection).

Financially speaking, you keep your savings in a combination of cash (US Dollars, Euros, and Swiss Francs), gold, silver, bitcoin, and bearer bonds.  If you are really savvy, you're holding the paper on several nearby farms in a fair deal whereby they pay down their principle in cash and interest & fees in milk, beef, and in the summer vegetables.

You own several properties in the names of charities you've setup just for this purpose... ok you get the idea.  Take it to the extreme.  The estute prepper has done all this and more - he's ready for anything!

The problem

Now the calamity comes - whether it be a global pandemic, alien invasion, terrorists, the United Nations with foreign troop invasion - take your pick.  It's really bad, but you survive - because you are ready for anything!  So now you've survived - NOW WHAT?  

Do you come out of your bunker after the smoke has cleared?  What will you do all day?  What will other survivors do?  Will you try to communicate with other preppers?  What if in the process of that communication - you discover that you are a little more prepared than they, and they trick you into a meet whereby they kidnap you and force you at gunpoint to give up your safe location and supplies?  

What if there is a secret group of 'anti-preppers' who are right now preparing for ways to steal from preppers, based on their security flaws and lack of planning?  

What if there is a group right now setup by the government, who is monitoring preppers, that within 24 hours of said 'calamity' will be taken into custody (or otherwise dealt with).

What is to stop the military from seizing your supplies, and forcing you to join their chain gang?  

The problem is that in order to really be 'prepared' - one must strive to be a stronger fighting force than the strongest army in the world (be it whatever you think in your opinion) because in a real crisis, the only currencies are 1) intelligence and 2) accelerated lead.  Accelerated lead is a quickly depleting resource whereas intelligence can grow and be self-replicating.  

Prepping generally speaking is a good thing, to use example of global pandemic - if everyone in the world is prepared and follows WHO guidelines, the pandemic will not exist!  Probably the same could be true with financial markets.

The point here is to realize that like with anything - the popularization of 'prepping' has warped the purity of the concept.  

The idea itself - very noble.  But in practicality, in reality, if there is an apocalypse, where are you going to go shopping with your gold and silver coins?  

Especially in America where we like to do things to extremes (like eating for example) - we've taken prepping to a new fangled art form.  But it's this 'new level' that is the snake oil - not the concept of prepping.

Just in case

Mossberg sells a package "Just in Case" that includes survival kit, shotgun, all neatly packaged in a waterproof tube (that also can double as a flotation device).  It's a great analogy for the prepping movement.  It's a great thing to have - JUST IN CASE.  99% of buyers of this will never use it.  


Financial Prepping

What can one do to financial prepare themselves?  This completely depends on the situation, and depends on the extent you want to prepare for.  As a general rule, you just want to be more prepared than your neighbor, but only a little.  That means - forget about the kevlar suit that can withstand 1,000F burns, or the bitcoin wallet that can only be opened with one time pad; each hidden in 2 secure locations in Europe.

Also, forget this naive idea about hoarding physical gold or cash - as if it will help you.  You're just painting a target on your back!  Where will you spend this cash?

Some reasonable prepping steps to be a 'pure prepper' 

  • Have a healthy options portfolio
  • Take the other side (even if you don't agree with it)
  • Invest in some really crazy ideas - if everyone you know says 'don't do it - it's crazy' - DO IT!
  • Invest and trade LOCALLY, at least a little.
  • Keep multiple accounts open with different TYPES of brokerage firms/banks - not only the same institution where your 401k is.  Not all of them will die.
  • Participate in some class action lawsuits for securities or similar cases - even if you won't get a big payout.  When the dollar bubble really pops, you'll have a friend who can help you get 20 cents on the dollar from Bank of America.
  • Make some foreign connections, who may not be in the same predicament as most in America
  • As much as possible, try to do things for yourself.  Having your deck resurfaced?  Do it yourself!  Do your own research - don't rely on a service (and certainly not your broker!)  
  • Educate yourself!  Learn a foreign language, or study that course in wreath making you've been putting off for so long.  Remember, although the world is a large place - the majority of nuclear fuel rods are made by hand by Samurais in Japan:

Although Japan Steel Works is a major corporation with 5,000 employees, it also maintains a samurai sword blacksmith, in a small shack on a hill above the factory in Muroran, where a single craftsman still hammers steel into broadswords, as the company has done since 1917.

Just remember.  For those who think the apocalypse is coming - there are just as many who believe it's already here.  Just ask some Detroit residents.  

Looks like the Zombies have already invaded and destroyed our cities.  


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The dumbest prepper related article that I have ever read. 

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Fellas, you put de lime in da coconut, den you feel bettah.

No worries.

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Good article. Clearly, the best strategy is pro-active prevention. There is no need for disasters. They can all be easily avoided. There are risks on all sides. Better to focus on the basics of what every normal human being is after, a warm meal, ok, maybe raw :), a hot bed with a worthy companion, a healthy happy family, a productive and prosperous life, and opportunities to lift up others so they can enjoy a good life during their short stay here on planet earth.

As a human community, we need to focus on exactly how we can continually be engaged in this process, which elevates us all.

I believe we can diffuse a substantial part of the threat by pulling out of all support for all things israel and zionist. Definitely ending the private banking fiat fractionalized money system scam, and keeping all known zionists and zionist fronts away from the new national treasury.

All it takes is the american ppl to agree on just 2 things - no more support for israel and zionist objectives, marginalizing jewish groups, etc, maybe nationalizing the media (just take it away from the jews who own it), and get rid of the fed reserve.

the tricky part is how to get Americans to understand why these very basic steps need to be taken. this isn't about hate, prison camps, holocausts, prejudice and all of that. it is about simply pulling the plug on supporting the very thing that is central to all the trouble in the world. Evil is bad. Americans must learn to love what is good, and pursue it. israel, zionists, jews, etc, they have a very bad track record. nothing but trouble. They killed the russian royal family in cold blood and with that blood set up the soviet union, and that was a hideous human tragedy. the jews came up with this idea in 1870 or so that they need to have palestine, and once that idea was hatched, they pushed the world into 2 world wards to attain that objective. this is all basic, verifiable history, not spin or revisionist BS.

If the jews had no problem provoking world wide disaster that led to the deaths of 100,000,000 in the 20th century, why would they not push for another even bloodier affair for their greater israel project?

I know, I know, "OMG, enough with this anti-semitism already". Yeah, i feel the same way. I hate to talk about this and think about it, but this is *the* issue. it is the *only* issue. solve *this* problem and we step far far away from the edge of oblivion. the zionist curse and all its machinations must be removed from planet earth. the jews have been such a chronic nightmare in the world for so many centuries, we are so accustomed to this crap, i realize it seems impossible.

but it is not. we are the many, they the few. all it takes is the will to push back and say no. to AGREE on this ONE basic issue. 300,000,000 vs 10,000,000 is not match for the 10,000,000. keeping the zionist infection, the cancer from coming back is a whole other matter. it would help if the light went on in the heads of jews. they dont have to isolate themselves anymore. just let it go. but that is later on.

For now, it is urgent all non-jewish americans who want to avoid WWIII for the jews (like WWI and WWII) need to act in unison and pull the zionist plug.



Gordon Freeman's picture

You are an anti-semitic peckerwood--long-winded, too...

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My opinion of that article differed greatly from the average of the votes it has received so far. That article stated:

What is to stop the military from seizing your supplies, and forcing you to join their chain gang?  The problem is that in order to really be 'prepared' - one must strive to be a stronger fighting force than the strongest army in the world ...

That is along the lines that I have been thinking for the past fifty years or so, since I first realized the systems I was born into were based upon exponential growth, backed by weapons of mass destruction, which have become globalized electronic frauds, backed by atomic bombs. That was why I came to the conclusions that it was politically impossible to either effectively prevent nor prepare for the ways that civilization has become runaway criminal insanities. Any collapses into crazy collapses would repeat, in fractal patterns, on lower and lower levels, the same problems we are faced with now ...

In my opinion, most people still think of the world as if it was still like that in the past, when there were paper frauds, backed by gunpowder weapons. They fulfill the cliche regarding "generals preparing for the previous wars."  In my view, the article above was rated so poorly by the vast majority that did so because they do not want to face the facts about how unimaginably bad is the situation where there are globalized electronic frauds, backed by the threat of force from atomic bombs, where the ratios of physical collateral to virtual finances have exceeded 100 to 1.

Generally speaking, that pattern repeats itself that there are 100 times as many people who are not prepared, as there are people who have attempted to prepare, which is the primary reason for why it is not possible to effectively prepare. Probably the most prepared are the military entities, which is why "what is to stop the military from seizing your supplies" is probably the most important consideration, and why it is NOT possible to become sufficiently prepared, since doing so runs into the problem that it is obviously not possible "to be a stronger fighting force than the strongest army in the world."

Indeed, at every level of possible collapse into chaos, various levels of warlords, or organized crime gangs, would emerge to take advantage of those circumstances. Indeed, the fragmentation of the chain of command of the military entities could also repeat those fractal patterns. Whether one likes it or not, the dismal, doubly dismal, and dismal cubed imperatives of operating according to the principles and methods of organized crime would reappear, in fractal patterns, at whatever levels of collapses to crazy chaos may eventuate.

Of course, many people who like to pretend to be prepared already have those sorts of dismal expectations regarding the government that already exists, since that government is already the biggest form of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangsters, the banksters, that are currently able to take advantage of the state of development of the world, which is mostly based upon the newly developed technologies of the industrial revolutions being able to strip-mine the natural resources of a fresh planet.

It is primarily the diminishing returns from being able to continue to strip-mine the planet that are going to be driving whatever levels of psychotic breakdowns, crazy collapses to chaos, and severe social storms to blow through. The superficial manifestations will show up first and foremost through the fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems, that were making "money" out of nothing, as debts, in order to "pay" for strip-mining the planet's natural resources, in ways that turned those resources into more people and pollution, as fast as possible, while presenting that as a positive and good thing to do.

The basic driving factors behind the established systems of organized crime breaking down will be due to the fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems becoming more and more psychotically detached from the physical realities of what was happening. Our civilization is almost totally dominated by professional hypocrites, who live inside of social pyramid systems where governments enforce frauds by privately controlled banks, which together enable turning the world's natural resources into people and pollution as fast as possible, while simultaneously being able to do that in ways which deliberately ignore and misunderstand the basic laws of nature as much as is humanly possible to do, by people being able to lie to themselves, and lie to each other, as much as possible, as the means for them to achieve social success within systems that strip-mine the planet, facilitated by VICIOUS SPIRALS OF POLITICAL FUNDING ENFORCING FRAUDS.

The already established systems are those that organized crime could make and maintain, given scientific and technological progress, which could be applied to a fresh planet. Civilization was always controlled by being able to back up lies with violence, and that is NOT going to change, whenever the diminishing returns from being able to strip-mine the planet become more intense, and more impossible to continue to deliberately ignore.

In my view, most of the content published on Zero Hedge tends to be relatively childish, in the sense of wanting to continue to believe in the dualities of false fundamental dichotomies, and impossible ideals. That enables those childish beliefs to somehow think that things could become different in any better ways, through realizing impossible ideals, rather than actually continue to get way worse, and worse again, due to impossible ideals never working ... The generally childish views can not accept that the only ways that things could realistically get better is IF there was better organized crime, operating better death control systems.

For the same reasons regarding how and why we are not able to prevent the tragic trajectory of civilization controlled by excessively successful, more and more extremely unbalanced, applications of the methods of organized crime through the political processes, developing to become runway criminal insanities, there are also no good reasons to doubt that those will continue to be the solid grounds for why it will probably not be possible to become effectively prepared for deteriorating conditions of runaway criminal insanities in the future, that will be repeating as fractal patterns.

Theoretically speaking, the only genuine ways to perhaps become better prepared would also simultaneously be the same ways to better prevent the developments which one may attempt to become prepared for ... Human beings and civilization will necessarily continue to live as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows, through systems of more or less organized lies, operating robberies, and that will continue to be the case after the issues regarding the available stocks of those environmental energy flows intensify, due to running into various limits of diminishing returns, from having already strip-mined the planet, and thereby high-graded ourselves to hell.

It now looks like we have already spectacularly overshot, due to runaway exponential growth, enabled through fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting, making more and more "money" out of nothing as debts, in order to "pay" for strip-mining the planet, in ways which actually "paid" for nothing. Our whole political economy has been operating through vicious spirals of political funding enforcing frauds, or through the applications of the principles and methods of organized crime. To the degree that we were collectively able to lie to ourselves that governments were not the biggest forms of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals, the banksters, we were also able to lie to ourselves about what civilization was really doing to the planet, in ways which would really impact the future.

My main point is that, regardless of whatever levels of crazy collapses into chaos there eventually be, the same underlying fractal patterns of human beings actually living according to the principles and methods of organized crime will necessarily continue, because the surviving human beings, and whatever level of civilization survives, will still be living as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows, whatever the sources of those environmental energy flows may remain available.

My opinion now is basically the same as it has been for several decades: without some series of technological miracles, surpassed by even greater political miracles, then the majority of human beings are going to mass murder each other, due to having built civilization on the basis of excessively triumphant organized crime, which became runaway criminal insanities. Moreover, the intense paradoxes continue that whatever possible futures there may be will continue to necessarily still be based upon the same basic principles and methods of organized crime, because human beings will still necessarily live as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows, and so will any social groups that they operate through be still basically operating as gangs of robbers in their environment.

Overall, the only genuine solutions to our problems would be better organized crime. That includes both any attempts to somewhat prevent the crazy collapses into chaos, as well as any attempts to prepare for those crazy collapses into chaos. Of course, I recognize that the vast majority of people do not see it that way, and do not want to see it that way, which is why I expect the most probable futures to be those where the established debt slavery systems continue to generate numbers which are increasing debt insanities, that provoke death insanities.

The only genuinely better alternatives must necessarily become better death control systems, which should be guided by series of intellectual scientific revolutions, through which those death controls are perceived through radically different paradigm shifts, in order to enable radically different death control systems to be operated. The essential problems that human beings face are that there must be some death control systems. The particular political problems we now face are that natural selection pressures drove the existing artificial selection systems to become most socially successful when done in the most deceitful and fraudulent ways. Hence, the current existence of a political economy based upon governments enforcing frauds by privately controlled banks, that have been strip-mining the planet's natural resources in ways that have become increasing criminal insanities, headed towards psychotic breakdowns, with that civilization collapsing into crazy chaos, provoking severe social storms to blow through, when the established systems run into more and more severe limits of diminishing returns, due to no longer being able to sustain any more exponential increases in the processes of strip-mining the planet's natural resources.

Ideally, we should develop radically different death control systems, in order to integrated human, industrial and natural ecologies. However, all of the currently established sociopolitical systems are based upon the intense paradoxes, or sets of consistent contradictions, which are due to the biggest and best organized gangs of criminals being able to most get away with lying about themselves NOT actually doing that.

Presuming that the exponential growth in the strip-mining of the planet continues to be pushed to go as far as it can go, so that the resulting overshooting will be as extreme as it possibly could have gotten, before there finally are the "corrections" of civilization collapsing into chaos, that future is too extreme to be fully imagined. The potential, and indeed probable, psychotic breakdowns of globalized systems of electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic bombs, go completely off the scale of any previous human experiences. Those technologies are literally trillions of times more capable and powerful than anything that ever existed before in human history!

Therefore, people who still think of the world in terms of paper frauds, backed by gunpowder weapons, or still think in terms of common sense chemical energy and chemical processes, are NOT in the right ball park, order of magnitude of the existence of electronics and atomic energy, nor even in the same order of magnitude as advanced molecular biology, nanotechnology, or whatever similar sorts of awesome technologies, based on series of profound paradigm shifts in physical science. (Of course, that is still the vast majority of people, including even most of those who publish articles and comments on Zero Hedge.)

The basic theme of the prodigious progress in physical science, through series of profound paradigm shifts, has been the development of UNITARY MECHANISMS to replace the previous DUALITIES. That is what should be done within political science, as both the best ways to try to prevent the tragic trajectory of excessively successful organized crime, as well as to attempt to prepare for the consequences of that, becoming the emergence of different levels of organized crime, repeating in fractal patterns, after civilization goes through any sorts of various possible crazy collapses into chaos.

There are UNITARY MECHANISMS at work throughout both understanding the nature of the problems, as well as generating solutions for those problems, which are consistent with that way of understanding those problems. I REPEAT: human beings and civilization necessarily operate as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows, which necessarily most closely match the principles and methods of organized crime, because the central core controls must be their death control systems, with their murder systems being the most extreme forms of those. The currently existing combined money/murder systems were made and maintained in those ways. Any future systems will continue to operate in those ways. Therefore, to both attempt to prevent the collapse of civilization, as well as to attempt to prepare for the possible collapse of civilization, actually should primarily address the same fundamental issues, which are the death control systems that will operate within those contexts.

However, most people who continue to take for granted their common sense understanding of the world based upon chemical energy, and therefore, still mostly think in the old-fashioned ways, which operated through paper frauds, backed by gunpowder weapons, are NOT prepared for the possible breakdowns of globalized systems of electronic frauds, backed by atomic weapons. Indeed, given the degree to which the overwhelming vast majority of the population does not understand that, and does not want to understand that, it appears to currently be politically impossible for that kind of civilization, based upon electronic frauds, backed by atomic bombs, to cope with its runaway, exponentially increasing problems.

But nevertheless, I repeat my basic conclusion, that operating death control systems which are consistent with understanding the world in ways which could be reconciled with the ways of thinking found in quantum mechanics, or the special theory of relativity, etc., are the best ways to possibly either prevent or prepare for the future of a civilization in which electronics and atomic energy are being harnessed, enabling inanimate energy sources, which are many orders of magnitude greater, to enter into the previous world of human experience that used to be limited to common sense chemistry.

Agent700's picture

That was a trip Dude! I kinda get it!

Gonna follow you for a while.

What are you smoking? Not sure I want to try that, quite yet......

coinhead's picture

Be sure to have lots of Bitcoins when SHTF.  1BTC will buh you whatever you need.


Radical Marijuana's picture

It depends whether the collapse takes away the electrical grid???


After the Collapse: Canadian Prepper Video
JetsettingWelfareMom's picture

I never understood the endurance of these sudden collapse scenarios. If a sudden disruptive event were to happen, there's not a ton of ways to prepare that make you more likely to survive it than the next guy: an underground shelter where you live, perhaps, with a few days food and water. It won't save you from an earthquake, or mega tsunami, or an alien invasion though. 

I think it's collapsing all around us, right now. So if you want to do something, now's the time...

ShakaZulu's picture

So we all agree that in order to survive, a prepper will need:

1. the Grace of God

2. luck

3. a desire to live

Clesthenes's picture

“To think that anyone can protect themselves from the US Military is out of their mind.”

Close, but not quite there.

They are hired assassins of the DHS and homeless gangs that we and especially preppers should worry about.

IN all social breakdowns, those first to fall (to be looted, eliminated or both) are so-called preppers.  From the French Terror (1792-4), to the Judeo-Bolshevik terror, to the looming DHS terror, preppers are always the first to be targeted.

So, the problem from our perspective, is, ‘How do we protect ourselves from their murderous political system?’  How, for example, do we protect our property (from physical gold, to businesses, to stocks and bonds (domestic and foreign)) from seizure by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)?  Furthermore, how do we protect ourselves from informers now being recruited, trained and protected by the DHS?

By the act of Congress that established the DHS a system was created by which informers could make false allegations against anyone they please with near-total impunity.  Of course, such informers aren’t described as informers; rather they are given the title “submitting person” and the DHS Act provided that their falsehoods will never be examined by any court or legislature or law enforcement agency.  The legislation even specifies how this immunity is obtained.  The “submitting person” only has to give an “express statement” that his lies were “voluntarily given” and that he expected “protection from disclosure”.  It’s all there, in the act that created the DHS.

I’m sorry guys, but silly season is over.  Even if you own physical gold, live in a cabin in the woods along with a stash of ammo and AK-47’s, you lose.  If you don’t fall to the horde of hungry homeless, you will fall to DHS death squads.  All the homeless have to do is to wait until you collapse from lack of sleep (24, 48, 72 hours), then they march in, slit your throat and… let your imagination run wild.

If you own stocks or bonds, guess what: you’re depending on criminal and useless classes to deliver your purchasing power at the moment of their greatest victory.  Did I mention something about ‘silly season’?

If you want to survive, you have to combine with others of like mind for the purpose of mutual protection, among other purposes.  The big question now is, ‘HOW is this to be done?’  And the quick answer is, ‘You must establish First-Amendment assembliesthe only historically-proven method by which men have made their lives and property secure from rule by thieves.’

The American Revolution, for example, was powered by a large network of such assemblies: from town meetings, county meetings, state conventions and, ultimately, to Continental Congresses.

Let’s be realistic: this solution won’t be easy or quick… unprecedented adventures never are.

Wow72's picture

"But in practicality, in reality, if there is an apocalypse, where are you going to go shopping with your gold and silver coins? "

One would be using them to get the things they forgot?? DUH.   Gold and silver are a simple and reliable form of trade and have been for hundreds of years, if you dont have something that I have and you want it, but you dont have anything that I want then Ill take silver or gold for it knowing that if the next person that comes along has something I want, but doesnt want anything I have I give them the gold/silver..  It acts as a place holder.  There will be people so its good have some, its worked for ever.  Im not saying you dont need all the other things or you need tons of it, but it would be foolish not to have some sound money?

stiler's picture

I think this article makes it's point; that the prepper is in no way going to be stronger than the obstacles he would face in the case of an Apocalyptic scenario. In the case of the Apocalypse, no way would he be, because the point of the tribulation is to test the unbelievers on the earth to see who will turn to God and His Son, the Jewish Messiah for salvation. It will be made to be worse than you have ever known, with increased darkness to the point of feeling it, hotter sun causing boils, etc. Of the people who do survive it will be 1/3 of the Jewish people (2/3s survived WWII), and the good sheep (Gentiles). There will be a judgment at the end of it, in which those who weren't beheaded or die through starvation (666 mark or no food for you), will be rewarded with being able to go into the thousand year Kingdom of God on earth. This is based on if they became believers in Messiah and in how they treated the Jewish people. The goats will be judged: "Then shall two be in the field, one shall be taken, the other left." The one left on earth will go into the Kingdom, but the one taken will be taken for judgment in Hell. So, the best prepping a person can do is in their soul. Believe today and avoid a whole mess of grief.

Raging Debate's picture

Stiler - Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. 

weburke's picture

just know the food is not healthy, and for many around the world, likely to be scarce. The elites already inject the infants, talk you into it, and they are your enemy. 

Dragon HAwk's picture

Brains Flexibility, and yes even a little Humor.. wins every time...

 forget plan A B & C..  slice and dice the Whole alphabet, on the fly.. or figure the rest out when you get there. stay Nimble, and don't forget to breath and relax when your trying to think...

1Inthebeginning's picture

Build strong community.


roadhazard's picture

I prep guns, ammo, booze, fuel & food. I only have to be right once. When/if tshtf family will be coming. I need to be ready and I can afford to be ready. Stupid Not to do it.

Clesthenes's picture

So, what will you do when the homeless hordes camp around your cabin; or DHS death squads knock on your door?

Crocodile's picture

If God has NOT spoken, then there is nothing a person does or does not do that is either right or wrong, but if He has spoken, then is should be the greatest human aspiration to know Him.

Clesthenes's picture

You forgot to mention the 10,000 (or is it 50,000?) times when it doesn't work.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Nov 12, 2015 1:11 PM

Isn't it odd how we live in a post-scarcity world where there are so many things, no jobs, and endless supplies of technology... yet all anyone feels these days is fear about their future and concern for lack of the fictional thing called "money".

What's the real problem then?

Baa baa's picture

BS This person knows not of what he speaks. Preppers are not endowed with the good fortune to prepare as lavishly as the writer procaims. It is mostly about surviving on the land. Weaponry is really secondary to good crop planning, escape routes and the use of what is available.

That's a snapshot. I suppose the extremes are present in any effort.

Atticus Finch's picture

The immediate danger in an apocalyse are roving gangs. During the US Civil War the real threat especially to individual farmers was the arrival of gangs roaming the country because of the total breakdown in law  and order. To think that anyone can protect themselves from the US Military is out of their mind.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Atticus Finch Nov 12, 2015 1:09 PM

There won't be a US Military if these doomsday scenarios come to pass.  The main problem will be food, as usual.

Crocodile's picture

Food, water, shelter, enemies etc?  Nope.  The main problem and always has and will be is the lack of knowledge & understanding of one's true purpose in life.  If food, shelter, clothing and procreation is the purpose, then their is no purpose.  This life represents the shadow of the life to come, which is the substance because once in the eternal state, then ones destiny is fulfilled, whether for good or for bad.

the grateful unemployed's picture

not much different than what the police tell you about home security, make you home safe and the burgular goes to the next house where they have no security. most people are unprepared, if you're a prepper you will get bypassed by the mob if your fence is high enough. i am sure not going to some foreign country with the notion that i can throw money around and buy safe passage. i am staying around people i know and trust to one degree or another. i will resist evacuation because once you become a refugee you are screwed. the good news is that at least at the onset of the crisis there will be plenty of supplies, this economy has overcapacity in everything including communications. since agribusiness is corporate run they will keep functioning, even if the government has to oversee them. government is the big daddy of all preppers. you have to figure the military and police will keep going long after a few rednecks have run out of bullets. i am not as worried about authority in this country as i would be in some foreign country, but there's never a cop around when you need one. i want these guys on my side, which is how the rich preppers are thinking. think like them you'll do okay

bluskyes's picture

Titles (property or personal) mean nothing when the issuing authority leaves, or is overthrown.

Clesthenes's picture

Yes, a very good rason to estalish First-Amendment assembles.

the grateful unemployed's picture

like the spanish land grants in california. in britain centuries ago the church acquired land by writing titles. they literally forged the documents, but the peasantry was illiterate, so if they went to court, the peasant would say my family has had this land for as long as anyone remembers, but the church would provide a document, and that was the rule of law.

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Oh how I love Jesus Christ, for to live is Christ and to die is gain.  Always a win-win; circumstances do not matter, for it is foolish to fear the one who can kill the body, when there is one who can kill both the body and the soul.  The FEAR of the Lord is the BEGINNING of knowledge and understanding; wisdom.


All the prepping one ever needs and the only prepping that lasts forever and the only prepping that brings real peace in a warring world.


But the fool says in their heart that there is no God despite the overwhelming evidence in the creation and in their own hearts.

Clesthenes's picture

Right on.  Thank you for the Dark Age: the period of time when the Church of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, ruled with impunity - and men were ground to dust by the tens of millions.

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> Jesus freaks that love fantasy

>People with common sense, pragmatists 

Crocodile's picture

Thank you; people dying in their sin through willful ignorance of Jesus always prove what He meant by what He has said.


If God has not spoken, then their is no right or wrong, but if He has, then it is your duty to gain knowledge and understanding of Him...wisdom.


It is impractical to see a beautiful creation in all its vastness and splendor, only to conclude their is no Creator.  That is illogical and foolish.

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Crocodile - I have my form of faith. But I do remember Christ telling the Jews to get out of Jerusalem when the Roman armies would seige it and withdraw. This happened in history, believe it was the scholar Josephus that recorded that event in history.

Anyways, the story goes that after the Romans left, some fled the city. But the Romans waited three years to come back. When they did, they were uncharacteristally lenient in there terms of the surrender of the city. They were there to quash a rebellion and the Jews felt they had God on there side. The Roman terms over a few days got stricter as each day passed. Then they seiged the city, cut off water and supplies.

People were eating rats and dung after a few weeks. The the Romans attacked and burnt the place down. If my memory serves right, the death toll was 800,000. 

The lesson whether you believe in Christ the diety or not (he said that he wasnt of this world in other words a benevolent alien) there is a time to get out of the way, a time to defend yourself and if faced with that kind of power you dont just say "God is.on my side". You run with what you have prepared out of harms way and form camp ane plans somewhere else if need be.

My plan is this: I have enough preps for neighbors so if in worst case scenerio, you dont wait for neighbors to start starving you go to them immediately and become a warlord. if military shows up you dont fight them they will ask or demand your tribe joins them. You do it. Jeez i should write a book and sell it now for more prepping lol. 

 While I have belief Crocodile, I apply prophecy to modern tools. How is the rapture going to happen? Is zuess going to throw down lighting bolts? I dont think so. But consider quantum mechanics tools can now create black holes. That tech could be used to annihalate half the people that wont comply or could be used for half the people that want to go to 4d where the other half are too scared. What I admit is I dont know. 

 Prophecy is predictiom at the quantum level. It isnt that is has changed to some new age religion it is just the application of such should be compared with what tech exists today that such prophets inferred. 

Slamming people over the head when even Christians dont read it isnt useful. I do encourage people to pray and see for themselves what they experience. That is enough, that and to take care of one another. 

I see the poster below mine asking how can zgod come from nothing. The answer is there always is something. That is what quantum physics now says. It doesnt require a god. My opinion is that this os a dot of energy with code. zit expands and contracts through many iterations of what is called dimensions. Life evolves so what you may have is an being at the top.of the evolutionary food chain. An oveersear so to speak. One that also is interested in learning new process to make it more interesting or less painful during its time before a recreation. Moses and Paul soeak a bit into this and Christ references recreation. But now modern physics.

 I call these thoughts a quest for origination. Perhaps even such an overseear is still asking the same question. I dont know but narrowing your intellectual quest down to a few people in the bible as 'all you need' doesnt seem like it will add much to our collectiive in terms of learning. I relegate the quest for origination into theory because even going through the processs we may add a micron of learning to all people or all beings. That is relative but it may be critically important to how all species improve and enjoy existence. 

 Oh I have my reasons to believe Christ, but they may differ from yours or a lot of other Chriatians as to why. 


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Raymond_K._Hessel (not verified) Crocodile Nov 12, 2015 2:41 PM

Who created the creator?


So why do you feel so certain that the universe itself was created by a creator?

Talk about illogical...

But I refer you to the work of Sam Harris.

A separate matter is those who assume a 'creator' (only 1 for sure too, right?) claiming to know, in the absence of any evidence at all, that they know this creator's nature or will.

The assumption that the bible (but not koran, or egyptian texts, etc) represents this 'will,' leaving aside the various inanities, inconsistencies and absolute fictions, is just that - an assumption.

And one that is absurd. The notion that a creator of space and time wrote or inspired 'the bible' rather thsn ignorant, fallible, hyperethnocentric men, is fucking preposterous, whether you can understand that or not.


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Who created the creator?...


If one starts with facts, it's easy to build a case.  For starters, you exist, secondly, you have a mind.  There was a point in time when you were unaware of having a mind, but that time has passed.  The fact that a person exists and has a mind that is continuing to develop and become more (or less) aware leads to the assurance that change occurs for us.

Your question is used as a bludgeon to ridicule those wishing to pursue an honest questioning of one's personal origin and speaks volumes of the lack of thoughtful energy required to arrive at the conclusion that the presence of a self-existent creator is the only option that does no violence to logic or reason.


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Nothing wrong with loving God, but he helps those that help themselves-- and can thus help him help others as well.

In the event of an actual emergency, God is going to be a busy guy and maybe taking a little of the load off his shoulders is the best thing you can do to prove your worth.

Crocodile's picture

Thank you Tarabel; I hope you come to know Jesus as God as Creator.  Salvation is simply to know Him, but within that simplicity implies many things; meaning that one understands with knowledge what His ministry (purpose) was and how it was fulfilled and how that applies to the repentant sinner.

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Crocodile - How do you know what Tarabels relationship to God is? Thats impossible so why are suggesting he needs salvation. Cut the shit now. 

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"You own several properties in the names of charities you've setup just for this purpose... ok you get the idea.  Take it to the extreme.  The estute prepper has done all this and more - he's ready for anything!"


I'm intrigued.  Have been thinking about setting something up where I'd own a community garden, and then let a local organization manage it...is this what the above quote is talking about????

Crisismode's picture



Community Gardens don't work that way.

The land is normally owned by the town/city and individual plots are rented to a person/family for a nominal rate (typically $25-50. per year).

Whatever the individual plot produces is the property of the renter. There are no other fees or shares collected.


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I want to have the things that will give me and mine a fighting chance.  Your arguments against prepping are mostly nihilistic and defeatist.  We've thought through all your difficult scenarios (and many more) and admitted that in some we'll fail.  But I want to leave you with something Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

I call on everyone to become a prepper.  Based on gun sales over the last 6 months, millions are.

1033eruth's picture

Gun sales are meaningless if people won't unite.  Patriots refuse to collect anywhere.  At the very most we have large families with a number of men/boys that know how to use a gun like in The Patriot with Mel Gibson.  Or maybe two farmers are good buddies and have sworn to help each other but live one mile apart and wouldn't ever know if the other had been ambushed to help in time.  

People have been brainwashed (half the population) into relying on law enforcement to protect them.  

The roving gang theory has a great deal of credibility.  Note how the gangs are moving through Europe to get to Germany and they are getting a free pass by government.  Refugees my ass.   

The principle that you only have to be faster than the guy next to you also has a lot of merit.  A lot of predators avoid difficult prey and go after low hanging fruit.  People living in an urban area ARE LOW HANGING FRUIT.  Why?  Because you can be nailed by roving gangs and that includes the jackbooted thugs which is also a gang and has the authority for summary executions.   

BTW, I live in a very small town in flyover country and its like the Hatfields and McCoys.  You would think there would be more support for one another but you've never seen such backstabbing, gossiping, libeling, slandering in your life.  Whether or not a catastrophe would bring people together remains to be seen.  I suppose it would matter depending on who the "enemy" was.  I already know its going to be government, so the people will be divided, just like in Nazi Germany.  

Raging Debate's picture

1033 - Nice commentary. Predators go where lunch is easiest. Its reall simple. Desperate people stary doing desperate things.

Chance favors the prepared. I wish I could remember the poster that kept coming here and saying that to thank him/her. None of us have a guarantee but can improve the odds by being prepared. See you on the other side one way or the other. 

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This article follows a well-trodden path:


- Observe a phenomenon that has morphed into somewhat of a 'fad'.

- Critique it as though you are the knowledgeable one who has taken the 'high ground' among the rabble.

- Bask in the glory of fawning accolytes who praise you for 'knowing', while others are simply 'posing'.

- Enjoy a short-term $pop from your blog or newsletter, before the next guru comes along to change the minds of the fickle.