If We Want To Stop Terrorism, We Should Stop SUPPORTING Terrorists

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In the wake of the barbaric Paris terror attacks, everyone is arguing over what we should do to stop further terrorism.

Some say we need more war against Islamic countries … or more spying … or more crackdowns on our liberties.

In reality – despite what the talking heads may say – the methods for stopping future attacks are well known …

I. Stop Overthrowing the Moderates and Arming the Crazies

We know it’s a difficult concept to grasp, but if we want to stop terrorism we should – wait for it – stop supporting terrorists.

Specifically, we’re arming the most violent radicals in the Middle East, as part of a really stupid geopolitical strategy to overthrow leaders we don’t like (more details below). And see this, this, this, this and this. And – strangely – we’re overthrowing the moderate Arabs who stabilized the region and denied jihadis a foothold.

Indeed, the U.S. and its allies are directly responsible for creating and supplying ISIS.  As an internal Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document produced recently shows, the U.S. knew that the actions of “the West, Gulf countries and Turkey” in Syria might create a terrorist group like ISIS and an Islamic CALIPHATE.

Indeed, the former head of the DIA explained:

It was a willful decision [by America] to … support an insurgency that had salafists, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood ….

If we want to stop terrorism, we need to stop supporting the terrorists.

II. Stop Supporting the Dictators Who Fund Terrorists

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest sponsor of radical Islamic terrorists.  The Saudis have backed ISIS and many other brutal terrorist groups. And the most pro-ISIS tweets  allegedly come from Saudi Arabia.

According to sworn declarations from a 9/11 Commissioner and the Co-Chair of the Congressional Inquiry Into 9/11, the Saudi government backed the 9/11 hijackers (see section VII for details).

Saudi Arabia is the hotbed of the most radical Muslim terrorists in the world: the Salafis (both ISIS and Al Qaeda are Salafis).

And the Saudis – with U.S. support – back the radical “madrassas” in which Islamic radicalism was spread.

And yet the U.S. has been supporting the Saudis militarily, with NSA intelligence and in every other way possible for 70 years.

In addition, top American terrorism experts say that U.S. support for brutal and tyrannical countries in the Middle east – like Saudi Arabia – is one of the top motivators for Arab terrorists.

U.S. and NATO-supported Turkey is also massively supporting ISIS, provided chemical weapons used in the jihadi’s massacre of civilians, and has been bombing ISIS’ main on-the-ground enemy – Kurdish soldiers – using its air force.  And some of the Turkish people also seem to be unsympathetic to the victims of terrorism.

The U.S.-backed dictatorships in Qatar and Bahrain also massively fund ISIS.

So if we stop supporting the tyrannies in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Bahrain, we’ll get a two-fold reduction in terror:

(1) We’ll undermine the main terrorism supporters


And …


(2) We’ll take away one of the main motivations driving terrorists: our support for the most repressive, brutal Arab dictatorships

What a concept!

III. Stop Bombing and Invading When a Negotiated Settlement Is Offered

The U.S. rejected offers by Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria to surrender … and instead proceeded to wage war.

Security experts – including both conservatives and liberals – agree that waging war in the Middle East weakens national security and increases terrorism. See this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.

For example, James K. Feldman – former professor of decision analysis and economics at the Air Force Institute of Technology and the School of Advanced Airpower Studies – and other experts say that foreign occupation is the main cause of terrorism. University of Chicago professor Robert A. Pape – who specializes in international security affairs – agrees.

So negotiating peaceful deals will drain the swamp of terrorists created by war and invasion.

IV. Stop Imperial Conquests for Arab Oil

The U.S. has undertaken regime change against Arab leaders we don’t like for six decades. We overthrew the leader of Syria in 1949, Iran in 1953, Iraq twice, Afghanistan twice, Turkey, Libya … and other oil-rich countries.

Neoconservatives planned regime change throughout the Middle East and North Africa yet again in 1991.

Top American politicians admit that the Iraq war was about oil, not stopping terrorism (documents from Britain show the same thing). Much of the war on terror is really a fight for natural gas. Or to force the last few hold-outs into dollars and private central banking.

And the U.S. military described terror attacks on the U.S. as a “small price to pay for being a superpower“:

A senior officer on the Joint Staff told State Department counter-terrorism director Sheehan he had heard terrorist strikes characterized more than once by colleagues as a “small price to pay for being a superpower”.

We’ve fought the longest and most expensive wars in American history … but we’re less secure than before, and there are more terror attacks than ever (update).

Remember, Al Qaeda wasn’t even in Iraq until the U.S. invaded that country. And the West’s Iraq war directly led to the creation of ISIS.

If we want to stop terrorism, we have to stop overthrowing Arab leaders and invading Arab countries to grab their oil.

V. Stop Drone Assassinations of Innocent Civilians

Top CIA officers say that drone strikes increase terrorism (and see this).

The CIA – the agency in charge of drone strikes – even told Obama that drone kills can increase terrorism.

If we want to stop creating new terrorists, we have to stop the drone strikes.

VI. Stop Torture

Top terrorism and interrogation experts agree that torture creates more terrorists.

Indeed, the leaders of ISIS were motivated by U.S. torture.

Once again, we have a very current example: Charlie Hebdo-murdering Frenchterrorist Cherif Kouchi told a court in 2005 that he wasn’t radical until he learned about U.S. torture at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

If we want to stop creating new terrorists, we have to stop torturing … permanently.

VII. Stop Mass Surveillance

Top security experts agree that mass surveillance makes us MORE vulnerable to terrorists.

Indeed, even the NSA admits that it's collecting too MUCH information to stop terror attacks.

Stop it.

VIII. Stop Covering Up 9/11

Government officials agree that 9/11 was state-sponsored terrorism … they just disagree on which state was responsible.

Because 9/11 was the largest terror attack on the U.S. in history – and all of our national security strategies are based on 9/11 – we can’t stop terror until we get to the bottom of what really happened, and which state was behind it.

Many high-level American officials – including military leaders, intelligence officials and 9/11 commissioners – are dissatisfied with the 9/11 investigations to date.

The Co-Chair of the congressional investigation into 9/11 – Bob Graham – and 9/11 Commissioner and former Senator Bob Kerrey are calling for either a “permanent 9/11 commission” or a new 9/11 investigation to get to the bottom of it.

The Co-Chair of the Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 and former Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee (Bob Graham) said that the Paris terror attack, ISIS, and other terrorist developments are a result of failing to stand up to Saudi Arabia and declassify the 9/11 investigation’s report about Saudi involvement in 9/11:

The 9/11 chairs, Ron Paul, and numerous other American politicians have called for declassification, as well.

Again, others have different ideas about who was behind 9/11. But until we get to the bottom of it, terror attacks will continue.

IX.  Stop Doing It Ourselves

The director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan – Lt. General William Odom said:

By any measure the US has long used terrorism. In ‘78-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism – in every version they produced, the lawyers said the US would be in violation.

(audio here).

The Washington Post reported in 2010:

The United States has long been an exporter of terrorism, according to a secret CIA analysis released Wednesday by the Web site WikiLeaks.

Wikipedia notes:

Chomsky and Herman observed that terror was concentrated in the U.S. sphere of influence in the Third World, and documented terror carried out by U.S. client states in Latin America. They observed that of ten Latin American countries that had death squads, all were U.S. client states.




They concluded that the global rise in state terror was a result of U.S. foreign policy.



In 1991, a book edited by Alexander L. George [the Graham H. Stuart Professor of Political Science Emeritus at Stanford University] also argued that other Western powers sponsored terror in Third World countries. It concluded that the U.S. and its allies were the main supporters of terrorism throughout the world.

Indeed, the U.S. has created death squads in Latin America, Iraq and Syria.

Some in the American military have intentionally tried to “out-terrorize the terrorists”. As Truthout notes:

Both [specialists Ethan McCord and Josh Stieber] say they saw their mission as a plan to “out-terrorize the terrorists,” in order to make the general populace more afraid of the Americans than they were of insurgent groups. In the interview with [Scott] Horton, Horton pressed Stieber:

“… a fellow veteran of yours from the same battalion has said that you guys had a standard operating procedure, SOP, that said – and I guess this is a reaction to some EFP attacks on y’all’s Humvees and stuff that killed some guys – that from now on if a roadside bomb goes off, IED goes off, everyone who survives the attack get out and fire in all directions at anybody who happens to be nearby … that this was actually an order from above. Is that correct? Can you, you know, verify that?

Stieber answered:

“Yeah, it was an order that came from Kauzlarich himself, and it had the philosophy that, you know, as Finkel does describe in the book, that we were under pretty constant threat, and what he leaves out is the response to that threat. But the philosophy was that if each time one of these roadside bombs went off where you don’t know who set it … the way we were told to respond was to open fire on anyone in the area, with the philosophy that that would intimidate them, to be proactive in stopping people from making these bombs …”

Terrorism is defined as:

The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

So McCord and Stieber are correct: this constitutes terrorism by American forces in Iraq.  And American officials have admitted that the U.S. has engaged in numerous false flag attacks.

Indeed, many top experts – including government officials – say that America is the largest sponsor of terror in the world … largely through the work of the CIA. And see this.

Stop Throwing Bodies In the River

Defenders of current government policy say: “we have to do something to stop terrorists!”

Yes, we do …

But we must also stop doing the 9 things above which increase terrorism. We have to stop “throwing new bodies in the river.”

But the powers-that-be don’t want to change course … they gain tremendous power and influence through our current war on terror strategies.

For example, the military-complex grows rich through war … so endless war is a feature – not a bug – of our foreign policy.

Torture was about building a false justification for war.

Mass surveillance is about economic and diplomatic advantage and crushing dissent.

Supporting the most radical Muslim leaders is about oil and power … “a small price to pay” to try to dominate the world.

A leading advisor to the U.S. military – the Rand Corporation – released a study in 2008 called “How Terrorist Groups End: Lessons for Countering al Qa’ida“. The report confirms what experts have been saying for years: the war on terror is actually weakening national security (see this, this and this).

As a press release about the study states:

“Terrorists should be perceived and described as criminals, not holy warriors, and our analysis suggests that there is no battlefield solution to terrorism.”

We, the People, have to stand up and demand that our power-hungry leaders stop doing the things which give them more power … but are guaranteed to increase terrorism against us, the civilian population.

Postscript:  It’s not yet clear whether any of the terrorists were “refugees”, and some say that ISIS WANTS to stop all refugees from leaving Syria and Iraq. However, we also take the risk of infiltration of refugee groups by terrorists very seriously.

The bottom line is that we have to stop throwing new bodies in the river, so that we drastically reduce the amount of terrorists in the first place.

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YesWeKahn's picture

The Taliban allegedly offered to hand over Bin Laden to the U.S., but the U.S. refused the offer, and started bombing instead.


As an US citizen, should I know about this? Why do we allow incompetent, stupid or just plain evil "representatives" makes decision for us?

A. Bean-Counter's picture

Its a necessary evil. If you don't got terrorism who ya gonna sell all them guns to ?

Pasadena Phil's picture

STOP IMPORTING OIL! We are THIS CLOSE to being energy independent yet according to ZeroHedge, shale oil is a bad thing. We could tell the rest of the world that the oil "glut" is not their problem and that we will soon have the ability to be a major exporter of natural gas. Do you want to buy it from the terrorist-funding OPEC nations, Russia or us? This is a bad thing? Really?

NuYawkFrankie's picture

The promotion of terrorism - with unending warfare and all the ancilliary "industries" following in its wake - from mass surveillance to asset-stripping (financial, physical & cultural) - is the sine qua non, the existential raison d'etre  of the USSA... all under the pretext of defending "freedom & democracy" from its "enemies" both foreign & domestic.

rwe2late's picture


Stop accepting the fabricated premise.

The "war on terror" is a lie.

Stopping "terrorism" is a lie.

How can anyone ignore the convenient exception given by the US & co. its own terror from drones to torture to surveillance?

The US & co. have done far more destruction, terrorism, and killing to foster extremist hatreds in the ME  than have the jihadists ever done to the West,

and despite what western MSM narcisstically portrays.

The US supports wahabbist sheikhs, drug cartels, expansionist apartheid, 'moderate' jihadists, military dictatorships, and wannabe nazis
NOT because of some benevolent interest in  stopping "extremism" and disorder.
The wars, invasions, and occupations are about maintaining the petrodollar financial racket; about full spectrum dominance to prevent the rise of  any potential adversary; about warfare profits, pipelines, and oil; about controlling resources or else denying use to others; about the hubris of  empire and expansion.

Don't fall into the false paradigm that the basic problem is using 'mistaken' tactics to fight 'terror'.

Don't accept that bombing hospitals and the widepsread destruction of ME infrastructure has been a 'mistake' in tactics apart from strategic design.

Don't keep contending, implicitly or otherwise, that the solution is simply to get them to try harder to avoid 'excessive' collateral damage next time,

or to stop them supporting jihadist terrorism.

ISIS/AlQaeda were originally created to serve the goals of the western empire ...and still very much do despite any superficial appearances otherwise.

Stop accepting the big lie and suggesting how to best accomplish a delusion

as if it were true.

The problem is no more stopping "terrorism" than it is stopping "surprise attacks".


dizzyfingers's picture

Blowback—–The Washington War Party’s Folly Comes Home To Roost http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/blowback-the-washington-war-partys...

Crocodile's picture

Obey Christ's commands and it all goes away instantly; really!  Love your neighbor as yourself and love God (Jesus).  Do those to things, they are the summation of the law, for if you love your neighbor, you will not lie, cheat, steal, murder, or covet....simple path to peace and the proof that man is born with a dark heart & loves sin more than all other things is shown by his hatred of God (Jesus).  To reject the gospel of Jesus is the greatest act of immorality a man can commit.

Tarzan's picture

AAHHHH, fresh air

Thanks Crocodile

John 12:48 There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; the very words I have spoken will condemn them at the last day.

George is only stating the obvious in listing the work of evil men.  What he fails to admit is that this world is ruled by evil men and that will continue until Christ returns. He writes of these things as if to start some movement to right these wrongs, to convince the People to rise up against the deeds of the Powerful.

While the Christian who hopes for Christ to return and put down this evil in the world is ridiculed for this hope as if foolish or pie in the sky, it is the secular minded with their never ending hope to convince the world to live Godly WITHOUT GOD, who are the true pie in the sky simpletons hoping against hope....

It's like someone stole your wallet with your life savings, and years later your still hoping your wallet will be returned.  These type will say Christ will not return because he hasn't yet done so, yet they do not apply this logic to there own hopes and dreams for a peaceful world without God.

There's no formula for mankind to live in Peace while at the same time ignoring God's Word.  No movement will ever sooth the beast, and no savior but God Himself can fix this mess.

It's a lazy mind that believes if we could just drive all the Jews into the Sea the world would be at Peace.  Intellectually, it's much easier to believe the JEWS did it, or the Arabs, then to look inside and realize we've all been led astray, each of us have gone our own way, there is non righteous but God.... 

Yet, the red arrows will abound for daring to mention that the root of the problem is ignoring God's natural law, "Love your neighbor as yourself and love God".

GreatUncle's picture

If a terrorist has some skin in the game of life they don't become terrorists.

99% of the worlds population are getting poorer and guess what? Becomes so easy to radicalise people and if you have nothing to lose why not become a terrorist for the terrorist will see themselves as freedom fighter.

WITH NOTHING TO LOSE THIS CONTINUES FOREVER AND ONLY LIKELY TO GET WORSE so the governments figuring this out will all adopt the tactic of using the fear of terror as population control. If anything that is what I am now seeing from the MSM and the Paris attacks, blocks most other news.


sessinpo's picture

Hmm. Suicide bomber anyone? How about that skin?

Everyone has skin in the game to some degree. Those far away just don't see the impact.

There is no lala land and no, life still isn't fair. Get use to it.

WOWurstupid's picture

George you have no idea of what Islam is. Hugs won't stop making them cut throats they cut throats for their god.  Trying to make any of this the wests fault is about as stupid as blaming Israel for existing. 


huge you are a funny man 

justdues's picture

They cut the penis,s of their own babies ! How is that for mind control, over riding the most primal instinct of human mothers to protect their baby from any and all harm ?

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

That Egyptian comic that is Jon Stewart's pal has it right. If you take ANY ideology or region and apply the following you will get the same result:

1. Fund a poisonous ideology that says you must kill anyone who does not believe what you do. Set up schools around the globe designed to preach this doctrine. Offer schooling, food, and other comforts to the poorest people in the poorest nations. Continue for several decades;

2. Support brutal military dictators. Train them to torture, arm them and train them to supress their own populations. Funnel billions to their coffers so they can support their cronies and impoverish their populations by extracting everything from the economy. Suppress any political opposition and subvert any democratic processes that may arise.

It doesn't matter if you apply these strategies to Buddhists, Christians, Zoroastrians, or Muslims, the result will be what we're seeing.

You hate Muslims because that's who they want you to hate. You should hate the people who promote the policies instead. 

TRM's picture

And you have no clue about Islam.It is not a Muslim thing. It is a Wahhabi thing. That is a sect of Islam similar to what the KKK's version of Christianity would be.

Simple question for you: If Islam & Muslims are the problem why is the ONLY effective groups fighting them Muslim?

In Chechnya it was the Sufi & sane Sunni plus Russia who kicked the Wahhabi's ass. In Syria the Shia, Druze and sane Sunnis and Russia.Yes for the first time in their entire history the Shia and Sunni are killing the same foes. The Wahhabis.

Notice a pattern?

Grandad Grumps's picture

George, I have come to the conclusion that if we want to stop terrorism, then we need to realize who the real enemy is and who is fighting the war against whom.

It appears that the war is not about humans fighting humans, it is about a war against humanity. The color of one's skin and their religion do not matter. If we count ourselves part of humanity then we are the targets and victims of this war. It is the third world war against humanity.

Unfortunately there are a large number of corrupted and ignorant people fighting in the war against humanity. They have become deluded and brainwashed to believe lies and then willingly fight other humans in service to those who war against us.

But, I have no proof ... only the evidence of what is happening and how it speaks for itself.

dogismycopilot's picture

meanwhile the US Congress in charge is full of idiots like this guy who has set up a "Transgender Task Force" in the US http://www.infowars.com/congress-creates-transgender-task-force/

Exellent article GW. It should be in every newspaper in the US.

Aussiekiwi's picture

Which explains why the information on targets for the French to bomb in Syria from the US was deliberately out of date. Not quite ready to see their terrorists destroyed yet, still have a use for them.

Flying Wombat's picture

The French Republic taken hostage 

By Thierry Meyssan


# # # #

The final nails in the coffin of the US Constitutional Republic could very well be hammered in the not too distant future if there's an insufficient awakening of enough people about the true nature of why radical Islamic terrorism is growing like a cancer, and upon more attacks coming to the United States. Our leaders, both Democrat and Republican, are lying to us; further, most politicians in the House and Senate are clueless about what's going on, having also gorged on establishment propaganda. -- Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors


. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

" ...also argued that other Western powers sponsored terror in Third World countries. It concluded that the U.S. and its allies were the main supporters of terrorism throughout the world."

Here's number ten for your llist:

Stop hiding the identity of terrorists, especially when you write articles about global terrorism.


Radical Marijuana's picture

Actually, SOS, human beings live as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows, which means that there is nothing but the dynamic equilibria between different systems of organized lies operating robberies. Therefore, governments are necessarily the biggest forms of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals. Or, to put that another way, governments are necessarily the biggest form of terrorists, controlled by the best organized terrorists.

Blaming any particular groups for being the only "bad guys" is always mistaken, because there are NO "good guys," since everyone must live as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows

There are NO ways to "stop terrorism." There may only be ways to develop better dynamic equilibria between the various different gangs of terrorists. However, the degree to which the world is now being controlled by the best available professional hypocrites actually doing that makes developing better terrorism appear to be politically impossible. But nevertheless, I would repeat my view that it is NOT possible to "end terrorism," while such impossible ideals will continue to backfire badly, and cause the opposite to happen in the real world.

MortimerDuke's picture

Come on man.  The only entropic pump of environmental energy flow is you. And the environmental energy comes from the dynamic equilibria between cow and pig poop. 

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

I don't disagree, per se, but I fail to see the relevance. I was simply stating the fact that in an article which has as its goal to unmask terrorism, the main actors must be identified. Many were identified (Saudi, Turkey, etc.) but I found it odd that despite the fact that other state actors were named, Israel wasn't.

Ukraine, Pakistan, Qatar, Nigeria, et al., could also have been included, or moreso.

new game's picture

rm, i am going to take the liberty of simplifing your paragraph.

moar for moar controll(with some controlled blowback), ceating moar of the same.

WTFUD's picture

You're very Patriotic GW! You allude to yourself as one of the ' bad old boys ' when you state 'WE' in the Header.

We've already ascertained that the cockroach sell-out Public Servants are on the payroll of the Bankers and couldn't give a donald duck what WE think.

new game's picture

excellent! i am not we. we as in follower, sorry geoge i think critically and think otherwise. you represent a nobble cause, but realise you are bullshitting yourself, that is if you believe any of your 9 talking points will come to fuition. moar homework needed. start with the laws of nature(human nature to be moar specific), commonly called natural laws, the unrefutable laws.

then take the journey and post realism. TIA

Chuckster's picture

It would be nice if we could just reboot the system like you reboot a computer.  When politicians are seated in office they watch their piers and become the same.  We are where we are.  Hopefully we can reboot with a minimum of pain and bloodshed.  I had an employee for many years who used to say the world needed a nuke about every 30 years to help people get their heads out of their asses.  Maybe he was right.  One of my aggravations has been that factual history is not taught in schools but you have to puke up the nonsense to get a good grade.  If you want children to learn and progress, they need to know the actual facts.  In another post today a poster was commenting on the Vietnam war.  There has been so much shit slung around it is incredible.  The poster can't be blamed for his post.....he has been propagandized.  He believed what he had been told for a whole lot of years.  There are a lot of extremely intelligent people that post on this site.  Some posts are a joy to behold.

yomutti's picture
yomutti (not verified) Nov 18, 2015 9:35 PM

Wackoism. Terrorism exists because it's popular among Arabs and some other Muslims. Our actions have little to do with it.


besnook's picture

you should be happy george left out the flea on the mediterranean sea for criticism.

Pliskin's picture

Oh, is that what it is. O.K. time to pack up everyone, Yomutti has it all solved.  It's nothing to do with interventionism, arming, funding terrorists, proxy wars, neo-con warhawks, big corporate gains (Think M.I.C.  Exxon et al) U.S. Hegemony, destruction of liberties/freedoms, Ereszt Israel, Saudi headchopping fanatical oil sellers (In Dollars) Central Banks, Wolfowitz Doctrine, Soros Doctrine, Brezinskis wetdream, Netanyahoo's meglomania, Rosthchilds de-population fantasies, arms manufacturers, Hillary's lies, McCains dementia....

It's just those bloody Muzzies!

Thanks Yomutti, for clearing that all up.


Billy the Poet's picture

The most deadly attack in the Holy Land to this day was the bombing of the King David Hotel. This was carried out by Jewish extremists who are apparently motivated by their Muslim faith. Who knew?


Here's Bibi dedicating a plaque in honor of the bombing and celebrating his Muslim faith:


The Spirit of the King David Hotel

read more: http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/opinion/the-spirit-of-the-king-davi...

Reaper's picture

Everything the government says is a lie; everything the government does is a hustle; everything government security provides is fraud. ~ Nietzsche expanded. Wahabbism is evil. American exceptionalism is a hustle by neo-cons.

The gods praise those whom they'll destroy. The neo-con demi-gods lie and praise the "exceptional" American fools to engage the support of those fools. We have met the enemy and it's our leaders and media. Our neo-con leaders praise us to destroy us.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



If We Want To Stop Terrorism, We Should Stop SUPPORTING Terrorists

Stop terrorism?


A terrorized public is a compliant public.

r0mulus's picture

Bravo, GW! :)

This is a great read.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yes, GW presents comprehensive research. However, GW fails to assimilate enough of the anomalies in order to finally go through sufficiently profound paradigm shifts regarding 9/11.

r0mulus's picture

I understand what you are saying, RM, but, the object of his writings are much less lofty than yours.

Not all are able to realize your levels of philosophical abstraction, which I would say are almost closer to spiritual-existential truths than revisionist history or investigative journalism.

They do need to be informed about the basics of the MIC, fraud-merica, and 9/11. GW does an exceptional job with that.

JR's picture

Terror, thy Father is state socialism.

Terror is the modus operandi of revolutionary socialism. Politicians the likes of Obama, Feinstein et al., are the Face of Today’s Terror, engaging the extermination of their own people in the US by their calculated policies of open borders for Third World peoples only for the past 50 years, by their oppression of Christianity, by their forced wealth transfer from producers to non-producers, by court ordered destruction of the American family unit and the uprooting of basic morality, and by their undeclared wars of terrorism and disorder and assassinations challenging ruling governments from Libya, Iraq, and Ukraine to Syria, Egypt and Palestine.

Destroy morality and order and you destroy the key ingredient of freedom – at home and abroad.

Clarence B. Carson in “Terrorizing Many Lands” writes that “Communism is a power theory, and undergirding that power is terror.”

Can there be any doubt that the one-party socialist system in DC, protected by a Jewish-controlled worldwide media monopoly, now borders on hard-line Communism and a one-world socialist state?

Writes Carson:

“The preaching of class hatred and allegations of injustice arouse individuals to act on their own and inspire the formation of ‘free-lance’ terrorist organizations.”

And so, just as in Mao’s China, and the terrorizing  that spread throughout Germany , France, and the United States beginning in the 1960s,  we now have state-sponsored youth rebellion such as at the University of Missouri instigated by the 60s students who are now professors and administrators of America’s universities.

“The Youth Rebellion was not only inspired by Mao’s Cultural Revolution spearheaded by students but also by ‘mind expanding’ drugs, psychedelic lights, hard rock music, sexual promiscuity, and hippie life styles,” wrote Carson.”Simultaneous with these developments was widespread rioting in the cities, mainly by blacks.”

Feinstein and her ilk such as John McCain are using suppression of freedom to finalize world government by transforming the terror into the totalizing of world power – “the wiping out of the last relics of independence…the molding of the population to the will of the rulers… such as took place in Communist China in the mid-1960s.

Wrote Carson regarding Mao’s China, “The instrument used for the purge was students…young people in high school and college…

“The first to be terrorized generally were school administrators and instructors. Many of these were brought before students to be judged….they were humiliated, tortured, often enough stomped and beaten, made to confess and recant and stripped of their authority…

“To set the young to terrorizing their elders must surely be the ultimate betrayal of a people by the government.”

 Concludes Carson: “The ultimate terror is the pervasive use of force in an atmosphere of hate. This is the permanent terror of communism.”

The divisions being fostered in modern America are providing the hate for world terrorism.

Radical Marijuana's picture

To respond to both JR and new game:

new game's description of the vicious spirals of "moar terrorism" was similarly summarized in the video embedded in this article:


"There's No Such Thing As ISIS": Journalist Destroys West's Terror Narrative, Warns Of Crackdown On "Dissidents"


Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks with RT International

At about the 9:30 mark in that video interview:

... use the consequences of globalization as tools to further globalization ...

While that is clearly so, I do NOT like the sort of "Marxist" political language used in that video, which is the same as the language used by historian Carroll Quigley to refer to "powers of finance capitalism:"

"... powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching goal, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole ..."

That mostly triumphant implementation of the international bankers' agenda is NOT properly labeled as "capitalism." Rather, that is actually based upon the application of the methods of organized crime through the political processes, WHICH INCLUDES EVERY LEVEL OF TERRORISM.





All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars


Making the World Safe for Banksters: Syria In the Cross-hairs

By Ellen Brown, September 5, 2013.

… Forty percent of banks globally are publicly-owned. They are largely in the BRIC countries—Brazil, Russia, India and China—which house forty percent of the global population. They also escaped the 2008 credit crisis, but they at least made a show of conforming to Western banking rules. This was not true of the “rogue” Islamic nations, where usury was forbidden by Islamic teaching. To make the world safe for usury, these rogue states had to be silenced by other means. Having failed to succumb to economic coercion, they wound up in the crosshairs of the powerful US military. …

WTO members were induced to sign the agreement by threatening their access to global markets if they refused;  … That was the fate of countries in the WTO … those that were not in that organization at all, including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran ... These seven countries were named by U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.) in a 2007 “Democracy Now” interview as the new “rogue states” being targeted for take down after September 11, 2001. He said that about 10 days after 9-11, he was told by a general that the decision had been made to go to war with Iraq. Later, the same general said they planned to take out seven countries in five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

What did these countries have in common? Besides being Islamic, they were not members either of the WTO or of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). That left them outside the long regulatory arm of the central bankers’ central bank in Switzerland. Other countries later identified as “rogue states” that were also not members of the BIS included North Korea, Cuba, and Afghanistan.

The body regulating banks today is called the Financial Stability Board (FSB), and it is housed in the BIS in Switzerland. In 2009, the heads of the G20 nations agreed to be bound by rules imposed by the FSB, ostensibly to prevent another global banking crisis. Its regulations are not merely advisory but are binding, and they can make or break not just banks but whole nations. … Among other game-changing regulations in play under the FSB are Basel III and the new bail-in rules. Basel III is slated to impose crippling capital requirements on public, cooperative and community banks, coercing their sale to large multinational banks. …

Countries laboring under the yoke of an extractive private banking system are being forced into “structural adjustment” and austerity by their unrepayable debt. But some countries have managed to escape. In the Middle East, these are the targeted “rogue nations.” Their state-owned banks can issue the credit of the state on behalf of the state, leveraging public funds for public use without paying a massive tribute to private middlemen. Generous state funding allows them to provide generously for their people.

Like Libya and Iraq before they were embroiled in war, Syria provides free education at all levels and free medical care. It also provides subsidized housing for everyone (although some of this has been compromised by adoption of an IMF structural adjustment program in 2006 and the presence of about 2 million Iraqi and Palestinian refugees). Iran too provides nearly free higher education and primary health care.

Like Libya and Iraq before takedown, Syria and Iran have state-owned central banks that issue the national currency and are under government control. Whether these countries will succeed in maintaining their financial sovereignty in the face of enormous economic, political and military pressure remains to be seen. …

??? … remains to be seen … ???

As my reply below to ... _ _ _ ... stated, all human language is based on "labels," which are necessarily over-simplifications. Basically what human beings do that they live by telling stories, based upon how they perceive the world, and then act on the basis of those perceptions, which they can more or less share with other human beings through languages. Human beings are able to build a mental model of their world, which includes mental models of themselves within their model of the world.

My general objection is to the degree to which almost everyone takes for granted using the DUALITIES of false fundamental dichotomies and the related impossible ideals. I find the labels of "socialism versus capitalism" to be misleading. In my view there is nothing but the dynamic equilibria between different systems of organized lies operating robberies. That perception of politics is based upon using UNITARY MECHANISMS, which attempts to build mental models to understand the world that are based, as much as possible, upon thinking about human beings and civilizations as general energy systems, where those live as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows.

The international banksters, which have mostly already achieved their agenda, are NOT "capitalist" NOR is it meaningful to posit "socialism" as the alternative to that. Rather, there is nothing else than a core of organized crime, surrounded by controlled opposition groups.  Within that context, the events on 9/11/2001 were the most spectacular symbol, so far, of how the ruling classes actually rule, i.e., 9/11 was an inside job, false flag attack, deliberately designed to make the "War on Terror" become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Furthermore, the contemporary "War on Terror" was merely the most recent episode of similar patterns of social facts throughout human history, such as the "War on Drugs," as I discussed under this article:


Who's Winning The "War On Terror"? People Killed Worldwide By Terrorists Soars 80% In A Year


There is only one energy, and therefore, there is only one political system, and that system is the application of the principles and methods of organized crime, which must have its death control systems as the central controls to everything else. It is NOT possible to stop there existing some death controls. It is NOT possible to stop terrorism. Attempts to achieve such impossible ideals are guaranteed to backfire badly, and cause the opposite to actually happen in the real world, (which is why those impossible ideals are promoted by controlled opposition groups.)

The underlying problem with both the otherwise good research of GW and JR is that they both end up still relying too much upon the standard kinds of DUALITIES. Indeed, practically everyone does, especially since the established systems are dominated by the best professional hypocrites doing that.

On the contrary, my use of UNITARY MECHANISMS is perceiving the political situation as being that governments are necessarily the biggest terrorists, controlled by the best organized terrorists. As Max Keiser has popularized the phrase, the international bankers are "financial terrorists" and those ruling classes have been behind the events attempting to drive "regime changes," and so forth, as outlined in the article I linked above by Ellen Brown.

I repeat my view that it is a stupidly superficial label to blame things on "socialism" and/or blame things on "capitalism," and so forth, and so on ... THERE ARE CHRONIC POLITICAL PROBLEMS BUILT INTO THE NATURE OF LIFE! Civilization at the present time is operated through some sets of superficial solutions to those CHRONIC POLITICAL PROBLEMS. Those sets of superficial solutions are based upon the superficial analyses of what exists, using false fundamental dichotomies like "capitalism versus socialism," with proponents on either side blaming the other side.

Within that context, both GW and JR base their views on the standard, generally accepted, dualities, and thus continue to promote sterile, dead-end "solutions," which are bogus because they do not penetrate to deeper underlying mechanisms which were operating. As soon as we perceive human beings as separate from their environment and each other, then they necessarily live as gangs of robbers. The only differences are the size of those gangs of robbers.

The biggest gang of robbers, are now the biggest gangsters, the banksters. They were behind getting the "War on Terror" going as a self-fulfilling prophesy, that would enable starting more genocidal wars, as well as preparing to impose democidal martial law. However, they are merely the currently BEST ORGANIZED GANGSTERS, THAT CONTROL GOVERNMENTS.

It will NEVER be possible to stop terrorism. Politics without violence is like physics without force. The only things which are actually possible is for their to develop different dynamic equilibria between different systems of organized lies operating robberies.

The international banksters are currently engaged in the greatest robberies, through symbolic frauds, which are enforced by governments. EVERYONE lives as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows. There are only superficial differences between those which are labeled as "socialist versus capitalist," and similarly so for all the rest of the DUALITIES that most people take for granted thinking with.

In the context of the article above, what does it really mean that "we should stop SUPPORTING terrorists," when the biggest terrorists are the "financial terrorists," the international bankers, whose frauds are enforced by governments. That was how and why the CIA, and similar groups from other countries, have been engaged in getting the "War on Terror" going and growing.

The essential issues continue to be that natural selection pressures have driven the development of human artificial selection systems which became more socially successful by becoming the most deceitful and fraudulent. The exponential progress in physical science has driven that excessively successful application of the methods of organized crime applied to control civilization drive that civilization to become runaway criminal insanities.


Continuing to rely upon thinking using old-fashioned DUALITIES, of fundamental dichotomies, and the related impossible ideals, will continue to backfire badly, and cause the opposite to happen in the real world. Everyone lives as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows. There are no basic differences between people who are given superficial labels regarding how they do that. As soon as we perceive human beings as separate from their environment and each other, then they are ALL robbers. The biggest and best organized gangs of robbers are currently the bankster controlled governments, which was how and why they were behind driving the "War on Terror" to get worse, faster ...

However, any "solutions" based on stopping politics from being based on backing up lies with violence are bogus, bullshit impossible ideals, since that has as much possibility of being achieved as stopping physics from including force. Furthermore, as a corollary to that, blaming any particular groups of human beings, identified with whatever labels, is too stupidly superficial to work.

Rather that trying to "stop terrorism" the only genuinely possible solutions would be to operate "better terrorism." That is especially the case after one faces the facts that the best organized terrorist, the control governments, are the international banksters, who are currently the supreme "financial terrorists," who have been primarily responsible for the agenda of "regime changes" that have had so much blowback as to enable the same financial terrorists to also prepare to impose democidal martial law within the NATO countries, which countries have be used to advance the global agenda of the banksters.

Since almost everyone who does relatively good research, such as GW and JR, nevertheless continue to NOT go through sufficient paradigm shifts regarding how they perceive political problems, they continue to use superficial labels, and promote similarly superficial solutions.

MEANWHILE, the problems that there now exist globalized systems of electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic bombs, almost automatically get worse, faster ... with no end in sight regarding how bad that is going to get ...

Since almost everyone continues to rely upon old-fashioned false fundamental dichotomies, and therefore, recommends bogus "solutions" based upon the related impossible ideals, pretty well all of the content published on Zero Hedge demonstrates the degree to which there is almost nothing but various layers of controlled opposition groups, surrounding the core of organized crime.

Given that, there continues to be no good grounds to doubt that the runaway systems of debt slavery, which have generated numbers which have become debt insanities, are not going to provoke worse and worse manifestations of death insanities. Since there is almost no saner resolutions to the real problems based upon developing better death control systems, but rather, the the existing covert systems based on deceits and treacheries, which are opposed by the impossible ideals that there ought not be any death control systems, therefore, we are rushing faster and faster towards unprecedented levels of death insanities, which manifest as "terrorism" greater than we can now fully comprehend or imagine.

But nevertheless, even after something way worse happens, the basic theoretical imperatives continue, that we should go through series of intellectual scientific revolutions, that apply to political science in general, and to the combined money/murder systems in particular. In my view, authors like GW and JR are typical in their failures to engage in deeper analyses, because they use the same old-fashioned DUALITIES that they, and almost everyone else, are used to using, rather than develop better UNITARY MECHANISMS through which to understand the political problems, and the propose more realistic solutions that are consistent with those deeper analyses of those political problems.

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Sorry, JR, but "revolutionary socialism" is another stupidly superficial label.

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Mornin', Marijuana. Dr. Carroll Quigley before his death exposed the plot of the super-rich to convert all governments, including that of the U.S., to world socialism which they would control.

Without labeling what they do, Marijuana, how then do we communicate and identify the existence of this mammoth power network that is trying to take over the world?

How do we expose why the richest men in the world, such as George Soros and Jacob Schiff, have financed by control of banking these past 100 years both Communist revolutions and Socialist legislation?

Alejandro Chafuen writes in War Without End:

“The world leaders of terrorism do not seek destruction for its own sake. They aim to destroy the private property order and build on its ruin a political command order.”

In short, terrorists plant the seeds of social conflict by spreading false doctrines of conflict as they march us down the Road to Serfdom and war to a gradual realization of world socialism.

Leon Trotsky, theorist of worldwide revolution whose followers simply moved to Washington, DC, from the Soviet Union to carry out their movement, openly called for terrorism:

“The revolution ‘logically does not demand terrorism, just as ‘logically’ it does not demand an armed insurrection. What a profound commonplace! But the revolution does require of the revolutionary class that it should attain its ends by all methods at its disposal—if necessary, by an armed rising; if required, by terrorism.

...there is only one way to seize power, taking away from the bourgeoisie the material apparatus of government.”

Leonard Read answered long ago how he would measure the success of socialism as Karl Marx had envisioned it:

“How would I measure my success? By the extent to which the people of the U.S. adopted my creed, the ten points of the Communist Manifesto.”

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All labels are stupidly superficial; even the word label is a label.

That doesn't change the fact that many socialist movements over the years have used terror as a tool. The French Revolution is a prime example. Terror is not exclusive to socialism, neither does socialism exclusively use terror tactics. Still, analogies can be drawn.

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sorry to all this wish/think bullshit. none of it will happen for one simple reason:LOSS OF CONTROL,PERIOD...

violence, moar violence, backed by even moar violence. see the pattern. nothing will change as history just repeats with different weapons and players.

eventually we self destruct due to the intensity of the violence(weapons)...

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very uncomfortable stuff...

george, come out of your comfort zone.


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There won't be a Maoist style "cultural" revolution in the USA. 

That's what all the guns are about.

Better the "kids" run their mouths on campus where they will be coddled.

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Let me make it easier...only 1 thing to do:


Remove from Government ANY person with a loyalty to any country other than the U.S.A...stand with the U.S.A.

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If You do that then the U.S.A won't have a government.