Meanwhile In Greece... Farmers Throw Oranges, Police Toss Teargas Grenades

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In the first major protest by farmers in several years, bus-loads of men and women arrived from across Greece to protest the looming over-taxation and social security changes exclaiming that these government-enforced, Quadriga-mandated changes will affect the country’s primary production and crash those who sole income comes from farming, breeding and fishing. The infamous Syntagma Square saw oranges and water bottles met with police tear gas and sound cannons as European social tension continues to roil...


Via KeepTalkingGreece,

eering, tear gas, sound flares, water bottles and oranges were the highlights of the farmers’ protest outside the Greek Parliament at Syntagma Square on Wednesday. More than 3,500 farmers, breeders and fishermen from all over Greece had gathered in Athens to protest taxation and social security reforms in their sector.

Tension went high short after 12 o’clock noon, when a farmers’ delegation tried to break the police ‘fence’ consisting of several police vehicles. and enter the Parliament in order to submit a protest resolution.

farmers athens

When the farmers entered the parliament yard, police repelled them with teargas, the farmers picked up bitter oranges from the decorative trees outside the parliament and started to throw them at their “attackers”. Water bottles flew through the air as well.

Video: police – farmers clash. Somebody shouts “Heads!” apparently urging others to lower their heads for protection.

Within 10 minutes, a thick cloud of chemicals had covered the area, suffocating protesters and passersby like men, women, children and seniors, in one of the most vibrant spots of daily life in Athens.

Amid tension with police, farmers also verbally attacked and booed former ministers of first Syriza government, Panagiotis Lafazanis and Dimitris Stratoulis, now founding members of Popular Unity party. Some farmers threw at them water bottles and jeered them. “We don’t want politicians here,” they reportedly told the former ministers.

Video: angry farmers tell Lafazanis “Go!Go!”

Farmers threaten with further actions stressing that the upcoming overtaxation and the changes in  the social security will affect the country’s primary production and crash those who sole income comes from farming, breeding and fishing.

It was the first massive farmers’ protest after several years, the men and women had arrived from across the country with buses and ferries.

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Latina Lover's picture

If I were Greek, I would just stop paying taxes to the greatest extent possible, and trade only with my neighbors. Greece should just default on her debts lest their grandchildren become perpetual debt slaves.

Fuck  the Banksters and their EU whores.!

Haus-Targaryen's picture

If I were Greek -- I'd leave.  

Needless to say, given this video:

I am wondering which would be a better language to learn, Polish or Russian.  I think Polish would be easier given its the same alphabet.  Then again, I think Russian would be the better choice given the sheer numbers of people who speak it.  

Latina Lover's picture

If I was 23 and broke, I'd go to Russia, become a citizen and claim 1 hectare of land. Heck, if I wasn't in love with latina's, I might still move.

J S Bach's picture

"Farmers Throw Oranges, Police Toss Teargas Grenades"

Kinda sounds like Gaza.  Same adversary. 

Looney's picture

Instead of Tear Gas they should’ve used Laughing Gas.  ;-)


Spooky Polish's picture

Polish could be easy, it depends from where You're from. 

From the other hand, as Polish citizen, i'm blessing faith for : knowing russian (more or less), and also because I'm far from being russophobic. 

We (as a countries/nations) have some tough history, but shit... we're both slavic, and for some extend share same area.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I know many Germans who are looking at Western Poland right now as a place to buy a "vacation home."  

Germans are lucky the Poles aren't suicidal, and are good at surviving.  I can only hope when the morons running Germany right now finally destroy it completely -- the Poles are willing to take in German "Flüchtlingie" as this place is certainly going to turn into a war zone before things get better.  

Spooky Polish's picture

Poland taking Germans as refugees will be ironic loughter of madame History. 

Yet we have plenty of space in Poland still remembering german "settlers" from 1939, and lets say that those aren't very enjoyable memories.

My grandmother was in train to Aushwitz, just glimpse of luck saved her. 

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

My wife's grandparents immigrated from Poland and farmed in Connecticut. She can be stubborn and act like a blockhead. But one thing is for sure, if you get her righteously pissed off or threaten her family in any way, you've got a fight on your hands.

Spooky Polish's picture

"stubborn" "blockhead", Yeap, looks like genetics flawless victory over socialization :)

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Her genetics are fantastic. Blonde, physically strong and she has a way of cutting through bullshit to get to the point. Since I'm a crazy Scotsman, we make up a pair that "happens to other people" if you don't watch out.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yep.  This is the way of female genetics.  I have a beautiful wife, stone cold fucking insane, but beautiful.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

You probably have learned, like I have, to leverage that insanity.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

When I reflect on this time in history -- I still scratch my head about 2 things; 

1) Why did Adolf pick on the Poles?  I don't get it.  The Germans and the Poles -- albeit different are natural allies.  Its something that looking in hindsight -- makes literally zero sense.  

2) Why were the Poles telling Nazi Germany "Go fuck yourself" while at the same time telling the USSR "Go fuck yourself."  You would think, that given their geographic position between the two -- telling both of them to fuck themselves wasn't a good idea -- even without hindsight.  

Two mysteries I'll never understand.  

Spooky Polish's picture

Oh Boy, it's very simple if You know some of polish history. 

For 200 Years Poland seized to exist because of territory anexiation by Prussia, Russia and Austria, therefore just 20 years after receiving independency back in 1918, there was no option to choose any. And our allies fucked us in the ass. We were proposed allign with each one to beat second one. But even as i consider myself as pro-russian, I cannot imagine something like that, especially after beating bolsheviks near Warsaw in 1920. It could be miracle or pure luck (in Poland it's considered miracle), doesn't matter. But it's pure fact. 

There's much deeper contencts in each of matter, try to google polish minister Beck for more. 


About Hitlers choosing.

From my POV there are two explanations, not contadicting each other by bit:

1/ We stand on his way
2/ Prussia took some heavy beating from polish troops beetween 1400 and 1600, and hitler seemed kinda teutonic , maybe they were scared what can happen when UK/France will bring weapons into polish hands.  

semperfi's picture

why?  Greece is fixed - didn't you get the memo - come out of the fog

Escapedgoat's picture

I will opt for Russia as I already have a head start.

I still need to find a lovely Russian Lady.


Lostinfortwalton's picture

A freind of mine married one about six years ago. On a scale of one to ten she is a fifteen. And as nice a person as they come.

BarkingCat's picture

Why not stay and fight for your country?

Do something radical like vote in Golden Dawn.


Big_Hitman's picture
Big_Hitman (not verified) Latina Lover Nov 18, 2015 8:48 AM

My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do...

Eugend66's picture

Motherfucking idiot bot-like mind, fuck off!

J Jason Djfmam's picture

This reminds me of the long armed muppets and the short armed muppets helping each other with the oranges.

Jaspergers's picture

@LL That is exactly what many greeks are doing outside of the larger cities... Athens is FUBAR but little villages all over greece will be fine either way. 

Income tax on anything over 30K per year starts at 50% on what the employer pays . . . and they wonder why so many evade lol. Put a 10% rate in the constitution and maybe that will change.

Greece hasn't been sovereign, really, in over 800 years but to wipe it out entirely will take more than a few baby eating brussels bureaucrats.

JustObserving's picture
Farmers Throw Oranges

What did you expect when pensions are forced dowm to $94 a month? Roses?

Paul Craig Roberts: Wealthy Germans Forced Pensions of Poor Greeks Down to $94 monthly

EU proves that “democracy,” “compassion,” “good will,” are cant used to cloak Western looting and oppression.

Mr. George Romanias, Greek Secretary General on Social Services, has said today, speaking to the Greek MEGA TV station:

“? cannot stay in the Ministry. I went to apply some principles. I cannot do the opposite” Mr Romanias said adding that he will submit his resignation by tomorrow morning. “I cannot apply the law they oblige me to introduce. It is not possible to give a monthly pension of 87 Euros to a handicapped person. This is what was put in law”

Speaking about the law introduced with express procedures, upon insistence of the Creditors, including all European governements and the Commission, he said “it is the first time in my life that I see a project of law written with such illiteracy, such amateurism and such ignorance… The Prime Minister was blackmailed, that is sure, but I cannot apply a law I don’t agree with and about which I was not asked”.

Latina Lover's picture

Blaming the wealthy Germans obscures the real cause of the debt crisis: banksters bailed out in 2008-9.  Instead of giving them money, Greece should have mounted their heads on pikes.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Bingo.  I guarranty that the pensions for farmers in Germany are fine.  But I digress, this is really how world wars start.  The collapse of essential supply lines.

BarkingCat's picture

What it really comes down to is that people want something for nothing.

They vote in governments that promise them free stuff.

The politicians are more than willing to make those promises to get themselves in power.


The fault lies with the Greek people themselves, but I also think that they should default.

If the creditors are stupid enough to lend them money then they should have to take the risk of default.

Bill of Rights's picture

Never bring an orange to a riot...

Spooky Polish's picture

Spoiled eggs would be better. 

logically possible's picture

Rotten apples and oranges are much to soft. Being farmers, you would think they would come with pitchforks, much more threatening. That would be more happed to get the point across.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Sadly, olives just don't have the mass to make a good throwing weapon.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Use rocks, you dumb farmers.

Sorry, but dumb is as dumb dies.

Sudden Debt's picture

It all depends on how you use them.

Over here our farmers did some mean protests with milk, hay... just be creative and destructive

atthelake's picture

If the people of the world cannot do better than protests, we are lost.

Spungo's picture

I could show the greeks how to make a bomb out of a banana peel and a stick of dynamite.

shovelhead's picture

The farmers should have been throwing illegal aliens at the cops. They have plenty of them and they might as well put em to use.

Francis Marx's picture

These protest never really work util the people grab a leader, hang em up like they did Mussolini

Laddie's picture

The only hope for Greece, the Golden Dawn, had its leadership imprisoned during elections by the then Greek ruling party, then they elected the harder lefties. I don't think the ruling Tribe of the USSA would allow a Golden Dawn to win here either.

Escapedgoat's picture


BarkingCat's picture

No, controlled opposition was the current government.

That is why they did not do anything to save the country.

CPL's picture

Just stop shipping food to the distributors and cock block the cities.  Open markets in the farming communities and start lateral trades between farming regions dealing only in cash and carry.  No credit unless in trade on goods for goods.  Greek government will be trading their bullets for bread in a couple of weeks.  Or they'll learn how to farm the land.  Beat those swords into ploughshares right quick.

To organise it use the farmer co-ops to refound farmers markets outside city limits, take care of price action that the people that come get good and fresh to clear the deck of produce.  The civic fraternities/sororities (mason's, shriners, lions, eastern star, etc) manage the trading and marketing of what's available and what's needed/missing.  Make the market come to the field.  Don't bother going to city hall in this case, they aren't listening and aren't going to listen until they lose a couple of pounds.  Only way to do that is get them to back peddle hard on their position.

BarkingCat's picture

Great idea.... but I bet that the government would send their armed goons to confiscate all the goods/food and then sell it in the city.


To make it work the farmers must be willing to kill to protect the results of their labour

Boomberg's picture

At least they throw oranges. In America protestors just write Facebook posts and tweet.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

And cry over poop swastikas.

LawsofPhysics's picture

This is really how world wars start.  Yeah, go ahead, fuck with the food supply...

Fucking bankers and financiers.  People really are fucking stupid to continue to accept paper/digital debt in exchange for their labor.

MadVladtheconquerer's picture
MadVladtheconquerer (not verified) LawsofPhysics Nov 18, 2015 10:11 AM

I have advanced an alternative to fiat on this board:  turdollars.

Then, each individual can self-direct the level of his net worth w/ little if

any outside influence.  Other than maybe a poor wheat harvest or a diet.

Or Putin destroying peaches at the border.

Eat and grow rich! 

"If shit was worth something, poor people would be born wo/ assholes." (Eddie Murphy--Trading Places)

InnVestuhrr's picture

I LOVED living in Germany BUT now SO GRATEFUL that I sold out in 2010. Ironically, Germany now NEEDS Nazis, should import them from Greece.

BarkingCat's picture

This will sound crazy but their many of their neighbors in Poland say the same thing.