The French Campaign Begins: Hollande Launches "Massive Bombardment" Of ISIS Capital

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Moments ago, reports began to surface on social media that the ISIS "capital" of Raqqa was under siege from the sky. 

It wasn't hard to guess whose planes were carrying out the strikes. As we noted ten days ago, in a statement by the French presidency following a meeting of its defense cabinet, the government said it would send its only aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle warship, to the eastern Mediterranean for operations against Isis in both Syria and Iraq. And as you might imagine, that's not the only place Paris has warplanes stationed in the region.

Just yesterday we said that with the only French aircraft carrier already en route to Syria, meant to support to mission against Assad ISIS, France is oddly prepared for an all out attack to take out the Syrian president. Most importantly, it now has the outraged, incensed public's blessing to do just that. 

Sure enough, we just got confirmation that France, with the help of US intelligence, has commenced a "major" bombing campaign against Raqqa. 

And so it begins.

From WSj, earlier today:

The U.S. is expanding intelligence sharing with France and has agreed to speed the delivery of detailed targeting information in support of possible French retaliatory strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, officials said.


In response to Friday’s coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris, the U.S. has started sharing so-called “targeting packages” with France, identifying Islamic State targets for strikes by French warplanes. It also plans to roll back restrictions that impede intelligence sharing to make it easier for France to intensify its air campaign.


Officials said the changes amount to giving France a seat at the table alongside America’s most-trusted intelligence-sharing partners in developing future target packages for strikes against Islamic State.


France has fighter aircraft positioned at bases in the region, in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, which could be used in any retaliatory strikes against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq once targets have been identified.

Of course the US has supposedly been "bombarding" Raqqa and other ISIS strongholds for more than year, to little effect. It's not exactly like Raqqa is the Japanese mainland ca. World War II. As we noted earlier today, we're no West Point graduates, but it seems likely that a relatively small ground contingent could take the city with the help of the Kurds in relatively short order (see the recent experience with Sinjar):

And it's not like the US or the French have to worry about running into the Russians in the course of providing air cover. After all, Russia has for now pretty much conceded that airspace to the US while Moscow and Tehran restore Assad's power base in the West. Just take a look at the Russian airstrike map (it's not up to the minute, but you get the idea):

So now that the French airstrikes have officially begun, the next question is whether the attacks in Paris are enough to get the public behind sending in the ground troops to finally end this ridiculous charade and take Raqqa once and for all.

Of course that blows the whole anti-Assad gambit wide open. That is, once Raqqa falls and ISIS retreats into Iraq, what then? Then you'll have the French in the east and the Russians and Iranians in the west, and by then, Russia and Iran will have probably taken Aleppo so everyone will be just be staring at each other with Assad looking nervously back and forth in the middle. 

At that point, it's either NATO versus Russia and Iran for the political future of Syria, or someone packs up and leaves and then the suits reconvene in Vienna. And given that Russia has an airbase at Latakia and a naval base at Tartus, and given that NATO would have to pry Damascus out the Ayatollah's cold dead hands, we think we know who may blink first...

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Man Who Was Thursday's picture

This (all this) cannot end well.

knukles's picture

Oh stop it!  Just because nobody has a clue as to who's on whose side anymore has nothing to do with it.

giovanni_f's picture

France/Nato wanted to enter war in Syria, needed a pretext. Pretext happend / was allowed to happen yesterday. Rest is noise. Brace for WWIII.

BLOTTO's picture

Zero sides anymore...i cant truely trust any country.


Its Us vs. them.

Publicus's picture

Bombing refugees, I mean terrorists already in Paris would be a better idea.

BaBaBouy's picture

I Can See A WHOLE Lotta Shit Headed Straight Towards A High Speed Fan...

Manthong's picture

Maybe the Russians should just bird-dog the Frogs and make each strike a two-fer.


Latina Lover's picture

Sure enough, we just got confirmation that France, with the help of US intelligence, has commenced a "major" bombing campaign against Raqqa.

Gee, that didn't take long, less than 48 hours later, and France is already bombing Assad, ooops ISIS.   If I didn't know better, I might believe that the attacks in Paris were staged to give a USSA proxy the 'justification' to illegally bomb another nation. 

In Paris, you can wait hours for a waiter to serve you, and getting a drivers license can take months.But when it comes to bombing brown people, the French government moves in record time.

Pool Shark's picture



Will they limit their airstrikes to 35 hour work-weeks?...


erkme73's picture

If anyone ever doubted the value of a false-flag attack, this should put that to rest.

Pure Evil's picture

With the Islamization of France well under way they'll have to let the pilots land and pray to Mecca five times a day.

Either that or provide a separate compartment where the Muslim pilots can spread out a prayer rug while flying at 30,000 ft.

If they're Shia pilots they'll have no compunction against bombing their fellow Sunni muslims and scream Allah Akbar while doing it.

Money Counterfeiter's picture
Money Counterfeiter (not verified) Pure Evil Nov 15, 2015 5:09 PM

The Zionist want France back. How conveinent.

strannick's picture

For the price of 150 civilians .

France gets to go into former colony

France gets to increase police and check the far right appeal

US gets NATO support

Is real gets lebensraum/water in Golan

Russia Iran get checked

Assad feels the heat

Saudi gets it's pipeline

Germany gets its migrant slave labor

Its beautiful, if it weren't so Satanic

RafterManFMJ's picture

We're pretty sure it's French aircraft doing the attacking because several French Pilot's passports were found on the ground among the rubble.

Whoa Dammit's picture

It won't do any good unless they bomb the ISIS warrens in Europe as well.

gladius17's picture
gladius17 (not verified) Whoa Dammit Nov 15, 2015 5:51 PM

Tel Aviv isn't in Europe, bro.

Realname's picture

 "Massive Bombardment of ISIS Capital"...which could include Langley, VA, Wash DC, the City of London, ^Tel Aviv^, somewhere in Turkey or Saudi Arabia, etc. WWIII is well underway, unbeknownst to most US residents.

ACP's picture

Not to mention all the no-go zones in Sweden, France and all other countries where more than 1 muslim lives.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Invite the enemy to move in with you. Feed, clothe, and house them. Then bomb the shit out of their home country. What could go wrong?

Tarshatha's picture


"on Oct 29, 2015, a panel on “The Shared 21st Century International Mission” featuring

CIA Director John Brennan,

former UK MI6 Chief John Sawers, and former

Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror. They brought in, you guessed it,

Director of the French Directorate for External Security Bernard Bajolet.

I wonder what was discussed over dinner? “And make sure you have illegal immigrant terrorist drop a Syrian passport at crime scene…”

And bingo, some sacraficed dead frogs and we get the Jews revived war in Syria.

It's starting to get rediculas how bad these Jews want war.

- Meh Greater Israel

J S Bach's picture

Blotto's comment...

"Zero sides anymore... I cant truely trust any country."

There is an enemy, Blotto - and it's not a "country".  It's that nation-within-every-nation that foments ALL of the ills that we are witnessing today.  It has been their subversive M.O. since the dawn of recorded history.  So, though the task be difficult... try to look for the cui bono in every "event", every "false flag", every pre-approved statement made by one of their puppets...

Use that brain God gave you - to think - rather than react.  Your logical conclusions will inevitably lead you to one source.


Realname's picture

Some have called them, "The money changers".

nope-1004's picture

Maybe it's just me, but.....


If someone entered my neighborhood, bombed the shit out of my neighbors, killed some people, and it was discovered they had a group living in the area, wouldn't the logical thing to do would be to rid them from your OWN neighborhood first, instead of to start bombing huts in the sand in some far away land?

The whole thing stinks.  There are radicals living in France and if the plot originated from within the country, which I believe it did, then shouldn't the solution be to eradicate them from your own country?  Just not sure about this.

The US is really on the ball with this one, I mean, battle ready plans some 48 hours later 'n all.


TruxtonSpangler's picture

WW3's Archduke Ferdinand event was in Ukraine, just no one knows it yet. Keep an eye on Victoria Nuland, trouble tends to follow her closely.

Paveway IV's picture

I can only agree with Mugatu.

Mugatu: SHUT UP! Enough already, Ballstein! Who cares about Derek Zoolander anyway? The man has only one look, for Christ's sake! Blue Steel? Ferrari? Le Tigra? They're the same face! Doesn't anybody notice this? "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!"

Motasaurus's picture

"It won't do any good unless they bomb the ISIS warrens in Europe as well."

I'm not sure the EU would survive the French bombing the headquarters of MI6 and NATO.

847328_3527's picture

Exactly my thoughts. Unless they immediately close all borders and round them all up and either send them back or put them in a humane location [detention camp] Europe will see more sad events. However, ISIS has already admitted more then 4,000 of their fighters have sneaked into Europe with the refugees. When they get a hold of all those kids who wanted to travel to the ME to join ISIS but now have they livign next door, it's gonna be a disaster as we have already seen.

Lanka's picture

The French need a re-do of the Knights Templar round-up of 13 Oct 1307.

gladius17's picture
gladius17 (not verified) RafterManFMJ Nov 15, 2015 5:49 PM

Fortunately for ISIS, their headquarters was shielded and reinforced by a wall of passports. No damage reported.

Isy's picture

The Most Disturbing Secret Of The Obama Administration

Here is a leaked broadcast that shows real and undeniable proof of Obama conspiring against our nation…

This the real reason why he doesn’t want boots on the ground against ISIS…

And why he agreed on the Iran nuclear deal.
Frankie Carbone's picture

With their political party affiliation somehow oddly handwritten onto the passport....

macholatte's picture


But the Frogs didn't get permsion from the UN.

A sovereign country actually acting like it has a right to defend itself?

This is bad. Very bad. Others might get ideas.


Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.

Joseph Stalin

frankly scarlet's picture

macholatte  this is identical to Nazi Germany attacking itself and then putting the blame on Poland as the excuse for that invasion and the beginning of WWII. Note the German false flag was outed and under Nuremberg Code this act of aggressive war got a lot of German Nazis hung after the fight ended. France and its puppet master the US-Central Bankers are acting in an identical manner!

SWRichmond's picture

So how long until the West carves off a chunk eastern Syria, puts it under the conttol of an international "peacekeeping force", and starts building pipeline?

palmereldritch's picture

Thèse-Antithèse-La Synthèse

Urban Redneck's picture

You don't build pipelines through a war zone (I've tired).  However, one can otherwise needlessly prolong a war and in the process cock block an adversary (like me) from building anything.  Look at the USSA puppet state of Afghanistan, what has the US built there other than MIC bases and multi-million dollar gas stations?  Jack shit, and certainly not the TAPI pipeline.  Meanwhile, what haven't the Chinese & Iranians built in Afghanistan... a planned pipeline perhaps?

However, the U.S. State Department said recently that sanctions on the Iran pipeline project still existed. A spokesperson also told reporters that, “We don’t consider Iran open for business yet, and there’s no new sanctions relief beyond the very limited relief under the joint plan of action that’s been in place since January 2014.” He added, “When Iran meets its key nuclear steps and we get to implementation day, then there will be commensurate relief of nuclear-related sanctions.”

According to one Islamabad-based analyst, who spoke with The Diplomat on condition of anonymity, Washington’s clarification reflects its opposition to the pipeline project. That is a position backed by recent media reports, which have Russia and China both interested in the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, with the U.S. opposed.

stacking12321's picture

"Look at the USSA puppet state of Afghanistan, what has the US built there other than MIC bases and multi-million dollar gas stations?"

poppy fields.

cia black budget has to come from somewhere.

palmereldritch's picture're distracting from the strawman argument:

"You don't build pipelines through a war zone"

Urban Redneck's picture

It must be nice to be able to imagine a fantastic world where such engineering, logistic, and security feats are accomplished... you don't by chance have the luxury of a couch in your parent's basement?  

palmereldritch's picture

Pretty sure the OP wasn't literally suggesting building a pipeline in a fucking warzone.

But you know, leap on it and define it by your terms. Not like the long term goal is degrading Syria, replacing Assad and establishing a regime in the next 5-10 years amenable to opposing rival pipelines from Putin and Iran...

Maybe you just need to adjust the tinfoil on your helmet to see that

And thanks for such a quick

Urban Redneck's picture

"So how long until the West carves off a chunk eastern Syria, puts it under the conttol of an international "peacekeeping force", and starts building pipeline?"

Sounds to me like a literal suggestion.  And since the US and its international peacekeeping force have literally been in Afganistan since 2002 (over 13 years) and Iraq in since 2003 (over 12 years), when is the damn construction going to start?  Iraq has some of the largest oil reserves in the world and crappiest infrastructure, and even with rigged bidding and taxpayer financed subsidies they have managed nothing larger than adding minor spurs to existing pipelines (mostly by smaller and non-US firms), and nothing remotely close to the 3mbpd reconstruction of the Kirkuk–Baniyas pipeline or the 3.3bcfpd of the Iran Iraq Syria pipeline.  

Speaking of "the long term goal" in Syria- Turkey, Qatar, Israel don't share the US-centric second half of your assumption (only degrading Syria and replacing Assad generally).  Turkey simply wants all spice pipelines to flow through Turkey, so they can get their "fair share" of the profits.  Qatar will continue to export its gas by ship, and their only concern is that Iran doesn't start pumping 3.3bcfpd of gas out of thier shared gas feild and reversing the current flow.  Israel doesn't really care about pipelines in Syria, as long they get the Golan Heights and cut the Iranian rocket pipeline to southern Lebanon. 

iinthesky's picture

I think the rabbis (Khazars) are pissed at the russians for cause they that the Ukrain is their homeland Khazaria and the damn Russians aint givin them no respek!

Mr. Magoo's picture

Step inside! Hello! We've a most amazing show
You'll enjoy it all we know
Step inside! Step inside!

We've got thrills and shocks, supersonic fighting cocks.
Leave your hammers at the box
Come inside! Come inside!

Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!
See the show!

Anonymous User's picture
Anonymous User (not verified) Pure Evil Nov 15, 2015 11:35 PM

Don't talk bad about the islamization of France. Is what gave us this lovely multicultural social interaction:



Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) erkme73 Nov 15, 2015 5:02 PM

The French couldn't wait to bomb, they loved it in Libya and now Syria.

My question is where the hell did they find soilders?

French Women?

Or migrants?

A Nanny Moose's picture

If we start drafting wyminz, have to change the name to Selective Cervix.

EddieLomax's picture

If they invade Syria and take out Assad then the possibility it was a false flag is indeed plausible.  Otherwise it is looking as a very inconvenient terrorist attack, so far their response is just to drop some bombs randomly for the sake of being seen to do something, neither Assad nor ISIS are going to be particulary bothered about the current French actions, they stink of misdirection.