Do you believe in terrorists?

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Westerners have a deep history of a culture of myths (see Joseph Campbell).  We love to believe in Santa Claus, "The American Dream," the Tooth Fairy, housing market always goes up, and countless others.  So it's easy for us to be 'terrorized' by a myth; that hiding behind every corner are evil 'terrorists' waiting to blow themselves up because 'they hate our freedoms.' 

Already, evidence surfaces that doesn't match our traditional image for what a terrorist act should look like, as pointed out by George Washington's article on ZH:

What do you think? False flag? Light-skinned, clean-shaven ISIS jihadis who went undercover to carry out the terrorist attack? Or local Europeans who were radicalized into jihad?

Postscript:  The Mirror also notes that the terrorists looked like professional soldiers:

“I would describe him as tall, with dark hair and also quite muscular.


They looked like soldiers or mercenaries and carried the whole thing out like a military operation.

Military operation or not, let's take a step back how we got here, for those who can read and don't have a TV.

World War 2 and it's climax defined the modern age and the century.  It is the most significant event, historically speaking for the last 500 - 1000 years.  How this event shaped the markets and modern capitalism; specifically - global trade, Forex, emerging markets, the concept model of the nation-state, and in one word - a complete paradigm shift.  

Before WW2, nation-states waged war - these wars were all different but had several distinct characteristics.  There was always a winner, the winner basically wrote the terms of the agreement to end the war (taking various resources or land for themselves); it was usually financed through taxes or Rothschild type loans, and both sides were well defined.  Even when mercenaries participated, it was clear whose side was who.  Also it was clear, what the war was about - there was no 'false flag' events.  People mostly participated in war for survival, because they were forced to, or needed money and enlisted, or because their king told them to and they obey.  There was no TV, internet, or cameras attached to missiles.

After WW2, only one single country remained intact, with infinite industrial capacity that easily switched to the consumer economy.  The United States of America had lost millions of lives in WW2, but the US was never invaded, factories remained, cities were not burned and bombed, a baby boom quickly expanded the population.  Resources were plentiful, and for 20 years the US was basically the only industrial superpower in the world.  This eventually led to the US Dollar based global Forex & payments system as we have today.  Breton Woods certainly would not have been in New Hampshire had it not been for this post WW2 dominance.  For all its benefits, this circumstantial gift left with it a seed of destruction; the military industrial complex.  

Because now for the first time in history - war became a business.  Corporate America knew how to profit from war, in all manners.  Wall St. cozied up to Washington to form what would become the most powerful alliance of business & government in history (that ironically was a lot stronger form of Facism that these same forces destroyed in Europe a generation prior).  

The peace after WW2 presented a problem for the military industrial complex - if there was no war, how could they profit from the war machine?  Enter Vietnam and George Morrison (father of Doors singer Jim Morrison):

Daniel Ellsberg, who was on duty in the Pentagon the night of August 4, receiving messages from the ship, reported that the ship was on a secret electronic warfare support measuresmission (codenamed "DESOTO") near Northern Vietnamese territorial waters.[12] On July 31, 1964, USS Maddox had begun its intelligence collection mission in the Gulf of Tonkin. Captain George Stephen Morrison (father ofDoors singer Jim Morrison) was in command of local American forces from his flagship USS Bon Homme RichardMaddox was under orders not to approach closer than eight miles (13 km) from the North's coast and four miles (6 km) from Hon Nieu island.[13] When the SOG commando raid was being carried out against Hon Nieu, the ship was 120 miles (190 km) away from the attacked area.[13]

So now we had a nice little war, where we could sell bell helicopters, and created the modern model for making 'war business.'  After Vietnam it was easy to create an enemy.  Fast forward several conflicts and enter the ultimate enemy: Terrorists.  Terrorists are the dream of Neocons, warmongers, and anyone profiting from the war machine - because they are not connected to any 'country' - are always changing, nearly impossible to identify, have motives no one clearly understands, and can easily be bribed and manipulated to carry out the whims of Washington (in the case of Washington supported ISIS, to disrupt the Assad regime who has been on the black list since Libya.)  Who are Terrorists?  They can be anyone, operate anywhere, and always can be blamed on any mistakes made.  Plane crash, false flag - must be Terrorists!  They are the perfect enemy for the 'war machine'.  And the middle east - a perfect playground.  "Washington" now can be replaced with some proper term for 'global alliance' enter recently to this game Russia, just learning how profitable war can be.

Because practically, war is outdated.  A conventional war between any 2 nuclear powers would only create utter devastation, calculating which side would be more devastated is pointless, as the fallout would spread around the globe.  Also, countries such as Russia, the US, Germany, UK, have no real state enemies because of this, so keeping and maintaining a standing army of any kind - completely wasteful (except to keep the domestic population controlled by fear and opression, and the occasional cleansing of the genetic herd via in theater operations).  Hence the need for terrorists.

In other words, false flag or not - Terrorists are the last frontier for the war machine created (and thus the modern Forex system).  It's impossible to kill them, as they are an idea.  To end 'terrorism', we must end the war machine - dismantling this is very tricky!  Who are the real terrorists, suicide bombers, or news anchors constantly 'terrorizing' the population by making them afraid and worried around every corner a bomb will explode.  If we can overcome this huge mental challenge, we can really create a global panacea, a world without war, without currencies, without fraud.

Just like with any system, the war machine needs our support.  To stop it - we need to stop being afraid, stop believing in it! Stop participating in it!  (But that's not practical, because we like it.  It's entertainment!)  So the philosophical question of the day is:  Do you believe in Terrorists?  At least have some decency if you do - don't tell this fairy tale to your children.  Maybe they'll grow up in a better world.

Or to quote George Carlin, let's accept it as a form of entertainment:

The odds of your being killed by a terrorist are practically zero. So I say, relax and enjoy the show.

You have to be realistic about terrorism. Ya gotta be a realist: Certain groups of people – Muslim fundamentalists, Christian fundamentalists, Jewish fundamentalists, and just plain guys from Montana – are going to continue to make life in this country very interesting for a long, long time. That’s the reality. Angry men in combat fatigue talking to God on a two-way radio and muttering incoherent slogans about freedom are eventually going to provide us with a great deal of entertainment.

Especially after your stupid fuckin economy collapses all around you, and the terrorists come out of the woodwork. And you’ll have anthrax in the water supply and sarin-gas in the air conditioners; there’ll be chemical and biological suitcase bombs in every city, and I say, “Enjoy it, relax! Enjoy the show! Take a fuckin chance. Put a little fun in your life.”


To me, terrorism is exciting. It’s exciting! I think the very idea that someone might set off a bomb in Macy’s and kill several hundred people is exciting and stimulating, and I see it as a form of entertainment! Entertainment that’s all it is. Yeah! But – but I also know most Americans are soft, frightened, unimaginative they don’t realize there’s such a thing as dangerous fun. And they certainly don’t recognize good entertainment when they see it. I have always been willing to put myself at great personal risk for the sake of entertainment. And I’ve always been willing to put you at great personal risk for the same reason.

As far as I’m concerned, all of this airport security, all the searches, the screening, the cameras, the question it’s just one more way of reducing your liberty and reminding you that they can fuck with you any time they want, as long as you put up with it. As long as you put up with it. Which means, of course, any time they want. Because that’s what Americans do now. They’re always willing to trade away a little of their freedom for the feeling, the illusion–of security.   -GEORGE CARLIN

If state-sponsored armies left the middle east permanently (Now speaking of the US, UK, 'coalition of the willing' and now Russia), including the US support of Israel, 'terrorism' as we know it at least, would cease to exist.  We've been sold a load of snake oil, that somewhere lurking in the shadows of these elephant oil fields, are crazed muslims who believe in killing infidels.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!   

When a company is discovered for wrongdoing - often a boycott can succeed in getting their attention (the other alternative, being lawsuits & litigation).  It is not different with the war machine.  It feeds off our energy, our fears, which determines our need to finance and support the military through taxes and other means (and supports our local TV companies through advertisements).  The point is that there is no winning 'the war on Terrorism' - it's a paradox.  It's a genius invention by the war machine akin to "Terminator" films - now for every $1 we put into the military the profit can be $2 or $3 - because the more wars we launch in the middle east, the more terrorists are created, thus a need for even more security & war spending.  If even a small % of our tax dollars was funneled through various CIA shells to finance ISIS (even if the purpose was to overthrow Assad or other Terrorists) - technically speaking it is financed by the American taxpayer (at least in part).  Again, technically speaking - that would put the US Government on the OFAC list (which they publish) - and would be severe AML violations.  All these paradoxes are the ultimate 'fog of war' to enable the war machine to go on, now a self-replicating artificial intelligence of its own.  The ultimate paradox - this situation has made it impossible to stand up against the defense industry (literally) - ensuring it's nearly infinite survival.  

Or - here's an investing idea - if you think this is all a bunch of left wing nonsense - time to go long Defense stocks!  And at least you won't have to worry about any class action lawsuits or other problems with an angry and disgruntled public (they can be disapeared by outsourced foreign sub-contractors).

Think about this next time you're listening to 'riders on the storm'.

"Riders On The Storm"

Riders on the storm

Into this house we're born

Into this world we're thrown

Like a dog without a bone

An actor out on loan

Riders on the storm


There's a killer on the road

His brain is squirmin' like a toad

Take a long holiday

Let your children play

If you give this man a ride

Sweet family will die

Killer on the road, yeah

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If state-sponsored armies left the middle east permanently (Now speaking of the US, UK, 'coalition of the willing' and now Russia), including the US support of Israel, 'terrorism' as we know it at least, would cease to exist.  We've been sold a load of snake oil, that somewhere lurking in the shadows of these elephant oil fields, are crazed muslims who believe in killing infidels.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!   


The religion itself is born of violence:


Based upon the following reasoning for suicide bombings and Jihad, there is no stopping it short of destroying the faith of Islam itself, not just discontinuing the west's financial and military entanglements in MENA. This is no small task. How do you get people born into the delusion of violent martyrdom for their religion to step back? It seems that applying a zero tolerance for immigrants from MENA is the responsible and only thing to do at this time along with withdrawing from MENA activities. Leave that region to live and die all alone and weed out the ones who are already here. Seems like an insurmountable task based upon sheer numbers of "refugees" swarming into Anglo countries. Almost as if it were planned to occur... Next up: walled countries.


"Suicide bombing in the Muslim world cannot be separated from religion. Its perpetrators believe jihad to be synonymous with war and mandate Muslims to strike not only at non-Muslims but also at co-religionists deemed insufficiently loyal to their radical cause. The ideological basis of such an interpretation has deep roots in Islamic theology, but it came to prominence with the twentieth-century rise of Muslim Brotherhood theorists such as Banna and Qutb and was further developed by their successors. While much of the exegesis developed out of Sunni jurisprudence, the Islamic Republic in Iran encouraged the phenomenon. Many of Tehran's proxy groups embraced the tactic.

It is fashionable among Western analysts and academics to explain away suicide bombing with discussion of "root causes" that omit religion. Many cite a history of exploitation by Western powers, Israel's existence, government oppression, poverty, lack of education, and alienation as reasons why desperate individuals decide to blow themselves up to murder others. But attention to suicide bombers' own justifications suggest that, for them, Islam and its call for jihad is the primary motivation."

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Yeah, you're probably correct - no worries from the muzzies:

BEDFORD, United Kingdom – As the distressing attacks in Paris were occurring last night, some of Britain’s most high profile and notorious Islamist extremists gathered just north of London, unimpeded, to tell hundreds of British Muslims to “struggle” for an “Islamic State.” Breitbart London was there.

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I will share something interesting with you.

In the early 1990's my now wife was a student at a Chiropractic College in Whittier California. She was in the restroom and overheard two female students from the middle east speaking. My wife says that she was dumbfounded to hear that the students were saying that if the religious leader of their home country declared a Jihad or fatwa - whatever, that they would go along with it. These are not the exact words as I am only recalling the jist of the conversation told to me. My wife has never forgotten this and remains concerned.

I am not religious nor do I think a war against Islam or any other idea makes sense at all. I am trying to get to the root of these martyrdoms and what can be done about it. It seems non interaction is the best way.

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You presume to think that I am unaware of the Jewish problem?

You conflate - you do not educate.

The two situations do exist - though I would not be surprised to find that Jews established Islam. Just haven't looked into it yet.


Thanks for the downvote - I won't reciprocate though.

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ISIS is a creation of the Anglo-American-Zionist political machine. There was no "Islamic terrorism" in the West until Israel's existence.

You can't talk about terrorism without bringing the original terrorists - Zionists - into the conversation.

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You are preaching to the choir here.

ISIS is NOT the topic of my comment - Islam is. 

I'm done now.

All Out Of Bubblegum's picture

> ISIS is NOT the topic of my comment - Islam is.


If you go sticking your dick into a hornets nest over and over again, are you going to blame the hornets?

All Out Of Bubblegum's picture

Reposting this. Sorry for the repeat but some people can't see the obvious:


"Another tool would have our intelligence agencies create a false terrorist organization. It could have its own websites, recruitment centers, training camps and fundraising operations. It could launch fake terrorist operations and claim credit for real terrorist strikes..."


John Yoo 2005, DoJ Asisistant Undersecretary of Homoerotic Torture

All Out Of Bubblegum's picture

ISIS, for one. There are more than one false fronted "terrorist" orgs, to be sure.

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The United States of America had lost millions of lives in WW2




Let me stop you right there before you make an even bigger fool of yourself.


ItsDanger's picture

Its never the Muslim terrorist's fault.  

rex-lacrymarum's picture

I don't think anyone is really saying that. The point is rather that supporting and arming them may not have been the brightest idea. 

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That's right, they are just misunderstood.

roadhazard's picture

I believe in George Dubya BuchCo and his NeoCon pals to fuck up the world. It's been all down hill since the BuchCo debacle just like I said it would be before the invasion of Iraq. Get the fuck out of Afghanistan. Get the fuck out of Iraq. Get the fuck out of Syria.

I believe Obama has wanted out but is not allowed to do it by his controllers.

 The next President will give the NeoCons dicks a good sucking, mark my words.

Heavenlysunshine's picture

Insanity in humans is neither fun or safe.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

So attacking ISIS is against US national economic interests, therefore a national security issue. How many headlines would stating it that way have changed.

It looks like CNN doesn't lie as much as I thought. lol

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"Do you believe in Magic...."

nah's picture

Alot of money has been spent on the idea.


Its easier that educating the American people how vicious guerrilla warfare and organized crime are


looks pretty good glitzed up in a VDO game tho

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I believe in terrorists as a construct of governments through elite foreign policy.

Other than that one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist.

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"The United States of America had lost millions of lives in WW2".  are you retarded?  try a coup,le hundred thousand, and that's from all military deaths.  how can you get us mixed up with the Red Army??????     

3rivers's picture

"The United States of America had lost millions of lives in WW2".  are you retarded?  try a couple hundred thousand, and that's all military deaths. how did you get us mixed up with the Red Army???  you know, the ones the Germans were busy fighting?  teh great D Day to save the world.... 4,000.. a beach blanket bimbo party compared to what the Russians were up against. 

new game's picture

since debt fuels this boggeyman i write this:


does anyone here really think the governments obligations are going to be paid? these are numbers that represent ONLY ONE THING: DEBT SERViTUDE. there will never be a default. the game is control of the monetary system and default means loss of control. now i ask: will a default happen?

they will find/create a way to "kick the can". create a new bond to suppliment the original and leverage its value into new value deemed a new life line to previous debt obligations. they make the fucking rules. they are psycopathic control freaks that would fuck your twin sister at age 12, while possing as an inocent well intended babysitter. They are fucking banksters.

to believe for one secoind that any of this will default is a fools game of not understanding what is at stake and who is in control.

this money we are captivated by is the very control they have over us. they certainly will not lose control.

outsiders of the western bankster system, assuming russia and china are actually competitors, would be the only risk to the dolla hedgemony. and that i doubt is true, just posturing...

see, it is the biggest conspiracy know to mankind right in our face.

we are captivated by the very monetary system they created  and control, backed by violence if neccesary...

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When it is no longer feasable to extract oil from the Middle East we will leave.  The stupidity came from monopoly players who thought we had to occupy the reagion to gets its resources.  One man's terrorist is another man's patriot when the resistance is organized against an occupying force.  We are the occupying force.  Every terrorist we kill is someone's son or daughter.  The collateral damage we inflict simply widens the sea of resistance.  It's a simple emotion really.  Kill my child and I will put your head on a stake in my front yard.  It is as simple as that.

Bob's picture

Likewise.  But exceptionalism is gonna get a whole lot of Americans killed via blowback in the "homeland" before they start giving a shit enough about the US Murder Machine to stand up against it.  But, I'm guessing, most of the sheeple will remain U-S-A! automatons like they were during Vietnam, while the fanatical "Patriots" will step forward to impose fascist "protection" . . . and, at that point, I'm guessing the majority of the gun-loving crowd are gonna fall into step, long as they get to keep their guns and hate the identified enemy in our midst passionately.  As if firearms can be credible protection against even halfway competent terrorists.

ebear's picture

"The United States of America had lost millions of lives in WW2..."

Not even half a million.

Seriously, is it that hard to check your facts before you write something stupid for the whole world to read?

mh505's picture

That caught my attention as well. When even basic research - or for that matter basic historic knowledge - goes down the drain, the whole article is put in question

illyia's picture

Great read. I had no idea of Morrison father and son. Very nearly the essence of the rebellion, eh?

'nuff said.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Explains a lot about the dark mind of Jim Morrison.

SixIsNinE's picture

try the Bright Mind of Jim Morrison. 

Plenty of Americans, young and old, knew the .goobers assassinated JFK - and they knew there was something very WRONG about going to the other side of the world to kill some Vietnamese, who had done nothing to us.  

The authentic rebellions against the machinations of the deep state was gathering so much power and momentum that all strings were pulled to discredit the youth and their movement.

Fake Sharon Tate Manson murders.  The playbook is now well understood, for regular Zeros, of how the PTB keep and maintain that position.  Infiltrate all groups and organizations that have any significance with informants and provocateurs.  when needed stage events to discredit the group/individual, if necessary threaten violence, on them or family /friends ... 

Then legitimize the prohibition of possession of say, plants & some drugs .... that way you can always have an out to set someone up, legit or not ... oh, look what we found in your car .... what's that in your pocket .... sorry, we'll have to lock you up ... oh, and we'll steal your house and/or stuff and say that's just fine and legal.   (see recent zh article about how police are now confiscating (stealing) more loot than the cumulative burglars in the US)

There has been a sustained effort to muddy the waters and distort history about the music and the love that was generated by the Americans of the 60s, pre-Manson murders.  That event was used to generate a sustained demonization of what the Turned-On WoodStock Lovely People were all about.    

Never doubt the authenticity of the Doors.


Whodathunkit's picture

Somewhere on the web is an exhaustive expose of the history of Laurel Canyon.  Most interesting is there is a lot of links between 60's counterculture figures and their family involvement in various .gov agencies (like the Morrison connection).  Also rumored there was a Military movie studio at the top of the mountain at the end of Laural Canyon for production of propaganda.  All very interesting if true.





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Part of it I agree with, but terrorism isn't really enough for the military industrial complex.  The problem is that guys in pyama's with AK47's don't need hi-tech fight jets or heavy armour to defeat, so while they do spur a lot of pointless spending they do not justify the large standing armies and the bulk of the military.

They also do not scare an armed population nearly as much as an unarmed one.  Instead the bogey man will always have to be someone capable of being a threat, China and Russia are those countries, and we exagerate their intentions.  That said Ukraine and Russia showed the value of military forces, if the opposition thinks you are not serious about defending your country then war is more possible - no military action starts with the expectation of failure. 

But having a military doesn't mean we need to use it, using it is a far more expensive business then we care to admit, both in short term costs and long term consequences.

grumpyoldgit's picture

"The United States of America had lost millions of lives in WW2"


eh try 400,000


now the Germans and Soviets did lose millions

Dick Buttkiss's picture

A whopping .32% of our population at the time — — while we lost some 2% (more than six times more) in the Civil War —