Hannover Police Warn "Find Safety, Don't Stay In Groups" After Explosives Allegedly Discovered, Football Game Evacuated

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Update 6: As noted earlier, the package in the train station contained either a decoy or a bomb. And now the police, which blew it up, is unsure which. According to a police spokesman, "either it was a very professional decoy or an actual bomb."

For the sake of preserving public calm, let's just assume it was the former.

Update 5:  It appears the all clear may have been given early: the latest from HAZ, google translated:

The police confirmed the explosion. Apparently had noticed on the train before a suspect passengers. When she responded this, they fled. The alerted police investigated the abandoned package with explosives dogs, they beat on. In a subsequent X-ray examination was found that were in the packet cable, circuit boards, and a cell phone. Thereupon the experts to blow up controls the alleged bomb determined.

And then:

Now the police seeks to determine whether there was indeed a bomb or just a dummy. In addition, the police are still after the fugitive offender. Given the picture of surveillance cameras should be evaluated at the main station.

So was it a bomb or just a "circuit board, cables and a cell phone"? And who is this "fugitive offender"

Update 4:  HAZ reports that the Lanes 9 and 10 at the local train station has been reopened. HAZ adds that the disposal of the "unknown object" was successful and the object was rendered harmless.

Update 3: the current center of action is the train station where moments ago Germany's HAZ.de reported that a bomb disposal unit hs entered the train station.

Update 2: During a press conference, a German official says no explosives found and no arrests made in Hanover.  The German official, Pistoris, when asked if a bomb was found in an ambulance, would not confirm.

Update: AP is now reporting that second stadium in Hanover has been evacuated.

From The Telegraph

Two stadiums in Hannover have been evacuated amid bomb scares at a football match which Angela Merkel was due to attend.


The Germany v Netherlands football match has been cancelled and the stadium evacuated.


Reports suggest that a truck bomb was hidden in an ambulance, parked outside.


But 90 minutes before play was scheduled to start, and 15 minutes after the gates had opened, police announced to fans by megaphone that the game had been cancelled.


Volker Kluwe, the police chief in the city, told German public broadcaster NDR that the alleged threat involved the "detonation of explosives in the stadium."


Local trains were ordered not to stop at the stadium and other stops around the city.


The second venue is a concert hall in Hannover. Concert-goers had been waiting for the band Soehne Mannheims to play when they were told to evacuate the building. It is not yet clear why they are have been told to leave.

Latest (via kreiszeitung.de)

Four days after the terrorist attacks in Paris was canceled shortly before the scheduled kick-off in Hannover the international football match between Germany and the Netherlands. According to information from the local paper, an ambulance has been discovered with explosives.


In the field of the stadium in Hanover is a so-called troublemaker have been seen, which is known to the authorities. Security forces have also discovered an ambulance, which housed explosives

The officers at the roadblocks near the stadium now control also police cars and ambulance stations who want in the area. There are rumors that an emergency vehicle was loaded with explosives.




Recent Update:



The soccer stadium in Hannover, Germany, is being evacuated and stadium loudspeakers say the game has been cancelled.


The stadium was hosting a match between Germany and the Netherlands. Many top German officials, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, were scheduled to attend the match to show they will not bow to terrorism.

On Friday, a match between Germany and France in Paris was the site of numerous explosions in a terror attack that killed at least 129 people throughout the city. One of the attackers reportedly attempted to enter the stadium with a ticket after the game had begun but was turned away. He then detonated his explosive vest.
In addition to the game in Germany, France and England are scheduled to play a friendly at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday afternoon.
However, Tuesday's scheduled match between host Belgium and Spain was cancelled on Monday amid security concerns, and many fans were worried that it might mean the disruption of Euro 2016 next year. Tournament organizers said earlier in the day (before the Hanover evacuation) that the event would go on, however.
We will update this post as news comes in.
As we detailed earlier,
Anxiety remains high across Europe. The Germany-Netherlands soccer exhibition match scheduled to be held in Hanover tonight has been canceled, city police spokeswoman Stephanie Weiss says by phone. While no reason was confirmed, DPA reported the discovery of a suspicious suitcase earlier (which police said posed no threat).




As DPA reported earlier,

Police sealed off the stadium for the friendly international between Germany and the Netherlands for half an hour Tuesday after the discovery of a suspicious suitcase.


The stadium and some roads in the area were closed before police said little over two hours before kick-off that the object posed no threat.


Extra police, many armed with automatic weapons, has been deployed for the game as security was beefed up after the terror attacks in Paris on Friday. All available police officers were being deployed in Hanover, a police spokeswoman said without giving further details.


The German football federation (DFB) had considered calling off Tuesday's match as Germany were playing France at the Stade de France north of Paris when the attacks occurred.


However federation and team officials agreed to go ahead with the friendly international in solidarity with France and the relatives and victims of the Paris attacks.


Chancellor Angela Merkel and several senior cabinet members are due to attend the match at the HDI Arena.


Several thousand tickets for the game remained unsold at midday and unlike previous internationals or Bundesliga games in Hanover few fans were seen in the city centre hours before the game.

But now:

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Tough to follow the money when it leads back to the investigators


and an open source investigation into Paris/ISIS attacks:


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Suspicious package? Is that a chick with a crotch bulge?

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Finkel and Einhorn, Einhorn and Finkel...............

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Charlie Sheen? "...that's why a penis with coke on it is called a "Sheenis"...'

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) krispkritter Nov 17, 2015 1:50 PM

I'm at a total loss here.  Why not follow the lead of progressives and simply make murdering people by AK-47 illegal?  Problem solved.    /s


They've made being able to shoot back illegal.


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Why don't they use O'Bama's 'vetting' technique which he says will keep everyone safe?

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Let this be a lesson - never EVER threaten concrete.

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German citizens called stating a terrorist was attending the game.  Hung up before they said the name was Angela Merkel.

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WTF are all these world "leaders" doing attending football games in the middle of a refugee/terrorist crises. Jeezus effing christ

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Frow Mercquelle Needs bringing More reffuges, Needs more to get re-elected...

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"The stadium was hosting a match between Germany and the Netherlands. Many top German officials, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, were scheduled to attend the match to show they will not bow to terrorism."

Looks like Angela, in fact, bowed.

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Look at those photos of Germans with guns.  How is that possible when guns are illegal in Germany?


Some Germans can have guns, but other Germans cannot?

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How does one readily obtain large quantities of explosives?  It is not like they are easy to come by.

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How does one readily obtain large quantities of explosives?

Ammo, explosives, weapons, and supplies just falls from the sky. 

Praise be to The Pentagram!

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Told you the escalation of false flag terror was coming. Really, called it Thursday before the attacks went public. 

"Do you want to run JooWorldOrder.exe? (Y/N)" Nov 12


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Suspicious package? Is that a chick with a crotch bulge?

Bruce I meant Caitlin Jenner?

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Circuses canceled?  Holy shit!  They better keep the bread flowing, otherwise we'll have a bunch of broke, angry Europeans, and we know where that leads. 

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Isn't a truck bomb hidden in an ambulance really an ambulance bomb?

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coinhead (not verified) MANvsMACHINE Nov 17, 2015 4:15 PM

Gladio Part Deux.

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Exactly what I was going to say. For those unfamiliar:


It could be argued that Gladio and the strategy of tension were designed to enhance public support for the West's efforts during the Cold War. With the new strategy of tension, however, the goal is to compel the public to willingly surrender their liberties in the name of security.

Scared citizens are obedient citizens.

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find safety, lol where you just invited a million terrorists in to your country and you are now surrounded. maybe the germans should seek safety in syria? 

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Ha. I was going to comment saying the exact same thing. Brilliant journalism from the MSM as usual.

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Jiminy Crickets El Vaq, they wouldn't even cancel a Missouri football  game, accommodating the Red Romper Diaper Babies.

Canceling a high level futball or Football (us)  is a disaster beyond comprehension.

Fuck ISIS and the bernank in the same breath, so that I don't waste any of my time.

Bernanke's cat can probably be rehabilitated.


(my favorite is Vito.)

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Terrorists May Have Used PlayStation 4s to Plan Paris Attacks. Here's How. [Update]


The people who carried out Friday’s attacks in Paris may have used Sony’s PlayStation 4 video game consoles to coordinate the operation, according to officials in nearby Brussels, where at least some of the suspected terrorists likely originated. The game consoles would have allowed the attack’s perpetrators to communicate more securely — as in, away from intelligence officials’ ears or eyes — compared to traditional channels like email or smartphone apps.



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It kinda gives trash talk a new meaning.

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We will now monitor all boys playing video games.  For their own safety, of course.

Next will be restrictions on what video games you can or cannot play.  All games that increase military recruitment will of course remain unrestricted.

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Salami rinds, just stroke and stoke.

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Ammonium nitrate + fuel oil. Stick it in a barrel. + something to set it off. It really doesn't come any easier than that.

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That's why the OKC event was cleared of evidence just like all the rest.

Conditioned the peeps nicely on that one.  Almost had to render your first born to buy AN for a while.

That too, flew by the wayside quickly.

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With gold and silver prices being slammed, mining operations around the world don't have a use for the explosives they have lying around.

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speaking of that OKC bombing didn't they have
a patriot type bill waiting?

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"How does one readily obtain large quantities of explosives?"


For the stupid motherfuckers around us, "not easy to come by" means they wont ever get any.  For the rest of us with a brain and knowledge of CHEMISTRY, they're FUCKING EVERYWHERE AROUND YOU!  EVERY.FUCKING.DAY.

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And they appear to believe every story they're told all along the entire chain of command.  Scary business,  all this storytelling.

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Full auto H&K MP5s in that photo and H&K MP7s in the other.

Indeed, some animals are created more equal that others.

Hence the National Firearms Act here in the USSA.

No SBRs or cans for you (unless you pay our tax)


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Daily trivia:

"Perhaps [Allen Dulles's] most imaginative media operation was taking control of the animated film version of George Orwell’s anti-totalitarian classic Animal Farm. The book’s ending, in which animals realize that both ruling groups in the barnyard are equally corrupt, is a trenchant rejection of the binary worldview. Allen realized that this message implicitly contradicted much of what the United States was saying about the Cold War. By investing in the film and influencing its content through a team of operatives that included E. Howard Hunt, a veteran of PB/Success, he arranged for the film version to end quite differently. Only the pigs are corrupt, and ultimately patriotic rebels overthrow them."

— "The Brothers", Stephen Kinzer

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Thanks Mutti, made my day.


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Especially knowing that the only sporting events where spectators get killed are air shows, car races, and soccer matches...hmmm...she should get out more. I hear there's an air show in Syria...

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Because in the Skybox is where much of the graft takes place.  

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Yes, how did those terrorists get AK's in an area where you cannot buy assault rifles?  Hey now, did they get them at a local gun show?  NOT COOL.

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At the local Mosque that "religious leaders" won't allow to be searched. It would cause hurt feelings to have such suspicions. Anyway, each Mosque is an embassy of Mecca. Untouchable.

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Yeah, well, at the rate that things are currently going, there may not be mosques in Europe in a few years. 

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ever heard of a diplomatic pouch?