For The First Time Ever, Japan Enters A Quintuple-Dip Recession (Courtesy Of Abenomics)

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Because nothing says 'successful monetary policy' like 5 'technical' recessions in 5 years...

Japan 3Q GDP Falls Annualized 0.8% Q/q; Est. -0.2%


As if this was not bad enough, Japanese business spending dropped 1.3% QoQ - its worst drop since Q2 2014...


And finally - what is working...


Charts: Bloomberg

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I see some green shoots...

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Seaweed is not shoots. Its underwater.

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Its all transitory, TRANSITORY!!

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Not Abenomics...FUKENOMICS

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One man's recession is another man's buying opp (sarc).

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I wonder if J-hookers will get cheaper. Some BJ bars in Tokyo are under $40...

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Just one more government keeping its people down to fullfill their own delusional socialistic ideoligies that have failed.

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Don't fight the kyboto 

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nnnnnn (not verified) Nov 15, 2015 7:04 PM

what would peter pan do now?

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Money Counterfeiter (not verified) nnnnnn Nov 15, 2015 7:34 PM


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what will Kyle Bass say

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Abenomics is working well to kill Japanese economy and yen to save USD.  Abe and Kuroda don't care about Japan.  They need to listen to their neo con masters. Their mission is to print yen to buy Japanese bond which used to be owned by Japanese banks.  Japanese banks can't buy Japanese bonds anymore, so they buy US treasuries, US stocks and US junk bonds.  It's a transfer of wealth from Japanese to 1% Americans.  Things are working well for them.


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The Japanese are in depression. Other nations have brought in Muslims or Mexicans to stave off age induced recessions / deflationary depressions. Its the natural order of aging population dynamics. The Japanese have stayed uniform. Should be interesting to see which nation fares the best. I think the Japanese have it right over the long hall. Cultural principles matter. Unfortunately, Fukashima may ensure there is no future for Japan.

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he clearly just didnt go big enough... right Paul?

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also forgot to double seasonally adjust the data. that would solve his problem right there, eliminate at least 2 of those 5 recession birds with 1 stone.

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Nothing alittle money printing can't solve. They just have be serious about it this time.

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Let's cut the bullshit.  Five recessions in as many years?!  Seriously?  It's called a DEPRESSION. 

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 I have a hunch that Japan is going to be, #1 at a lot of less then exuberant happenings in '16.

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What's more interesting, the upswings are declining in amplitude. 2014/15 barely broke 1%. Can't wait. Japan's a great place for the apocalypse. Bring it on.

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isn't the population of japan declining/staying the same?  

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there will be MOAR bitchez

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nnnnnn (not verified) Nov 15, 2015 7:58 PM



the problem with abenomics is

its all artificial. the purpose of abenomics is to drop japan and destroy the middle class

wealth should be removed and only a small portion of people will stay rich

further there are preparations to let in the "immigrants"   on japanese tv and internet they aredy starting to brainwash their children with "foreighnrs" everywhere in mangas, tv, drama, cinema etc     some of what ive seen shocked me seriously

they basically preparing to make japan an open immigrant country like sweden and europe   

there asre also asian muslims  like indonesia malaysia


japan alredy made an agreement with phillipines to let in 1 million female "workers" to japan with, which will only stay for the time they work in japan    (you heared something like "temporary gastarbeiter" in europe alredy)

the muslim population in japan doubled since 2010


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BTFD..... cos things are so BAD!



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It never seems to affect their quality of life. 

Quintuple-Dip,  can i get that with sprikles? 
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 The check is in the mail. The BoJ is hiding in long dated UST .  Rates are already creeping higher and the BoJ knows they can't continue printing, so they're going to buy the kitchen sink. aka PeNikkei and all it's derivitaves.

 What happens when the BoJ is forced to unpeg it's UST hedge, as rates lift?  KAMPO -postal system- and all the Japanese insurance companies bailed on JGB last year when the caps were lifted.

 They were smart. But now the Treasury market is going to blow-up and those same companies are going to forced to sell.

 China can't wait to clear their UST deck. They want their currency to appreciate, because the west is bankrupt, and their export market is toast.

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The quality of life is low. They're miserable. They're a proud and insular people stuck in survival mode for 20 years.

There is no precedent in economic  history for a quintuple recession.

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We can't let a little "technicality" get in the way of our recovery reality.

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Don't worry, bro. Fukushima will make anime real.

Those news reports about the all tentacle monster rape at local nip high schools are gonna be brutal.

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Remember when these clowns were going to bury us because they were so much smarter and harder-working than white Americans?

Our masters rather hope you've forgotten, because they're peddling the same bullshit about China today.

Turns out being incapable of thinking of anything new is a recipe for stagnation. Even Just In Time was an American invention.

Our masters loved the Japanese when they were cheap worker bees willing to spend every waking moment at the factory. The outsourcing revolution began in Japan, the reason white male labour participation rates have been falling since the Fifties. 

These days manufacturing cheap crap is what China is for. Once Deng Xiaoping opened China up for business, Japan was doomed. The stock and property bubbles bought them maybe 10 years. The resulting depression has lasted 25. If Japan hasn't recovered by now, it's not going to.

The real lesson Japan has to teach us is that the PTB can kick the can a hell of a long distance, as long as they're able to borrow their own currency.

What we're all waiting for is to see what happens when they finally run out of road. They have very few immigrants, and socially would probably weather a Great Reset better than anyone. If nobody in Tokyo wants to see the Reset happen on his watch, it's no surprise Janet doesn't. The BOJ don't have an army of low-IQ professional EBT-cardholders to worry about when the plug is pulled.

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Japan is toast. Radioactive toast at that.