Dow Drops 600 Points From Recent Highs, Gives Up Post-QE3 Gains, Breaks Key Technical Support

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The Dow is now down almost 600 points from last week's bounce highs and has broken notably below its 200-day moving-average. This tumble has erased all the briefly held gains since the end of QE3...


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ZH marks the intermediate bottom with this.
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Found this on HULU...pass it around:

Prescription Thugs

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Gilead just cured Hepatitis C.

Mayo Clinic is using an attenuated virus to cure a VERY difficult form of cancer.

Not all pharma is bad. The US has a system in place where drugs are subsidized by the government with no cost controls. Either remove the state subsidy, or put in place cost controls.

The problem is government.

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"In their article, the researchers explain they were reporting on these two patients because they were the first two studied at the highest possible dose, had limited previous exposure to measles, and therefore fewer antibodies to the virus, and essentially had no remaining treatment options."

A good reason not to vaccinate against measles. Apparently, if you've had measles and get multiple myeloma, you will die of bone cancer.

I wonder how many other things vaccinations will prevent us from curing.

Short article to share on the topic.

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It's amazing what real innovation can deliver.  Entrepreneurs would have cured countless diseases by now if government didn't completely control the market for drugs.

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Only two moar QEs, a Twist, and TARP to go before we get to fair value.

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All hail our banking overlords! Buy the dips, everything is awesome, and don't forget the Central bank put! In Yellen we trust, Amen.

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Derisk this shit until we all can be millionaires together! Just start buying you fucks

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it's gonna be interesting to see how the media covers the economy going into election season.  they obviously don't want to hurt hrc but you can only ignore the elephant so long and even among the kool-aid drinkers I would think (certainly HOPE) it'll be hard to sell "it's bush's fault!" 7 yrs into telling everyone how bho saved the universe.  that's NOT saying I support ANY gop candidate, just wonder what the limits of cognitive dossonance are (if any)?

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And people call Bitcoin a scam. At least Bitcoin has outperformed the stock market in the past six years.

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That's a headline worth the ink./s

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Lots of divergence since the end of QE3.

Looks like a speed wobble.

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After 50 years of motorcycle riding I feel qualified to say the the rider pictured was in a spot of trouble, but kudos for still trying to save the bike at that point.

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The 1-minute SPX chart spanning the past 24-hours looks exactly like the piss stream coming out of a cherub fountain boy.

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Keep it up bitches I've been short for several weeks and riding it out

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Yeah, schadenfreude for me, too.