Are 'We' Bombing The Wrong Country?

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Presented with no comment...



h/t @ianbremmer

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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

This must be why every despot, fanatic and two bit banana republic is friends with America.

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Speaking of bombing countries…

According to NYTimes, U.S. Warplanes Strike 116 ISIS Oil Trucks in Syria…

What a splendid achievement – 116 Oil Trucks!!!

One derailed train belonging to Warren Buffet spills more oil than that with no warplanes involved.

Free Warren Buffett!

Free Jon Corzine!

Free sheet for everyone! ;-)


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And the incompetent muslim sympathizer in charge said they didn't want to bomb ISIS's cash cow oil tankers because they were scared of civilian casualties.

You either fight  a war to win, or you stay the fuck home.  We never fight to win, it is always a PC quagmire.

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You only have to look at a few Mark Dice videos to realize that the average American has no clue that the US runs ISIS (Hell, we are big pals with the biggest head-choppers of them all: Saudi Arabia)

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ISIS is bastard offspring child of Wahabi fundamentalism export from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Regime is use Wahabi madrasa to spread chaos to neighbor and distract citizenry from abject poverty of proletariat and obscene oppulance of ruling class. USSA is complicit by provide material assistance in exchange for support of petrol dollar.

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Ill buy that for a dollar! By the way, your english is improving ;)

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I'd love to see the chart "Where ISIS Financial Support Is Coming From".  Those are the string-pullers.  Who cares what countries their pawns come from... it's the kings that have to be liquidated.

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That list will look almost the same, except Qatar will be up there. 

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SA is involved? Whocouldaknowed?

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Obama bombs the trucks only after Putin calls him on his limpdickedness and lies.

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A tweet in support of ISIS?  Who the fuck cares about a tweet?  How much of an investment in time and capital does it take to generate a tweet?

Seriously, mom said "sticks and stone may break your bones but words can never harm you"  So lets follow what mom said and look for actions.

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Err, that's the point, that it cost nothing to send a tweet... It is a free platform to share stream of consciousness thoughts, so it closely reflects reality... The FACT that most tweets come from SA proves their support for ISIS... 

On another note, did your mommy teach you how to use a suicide vest and to hate all infidels too? 

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When Obama saw this chart he was really ticked off.  "We're exceptional," he said. "Lets bring in 5,000,000 more Moslem immigrants so that we can be #1."


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Hey Keyser,  Did you catch the total number of tweets in support of ISIS for an entire year?  yeah  all of 4,000.  big fucking deal.  and yes your right it takes virtually nothing to send a tweet, significantly more to send money or weapons or man power or material support.  Those would be the sort of actions that would enabe a group to actually do something.  Tweeting is impotent.  Send some you are showing support.

As a side note, you wont see me defending or promoting anything islamic.

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As long as we are spending a million dollars for every isisidiot we blow up---they are winning. Thats the real bottom line

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Common sense would dictate that the maximum amount of damage, fear & "terror" by these so called Al CIA duh terror organizations would be caused by directly attacking the Policy makers & their Crimjnal institutions. Not the Citizenry.

It's a Phony "War on Terror." Always has been.

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True. It would be easy for any of these terrorists to target politicians or newsmedia. There must be a reason why it has not been done. The old saying is you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

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Boris is enjoy Nasim most when Nasim is very distraught and angry. Boy, he is tell it to bankster and ecommunist like no one is else!

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+1000. Fuck if there was a country that had the balls to actually smoke these fuckers out of the sky, I'd be all for it. I don't have the numbers handy but weren't they also the biggest suppliers of Al-Queda back in the day too? 



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According to Putin at the G-20 summit, "40 countries are supporting ISIS"

p.s. Sorry, Chuppa, I noticed only I posted this, that you posted this info already.  Peace, bro.

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Are we ever gonna learning?


I wasn’t commenting… until I read (had) a second reason: NASSIM TALEB link.


So, first:

Title: Are 'We' Bombing The Wrong Country?

How about: ‘We’ Should Not Bomb Any Country, PERIOD!


Now the second point:

Nassim Taleb: “…. we need to start by sending to them our preachers….”


C’mon Nassim? You’re starting sounding like Bush. You ought to know better. America needs to support the local moderates/opposition and not sending our pedophiles.

Haven’t we done enough damage to a very dysfunctional Middle East society?


Anyway, none of these will happen……. Beside Nassim backpedaling.



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So you are fine with civilian casulaties and feel the U.S should take more of them to "beat" their very own creation and "terrorist" group which anyone with a brain knows the CIA is pulling the strings of. Gotcha

I can only hope you die tomorrow and do so as collateral damage from someone claiming to be fighting someone else. It'd save the world from wasting more resources on your useless ass. Or better yet, I don't want you to die but anyone in your family (especially children if someone sadly spread their legs for you to create some) or friends you care about. Let me'd have an issue with civilian casulaties if it affects your personal life but if it is some Muslims (the second largest religion in the world) then it is A-OK.

The stupidity of the human species really knows no bounds. 

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Putin at Turkey Summit

ISIS Financed by 40 Countries, #G20 members included:

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well, dropping weapons in the desert does not sound as if civilian casualties are of any concern

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I wonder how many of those 404 twits are from Langley...

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I guess - like for MH17 - their satellites never saw these trucks before.

They did nothing until Putin showed photos of the huge line of trucks filling up on almost-free oil.

"Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members"

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Speaking of trucks, is there one investigative reporter out there that could figure out where ISIS is getting all those nice Toyota trucks?  Or do they have accidents after they uncover the mystery?

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When do we bomb the people that were buying the oil from ISIS

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yeah after three years they have found 116 tracks in the desert, traveling from oil wells to turkey and or elsewhere daily....

must have been a bit of dust on the satelitte lens all the time

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The fact that Israel is not on the list says a lot about their sophistication and / or control.

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I opt for the latter.

It didn't take long to cash in on  France.  IOW, we at the Hexagram instigated this, so now go kill Muzis so we won't have to.

And what do we have here? Coincidence?

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They take money from whoever is offering. Why wouldn't they. Makes life easy, just take the money and do as you're told. Easy pisi like Sisi. 

Maybe America is a bit slwo, Saudi has been a friend and ally for over 60 years. Out of habit they are still friends, good customers for weaponry, too. They even got a special permit by Bush II to fly the Bin Laden family out of Texas. 

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Because we use them to oppress their populations and siphon off their productivity for us!

Well, ok, not 'us' like 'us' regular people. 'Us' as in our own domestic hegemons.

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You forgot the sarc tag. From that drivel...

"We are on the right track, but clearly what happened in Paris is going to push towards newer, stronger initiatives,” said Lombardi, a former board member of the International Monetary Fund."

They're just acknowledging their new ability to screw us even more.

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According to information provided by anti-terrorist hacker group Ghost Security(GhostSec), close to 40 pro-ISIS websites are using the services of a Silicon Valley company called CloudFlare. CloudFlare is a content delivery network that provides services to speed up websites and render them virtually immune to distributed denial of service, or DDS, cyberattacks that can overload websites to bring them offline.

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It's kind of sad that this is closest Bremmer can come to publicly rebuking the MIC and it's idiotic machinations. He sure is one smart dude otherwise.

I remember seeing him speak a few years back, after the Maidan massacre had taken place. During open question period, one audience member asked him point blank what he thought of all the anti-Russian propaganda that was being aired on Western media. He completely ignored the person and answered a different question entirely. I thought it incredibly cowardly of him and haven't really forgiven him for it.

Cue MH-17 and other bs and here we are now. Thanks, Ian.

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Take out DC, Tel Aviv, City of London and maybe NY City, and most, if not all, of our global problems will be reduced, dramatically.

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Maybe NY?  WTF  


Hit the whole eastern seaboard.  Minimum hit the ivy league shcools.  

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NY?  F#$k you all.  I live here and let me tell you this place is THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH

bar none.  Aside from the most talented, best people ON EARTH, drive an hour IN ANY DIRECTION

and you can find any paradise you want.  Six airports and you can be in ANY PARADISE ON EARTH.

so F&#k you mad bomber quick fix pseudo problem solvers when YOU ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM

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You sound like your pretty high up in the free shit army.  You and your fellow NY's need to live within your means.  


When the union breaks I hope we are on oppsite sides.

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One glance at the comments in the NY Times has me convinced that like cancer, radiation treatment in high doses is probably the correct solution for NY city.


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New Yorker are also pretty stupid. They have a baseball team called the Yankees.

Problem is that New Yorkers are not Yankees.

New York is not part of New England.


Oher than that they are some of the world's biggest assholes.  I have been saying since the 1980s that we should use New York as a nuclear test site.

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John Carpenter had it right. Blow up the bridges, flood the tunnels and turn it into a giant prison.