The European Union Is Disintegrating: Austria Builds New Fence; Germany, Sweden Resume Border Checks

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It was just two days ago when we reported that Slovenia had begun to construct its own version of Viktor Orban’s now infamous razor wire, anti-migrant fences. As The New York times noted, more than 170,000 refugees from the war-torn Mid-East have crossed into Slovenia from Croatia in the last month alone. To get an idea of just how dramatic that is, relatively speaking, consider that Slovenia is a nation of just two million.

Slovenian prime minister, Miro Cerar, is concerned that with winter right around the corner, his country will not have the resources to house the migrants even if it wanted to, setting up the possibility that a severe humanitarian crisis could unfold. In short, Slovenia was able to cope with the flows from Croatia as long as a roughly equal number of migrants were exiting to Austria, but if anything slowed the migrants’ progress into Austria and Germany (like border controls for instance), then tiny Slovenia would be in a tough spot. 

And so, Slovenia built a razor wire fence on its border with Croatia. Croatia dubbed the project “a waste of time.”

Now, as Reuters reports, “The European Commission has formally authorized the temporary reimposition of border controls by Sweden and Germany's extension of frontier checks.” Here’s more:

Sweden, long a haven for people fleeing war and persecution, was the latest EU state to re-establish checks at its borders to stem a tide of migrants coming from Denmark.


Germany reimposed border controls on Sept. 13 and decided to extend them beyond an initial limit of two months foreseen by Schengen rules, using a clause that permits stretching checks to a maximum of six months.


"The temporary reintroduction of border controls between member states is an exceptional possibility explicitly foreseen in and regulated by the Schengen Borders Code, in case of a serious threat to public policy or internal security," the European Commission said in a statement.


The decision replicated similar provisional authorizations granted by the EU executive to Austria, Hungary and Slovenia when they imposed temporary border controls in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, Austria is following in Slovenia and Hungary's footsteps on the way to constructing yet another fence. Here's AFP:

In a new blow to the EU's cherished open-border Schengen accord, Austria announced Friday it would erect a 3.7-kilometre (2.3-mile) metal fence along its border with Slovenia to better manage a record influx of migrants and refugees.


The barrier, due to be completed in less than six weeks, will be the first fence between two members of the passport-free zone.


Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner insisted the "fence conforms to the Schengen accord", adding that it was part of temporary measures aimed at "channelling" the human flow.


"We are talking here about an ordered inflow and not a barrier," Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann's chief of staff, Josef Ostermayer, told reporters in Vienna.

Right. "It's not a barrier, it's just a fence." Kind of like JP Morgan's CIO bet "wasn't a bet, it was a hedge." Back to AFP:

Austria's mesh fence either side of the Spielfeld border crossing point in southern Austria will be 2.2 metres (7.2 feet) high.


Barbed wire will be stored in nearby containers ready to be rolled out along the border -- within the passport-free Schengen zone -- if the situation escalates, officials said on Friday.


Austria had initially planned to install a 25-kilometre fence but "our Slovenian colleagues have asked us to not do this immediately," said Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner.


"They have offered to increase border security measures by erecting a fence to create a safety corridor and to reinforce police patrols on the Slovenian side to prevent (unofficial) border crossings."


However Austrian authorities were ready to unfurl the entire 25-kilometre fence if Slovenia's measures failed to control the flow, she stressed.

As for Sweden's "checks", Swedish authorities have begun checking trains for migrants and escorting dozens with no papers away. More from Reuters:

Officers waited at Hyllie station south of the city of Malmo, the first stop in Sweden on a route from Denmark, checked passengers' papers and led about 50 people away in the space of one and a half hours.


The controls by a Nordic state that touts itself as a "humanitarian superpower" underscored how the flow of refugees into the European Union is straining its prized system of open internal borders close to breaking point.



Parents with toddlers and young children, some of them wrapped in blankets, waited by the track waiting to be processed.


Until Thursday, the half-hour ride over the Oresund Bridge separating Denmark and Sweden had no checks, under the European union's border-free Schengen agreement.


At one point, police escorted 20 people, mostly men, from a train. The group was asked whether they sought asylum and after one refugee appeared to translate, most raised their hands. Five youths refused, saying they wanted to move on to Norway.

Looking ahead, all of this wil serve to slow the migrants' path from one destination to another meaning there's all the more chance that the bottleneck in the north stymies the Balkan flow leading to precisely the type of humanitarian crisis that Slovenian premier Miro Cerar warned would occur once winter hits and hundreds of thousands of migrants are stranded in countries with no capacity whatsoever to accommodate them. 

Meanwhile, the border checks, fences, and the hauling of migrants off trains will likely perpetuate the idea that these are not asylum seekers, but rather outsiders who do not belong in the minds of those who have spoken out against taking in migrants. 

In any event, we'll close with a quote from European Council President Donald Tusk:

"Saving Schengen is a race against time. And we are determined to win that race."

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ParkAveFlasher's picture

Amazing how fast a fence can be built.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Yeah it's weird, not only can they build them fast, but they really seem to work.

This goes against everything we have been told.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Those poor Serbs... they've been shit on for a long, long time.

Money Counterfeiter's picture
Money Counterfeiter (not verified) Boris Alatovkrap Nov 13, 2015 1:39 PM

Sad for the Zionist assholes.

Bumpo's picture

Perhaps they should just offer pork chops and bacon as their only food options

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Maybe supply of food is necessity, but Muslim man is bring own towel and pajama.

nuubee's picture

"Hope and Change"... to our closest allies


"Yes We Can".... destroy Europe.


"Thanks Obombo! We couldn't have caused an invasion of Europe without you"

---- Signed, Vladimir Putin.

MalteseFalcon's picture

"The controls by a Nordic state that touts itself as a "humanitarian superpower" underscored how the flow of refugees into the European Union is straining its prized system of open internal borders close to breaking point. Parents with toddlers and young children, some of them wrapped in blankets, waited by the track waiting to be processed."

The pictures of parents with children of Syrian origin are staged. 

They are fake.

The invaders are military aged men most of whom are from Africa.  The invaders are not escaping war.

The government of Sweden cannot be trusted to control the borders. 

Do not believe anything from the Swedish media.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Maybe is change "U" for "O" because everything now come from Europe is make sad for crying.

BLOTTO's picture

BTW, isnt the idea just to take the refugees for a *period of time*  until their homeland is returned back to 'normal.'


Then you move back.



Gold...Bitches's picture

Here in the USA they can never go back.  If they have a kid while they are here the kid is now a US citizen and the cry will go up "you HAVE to let them stay because otherwise your breaking up the family!"  As if that kid is not ever allowed to leave the US now and so therefore the parents cant either?  Send the parents back and they will take the kid - thats how it works.


And even if they dont have a kid the outcry is the same.  Basically there is NEVER a good enough reason for them to go back home.  Open borders and all that here in the USA and multiculturism is the best thing ever!  Let bring in another 10 million illegals and refugees next year.  GDP will probably be 10% becuase they contribute so much to the economy.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Wish I was a ladder salesman in eastern Europe.

BandGap's picture

Cheaply too. That barbed/razor wire is really cost effective and does work well!

ShrNfr's picture

You can put up big rolls of razor wire in a hurry if you want to do so. These folks are not coming with diagonal pliers and bolt cutters to get through it at the moment.

MadVladtheconquerer's picture
MadVladtheconquerer (not verified) ShrNfr Nov 13, 2015 3:22 PM

Concertina and Claymores. 

Laddie's picture

@Buckaroo Banzai

Israel built a HUGE wall to keep out immigrants, with OUR Taxpayer $$$ I might add. Funny, peculiar, not funny HA HA how the Jews in this country support Israel's immigration policy and keeping it a Jewish state but are AGAINST America remianing White and Christian...

Soros under fire in homeland HUNGARY for supporting illegals

Hungary PM Accuses Soros of Stoking Refugee Wave to Weaken Europe

Professor Kevin MacDonald’s ‘The Culture of Critique’ Reviewed

Dr Kevin MacDonald's chapter on Frankfurt School and psychoanalysis

Dr Kevin MacDonald's chapter on immigration

TruthHunter's picture

Why isn't anyone addressing why the crisis is happening now, not last year?


The untold story is the lack of support for refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Last year and before they stayed put. They decided not

 to spend another winter in the open with less food, etc.  Their support has been cut where they are. They hear how well refugees are treated in the EU and have enmass decided to go there. The first wave are mostly men, whose purpose is to send money back and establish themselves so that wives, children, and families can follow.


It would have been far cheaper to assist the refugees is place. Is it ineptness, corruption, conspiracy, or just neglect that has

escalated this crisis?

J S Bach's picture

The Europeans should just start flooding into the African nations.  It's a better climate and they'd surely make viable the fertile lands and other resources.  Let the Third Worlders have the cold climes and we'll take the warm.  I think I've got something here.  And in America, we can swap places with Mexico.  Do you think they'd have a problem with an unbridled Gringo invasion?

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

No, no, no.  Europeans flooding into Africa is called 'colonialism' and is BAD for the indigenous primitives.  Sand niggers flooding into Europe is GOOD and enhances 'diversity'.

Money Counterfeiter's picture

China already called it.

falak pema's picture

no of Humanity. Forget Zion, its an invention of Balfour for, of and by the sons of Isaac to the detriment of the sons of Ishmael; if you believe that legend.

Empires USe legends for political and pOwer purposes. Always have.

Balfour repsesented an Empire on which the "sun never sets"; Victoria's age;  like Pax Americana today. All these imperial constructs USE the metaphysical belief to hide their political agenda.

Humanity is the march of Science and sons of Aristotle, without the tinsel curtain of "God's word".

A word that nobody hears EXCEPT the CHOSEN. Whence the sleight of hand.

Whereas EVERYBODY can hear the word of Aristotle 'cos its OPEN SOURCE and verifiable.

Its Primacy of FACt and Acts.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

It's called the "Magic Dirt Theory". Only by living on the Magic Dirt can one achieve prosperity and happiness. There is no Magic Dirt in Africa, the evil European White Man has hoarded the Magic Dirt in Europe. The only way that the Noble Dark-Skinned Peoples can get justice is to go and get their "fair share" of the Magic Dirt in Europe.

falak pema's picture

as in Chingachgook's USA... Geronimo's skull salutes you.

bookofenoch's picture

Thanks for this one! Gonna get some mileage out of this gem.

TruthHunter's picture

All this immigration tends to lower the average IQ of both regions.


Also, don't forget we created this problem with our public health measures and Agriculture Tech. Its hard

for anyone but a psychopath to watch babies die, even brown ones.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Wish I was a catapult salesman in western Europe.

Laddie's picture

@J S Bach

Southern Africa was a wonderful place for Whites, but England and the USA under the direction of the Tribe destroyed it.

THE COMING DARKNESS: A Warning for Americans: A message from South Africa
Written in 2000 by the wife of a former conservative member of parliament, they still reside in South Africa.

The modern democracies of the West, with their philosophies of the stomach and the stock exchange, cannot inspire the people nor protect them. They despise nationhood and despise race. But without our national and racial backbones how shall we stand erect? With quicksands as our foundation how shall we build? How shall we be true to ourselves if we have no selves? Our race is what we are; it is our form. It is our fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters and wives and children. They are the race. How then shall we count it of little worth? Shall we despise our own flesh and blood? Is that what modern democracy is supposed to mean? Is that what Christianity is supposed to mean?
WHITE MAN, THINK AGAIN! by Anthony Jacob, Johannesburg 1965

Dicey's picture

Send them all home, I'm sick of the decades of invasion we've had to endure, all illegal under international law too. The EU has no legitimacy.  

Jack Burton's picture

The EU will be the end of European History, culture, law, ethnicity, race and future. The Brussels Bankers want the EU to be a mongrel state, with no national entities, only race mongrels who serve the banker elites. Whats worse, is European women, young women will quickly breed mongrel babies and be proud of it!

11b40's picture

It could play out that way, JB, but it could also go another direction.  I'm in a hurry today, so let me re-post a comment I made yesterday in response to another comment about the thin veneer covering civilized man.  Don't bet the farm on the European male just rolling over.

"Pay close attention to Europe for lessons to be learned. Lessons in survival, and desperation in the face of futility, as these human hoards march from one disaster to another. Lessons in how quickly that veneer can melt when the apex warrior, the white Anglo-Saxon, awakens from a long slumber once a critical mass realizes their very existence is threatened. It will ugly. You will want to turn away. It can happen to you, someday."

bookofenoch's picture

Those males are utterly repellant. My vag dried up and blew away just reading your post.

Their hygiene...

Their teeth....


gimme soma dat's picture

Exactly.  There are too many men here assuming white women are gonna happily breed with these creatures.  They are physically repulsive and stupid as hell, not to mention very backwards in their views on women and the world in general.  The only women who will sleep with these men are the women that American men don't want anyways. 

Rakshas's picture

Sweden is and has been experiencing the clash of civilizations, the primary issue is not the refugees however, thier problem is our problem "progressive thinking governments" but people get the government they deserve so........ as always the winners here will be the arms industry and the worldwide MIC as survival instincts take over...... though if you take the figures from the Guardian (FWIW)

the actual muslim population is not so much the issue, it comes back to the various governments not applying the countries laws and adhering to their respective constitutions..... for Christ's sake Russia has one of the highest populations of muslims of the lot but they manage....... more or less......  

EuroPox's picture

Total collapse of the Evil Union cannot come fast enough.

Also, not mentioned above is the fact that France has today suspended Schengen for the next month - it is all falling apart.

falak pema's picture

the schengen agreement is disintegrating...not EU.

But its a bad sign. Remember its the EU council that supercedes the EU commission.

Dicey's picture
Dicey (not verified) falak pema Nov 13, 2015 1:35 PM

The Shengen Agreement is one of the pillars of the illegitimate EU, it's failure is EU failure, the cracks are beginning to show and its collapse can't come soon enough.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

The sooner the better. United Europe never should've crossed the threshold of the original 3 Communities...

BLOTTO's picture

How come none of them want to live in Serbia?



winflation's picture

Better yet, what's wrong with Slovenia?  It's basically Austria with hotter women....

Gavrikon's picture

Because the gibsme is too small, and the men there would cut their raping balls off, unlike the pussies inhabiting Sweden and Germany.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Because the Serbs know how to deal with Muzzies.

Osmium's picture

Your papers please!

Dr. Engali's picture

Not destroying other people's countries might help to mitigate this problem, but I forget, this is all being done by design by the globalists anyway.

carbonmutant's picture

I remember getting a lot of down votes a couple of years ago for saying "The Schengen Agreement is dead."


Timing is everything, my boy, timing is everything.

Now, you can claim to be a world economic prophet - kinda like a Jim Cramer, only not as loud, not as dumb, and much more accurate at predicting the future.

More entertaining, too.

Win win situation here..............