Who's Winning The "War On Terror"? People Killed Worldwide By Terrorists Soars 80% In A Year

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You might have noticed that at this point, the global “war on terror” is going about as well as the “war on drugs.” That is, governments appear to be losing. 

Then again, much like the war on drugs, it’s impossible for the public to know what “losing” actually means.

One might have thought, for instance, that the US was “losing” the war against crack cocaine in the early 80s, but as it turns out, transforming African Americans in Los Angeles into drug addicted zombies was part and parcel of the CIA’s plan to funnel money to the Contras. 

Similarly, it might appear to the uninitiated (and by “uninitiated” we mean “general public”) that the West is “losing” the war on terror. But once you begin to understand what’s actually been going on in Syria for the last five years, it turns out that while the bloody civil war may have helped al-Qaeda remain relevant (via al-Nusra) and may have spawned a group of CIA-backed, Nike-wearing, desert barbarians, all that terror had until recently been exceptionally effective at destabilizing the Assad government. 

So who knows what “winning” and “losing” actually means in the grand scheme of things, but at the micro level (that is, at the civilian level) victory and defeat are easy to separate. For the clueless masses, “defeat” is when more innocent people are blown apart by a suicide bomber or hit with Kalashnikov fire while eating dinner than they were last year. 

On that note, we bring you the following rather shocking statistics from the latest Global Terrorism Index (via the Institute For Economics & Peace) which show that not only did terrorism reach its highest level ever in 2014, it was up 80% from the previous year.

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Define terrorist.

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Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Merkel, Hollande. Any more?

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Yes:  HRC, Jarret and Obama. 

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Baby Bladeface (not verified) Bastiat Nov 17, 2015 3:30 PM

Zbigniew Brzezinski, John Bolton, Samanta Power, William Kristol, Anne Applebaum, John McCain, Kagan family incl. Victoria Nuland, Lindsey Graham, John Yoo, Irving Libby, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Bubo Netanyahu, George Soros...

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Bullish for the MIC.  Bullish for the banksters loaning money to GOV.  Everyone else is fucked.

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Funny that the USA hasn't been bombing the hell out of Central Africa, yet it seems to be a hotbed of Terrorist activity.


PS: What do Japan, Korea and Russia know that the rest of the world doesn't?...]

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"Well, it's a start, I guess." ~Satan

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How many people has the world's biggest terrorist, the US government, killed?

robertsgt40's picture

I wonder if Palestinians are included in the body count of folks killed by terrorists?

Syrin's picture

Where can I surrender all my liberties and give all authority to the state for my "safety" ?!?!??!

kralizec's picture

The better question is where can't you?

Much much shorter list. 

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I has always worked this way.

kralizec's picture



*Tea Party

*Pro-2nd Amendment


Come on you know how this works!

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Correct. Cept I never killed anyone.

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Old Terrorist definition: one who uses heinous means to advance an underdog position (e.g. Menachem Begin)

New Terrorist = one who doesn't bend over for Menachem Begin

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Its all about timing..... ramp up terror, currency collapse, WW3.... after we have a NEW WORLD ORDER.


Bush Sr. "When we are successfull...AND WE WILL BE"



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Throw this shit in the mix too, after all, nothing is off the table at this stage of the game.......



Implied Violins's picture

Yup. The NWO won't start until they have 'managed our numbers.' This shit might even be being sprayed on us right now while we are watching events in Europe. Never underestimate these fuckers, they want us DEAD...

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

it's contained contained what part of contained don't you understand??

as obuma stomps feet and well points his finger in anger.

kralizec's picture

Shit, I feel safe...wait, what?

Oh, I craddle my Glock...that's why I feel safe.  Whew!

inhibi's picture

It is nize and heavy...for me Ive begun carrying my night hawk custom 'griffon' everywhere: http://www.nighthawkcustom.com/pistols/griffon-pistol.html


I wanted to get two. You know, double the badass. But my wife wanted a different one...such a sad day.


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We have the best data manipulators on the planet.  This will be revised in short order.

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Would you clarify if these are "our" moderate" terrorists.....or the reeeeally, reeeallly bad ones?



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Australian 'attacks' in 3 capital cities? Have to start watching MSM again. I missed those...

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Who is the moron who wrote this headline?

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A protracted war acerbates people.  Long enough and you create hatred in all three existing generations and the results, like we are witnessing now, will linger for much longer.  Most will not see this settled in their lifetimes.    


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The timeline needs to go back a few more years to include Leon Klinghoffer's murder in 1985 on the Achille Lauro and the Munich Olympics in 1972.

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So about the same number of people die worldwide from 'Terror Attacks' (whatever that means) as do annually in car crashes in America alone. Not very scary......

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

Actually about a quarter as many as US road fatalities per year.

crazybob369's picture

War on cars? No, MIC can't make any money on that.

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CDC needs a new budget approval. Who's funding it under refugee invasion? 

CDC—FY 2016 Budget Overview.

Budget & Performance | HHS.gov

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"You might have noticed that at this point, the global “war on terror” is going about as well as the “war on drugs.” That is, governments appear to be losing."

Given that governments are the prime sponsors of terrorism, that's not surprising.

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Baby Bladeface (not verified) smacker Nov 17, 2015 3:19 PM

Killed by terror statistics include killed by US drones?

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

Attacking American troops on a battlefield now counts as terrorism, so these stats may be a bit off.

HowdyDoody's picture

Giving Obomber the death stare also counts.

Atomizer's picture

Charlie Sheen can promote new HIV ribbons (insert color) to subsidize his lawsuits. 

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Top ten leading causes and numbers of deaths in USA, 2013 data from CDC. Lets get some perspective shall we....? The War on Terror is a propaganda war.....


  • Heart disease: 611,105
  • Cancer: 584,881
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 149,205
  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 130,557
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 128,978
  • Alzheimer's disease: 84,767
  • Diabetes: 75,578
  • Influenza and Pneumonia: 56,979
  • Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 47,112
  • Intentional self-harm (suicide): 41,149
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You left out number of people killed in terror attacks; for comparison sake.

Depending on your definition of terrorist attack (including the Boston Marathon attack), anywere from 0-50 were killed in 2013 by "terrorists" in the U.S. Or put another way; the chances of being killed by a terrorist, as opposed do dying from the above listed causes .0% to .0026%.

Instead of avoiding crowded places, perhaps avoiding a BigMac might be the safer bet.



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I'd love to know what defines a terrorist attack these days since it seems like anything negative does from the cunt governments around the world. Me writing this is and being skeptical is probably considered close to terrorism.

I'd consider drone strikes of weddings and Doctors Without Borders buildings to be terrorism but I'm guessing that stuff doesn't qualify. Brilliant logic by the media and powers that be.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"A U.S. Army manual on countering the plague defines terrorism as "the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to attain goals that are political, religious, or ideological in nature. This is done through intimidation, coercion, or instilling fear.""


“It's only terrorism if they do it to us. When we do much worse to them, it's not terrorism.”

  Noam Chomsky, Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda


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Barry's importing thousands of refugees of questionable source should really boost the tearrists numbers I'm afraid. We see how well "vetting" works in Europe.

Demdere's picture

The kleptocracy and all of its components, down to the local public school teacher who has no clue about the damage they do, wishes to perpetuate itself, to increase jobs available to their idiot nieces and nephews.

That is ending, soon, because they cannot continue to borrow money much longer.



jughead's picture

fucking duh...some of us were telling them back at the inception of the "war on terror" that it would be about as successful as the "war on drugs"...them nouns are motherfuckers to beat. 

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Ask any LEO or pensioner of a 3-letter agency if the "war on drugs" has contributed to their own material wealth or success.  The answer might not surprise you.

R19's picture

Should we be surprised?  It's all part of Spectre's master plan.

prymythirdeye's picture

Clearly we need to spend more money.

BTW, no wars are fought to be won, period.  The war machine needs fuel constantly.

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Why don't they do a "Terrorism IPO" and issue shares of the Federal Reserve Bank on the NYSE so we can all share in the fun & profit?!