Fed To Hold An "Expedited, Closed" Meeting On Monday

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Given how awesome everything appears to be, judging by stocks and the tidal wave of FedSpeak of the last week confirming that rates are rising in December, we found it at least marginally 'odd' that out of the blue,  The Fed would announce an 'expedited, closed' meeting on Monday...



As we are sure to be told: "it's probably nothing!"

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"it's probably nothing!"

"it's probably something!"

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Judges 15:10

"And Samson said, With the jawbone of an ass, heaps upon heaps, with the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men."

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With the jawbone of an ass, heaps upon heaps, with the jaw of an ass...


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Note;  congress wants Fed profits to fund highway and infrastructure 


Good luck!  Janet panic puke 

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Doesn't the fed already remit their profits to the treasury?  (less their member banks 6% guaranteed dividend?)

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congress wants a cut of the 6%.

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four day weekend coming up

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Money Counterfeiter (not verified) SWRichmond Nov 20, 2015 5:09 PM

If you hold $4.7 trillion in low interest bonds and third wold countries are dumping $11 trillion what would you do?

Watch the show.  lol 

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How do we hide City of London ownership?

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Notice everyone assumes something ominous.  Article leaves out how often this happens.  Maybe it's fairly normal.

Surprise... handing out bonus checks early this year.  Pop champagne corks and let out the strippers.

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"On Monday" [the 23rd]

Numbers 1, 6, 11, 13, 17, 22, 23, 26...

Nah, it's just coincidence....every month.

"Ordo ab Chao", bitchezzzzz....

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They're figuring out their escape plan after the Obama is out of office and the world economy crashes and we find out the truth...they are trying to identify a country where old white people will fit in and where there is no piano wire...

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reserve cutbacks = put your twenties in Janets thong as she has taken over stripper duties.

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"How do we hide City of London ownership?"

Arrgh, make 'em walk the plank, Admiral!

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year end bonus discussion


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"Doesn't the fed already remit their profits to the treasury?" (Laugh Track Deafening)

What audit? When? Where?

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The money Congress wants for the highway bill comes from a $29 billion "capitalization" fund maintained by the Fed. 

Don't know why they'd be bothered. It's just a couple keystrokes to refill it. ;-)

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Yes, the Fed will soon begin a nationwide public works program using its profits instead of returning the money to the Treasury.  Since the projects will not be subject to the environmental review process (as they would if Congress was involved) the funding can get to the construction phase much sooner.

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Use Syrain refugees to work on highways and infrastructure  

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IED at every 1/10 mile marker.


Inshallah infidel.

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Actually, years ago this was the procedure when one or more of the regional banks wished to have the discount rate changed. 
Usually wasn't too much of a deal back then, but what with our Zero-Bound Policy maintained by Zero-Intellect Academic Geniuses, who knows ....
Moreover, who the fuck cares at this juncture.
Anybody thinking that rates need to be raised for any "normal" reason of "too hot economic growth" or "too high inflation" or "rising inflationary expectations" is an idiot.

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Better theory -- new house speaker has been talking about fed audit bill.  This meeting is to plan a show of force.  Something to spook the markets and create urgent calls to congress.

Maybe the algos will be turned off for few days, or maybe there will be a rate hike.

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wtf does 'audit the fed' even mean?? who the fuck do you think theyre serving? The people who need to know what their books look like already know what they look like.

Its a fucking show to make the idiots think congress isnt part of the problem. congress is painfully aware that raising rates will bankrupt the govt in a moment.

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A downvote for the potty mouth. This is a Safe Space and I, for one, am offended that you use gender non-specific reproductive language without considering how it will affect the feelings of the bi, transgendered and omni-sexual individuals who may read your comments. Shame on you. "Can I get some muscle over here?"

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"This is a Safe Space"

And I am offended that you used the word "offended"!

Your request for "muscle"..are you a Rabbi or Priest by any chance?

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And I am offended that your offended that he used the word "offended"! 

My guess is that they are trying to figure out how to retract the offer of a hike.  Perhaps another terrorist strike in Belgium will give them an excuse to postpone once more.

The kabuki is getting mighty spooky...

Spoctor Din

blindman's picture

i, too, am offended that you use the words "retract"
and "hike" in the same sentence. then you compound the
offence by slipping in the terms "strike", "postpone"
and reveal your real cultural ignorance and unsafe
insensitivity by associating
"kabuki" with "spooky". please, slow your spin dr. or it
is back to indoctrination school for u.
(nice rhyme though)
i read somewhere the fed will never raise real rates
ever again, not till the post petro-dollar is
completely worthless and dead-replaced. i will
wait to see. no offense intended by using the
word "petro-dollar", "wortless" and "dead-replaced"
in the same sentence.
you can't slam a revolving door but that doesn't
mean it won't be broken.
off the rails....

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Damn, I've been busted,,,

Spoctor Din



Dead Fred.

I am offended at your gratuitous nanny state lib tarding treatment of American colloquial language.

This is not Safe Space. This is Fight Club. Someone gave you faulty directions, I fear.

This is no place for RAMA LAMA DING DONG rainbow skittle shitting unicorn klingon cocksuckers from Uranus.

Please hose down a large living porcupine with pepper spray, and jam it firmly up your man-gina, or whatever it is you call it.

" I'm a man, and I can change. If i have to. I guess. "

Uhhhh - thought about it - no.

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Ryan is a cocksucker and is just going through the motions. Obozo has already said he'll veto anything of the sort.

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Mr K, with all due respect, many pensions and insurance companies are adversely affected by the financial repression of rates. Also grandma and grandpa. Many, many people need the income and guarantees in the latter part of their lives. Rates should reflect the real risk premium not an artificial construction designed to keep debtors solvent. Or, for that matter, the U S Govt's ability to service its debt in a way that is politically acceptable.

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 Majestic12 - from your link, i may have noticed before, but for our Unicorn lovers here at the Hedge, it's interesting to see the  Crest (is that the right word?)  - yes, it is I just looked it up - anyway, that's not the City London crest, has a Unicorn opposite a dragon.

The City of London Crest has two dragons -

any help on deciphering the crest from the link would be appreciated.



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Dragons and Unicorns are offensive. Please refrain from using those terms in this Safe Zone. Thank you.

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A whopping $600 Trillion in DERIVATIVES are directly tied to the Ten Year Note.


How much real money will be transferred due to a 25 basis point hike?


It is NOT NOTIONAL. It is quite REAL and it will be an expenditure or gain depending upon your position.


$1.25 Trillion...per year...or so. (What's a few Billion amongst friends anyway?)


What do you think that US GDP is? $16 Trillion or so.


What PERCENTAGE of US GDP does that $1.25 Trillion in costs represent? About 8%.


Well half are on the short end and half are on the long end of that transfer. That is roughly 4%.


So you can subtract that 4% from the "growth" in the economy next year. We will run a NEGATIVE 3% GDP next year if rates rise. Our economy will contract and that will be an INSTANT RECESSION. It will tank the STAWK Markets.


But it gets even better. You know that if people can garner an extra 25 Basis Points out of the BAWND Market they will sell there existing UST and by the ones issued at a higher rate.If I had just a coll $1 Million invested in the 10 year that 25 basis point rise garners $25,000 per year. Over 10 years that is equivalent to a $250,000 HOUSE. That certainly is cheaper than financing a House on a Thirty Year Note.


Thanks Uncle Fed...FOR THE HOUSE(S).


But of course the BAWND Market tanks as it is FLOODED with lower yielding Notes.


Yeah. Go ahead Janet. Raise those rates, pleeeeeze.


Take down the STAWK Market and the BAWND Market with one action and totally collapse this shitshow.


Pleeeeze Janet. Raise those fuckin rates.

Kaervek's picture

But that's exactly why they can and will never raise rates

At some point the market might collapse anyway, but the FED will never take the blame, they are going to be the glorious saviour with NIRP or some other retarded idea how to "save" or rather maintain those insanely inflated stock valuations


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The Feral Reserve members must pray every night for a terrorist attack on US soil so they'll have something to blame the crash on.

blindman's picture

there is a difference between prayer
and orchestration though the two are
frequently related.

JRobby's picture

+10,000 The amount of wealth generated for the oligarchs by the derivatives market on a monthly basis is beyond obscene.

saveUSsavers's picture

Hair on Fire bs ! A 1/4 pt isn't going to "call-in" any fking derivatives.

Tall Tom's picture

Okay. Then we need to raise them.


Let's experiment. Why not? There are only human lives at stake.


I am positioned for any outcome. Are you?


Let's raise them. You think that I am jesting?




Let's bring this shitshow to an end.


And you...yes Y...O...U, will see what real want is all about.


Damn. I cannot wait for the lack instead of plenty.

I cannot wait for the breaks in the supply chains.


I cannot wait for the bans to fail...and the money printing afterwards to stave off the massive deflation caused by this idiocy.


Then YOU will know just what Argentina is all about...as you, for the first time in your life, experience the ravages of a hyperinflation.


So you are mistaken if you believe me to be jesting.


What is funny is that it scares the shit out of you because you cannot argue AGAINST THE MATH. You could not even put up a Mathematical counterargument.


Math is the basis of RATIONAL THINKING. You are emotionally operant as you resort to denial, rather than rational.


But the NUMBERS do not lie, do they?


There is NO WAY OUT. They are going to fuck all of the savers...unless you are outside of their counterparty risk.


They are in a Credit Trap. There are NO WINNING MOVES.


THERE ARE NO SOLUTIONS as EVERY SINGLE Partition has been VIOLATED. Partial Differential Equations have solutions within distinct Boundaries and when the Boundary Conditions have been violated one gets divergences and runaway recursive functions.


And you haven't a fucking clue about that which you are writing. You are just another fucking INNUMERATE. You are on a FINANCIAL WEBSITE and this is NOT Yahoo. Numeracy is a REQUIREMENT as that is thelanguage of Finances.


Raise those rates Janet Yellen. Pleeeze raise them.

gatorengineer's picture

In the wake of this weekends upcomming ISIS attacks, I believe it may actually be to implement NIRP.



gatorengineer's picture

Glencore collapse meeting perhaps?

Tall Tom's picture

Wishful thinking?


I hope that Glencore implodes down into a smoldering ash heap....just like the World Trade Centers.

Give up. Reality is not scientific nor even mathematical.'s picture
Give up. Reality is not scientific nor even mathematical. (not verified) knukles Nov 21, 2015 9:31 AM

Knukles: "Anybody thinking that rates need to be raised for any "normal" reason of "too hot economic growth" or "too high inflation" or "rising inflationary expectations" is an idiot."

How about raising the interest rates because the economy has been gasping for fiscal air for the last seven years due to ZIRP's negative effect upon the all-important money multiplier effect of interest income, which is a key diver in a healthy economy?

The "miracle of compound interest" isn't working for anyone but the moribund TBTF banks.

Talk about idiots! Zippy the Pinhead, you can call yourself Knukles all day long, but at the end of the day, you're still just the same old sweating, blushing Zippy the Pinhead.

Martial's picture

China about to massively dump more treasuries and devalue?