The False Flag Link: Syrian Passport "Found" Next To Suicide Bomber Was "Definitely A Forgery"

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Yesterday, when we explained just how the tragic events in France over the past 48 hours unfolded precisely as we predicted they would two months ago (ironically, as per our post from September 11, 2015) we commented on the oddly fortuitous discovery of an intact Syrian passport found next to the body of one of the suicide bombers, a passport which Greece chimed in as belonging to a Syrian refugee who had entered the country at Leros on October 3, 2015 from where he subsequently travelled all the way to Paris.

Specifically, we said that "we admit to not being experts on the nuances, or even basics, of "suicide bombing for terrorists 101", but is bringing your own passport to an event that will be your last, really that crucial, especially when the passport is such a critical smoking gun?"

The following cartoon best captures the idiocy of anyone actually believing a suicide bomber would have brought their actual passport to what they knew would be their last act on earth.


Shortly thereafter, it was Serbia's turn to join the story of the rogue "Syrian refugee", when the Serbian newspaper Blic published the picture of the alleged Syrian passport belonging to a 25-year-old man named Ahmed Almohamed, and said he had crossed into the country on 7 October, having arrived four days earlier in Leros, Greece, seeking Serbian refugee status.


Then a Greek newspaper, Protothema, said he was travelling with a second man, Mohammed Almuhamed, and published pictures purporting to show their travel documents. The Guardian proposed the following map to track Ahma's progress across Europe:


And then a few hours ago, the story took an even more surreal twist when we learned that, according to both French and US sources, the passport was "definitely a forgery."

Some more details courtesy of IBTimes:

The Syrian passport recovered from near one of the Paris attackers may be fake, a US intelligence official told CBS news. The document did not contain the correct numbers for a legitimate Syrian passport and the picture did not match the name, said the official.


The passport found near the body of one of the eight attackers who struck on Friday, 13 November, was used to enter the European Union through Greece in October. The Serbian interior ministry said that the passport was used to enter that country on 7 October, by a man claiming refugee status.

So how to make sense from a story that has drifted from the merely laughable, to the bizarre, to the outright surreal? Guardian's Patrick Kingsley attempts an explanation:

There are several reasons why it’s worth waiting until all the facts are known before making too strong a link between the attacks and the refugee crisis. The first is a general one: on at least 12 occasions, Isis has actually criticised refugees for fleeing to Europe. “For those who want to blame the attacks on Paris on refugees, you might want to get your facts straight,” wrote Aaron Zelin, an analyst of jihad, in an online commentary about the 12 outbursts. “The reality is, [Isis] loathes that individuals are fleeing Syria for Europe. It undermines [Isis’s] message that its self-styled caliphate is a refuge.” It’s therefore unlikely that the vast majority of Syrians fleeing to Europe are Isis supporters, since their actions are in obvious contravention of the group’s creed.


The second reason for caution is more specific. Investigators still need to verify the Syrian passport was carried by an attacker rather than a dead bystander (one Egyptian passport-holder initially believed to be an assailant turned out to be an injured victim). They will then need to be certain that the passport’s carrier was the same as the passport’s legitimate owner.


It’s possible that it was stolen. Since the possession of a Syrian passport makes it easier to claim asylum in Europe, there is a busy trade in stolen Syrian documents. Syrians interviewed on Greece’s border with Macedonia have described how they were mugged for their passports after leaving the Greek islands as they tried to make their way north through the Balkans. Such passports can be sold on for as much as several thousand euros, in a trade that the EU’s border agency acknowledges is a growing problem. Forgeries are also common; a Dutch journalist recently had one made in the name of his prime minister.


A third red flag is the fact that the passport concerned was found in the first place. Analysts find it strange that a bomber would remember to bring his passport on a mission, particularly one who does not intend to return alive. “Why would a jihadist who expressly rejects all notions of modern citizenship take his passport on a suicide mission?” tweeted Charlie Winter, an analyst focusing on Islamist extremism. “So it gets found.”

One theory is that Isis hopes to turn Europe against Syrian refugees. This would reinforce the idea of unresolvable divisions between east and west, and Christians and Muslims, and so persuade Syrians that Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliphate is their best hope of protection. “You know what pissed off Islamist extremists the most about Europe?” summarised Iyad El-Baghdadi, an activist and jihadi-watcher, on Twitter. “It was watching their very humane, moral response to the refugee crisis.”

His conclusion:

"Whether the passport was planted, stolen, forged or genuine, investigators should find out the truth soon enough. But regardless of what they discover, a wider debate has now begun about the wisdom of letting so many unknown migrants enter Europe through its southern borders, and being allowed to move onwards through the continent with few restrictions. Already, there are calls to step up the policing of Greece’s maritime border with Turkey, and to block the passage of refugees entirely."

What is becoming clear is that either the passport was planted, or is a fake, or both. But while we agree with the Guardian that this shift in narrative will have an impact against the future flow of refugees into Europe, an even more acute consequence will from the "Syrian" angle will be to "incept" the idea that the entire Paris massacre was the result of events in Syria (and hence, al Assad is directly and indirectly responsible) thus generating goodwill toward a military operation that include a French ground force. In fact, the wheels are already in motion:

France may send its "expeditionary force" to Syria in order to retaliate against ISIL, according to the US-based intelligence firm Stratfor; the group has claimed responsibility for Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris, which claimed at least 129 lives.


Analysts from the private intelligence company Stratfor believe that France may send its "expeditionary force" to Syria or Iraq in response to the deadly Paris attacks that rocked the French capital on Friday night. They claimed that France has a whole array of options for retaliation "at its disposal", but that the country's response will depend on "who was ultimately responsible" for the Friday attacks.


"If it is found that the Islamic State core group was indeed behind the November 13 attack, France will likely ramp up its Syrian air operations," Stratfor said.


In light of this, Stratfor analysts predicted that France may increase its programs to train and support anti-Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria, or even to carry out "commando strikes against key leadership nodes." 


"France also has the option of deploying an expeditionary force like it did in the Sahel [region of Africa], although that would probably require outside airlift capacity from NATO allies, especially the United States," Stratfor pointed out.

And the latest surprise, is that moments ago it was Greece again which claimed that despite allegations to the contrary, the passport was, in fact, real. How it "concluded" this remains a mystery...

... and once again shows that there is a deep political motive on virtually every side to use this human tragedy as a "false flag" event to achieve specific, geopolitical goals.

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lordbyroniv's picture

All just a drill that went LIVE.

Deathrips's picture

Fireproof forgery...sign of zion. No blood, bombs and no broken windows? All Media covers, Facepuke pumps the shit out of it.

This propaganda is to rally the populations to invade Syria, all the while loosing more of thier individual rights.

9/11 is the template for rights extermination.


Greater Israel project on track....


AlaricBalth's picture

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GMadScientist's picture

Yes, but your home needs to be in Mosul. Get packing.

Manthong's picture

Convenient Saudi Passport on the bottom of a 911 inferno..

Convenient drivers License dropped at the Charlie massacre..

Now.. convenient fake Syrian passport at the Paris massacre???????


How do you say “intel backtrack” in Arabic?

Ballin D's picture

now theyre telling us 'the terrorists dont want refugees in Europe so we should encourage it' and assuming we're that fucking stupid.


as if a password wouldnt be a useful tool for traveling in a foreign country, even if its a one way trip.

CheapBastard's picture

That fake passport web site also offers "free shipping"!

Dutti's picture

My theory is that the terrorists carried the fake passports hoping to throw off the police. They hope that it would be harder to find out about their real background (probably disgruntled french muslims), in order to protect friends and family in France.

HowdyDoody's picture

The fake Syrian passport was needed because some of the attackers were French nationals. That doesn't jibe with the intended outcome of French troop in Syria. That also suggests minders were on hand to shout 'this is for Syria' where the shouts  would be heard. I doubt anyone has a voice loud enough to be heard over several AK47s on full burst.



Sockeye's picture

Fake passports being used by migrants. Shocking.

Pairadimes's picture

Ahem. Does anybody actually think an ISIS-linked terrorist would have a real Syrian passport? 

Big_Sister_Is_Watching's picture

Certainly not, a fake passport does not really offer any clues other than it does seem intentional that it be found.

Authors point about ISIS despising those fleeing is... well... pointless.  Just because ISIS despises the refugees doesn't mean they wouldn't embed their own operatives to appear as simply one of the refugees.

What I suspect is that the whole business of inviting the refugees in was to provide the setup for triggering a zenophobic backlash.  Need more sheeple attitudes turned negative towards muslims... far too much tolerance was making selling a war difficult.

quintago's picture

Oh I get it now. We should just get rid of passports. Thanks George Soros, I'm starting to see the light.

J S Bach's picture

The whole goddamned world we live in today is a "fake"... from our fake currency, fake ethics, fake history.  Why? Because we allow a fake elite to rule over all of our institutions.  Let's finally get "real" and eliminate the bastards.

knukles's picture

The French are sending The Clouseau to punish the laughing terrorists

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

They might as well have found Mohammad Attas' passport

COSMOS's picture

Maybe the French should bomb Turkey since that is where these murderers got their passports.

turtle's picture

The french have always been pathetic at war. 

plus ça change
kralizec's picture

They used to be pretty good at it...Clovis, Charles "The Hammer" Martel, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Joan of Arc, Prince Eugene (for Austria since the French dissed him), Maurice de Saxe, Comte de Grasse, Comte de Rochambeau, Napoleon and a host of generals...and then it started to fizzle...

They could use more Charles Martel and less merdes de poulet.

NidStyles's picture

Those people were actually French, not Jewish infiltrators. You want to know how you tell a European? He's not a bitch when it comes to fighting. France has been Heeb infiltrated since the French Revolution handed the country over to the Semitics. 

Isy's picture
Isy (not verified) knukles Nov 15, 2015 6:25 PM

The Most Disturbing Secret Of The Obama Administration

Here is a leaked broadcast that shows real and undeniable proof of Obama conspiring against our nation…

This the real reason why he doesn’t want boots on the ground against ISIS…

And why he agreed on the Iran nuclear deal.
omniversling's picture

Australia beta-testing the concept.  Biometrics required, but no chip necessary, as BioAPI supports internal piezo-electric fungal antennae..

uhland62's picture

They have floated that idea in Australia. It's creating de-facto open borders because you can't have a face scanner and a guard along the lengths of all borders. But that's what the ideologues want, unhindered movement of cheap labor.

uhland62's picture

They have floated that idea in Australia. It's creating de-facto open borders because you can't have a face scanner and a guard along the lengths of all borders. But that's what the ideologues want, unhindered movement of cheap labor.

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

It doesn't matter that the passport is now considered fake - the passport has been paraded all over the MSM, and the connection has already been made in the feeble sheeple brains. Any further retractions, explainations or contrary evidence will be sub consciously rejected because it doesn't fit into their programmed world view.

Anchoring bias, choice supportive bias and confirmation bias. Its that simple.

Socratic Dog's picture

I'd say that is so deeply embedded that it would make no difference now if it was publicly admitted the whole thing was a fake, an exercise gone live.  Or that were some deaths, but it was carried out by moassad.  The intitial reaction is the one that will stick, the fuckers will get away with anything they want so long as it can be spun as directed against muslims and/or Russia.

Sorta like 9/11 on this board.  Most commentators still seem to be guided by their initial muzzie-hatred reaction, even though a fair number of them likely understand by now it was a false flag carried out by mossad and their own government.

There really doesn't seem to be much hope for us.

daveO's picture

It was the Guardian(MSM) who said that ISIS despised those fleeing. This is to gin up sympathy for the 'refugees'. TPTB specifically want attitudes swayed negatively against ISIS/Syrian infiltrators who used fake passports. The first, Hebdo, false flag didn't suck France into Syria as intended. This one surely will. It's blatant!

Paveway IV's picture

Has all the hallmarks of a JSIL-planned massacre using young, gullible radicalized Muslims with a pinch of captagon/scopolamine for effect. Another batch of suspects 'known to authorities' but no longer tracked. The preferred JSIL radical muslim seems to be recruited from people who drop off this list, almost like JSIL knows ahead of time that the specific person WAS on the list but isn't any more. The leader always ends up dead, so there's no trail back to whatever intel agency 'handler' groomed them for this task. Some lower-level minion may survive or be captured, but nothing will be traceable beyond this dead leader (and their mysterious 'handler').

JSIL is in a panic over Syria and Russia and was expected to do something desperate. The tell will be if JSIL attacks Gaza, Lebanon or Syria in the next few days. The pattern of demonize than vaporize is getting a little too obvious in its absurdity. The Palestinians are not ISIL, never were and cannot possibly be construed as some equivalent to JSIL's al Qaeda, al Nusra or ISIL. Conversely, Israel has never bothered to attack al Nusra or ISIL operating in the occupied Golan (or anywhere else for that matter). 

HowdyDoody's picture

Just a reminder of how close Israel and the terrorists in Syria really are.

Brothers in arms having a chat at the 'border' in the Golan Heights. The first photo shows a reporter with white vest, camera and helmet. What are the odds he is from VICE?


Muh Raf's picture

Also, the passports were apparently made in Turkey, ergo no frog Muslims invloved. Turkish branch of ISIS makes sense - i.e. the NATO division of ISIS, as opposed to the directly managed US, Israeli or Saudi branches.


Let's face the basic facts - the official story is already total b*ll*cks, as will be every revision for for the next months as the liars try to get a single narrative that isn't totally undermined by the facts on the ground. It's about time we did the c*nts in. 

mkkby's picture

Okay they've done it.  I'm ready to elect a Hitler who will ruthlessly hang all the traitors and give all non citizens 24 hours to leave peacefully.

omniversling's picture

Bologna Bombing = Gladio

Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia - YouTube

Search: gladio 2 james corbett


See also Sibel Edmonds


Buckaroo Banzai's picture

They carried fake passports because why wouldn't you? They are cheap and plentiful, a lot easier to get than the real thing and most likely cheaper too. You need one to cross borders, which a lot of muslims seem to be doing rather frequently lately.

We can certainly argue about whether this is a false flag or not, but I don't see how the passport angle gives us any clues one way or the other.

Deus Irate's picture

Bingo. Turkey has been doling out fake passports like a Pez dispenser. Either way the whole passport angle is moot as there are likely hundreds of thousands of them all over Paris and the rest of Europe by now, exactly as planned.

It is so very ironic that the more media we get the less we actually know about anything. It's mostly just lies and obfuscation -- marketing and politics.

AllMightyDollar's picture

And  ... You cannot get a "real" passport in Syria for the last several years now, outside of maybe Damascus.  Failed states tend to close their branch offices in all out civil wars. 

Citxmech's picture

I think we can say something based upon the passport.  It was found on the ground next to the guy, right?  It tells us that there were handlers present to doctor the crime scene.  

I assume a passport would be kept in a pocket, right?  Well, if the blast was strong enough to shred the guy's pockets, it was strong enough to shred the passport some.  If the blast left his pockets intact, then the passport should've stayed there.  This crap where a little paper book goes through bomb blasts and flaming buildings untouched just to be conveniently found in pristine shape is just completely unrealistic (kind of like buildings that pancake from a fire). 

So, we don't know who was "really" behind this shit (hell, the attackers may not have known who was actually funding/directing them), but we do know that the picture is much bigger than before and had a political/propaganda purpose far beyond just "terror." 

Laplacian2003's picture

Fire and/or explosions don't always do what one expects. A few years ago I had a tree in my front yard explode from a lightning strike.  Tree was 10 yds from my house (and in front of a large window).   Large chunks of wood were blasted all over the neighborhood (a few hundred feet distance), and even over my roof and into the back yard.  Yet none actually hit my house.   Call it a fluke, but the way the lightning corkscrewed down the tree, caused it to channel the blast away from the house.

By the same token,  my friend's house burned down a few years ago, burning the structure to the ground.  Yet a phone book survived the conflagration almost completely intact.  Who would have thought a large bundle of combustible material would have remained untouched??? 

I'm not saying that the passport was real, but it is feasible that it survived, particularly if it was in a back pocket or somewhere shielded from primary blast.  

Citxmech's picture

Sure, weird shit happens.  

Of course weird shit involving terrorist passports seems to happen with stunning regularity. . . 

Socratic Dog's picture

Christ Banzai, the intact-passport-miraculously-found-at-the-scene trick is the oldest trick in the book for mossad operations.  It sure as shit gives us some clues one way or the other.  It tells us this was a false flag.  Real or theatre, I don't know, but I can be damn sure it was a false flag.

Urban Redneck's picture

Their job is to spin the story to fit their narrative.  At least they aren't out alleging that the plot was part of a giant conspiracy to allow Nigel Farage and Marine LePen to come out and say "We told you so!" and drive votes to the Euro skeptic parties.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Urban Redneck Nov 15, 2015 11:08 AM

Something posted on Jews running things in the West.

However it's not simply "The Jews". First because not all of the Jews are in on it, at least not intentionally, second because many, many Gentiles are on it. I think the term Anglo-Zionism is rather suitable since it encapsulates the intricate alliance and intermarrying of rich Jews and English and Hollander socio-economic elites since the later half of 17. century which in effect gave rise to hyper capitalistic mode of production, massive slave trade, industrial revolution together with tragedy of the commons, creating speculative finances on a global scale etc. Now it is effectively impossible to tell who is Zionist and who ain't because even the people who aren't by birth became so through political acculturation which led them to believe that Zionist goals and values are indistinguishable from their own.

Rikky's picture

12 million jews on the planet yet they are the masters of the world domination game theory.  put a sock in it.

Socratic Dog's picture

So please explain why all central bankers a jews.  Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

TheReplacement's picture

Does that include the guy down on the corner running the deli?

Freddie's picture

Phonies like David Cameron.

HowdyDoody's picture

Spin the narrative, including ISIS = Assad? Kyle W Overton has that in hand.


Baby Bladeface's picture
Baby Bladeface (not verified) Ballin D Nov 15, 2015 11:17 AM

Would not be first time such strategy is deployed.

"One theory is that Isis hopes to turn Europe against Syrian refugees. This would reinforce the idea of unresolvable divisions between east and west, and Christians and Muslims, and so persuade Syrians that Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliphate is their best hope of protection."

Words here changed a little bit and makes the example:

"One theory is that Israeli government hopes to turn Europe against their Jewish citizens. This would reinforce the idea of unresolvable divisions between Jewish people and the rest, and Jewish and Christians and Muslims, and so persuade Jewish Europeans that Israeli government's self-proclaimed Jewish state is their best hope of protection."

Will point out to avoidance side tracking that Jewish people I did meet are good people. I think somehow Israeli government manipulative has no best intent of Jewish people, they exploitated for gain of Israeli government elites.