Paris Attacks: Another False Flag? Sifting Through The Evidence

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Submitted by Joachim Hagopian via Global Research,

What do the globalists do when they want to create, reignite and keep their war on terror fought indefinitely? They simply carry out a series of false flag attacks using Muslim terrorist stooges as their hired guns to do their damage. That’s what 9/11 was all about in the US, 7/7 in UK, the 3/11 train attack in Spain, the Hebdo Paris attack last January, and now this latest Paris encore reenactment part two.


In any unsolved crime the first question asked is who benefits by motive with an actual means to execute the crime?


In all of these tragic false flag events the global elite benefits in multiple ways. And it most definitely has the means by issuing marching orders to its owned and operated national governments, its favorite being the militaristic, brutal American Empire.


The elite’s agenda to polarize and destabilize the world politically and militarily manifests through the US foreign policy of regime change, nonstop war through divide and conquer methodology (i.e., Shiites vs. Sunnis, Euro-nationals vs. foreign migrants, Christians vs. Muslims, light skins vs. dark skins) and economic austerity through unpayable high interest from predatory IMF bank loans to debtor nations from both the developing and developed world.  Through global theft and destruction, the ruling elite reigns supreme in absolute power.

For decades after World War II US-NATO-Western European allies conspired and perpetrated state sponsored terrorism murdering their own citizens through a protracted series of Gladio operations originally designed to falsely accuse Communist groups in Italy. Spanning over thirty years with violent incidents throughout Europe and Turkey, Gladio-like false flag operations never stopped. Gladio at home took the form of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Operation Northwoods that JFK abruptly halted, partially resulting in his own self-undoing, killing the diabolical military plot of murdering innocent US citizens in Miami and Washington DC in order to blame and start a war against Cuba. The US especially but numerous governments have regularly engaged in false flag operations killing their own to trigger wars, shape public opinion, conceal and divert attention away from citizens ever catching on to the dirty lowdown truth.

The Friday the 13th Paris massacres were highly organized, committed by heavily armed, closely monitored terrorist professionals unleashed onto an unsuspecting, culturally diverse group of young Paris victims. The coordinated attacks seem to carry all the earmarks as state of the art false flag terrorism having had lots of previous practice, most notably the Paris Charlie Hebdo edition. But the growing anomalies stacking up once again turn out to be no different from its predecessors.

All have promoted the same globalist agenda toward unlimited invasive authoritarian surveillance used to bring about increasing draconian measures in order to gain absolute tyrannical control over the populace. At the same time it exploits xenophobia and islamophobia amongst its citizenry that in turn increase hatred and tensions laying the groundwork for potential civil war. Today the elite is skillfully working its proven divide and conquer formula perfectly. In one fell swoop it creates the unstable conditions fomenting civil unrest and violent backlash that then increasingly justify oppressive, over-the-top counterterrorism and police state tactics that obliterate human rights.

Finally, false flag terrorism launches a militarized backed by a globally legislative crackdown targeting all dissidence and activism exposing the governments’ false narrative of lies and propaganda, labeling and criminalizing the dissenting truth as homegrown terrorism.

The surreptitiously obtained Syrian passport found so quickly after the fact in Paris has become a false flag trademark used in both Charlie Hebdo and 9/11. Because this pattern proved a serious liability for establishing any credibility, it was later disclosed that the passport actually came off the body of “a Syrian refugee,” as if that made MSM any more believable.

Even before the passport fiasco, the alleged terrorist’s quote from a supposed witness “this is for Syria” was obviously disclosed by mainstream media to shape and manipulate public opinion into quickly blaming Syria, ISIS and Syria’s targeted leader Assad. And then long before any of this alleged (dis)info began surfacing, barely an hour into the attacks while still actively underway, President Hollande kept repeating three times in the next several hours what appeared to be his scripted lines already declaring that France was at war against already identified terrorist attackers from Syria before any investigation had even begun. This rapid sequence of events smacked of false flag.

Furthermore, like the Hebdo attack earlier this year, reports immediately commenced disclosing that French intelligence had long been tracking the perpetrators prior to the attacks. Former antiterrorist judge Marc Trevidic in a Sunday interview claimed that French authorities knew of an impending terrorist attack being planned by Islamic State jihadists “at a French rock concert” as early as August.

The judge had cross-examined militants three months earlier who revealed this rather critically important piece of information. This strongly suggests French intelligence had prior knowledge of the Friday night massacres. Turkey also warned the authorities in France twice about one of the three alleged suicide bombers but The Guardian reported that France only contacted Turkey for information after the Paris attacks. Again, it seems more than plausible that French security forces knew about the planned attacks but purposely failed to stop them or may have even played a sinister role in allowing them to occur.

A couple of other striking parallels with 9/11, when the BBC reporter announced that Building 7 went down 20 minutes prior to the event, the Paris attack was described on twitter dated a full two days in advance of the November 13th killings. Also Wikipedia within two hours from the very onset of the attacks already had posted a fully detailed account complete with footnotes specifying “Syria” being mentioned by a witness, “5 or 6 terrorists”, and “3 suicide bombers” all from the get-go pointing to the big bad Muslim villains yet again. The clinching evidence was Wikipedia running an early story version at 23:06 specifying:

     In a televised statement at approximately 23:58 (local time), French President François Hollande declared

     a state of emergency and closing of borders for the whole of France.

For that announcement on Wikipedia to be made nearly an hour prior to Hollande’s actual statement could suggest that Wikipedia was in fact being used by the French authorities as an information disseminator of a preplanned event, right away establishing an official narrative from the outset that Arab terrorists from Syria were the guilty murderers behind the attacks far in advance of the start of even a preliminary investigation.

It’s also been recently learned like in several previous false flags that security forces in Paris were simultaneously undergoing another live action emergency drill earlier that same day (as in Charleston, Baltimore, Boston, 9/11). Patrick Pelloux, an emergency medical services specialist and one of the first responders to the attacks, confirmed in a radio interview that a live drill had been conducted that morning of the 13th. These co-occurring government events timed perfectly to overlap so called acts of terrorism cannot be considered purely co-incidental.

Adding more weight to the false flag suspicion is the fact that just two weeks prior to Friday’s attack on October 29th CIA Director John Brennan met with his French counterpart along with UK’s MI6 former chief and former Israeli national security advisor. Additionally on Monday Brennan admitted that the international intelligence community expected a terrorist attack in Europe. Just as the Islamic terrorist mercenaries always “accidentally on purpose” leave their calling cards behind, so are the dirty CIA-Mossad fingerprints left indelibly written all over virtually every state sponsored terrorism on this planet. For years it’s been repeatedly demonstrated that US and Israeli intelligence forces have been covertly working directly with the Islamic State jihadists. NSA documents show that ISIS leader El Baghdadi was trained by Mossad. A recently captured IDF colonel was caught leading Islamic State forces. Overwhelming evidence has proven the US-Israeli-Saudi-Turkish-Gulf State connection to ISIS terrorists, documenting this intimate partnership in the manufactured war on terror.

In late September after Putin outed Obama’s fake war against ISIS at the UN, then throughout October actually destroying ISIS where Obama only pretended, the lost face of a humiliated Emperor’s new clothes turned US war policy in the Middle East completely topsy-turvy. Obama’s dubious leadership sank to an international all-time low when Putin exposed America’s deliberately failed MENA policy. Allied nations were cutting their losses and announcing plans to pull out of Syria. US Empire of Chaos and Destruction was fast losing its global control, its coercive power to subjugate its Euro-puppets into blind submission seriously and overtly eroding.  On top of that, while Europe is still reeling from the refugee mass migration crisis directly caused by the US imperial aggression, they were marveling over grandmaster Putin’s bold stroke of finally kicking some Islamic State ass. Stalwart US Euro-ally Germany was already shifting gears warming its relations with Russia, unwilling to follow Washington’s disastrous lead down doomsday road.

So what do the neocon goons in full damage control mode come up with?

While US-Israel are holding joint military exercises in the Sinai desert, did they coordinate with ISIS to make sure it shoots down the Russian airliner as immediate Putin payback Then came Defense Secretary Carter’s Russia bashing threats from the Ronald Reagan Library followed just hours later a few miles away with the Trident missile’s Saturday night LA bright light show seen around the world as an exclamation threat to Russia and China to back off from challenging US Empire’s global hegemony.

The DC warmongers are growing increasingly desperate, afraid of losing both their full spectrum dominance in the world as well as their precious proxy terrorist ally while Putin’s aid to Assad is putting the final kibosh on their fanatical OCD regime change operation.

So Brennan meets up with French and Israeli intelligence to conjure up the next Paris false flag. And since Hollande’s been Washington’s loyal go-to lackey with Hebdo already under his belt, heading up France’s active role in the imperialistic assault on both Libya and Syria, with Paris terrorism #2 France now becomes US Empire’s key catalyst to pull off another massive 9/11-like attack, in fact the biggest in France since WWII and be the justified driving force behind this newest “coalition of the willing” stepping up its next phase of war in Syria against both Assad and Putin. US bombs being dropped over Syria are now being joined by bombs from French jets as well as Israeli and Saudi warplanes. Timed purposely on the heels of the Paris tragedy, the ongoing G-20 meeting with the world’s most powerful nations in Turkey has turned into a war council to drum up intensified world war effort against nemesis Assad and Putin.

But the Western bombs are making sure that they do not destroy ISIS nor ISIS-controlled oil refineries selling black market oil to NATO member Turkey. Nor are they attacking the critical ISIS supply line in northern Syria that extends back into Turkey. It’s all too obvious that a renewed, heavily fortified allied offensive aggressively going head-to-head with Syrian and Russian forces clearly risks igniting a broader War.

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ultramaroon's picture

I'm not taking seriously a guy who looks like Ted Kaczynski and writes PSYOP papers for the likes of "" and "" about Nibiru and the conversion of Wal-Mart stores into temporary concentration camps. He seems to be trying to upstage CIA disinformatsiya queen "Sorcha Faal" (David Booth), but he's got a ways to go to unseat the King of Kitsch, sitting atop his cordillera of crap.

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Can you try to attack the OP on it's merits? And not the author's hair style.

To me, it is a great and couragous thing to put up.

koan's picture

Another thing... you want to claim "they" are these evil masterminds that orchestrate global conflicts, etc but are too stupid not to release wiki articles or twitter bot post early.

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So.... Queen Obonzo was only able to find 5 acceptable Syrian rebels to spend $400 Million on... but wants to import 10000-75000 of the Christian hating apes into the US... assuring us that THESE are kind and peaceful... and fully screened... right.  This racist clown, who is an obvious muzzy himself, seems to be very near total mental breakdown.

Fukushima Fricassee's picture
Fukushima Fricassee (not verified) Nov 20, 2015 11:07 PM

On October 27, 2015 a member of the Saudi royal family, prince Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz, and four others were detained in Beirut on charges of drug traffic after the airport security discovered two tons of Captagon (fenethylline) pills and some cocaine on a private jet with destiny to the Saudi capital of Riyadh

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Zerohedge you rock!!! Tyler you knocked this one out the park. KEEP POSTING THE TRUTH..

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Attach 50.00 to that comment and say I Love You with hard cash.

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BRAVO - best ZH article of truth in a while!!


Next false flag will be on US soil and more in Europe.  Perhaps we end the 2016 year with King Obama; I hope not, but would anyone be shocked? (FBI all 50 states - note how social media seems to be the new journalists)

Ms No's picture

It seems like the easiest way for this stuff to go down would be to have Pentegram assets running the show, mercs doing the training, it doesn't really matter where the weapons, trucks etc come from as long as they are provided. There would be either a bunch of clueless Hadjis high on Afghani herion who never wonder why the leader of their group speaks English so well, is always on the phone and leaving for meetings with mysterious individuals (these would likely be the ones that do the dirty work and get blown up). 

There may as well be numerous Hadjis who know exactly what is going on but are selling their soul for the payout and have faith that the Pentagram boys will be true to their word and they wont have to suffer in poverty anymore, or at least their families wont.  It's hard to believe that anybody could be that stupid but as we all know it happens all the time.

alphahammer's picture
alphahammer (not verified) Ms No Nov 20, 2015 11:34 PM


So, you're saying a shit ton of people know about this and they are all loosely connected. Ok. That would have to be absolutely true.


Your honor, I rest my case...

alphahammer's picture
alphahammer (not verified) Ms No Nov 20, 2015 11:49 PM


Dude C'mon...

You can't quote another flase flag article written by a conpiracy jockey as proof of another sloppy false flag.


Ms No's picture

It might do you some good to read a thread before you comment, I was citing a comment with links not an article.  Why does nobody come forward publicly about official lies?  Hold on a sec let me go ask Valerie Plame, her husband Joe, Sibel Edmonds, Michael Hastings and Seal Team Six.

Baby Bladeface's picture
Baby Bladeface (not verified) alphahammer Nov 20, 2015 11:51 PM

Ah, now does alphaspammer arrives.

Buddy from the ward yomutti soon appears? Or he have a prior arrangement with nurses in electroshock therapy treatment?

dexter_morgan's picture

No - yomutti is working the GW thread - that way they cover more ground in their heroic debunking crusade

conscious being's picture

debunking crusade? More like deception campaign.

bunnyswanson's picture

The traveling bus filled with actors showed up.  The club was owned by a Jewish businessman and just sold.  It is my belief that every person in that establishment was in on it including the band who is Jewish if you can believe that.  Lead singer failed to show up for the gig but gave a statement from his home in LA.  Same in Texas.  The joint was under new management.  Service sucked and the food did too.  It had no businessess until the day of the massacre.

We are watching movie sets = Lights - Camera - Action.  Always someone near by with a camera with the lens pointed at the right angle but just blurry enough.  1.5 gallons of blood.  A person shot by an AK47 would be filled with holes.  Rivers of blood would be flowing.

Goal is to turn our planet into a prison yard while the bandits sit in the lap of luxury, free to count their stolen loot.

me or you's picture

The only terrorist group I will ever support will be the one that goes after the 1% the elite, the one that goes where the elite take vacations, where the elite have parties, where the elite have dinner.---

Otrader's picture

Well, that won't be ISIS.  I mean why bite the hand that feeds. 

alphahammer's picture
alphahammer (not verified) Nov 20, 2015 11:28 PM


WOW. That was the one of the biggest bunch of shit I've ever read. Ever. 

1) The author declares 9/11 as a false flag. He/she offers no proof but uses this fallacy as the bedrock to promote the rest of the charade. For that to work, you'd need to have PROOF of that which they have none. 

2) Correlation is NOT causation. That is a very basic rule that is violated time and time again in this article. He states that drills conducted on same day must be proof of false flag. He states Intel chiefs meeting and declaring the fear of a terror attack as proof of false flag. The distortions are an absolute joke with the critical thinking thrown out the window to try and create a false narrative of proof of false flag. Maybe the intel chiefs were meeting prescisely for that very reason! They wanted to share intel and hear about this threat and how they may thwart it! 

3) The big one. As in 9/11, this would be a MASSIVE operation in terms of planning if it was in fact done by some government. To plan 9/11, there would need to be a minimum of 1,500 planners and probably closer to 5,000. In every supposed false flag case -- there has NEVER -- I repeat NEVER -- been any planning person to come forward out of guilt, fear, drugs or alcohol or for any reason. None. Ever. Period. With the sheer number of people involved, it would be statistically IMPOSSIBLE to keep these supposed false flag operations secret. Just no way.

All this ridiculous "false flag" nonsense doesn't even make for a B grade Hollywood movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme or Will Smith. Complete nonsense.

Ms No's picture

You have never heard of Sibel Edmonds have you? 

alphahammer's picture
alphahammer (not verified) Ms No Nov 20, 2015 11:54 PM

Yea she worked for the FBI as a low grade intepreter -- for six months -- after 9/11.

She then went on to claim she had top secret information on a bunch of operations. 

How does a low pay grade simple interpreter, gain access to supposed above top secret info and operation detail with only six months on the job?

Yea sure...

Ms No's picture

Yeah... that's why they classified her testimony and gagged her anyone that heard it because it just wasn't credible.

alphahammer's picture
alphahammer (not verified) Ms No Nov 21, 2015 12:09 AM


Again, so her testimony was classified meaning what -- that 9/11 was an inside job? Plenty of testimony involving national security and three letter agencies is classified, It happens all the time. The nonsensical application of a void, to try and prove a point is breath taking...

Try this. Both Snowden and Julian Assange have said they were VERY interested in 9/11. Guess what. Neither Assange / Wikileaks or Snowden has ever produced one piece of evidence to say 9/11 was an inside job. They tried to find it and failed. How does that work for you?

Ms No's picture

What void?  She wrote a book.  She is also a depository of leaks from her colleagues ever since.

Ms No's picture

As far as Snowden/Assange is concerned just because somebody is interested doesn't mean they have access to the information they want.  So that works for me just fine. 

bunnyswanson's picture

It's a movie alright.  Wag the fucking dog you mutherfucker.

alphahammer's picture
alphahammer (not verified) bunnyswanson Nov 20, 2015 11:59 PM


Hey bun, thanks for pointing out its a movie. A movie. A movie made in Hollywood in a town called "fiction".

The two common things about Wag the Dog "the movie" and all this false flag bullshit is... wait for it... wait ... fiction...


DavidPierre's picture


'... its a video. A video. A five minute video made in Japan...'

Do enjoy!

bunnyswanson's picture

Hollywood screen writers are surely on the pay roll of the Terrorists, the Israeli Jews.   When we wrap this up, there is going to be a Burning Man Event and that wicker basket will be filled to the rim.  We are going to set it afire and let it burn for eternity, just as a reminder to anyone who decides to take the low road to riches.  Enough of watching you turn our athletes into race horses and toy boys, our children into little faggots and tramps, our entertainers into strip acts, our business leaders into nipple sucking eager-to-please "bottoms" at the cost of their countrymen.  You are less than nothing as far as character, you take from the poor and give to the rich, kill the host and hold the host responsible.


"Today, 1,426 billionaires have a collective net worth of $5.4 trillion"

Jews are worth $812 billion.The Jews make up about 11 percent of all billionaires on Earth, but they account for 15 percent of all billionaires' worth.

"As Fran Lebowitz says, "No one earns a billion dollars. You steal a billion dollars."

"world's core Jewish population in early 2014 was estimated at 14.2 million people (around 0.2% of the world population"

"Rothschild (total) family wealth has been divided amongst hundreds of their descendants, yet stands at a staggering $700 trillion today."  (Assets along with blood and tear soaked cash include paintings, mines, real estate, fucking castles (with thousands of empty bedrooms) banks, "foundations," and priceless artifacts surely stolen during the "fight against terrorism" - Eustace Mullis  - How the Rothschild created Israel.  Edwin Black - The Transfer Agreement - Nazi and Jews collude

The Rothschild holdings in Israel include a bank branch that provides services to insurance companies, institutional investors and private clients as well as two buildings on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv that are being renovated.
"I believe that there is a demand for international investment services for Israeli institutions. In my opinion, the rules in Israel are too tough for institutional investors who want to invest internationally, and they are unable to act as they would wish. Israelis should invest abroad more than they are doing today, for two reasons: First, because investments should be diversified; and second, because the Israeli market is simply too small. In one way or another, Israeli institutions should be allowed to invest more in global markets."


Why doesn't the family have businesses in the United States?
"We had a few assets there. My father owned the third largest bank in California, but he sold it. It is very difficult to run a bank across a nine-hour time difference. You have to deal with details and it's not convenient at all."


Why don't you like gold?
"That is a sensitive personal matter. Trading in gold has the feeling of something from the past. I know our family used to trade in gold, and as a trader or the owner of a business that trades in gold I actually like it. But to hold gold as an investment, in a safe - for me that is like holding government bonds."

"  the state (of Israel) also began to demand that the (Rothschild) foundation pay tax on its profits: in 2008 it issued a tax bill for NIS 150 million (38 Million USD). The foundation appealed the assessment in court; the parties have been in discussion for a long time."

"The whole affair has hurt relations between the state and the family, and it's a shame that because of the dispute, in recent years the family has eschewed business activity in Israel," say sources near the Caesarea Foundation. Beyond the family's philanthropic contribution, it is a giant group with business around the world, and Israel would only stand to gain." (rare interview with Jacob Rothschild who avoids the public domain)

alphahammer's picture
alphahammer (not verified) bunnyswanson Nov 21, 2015 2:29 PM


Of course Hollywood is involved!

Why not add the milk industry. How about the Lobstermans union? See what I did there BTW...

Who isn't involved besides you and the other intellegentsia that believes all that bullshit?

Seek help. You have one life. You're ruining it with mind poison. I'm sure others in your life would offer you the same advice -- and you should take it because they will abandon you to your mental delusions -- if they haven't already... Watch and see


bunnyswanson's picture

Lucky for this world, I have a rather high IQ relatively speaking, am a obsessive compulsive speed reader, a deep thinker (reputation going back to childhood and as my friends will tell you, "I think too much" and began reading newspapers at the age of eleven, albeit only headlines at first.  I have been watching for years for this exact moment.

Aiding and abetting the enemy is what you will be charged with.  Colluding to overthrow a soverign nation can be dealt with by international courts.  I plan on seeing you in person one day, 6 o'clock news, your house a crime scene wrapped in yellow ribbon, you and your wife in handcuffs, and your children being taken away by state workers.

Zionists monopolizing every major industry including media, internet, agricultural, energy, pharmaceutical, insurance and banking syste is another article.  Corporatism/facism through the back door.  Communisim is a stepping stone and the brainwashing will continue until the balls and chains are firmly in place. 

It's time you make a donation to Zerohedge, parasite.  Being given a platform to spread misinformation for free is a sin in itself.

It's all true.  The assassinated heroes in many nations have been long forgotten.  But they tried to stop this.

Robert Welch - 1958 How insiders plan to destroy America

Former KGB Agent Yuri Besminov - How to brainwash a nation

John F. Kennedy - Addresses his nation - Full Speech referencing secret "societies." 


bunnyswanson's picture

I am waiting for your rebuttal you piece of shit.

Oswald did it's picture

Jesus Christ you're an idiot.  I kinda feel sorry for you actually.

Please tell me you're getting paid 20 shekels an hour to post this garbage.  Otherwise i may not be able to sleep tonight knowing there's people as dumb as you out walking around

maxwellsdemon's picture

Not one subpoena has been issued by the government lawyers regarding 911; no testimony under oath; the afternoon of 911 an FAA official tore up all of the transcripts his staff had taken that day and disposed of them in separate wastebaskets, within months of 911, all of the trading records were destroyed by the SEC of the lucky trading puts that netted millions of dollars (destruction of financial records is unheard of by the SEC even in non criminal cases and is illegal in criminal cases such as 911); no leads followed such as the famous exchange between Cheney and a young military aide that was overheard by Norman Mineta.   The plotters/actors live in Israel.  The dancing Israeli's admitted on TV that they were sent there to document the attack (at 6 minutes 20 seconds into the clip).


WTC 1 should have become a pile of rubble at least 100 feet tall if it had really collapsed by structural failiure; instead it became a crater with a center at street level which can be easily shown using simple statistics to be impossible to occur by gravity collapse.  If the floor structure weakened per the governments story, then the floor concrete would have fallen straight down via weakened floor beams, pulling the wall columns inward, and thus the building material would pile up in the center of the footprint.   The center of each of the towers had a massive central reinforced steel concrete mast, a novel design element to prevent the towers from twisting (normally the outside masonry of other skyscrapers such as the Empire state building served this purpose), so that the overall building had the most material above the center of the footprint, yet the least rubble fell at the center..  Just look at the base of the solitary steel pole sticking up at the exact center of the footprint of WTC 1 and use geometry to see that this is no higher than the level of the side walk; pause at 1 minute 17 seconds into this video, but view the whole short video to see this clearly:


A high resolution picture of the crater is found here:


WTC 7 was nearly 700 feet tall, had a 40 foot deep basement, and had a rubble pile 60 feet high.  WTC 1 was nearly twice as tall, but it's basement was only 60 feet deep, yet unlike WTC 7 which turned into a conventional rubble pile after it collapsed, WTC 1 turns into a crater!!!!!!!  The only explanation that is that the core of WTC 1 exploded of course.  Govenor Patakli, while standing next to the WTC crater, reported on TV in a stunned voice that all of the concrete in the towers had somewhow "turned into a 3 inch layer of dust stretching from river to river' across lower Manhattan.


The FBI refuses to release their interview of Andras Szekely, and IDF verteran, who overheard 3 men speak in Hebrew of a planned attack on the WTC by flying planes into the buildings eleven months before 911


No jet fuel was found at the Pennsylvania crash site:


Supposedly Cee Cee Lyles used her cell phone to leave a message for her husband (he saw her cell number when he woke up) while flying at 35K feet at 500 MPH over rural Pennsylvania.   Someone can be overheard feeding her lines to say (a male voice can be clearly heard right after after she says 'love you very much'.   At the end, she says "it's a frame' and then suddenly says "sorry" to somebody who was obviously directing her lines.


But cell phones don't get a signal over a few thousand feet up in altitude relative to the towers altitude since cell towers have fixed antennas that focus their reception horizontally slanting downwards and not vertically straight up, and cell phones can't sustain connections when moving faster than 155 mph due to their being unable to electronically arrange handoffs between towers fast enough:

The pentagon has only one hole and no marks for the engines to have hit the walls; although witnesses saw a commercial sized plane fly to the north of the citgo station, none of them saw a commercial plane fly to the south of the citgo station in the direction of the flight path of the object that hit the pentagon.  The taxi driver that supposedly had a 300 lb lampost impale his car (without leaving a scratch on his hood or car interior), admits to being part of a conspiracy and that his wife works for the FBI:


(the list goes on and on.....)



Joe A's picture

How do you know how many people it takes to plan a false flag?

maxwellsdemon's picture

I don't know exactly but obviously it must depend on the size of the false flag.  In the case of 911, it takes about 100 Mossad to carry out the demolition, killing,..etc.  It takes a few hundred US gov personnel to agree to cover it up. 

alphahammer's picture
alphahammer (not verified) Joe A Nov 21, 2015 2:24 PM


Well since I spent time in the US military and I've been involved in planning a few things, I'd say an operation as big as 9/11 would require ~5,000 people and as few as 1,500.

Think about the interagency cooperation and planning. Supposedly the CIA, FBI, NSA, FAA, US Navy, USAF, NYPD, NYFD all had a hand in the conspiracy. And there are more to include British, French, Saudi, and hell, lets throw Isreals intelligence agencies in while we are at it. 

Now, the massive interagency / intergovernmental planning across borders, countries and many of these agencies would require massive manpower and enough documentation to fill a warehouse -- which interestingly never comes up in Wiki or Snowden...

Consider just the planning for the hijackers. 

1) Whats the contingency plan if one of the aircraft has a mechanical malfunction and can't leave the terminal?

2) What if one of the hijackers loses his nerve before boarding?

The numerical contingency list would go on and on.

Basically, some spook group (pick your favorite) would be forced to eliminate the hijacker because you simply couldn't have loose assets like that out walking around that could spill the beans. This means huge surveillance operations and agents probably in the terminals (exposed to video surveillance themselves) to take out the loose hijackers. Now extrapolate that across the entire planning spectum and you come up with a minimum of 1,500 people. Minimum.

9/11 as inside job or false flag is functionally and statistically impossible. Sorry to ruin your fantasies -- but just didn't happen.

1Inthebeginning's picture

2 planes 3 buildings.

No wing marks on the penta.

Collapse of buildings at free fall speed.  These buildings had steel frame cores and were designed to be unaffected by airplanes of this size hitting these buildings.  all of this is on record. 

8+ trillions of dollars missing.


GOD bless you and keep you.  May you find happiness in your life. 

But I won't be complicit with such a monstrous horrible crime. 

I love human beings.  They are GOD's children.  bless you.

The Greek horse's picture

I see the goons out in this article!! 

1)WTC building 7 collapsed dah???

2) dancing Israelis across the river in NYC??? 

3) Art students from Israel in the twin towers days before the attack in private access areas in the building DAH?

4) Who benefits from the 9/11 attacks.. QUOTE from Benjamin Netanyahu it's good what happen to America! Google is your friend> Betahammer

maxwellsdemon's picture

The Israeli 'art students' were there for 4 years!  They were photographed with rapelling gear standing around hundreds of boxes of electrical fuses (why did 'art stuents' need hundreds of boxes of electrical fuses?).    Some of the 'art students' have been found out to be demolition experts or connected to other high level military groups


Check out the drawings the 'art students' made of people falling out of the towers face first and the drawings they made of the buildings blowing up:


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The very first people arrested on suspicion of involvement in the 9/11 attacks turned out to be five Israeli Jews: Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg (Sivan's brother), Oded Ellner, Yaron Shmuel and Omer Marmari. Their white Urban Moving Systems van was stopped and they were arrested within hours of the attacks, on the afternoon of 9/11/01. Sivan Kurzberg, Ellner and Shmuel had been observed by several eyewitnesses at the rear parking lot of the Doric apartment complex in Union City, New Jersey. They were seen atop the van with cameras, high-fiving, smiling, joking with cries of joy and mockery, hugging each other, and taking photographs and video of the Twin Towers within a few minutes of the first plane impact.

In fact, they were seen filming atop the van before the local news radio station 1010 WINS had even broken the news of the first plane crash. The station actually had one of its sales team account executives on her cell phone to its newsroom before the first plane crashed after she noticed it was too low and was going to crash, and so were quickly able to patch her on air to provide a live report. When seen, Ellner was kneeling at the back of the van facing New York City with his camera and Kurzberg and Shmuel were facing him. After their film was developed and processed by the FBI, the photographs depicted all three Israelis visibly smiling. In one photo, Kurzberg could be seen flicking a lighter like he was at a rock concert as the North Tower burned in the background. This jovial celebration was taking place before the second impact, when innocent bystanders believed the incident was merely a tragic accident.

When arrested, the Israelis - dubbed the "High-Fivers" by the FBI - were found to have airline tickets with immediate travel dates for destinations world-wide, and tie-ins to 9/11.

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funny how the art students lair on the 91st floor of WTC 1 was the exact floor that was hit by the airplane.   What a coincidence!!  It's just too much! 

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ISIS stands for?







Critical thinking on my part is why is Israel treating all these ISIS fighters in there hospitals

DAH that makes sense   

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alphahammer (not verified) The Greek horse Nov 21, 2015 12:02 AM


You came up with that all by yourself? 

Man, now that was some incredible sleuting to break down the origin of ISIS into an acroynm... absolutely astounding.

You should call up Scotland Yard and offer up your services...

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Goddam right Israel is behind the misery on this sorry planet.  You can thank me for the solution.  Send all Israeli Jews to the China ghost cities and allow the syrian refugees to move into Israel.  Whoever came up with the idea of jamming a bunch of jews into the middle of Arab territory should be forced to do the Chinese laundry.  Queen of England and her looting bands of bankers can sweep the fucking side walks. 

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alphahammer (not verified) bunnyswanson Nov 21, 2015 12:11 AM


Lol... OK. If you say so. Moving on...

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Oh, you think you are pretty slick, dontcha?  You had not counted on anyone noticing what lying weasels the Israeli Jews are.  How could we, you say?  They live under a rock and are covered with green slim and stink of contagious infection while spreading GERMs all over our communities  a form of warfare used by spineless cowards who shake in fear of being called to the table and told exactly what they are.  LAZY, USELESS AND ANNOYING,  If it were not for stealing, the Israeli Jews would be extinct from starvation.