Passport Found Next To Paris Suicide Bomber Belongs To Syrian "Political Refugee" Who Entered Greece

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Exactly two months ago we reported that as Europe's biggest refugees crisis since World War II was getting worse with each passing day, suddenly Europe was flooded with reports of "ISIS Terrorists" posing as refugees.

What we said we disturbingly prophetic when looking at the immediate consequences of Europe's "infiltration" by the CIA-crated fighters meant to overthrow Assad's regime, also known as ISIS. Specifically, we said "focus on the propaganda, [which] is in full crisis mode: A recent article in the UK Express Daily claimed that IS “smuggled thousands of covert jihadists into Europe.” It cited a January BuzzFeed interview with an IS operative who said the militants have already sent some 4,000 fighters into Europe under guise of refugees.

This was the first of two punchlines, underlined for effect:

"These speculations have not been confirmed by Western security officials, although that's only temporary: as the need to ratchet up the fear factor grows, expect more such reports of asylum seekers who have penetrated deep inside Europe, and whose intentions are to terrorize the public. Expect a few explosions thrown in for good effect."

The second:

"And since everyone knows by now "not to let a crisis go to waste" the one thing Europe needs is a visceral, tangible crisis, ideally with chilling explosions and innocent casualties. We expect one will be provided on short notice."

Overnight we got both numerous "chilling explosions" as well as "innocent casualties" on a sufficiently short notice, just as predicted.

Just one thing was missing: a link between the Paris suicide bombers (for whose actions ISIS has already claimed responsibility) and refugees.

That missing link appeared earlier today today, when the Greek government said that not only was a Syrian passport found next to the body of one of the suicide bombers in Paris yesterday, but that passport was registered on the Greek island of Leros, suggesting that the holder came into Europe claiming to be a political refugee according to Bloomberg.

The passport was recorded by Greek officials on Oct. 3, Greek Deputy Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas said on a statement posted on the ministry’s website Saturday. Toskas said he didn’t know whether the passport was later processed by other authorities elsewhere in Europe.

The full statement, google translated:

Statement by the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection Nikos Tosca on terrorist attacks in Paris


The Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection Nikos Toskas announces the following:


"On the case of the Syrian passport found at the scene of the terrorist attack.


We announce that the passport holder, had passed from Leros on 03.10.2015 where identified based on EU rules, as decided at the Summit on the refugee issue.


We do not know if the passport was checked by other countries which are likely to be passed by the holder.


We will continue the painstaking and persistent effort under difficult circumstances to ensure the security of our country and Europe, insisting on complete identification of passing through the refugee stream. "

A tangential point, and one again pointing to motive, is that also just two months ago, the Greek defense minister threatened that Greece would open borders to jihadis and other mideast terrorists, if there was no deal.

And just to cement the "refugee link", French newspaper Liberation also reported that an Egyptian passport was also found on one of the attackers the Stade de France.

Now, we admit to not being experts on the nuances, or even basics, of "suicide bombing for terrorists 101", but is bringing your own passport to an event that will be your last, really that crucial, especially when the passport is such a critical smoking gun?

Also, if a suicide bomber blows up while carrying the passport, does the passport survive intact every single time or just on specific occasions?

Whatever the reason, the trifecta has emerged: just as expected, the link between Syrian refugees, ISIS, and Terrorism has now been set in stone. And Marine Le Pen could not be any happier...

What happens next?

One possible chain of events involves France suddenly finding full-blown NATO support for a renewed attack on Syria and, of course, Assad.

And with the only French aircraft carrier already en route to Syria, and meant to support to mission against Assad ISIS, France is oddly prepared for an all out attack to take out the Syrian president. Most importantly, it now has the outraged, incensed public's blessing to do just that.

The second path of future events goes back to what we said on September 11 of this year when we predicted the French terrorist attacks:

... the second key role of ISIS is also starting to emerge: the terrorist bogeyman that ravages Europe and scares the living daylight out of people who beg the government to implement an even more strict government apparatus in order to protect them from refugees ISIS terrorists.




Certainly expect a version of Europe'a Patriot Act to emerge over the next year, when the old continent has its own "September 11" moment, one which will provide the unelected Brussels bureaucrats with even more authoritarian power.

So far things are panning out precisely as we expected they would; we expect this chain of events to continue.

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Welfare Tycoon's picture

How it All Went Down Before the Massacre


Leader: “My brothers! Tonight we dine in hell and make the self-hating French infidels pay for their insolence!”

Goat Fuckers in Unison: “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!!”


(Supplies Call)


Leader: “Masks for hiding your questionable identities?”


Nike Fanatics: “Check!”


Leader: “Assault weapons for taking them out before they start shooting ba-… Oh wait, never mind.”


Toyota Loyalists: “Check!!!!”


Leader: “Grenades for blowing them to smithereens?”


Jihadi John’s Ghost: “Check!” 


Leader: “C-4 vests for the one-way ticket to Allah?”


John McCain: “Check!”


Leader: “My brothers, we are ready! Now go forth in the name of-“ 


(Random turrist’ interrupts)


Random Jihadi: “But my dear leader Leader! Have we not forgotten the holy Passport booklets that quell fire and shrug off bullets?”


Leader: “My dear Goat Lover, if you had not reminded us to bring these critical items along, the Jihad might have not succeeded. You will surely have 72 nubile virgins waiting for you in the afterlife now”. 


Goat Fuckers in Unison: “ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!”



You can’t make this shit up

Haus-Targaryen's picture

This doesn't surprise me one bit. 

THX 1178's picture

So, are we blaming muslims or cia/mossad? Kinda important to decide soon.

Normalcy Bias's picture

The enemy is US, therefore our rights must be further infringed.

El Vaquero's picture

How long until the "Sorry citizen, but we must destroy any liberties you have left in order to save them?"

jefferson32's picture

Tyler, here is another prediction that came true:

"Greek minister threatens Europe with wave of migrants potentially including IS jihadists" (March 2015)

We can be thankful for all these intact passports always found next to shred kamikazes' bodies (or pulverized buildings), otherwise there would be doubt as to who is responsible

EDIT: sorry, had missed your mention of it. The first such threat is more than 2 months old though, as linked above.

Manthong's picture

I’ll bet the “intel” services will never let us see the real toxicology reports for these scumbags.

My guess is that they were pumped full of fine western amphetaminoethyltheophylline (Captagon).

Hmm, I wonder.. which country’s CIA conducted extensive hallucinogenic drug tests on humans?


Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

This is pivotal moment for Frenchmen is it not? Are they going to figure out who their real enemies are or will they fall for "Assad is evil" hook, line, and sinker? Will they do nothing and let their corrupt government take advantage of the situation or will they stand up and be real men for once in their lives?

BLOTTO's picture

Only one enemy.


The luciferian sun-worshipping pieces of evil shit...ruling us since day 1.


Its us vs them.

jefferson32's picture

Expect the final death toll to be some multiple of 11 (or some other hermetic/magick number).


Confused's picture

Ugh. The old "passport was found" gag. 

General question - if one was to run about a city killing people, would you bother carrying any ID of ANY kind with you? 


BaBaBouy's picture

""Passport Found Next To Paris Suicide Bomber Belongs To Syrian "Political Refugee""

A Maddame Mercquelle Invitee... One Of Only Many...

Deathrips's picture

Was he throwing babies from incubators as he built weapons of mass destruction?

How many more millions have to die before people realize its the BORG against humanity?


Business of Religion Government.



macholatte's picture


So if ISIS is the offspring of the Soros-Clinton-Obama Machine then it looks like Soros and Clinton and Obama are accessories to murder.


fudge's picture

Just to refresh every ones memories, here's a _FACTUAL_ article about passports and how easy it is to find the _RIGHT_ one for every occasion...

nope-1004's picture

lmao.... "passports found next to the terrorists"



A320's fall out of the sky for no apparent reason, Presidents are shot for no apparent reason (u know, was that psycho Russian guy in the library), passports lay next to pulverized buildings, and yet AGAIN, passports lay next to suicide bombers.

So my passport is the key thing I need to have with me absolutely wherever I go?  Way to insult my intelligence.

The story is a bunch of shit.  Yes, it happened.  No, not for the reasons printed and by the group accused or "claiming responsibility" that was born by all of OUR God, with semmingly infinite hatred in their hearts.  This is getting stupid.  Easy to claim responsibility when you actually control the group.  Such insanity.


Implied Violins

I want a body suit made of passport.


+100 and spot on

Richard Chesler's picture

How many cocksucking Jew banksters did you say died in this attack?

I thought so...

bigkahuna's picture

uh oh - remember what happened the last time they "found the passports"

Vatican_cameo's picture

Now they are claiming to have found THREE Passports from the Suicide bombers.  Not only were they not destroyed, they weren't found a half a mile away either.  These are great Passports, indestructible and you can't lose them.  Genius!

Talleyrand's picture

Why wouldn't they carry passports? ISIS to going to claim they did it, so why would these guys try to hide their identities or their credentials? If you were traveling from Belgium to Paris, you'd carry a passport.


Just askin'?


philipat's picture

How convenient that a completely pristine Syrian Passport (Picture now released) would be found immediately "next to" a pile of self-exploded small and widely "distributed" remaining body parts. The similarities to 911 are already mounting?

And how long before Europe collectively wakes up?

Stuck on Zero's picture

It was quite easy to find thanks to the huge arrow lying on the ground pointed to its exact location.

CheapBastard's picture

They didn't happen to find my TV remote, did they?


Just asking.

PP's picture

Germans find a way to force refugees to go back - force them to eat pork.

Manthong's picture

Sorry PTB…

Three F’n strikes and You’re OUT.

Convenient Saudi Passport on the bottom of a 911 inferno..

Convenient drivers License dropped at the Charlie massacre..

Now.. convenient Syrian passport thrown from the bouillie of a suicide bomber at the Paris massacre???????

Gimme a F’n break…


Otrader's picture

Was your remote carrying a passport?  No?  Then off to Ebay...

dock3511's picture

You make sense. Now watch the down votes from all the arm chair conspiracy theorsts that want to blame Jews and false flags. 

julian_n's picture

Because you do not need a passport to travel from Belgium to France (or anywhere else in Schengen area)

Confused's picture

You absolutley do not need your passport. Just your ID card. Passport is for international (IE out side of EU only). Unless your country has changed its rules. I have tons of friends who specifically will NOT get a passport. They don't plan on visiting countries other than EU countries, and have a fear of passport and the additional data collection. 

As an alternative to holding a passport, EU citizens can also use a valid national identity card to exercise their right of free movement within the EEA and Switzerland without a visa..[5] 

Confused's picture


I travel alot. Often, my passport stays in a safe place. Why, you might be asking yourself? Because if it gets stolen, or lost, then I have to deal with the shit storm of going to an embassy, and getting it replaced. With the added benefit of extra special scrutiny while traveling in the future. 

You might be saying, "well what if you need ID for something during your travel." Any situation in which you might need it, is reasonably known ahead of time. For example some kind of offical business. I never plan on being stopped by police....because, well I am not a fucking savage. 

Agent P's picture

"Why wouldn't they carry passports? ISIS to going to claim they did it, so why would these guys try to hide their identities or their credentials? If you were traveling from Belgium to Paris, you'd carry a passport."


Who was that masked man (carrying a passport)? 

Anonymous User's picture
Anonymous User (not verified) Richard Chesler Nov 14, 2015 9:57 PM

Talking about jews and cocksucking... here's the most famous one. Oy Vey, a rabbi daughter:




overmedicatedundersexed's picture

muslim apologists come out after every mass murder the mad dogs commit.

jews, planned it and ordered it they say..or the cia did it you know DC elite.

well our messing in the ME is a good enough reason for muslim mad dogs to kill (as if they need any reason to kill the infidel heck they kill young women for no berka or being with non relative male)..

yes the foreign war monger policy is to blame.

yes multicultural experiments are to blame

yes our elites are to blame

but this attack is an example of the savage actions that happen day in and day out in the ME , just look to pakistan for many examples.

turtle's picture

More viruses (computer) on that site than a lice infested, syphilitic gutter whore.

emersonreturn's picture

thanks for the link, fudge, i've begun forwarding.  hope people begin to question.

Oliver Klozoff's picture

You should also be thankful that the attack was staged AFTER the market closed.


jcdenton's picture

They are players, but it is so much bigger than this ..

Daddy Bush & the Strauss acolytes  vs. Nuttinyahoo & Likud + Muslim Brotherhood (including the Saudis) for the Ring. Only both/all to be denied by a small yet very powerful band of constitutional generals, their junior officers and intel cowboys ..

So, who will prevail?

Do We The People (the "consent of the governed") even fit in the equation? Do WE care? Or, are far too many of us paralyzed with fear? What does it take, short of city nuke killers to wake us from our slumber?

CheapBastard's picture
Trump on Paris attacks: Victims should've had guns


"Nobody had guns except the bad guys. They were shooting them one by one....You can say what you want. If they had would have been a much much different situation."

Muh Raf's picture

Let's not forget that we are delaing with the best trained, most successful military force ever to sashay through Arabia Felix:


Demdere's picture

That video is very good, laughing still.


Drop out's picture

Awesome, thanks for the laughs!