European Governments Hold "Secret" Meeting To Dismantle Borderless Travel

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Over the past three months, we’ve looked on as the Schengen Agreement - under which 28 EU nations operate open borders - unravels in the face of the overwhelming flow of refugees fleeing the war-torn Mid-East. 

The disintegration of Europe’s passport free travel dream began in early September when Hungarian PM Viktor Orban constructed a razor wire fence along his country's border with Serbia. Serbia isn't a Schengen member country, but the fence marked a turning point in the way Europeans thought about the worsening migrant crisis. Orban insisted that the only way to preserve Europe's "Christian heritage" was to limit the flow of Syrian asylum seekers into the bloc and in a series of fence clashes with refugees, Orban proved he was serious by deploying water cannons and tear gas. 

Serbia then promptly diverted the people flow into Croatia which is doing its best to handle the influx. From Croatia, the migrants make their way north through Slovenia into Austria and, ultimately, into Germany. 

Earlier this month, Slovenia expressed concerns that if Austria and Germany took steps to slow migrants down (steps like beefed up border checks), tens if not hundreds of thousands of refugees could get stuck. With winter fast approaching, Slovenian authorities warned that the country did not have the capacity to accommodate the asylum seekers, setting up the potential for a humanitartian crisis. So, Slovenia built a fence along its border with Croatia. Once again, Croatia is not (yet) a Schenghen member but the die as they say, was cast. 

Sure enough just days later, Austria began to build a mesh barrier on its border with Slovenia - it was the first fence between two members of the passport-free zone.

Meanwhile, Germany received permission from the European Commission to extend "temporary" border controls beyond an initial two month trial period and Sweden began hauling migrants without proper papers off of trains. 

All of the above was before the Paris attacks. 

The ISIS assault on France exacerbated anti-migrant sentiment and once it became apparent that "mastermind" Abdelhamid Abaaoud likely traveled from Syria to various European states and back again without being detected (French authorities didn't even know he was in Paris), the stage was set for a serious rethink of the passport-free ideal that's the veritable cornerstone of the European dream.

On Friday we noted that Schengen is now being seriously reconsidered. "The European Commission has agreed to present, by the end of the year, a plan to reform the Schengen border code to allow systematic and obligatory checks at all external borders for all travellers, including those who benefit from free movement," French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told the press, after an emergency meeting.

But it may go beyond that.

According to The Times, European governments are holding "secret" talks over removing borderless travel within region. As Bloomberg reports, "if Schengen is dismantled, it’s likely to break up into several geographical blocs."

A Dutch plan, for instance, "envisages [a] borderless bloc of Austria, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands with border checks for movement between other EU countries including France, Italy, Poland and Greece."

The current system is "simply not working," on unnamed diplomat says.

To be sure, there will be those who resist the idea of abandoning the principle on which the EU was built, but with each incremental attack and/or "imminent threat" (see Brussels overnight), support for an "overhaul" or even a wholesale abandonment of the agreement will grow until the idea of a European "union" becomes a relic of a bygone, pre-ISIS era. 

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So the lockdown begins. 

blabam's picture

*So the logic begins. 

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Why don't they dismantle the entire damn thing while they are at it? 

Looney's picture

Something big is about to happen in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are about to be bombed and Russia is preparing its justification for the strike.

Russia’s position on any country’s intervention in Syria has consistently been: either get invited by their Government, or get the UN Security Council authorization.

At the Antalya Summit, Putin announced a few NEW things in regard to the Russian plane crash in Egypt:

1. He evoked the article 51 of the UN Chapter “Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations”.

Russia doesn’t need the UN to hunt down a single terrorist or a group of them. The UN Charter is a hint at a COUNTRY.

2. He offered a $50 Million reward. This unprecedented for Russia step is supposed to lure some people “in the know” with real or imaginary information about the COUNTRY behind the bombing. Russia doesn’t have to disclose the source or the information, just like we have never disclosed anything related to the Boeing shot down over Ukraine.

3. Also, during the Antalya Summit Putin didn’t say a word to King Salman of SA. Just a couple of months ago they were singing Kumbaya on the phone, inviting each other for a State Visit. The King’s son, the Defense Minister, went to Moscow trying to bribe Putin with a few military contracts, but now… now Putin gives the King the cold shoulder?

4. And lastly, who can forget the obnoxious Bandar Bush’s threats and explosions in Volgograd before the Sochi Olympics?

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are going to get bombed and it will take them out of the Oil & Gas business for a very-very long time, put the end to their shit-stirring in the ME, and give Russia the control over the price of oil.

I wonder, what would happen to the Petrodollar within a few hours?  ;-)


Future Jim's picture

weren't the peoples of Europe supposed to be MORE safe and MORE free after they allowed themselves to be disarmed?

It is almost as if they were tricked into disarming.

two hoots's picture


Seems reasonable given the threat. 


NidStyles's picture

The threat that was caused by the same assholes in Brussels and determining who can travel this very second in Europe. 


This is a trap. 

Reptil's picture

thank you. someone rational.
the "open borders" is one of the few things that they presented the people of europe as "awesome progress because of unification".
the other was that citizens can conduct money transfers from one bankaccount to another without cost, because the EU stimulates growth by limiting bank profits. we know how that worked out.

classic bait and switch

-.-'s picture

That is an example of the appearance of safety; that is, contemplative safety between social relationships mitigated by the production and preservation of images. The Spectacle, my friend. 

nmewn's picture

Mrs.N and I were talking about "the appearance of" safety/security just the other night, they (both public & private) try to present it everywhere and it's complete & utter bullshit.

From the cops who are always five minutes too late to stop anything to the fat-ass security guard who couldn't chase down a purse snatcher running through the lobby of a hotel if his life depended on it.

But by God don't wear a seatbelt or swim in the pool after 11:00 PM and watch them spring into action and swoop down on the "perps" ;-)

-.-'s picture

To my nigga Mr. Debord, rest in peace...


Not forgotten that easily (even though I would not be surprised to see your material(s) banned).


"The crumbling of the worldwide alliance founded on bureaucratic mystification 

is in the last analysis the most unfavorable portent for the future development 

of capitalist society." [Thesis 111]


"The whole life of those societies in which modern conditions of production pre-

vail presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. All that was once

directly lived has become mere representation." [Thesis fucking 1]


Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Having been to Paris three times, I always had an inward laugh at all the show of force decked out in full military regalia " guarding" monuments and key heavy crowd locations. I often pondered if they only did it for suicide pay. This was obviously an attempt to show " control", yet anyone with a bare minimum of synaptic function could see the absolute futility of this.

Maybe some now are realizing they were duped by a farce. The sad thing is they have no recourse and cannot protect themselves from those who are determined and focused on kill them and destroying their culture. Shooting fish in a barrel.

Our country is being dismantled and destroyed by the Marxists. We will be infiltrated by Ebola of the human kind from their actions.

Molon Labe


Miffed Microbiologist's picture

No, I haven't died or completely faded away. ;-)

I expect a lot of old generals will make an appearance here in the right condition. When you ponder this, very bittersweet.


nmewn's picture

Good generals always try to pick the most advantageous ground they can to risk their soldiers lives on, it has always been thus or they are not good generals. 

Ego & hubris at the top are just as deadly to the common soldier as a bullet.

Sometimes the best strategy of all is to allow the enemy to think you're weak or afraid to engage, let them see themselves as chasing you, lure them away from their positions of strength, stretch their lines, then raise the black flag falling on them, destroying them...right down to the very last one.

This is how the best generals fight, they fight to win, they fight to annihilate the enemy, their soldiers knowing they are for them and this is not a game being played.

Asking for mercy or quarter is just a request, the one doing the asking is in no position to demand anything. They knew that going in and never gave it much thought when they were the ones doing the chasing, reveling in their "small victories" ;-)

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I was amazed reading Julius Caesars commentaries on war. His explanation how to win was clear, rational, strategic and very brutal. When he determined a Germanic tribe had sacred trees they worshipped, he had them destroyed. He fought on all levels and his champagnes were very successful and yes, many were dirty tactically. His troop movements at the time were unheard off, fighting multiple fronts and his men respected and devoted to him. This one work taught me a lot about men. Women can never serve in active combat or the cohesiveness of this unit would be lost.

We have lost our will to win such battles nmewn. We have lost the understanding what war is. No one I see today has the concept of this, at least publicly. War is Hell. And we slaughter our young men today for sport, not victory. The small victories are little recompense.

Refreshing to see someone who gets it. But this is no surprise coming from you. Women today are beyond hope.

I drink my scotch to you... Salut


Eyeroller's picture

We see how outlawing guns in France made everyone safe.

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

You make too much sense. Go report yourself at the nearest EUStasi office.

Winston Churchill's picture

Perhaps thats the reason for the special FOMC meet on Monday..

you omitted Israel, but Putin can just strangle them slowly by cutting off their potable water.

two hoots's picture

Saudi Arabia is playing a serious game of global oil control/pipeline flow.  Russia’s current lifeblood is oil/NG flowing to Europe.  It is not about corporate profits, it’s about survival and the Russians are stepping up and not much anyone can do about it. 

Behind the scenes is the quiet discovery of a major oil find in the West Bank and surrounding territories.  Israel has already dropped a well, Meged 5 Field, and stepped up military control/security in the area.  Most of the find is believed to be under Palestine but the concern is that Israel will not allow them to benefit/drill and use military zones to protect their operations.  This is likely another competitive concern to Putin/Russia.  For the US/Israel a created Kurdish (semi friends with Israel) nation is a needed security barrier (against Iran/Russia oil threats)along with a new Syria regime, hence the support of Kurds and current operations in that area.  Putin is much aware.  Notice how Israel has quietened its rhetoric since Russia showed up, it is now serious as the chess game has started. 


Lorca's Novena's picture

Excellent post. The issue of this oil field on the green line between the 2 countries is never mentioned. According to the exploration compant there is 40 million dollars worth of it. There is absolutely NO WAY Israel will allow teh Palestinians any of these proceeds. Ive been waiting for some "conflict" or "terrorist" shit happening there so Israel can step in and basically seize control.... soon IMO


Sadly, Palestine could massively benefit from this oil.

OpTwoMistic's picture

There is no Palestine and never will be.

Reptil's picture

Thumbs down for the Kurdish issue. Their independance is like an itch to the turks, and Erdogan is an ally of Israël (as long as Assad is there, and no longer). And it's Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and most likely a few other silent allies.
The middle east is a snakepit of allegiences and hidden partnerships.
The oilfiield in Golan was discovered some time ago. Last year it was already announced.

smacker's picture

"Saudi Arabia and Qatar are going to get bombed [...]"

We can but hope.

The problem I see is that Saudi has a protection deal with the US since about 1973(?), so the Pantygon may try to become involved.

On the other hand, if Putin produces evidence of Saudi involvement in the A321 bombing, he would have full authority under the UN Charter, thereby placing Washington in yet another v/difficult situation.

Niall Of The Nine Hostages's picture

Oil USD500 a barrel, USDRUB=15 or less, Russians finally enjoying a lifestyle comparable to Germany today.

Serial defaults or hyperinflations in blue American and European welfare states. 

We might even see renewed border controls in the US, with Texans deputized to give "refugees" from Obama's Chicago ONE warning shot, and an order to go foul their own nest. In Liberia.

Things will be a lot different. The world's bloodsuckers of every race, class and creed are in for a world of long-overdue hurt.

For the rest of us things might just start getting better.


smacker's picture

Nice, except with oil at USD 500 per barrel, the whole world would immediately collapse into a bottomless recession/depression. War would follow.

Reptil's picture

No, I do not believe that is a likely scenario. The russians have shown patience and a direct strike on Saudi Arabia (and obviously Qatar) would involve the USA, as they're invested there.

NidStyles's picture

What makes anyone think that they didn't want to lock it down so the people that actually need passports can't get out? 


If anyone hasn't noticed the Muslims aren't using passports to get around. They are traveling illegally, the only people this restricts are the law abiding ones. Criminals do not abide by laws FFS.

Faustus's picture

Cite from the article: "The disintegration of Europe’s passport free travel dream began in early September when Hungarian PM Viktor Orban constructed a razor wire fence along his country's border with Serbia."

This is utter nonsense! Hungary is obliged by the Schengen treaty to protect its border to the non-Schengen state Serbia against illegal immigration. That was the spirit of the Schengen treaty: to lift border controls between Schengen states while maintaining and even enhancing controls at the outer Schengen borders, hence Hungary-Serbia, for instance. The failure of the Schengen system is mainly due to the lack of control at those borders, namely Greece-Turkey and Italy-Libya, where the lion's share of illegal immigration occurs. Furthermore, the Hungarian "razor wire fence" is merely a "light version" of the long-established Spanish fence at the border of their exclaves Ceuta and Melilla. Thus, a fence at a Schengen border is nothing new at all. To conclude, the facts are exactly the opposite of the claim made in the article.

vollderlerby's picture

The idea to give European nations something to discuss and work through to align economic structures sure beats beating each other's heads in every 50 years. But they fucked up the order of things. A common currency - if such a thing is possible between many nation states - should have been the last step after attemping to synchronize VAT rates, retirement age, structure of govt and % of govt as GDP, a long term plan to align what remains in sovereign hands, what authority goes to Brussels. But the last couple things are already a terrible idea.  If you introduce some large centralized European government like entity, it'll just be a bunch of fat fuck producing mountains of red tape, doing hookers and blow between 15-hour work weeks.



A Nanny Moose's picture

Oh, it will be dismantled, but it ain't gonna be pretty to witness the natural progression of Demockracy.

All that remain is to pick through the flotsam and jetsam when this ship sinks into the sea of bad ideas.

sam i am's picture


What is Daesh’s endgoal?

by Non-Zionist Anglo Observer

NidStyles's picture

Logic would have been pushing the immigrants out first. 

NoDebt's picture

Funny how fast a country can shut down it's border when it's got a mind to.

Niall Of The Nine Hostages's picture

Par for the course. Nothing is done about any important problem till it startseems making life more dangerousted for important people.

Nobody took Hitler seriously till after Paris fell to the Wehrmacht and the City of London found itself the target of nightly bombing raids. By then it was almost too late to stop him. Only the Red Army managed to turn the tide at all.

-.-'s picture

Take a number and file in line...human beings historically have not expressed much of an interest in cooperating under these conditions. It seems time to create a piecemeal border and immigration plan between EU nations, or, rather, perhaps it is time to firstly address a piecemeal plan to dissolve the EU and allow indidvidual nations to determine their own course of action under international auspice.


Then again, I still doubt mankind to efffectively implement this type of communication to resolve a complex matter. For example, no man shall sovle another man's problem without paramountly observing his own. We will not solve this problem until we can solve our own problems; all that will be accomplished will be the appearance of solution, which is the persistance of true problems. 

Freddie's picture

Send em back.  Stop financially support ISIS.  Europe should leave ZATO.  Help Syria rebuild. Greece should go with Russia.  Any countries sick of the Soros-ZATO-Red Sheild EU-SSR criminality should partner up with Putin and Russia.

Niall Of The Nine Hostages's picture

For all I know Hollande threatened to do just that if nothing changed PDQ. If he didn't switch sides in the Great Game, Marine Le Pen would.

junction's picture

The events happening now were supposed to follow the 21 August 2015 attack on the Thalys train by Moroccan terrorist El Kazzani, who had orders to machine gun the passengers.  Spencer Stone and company stopped that attack.  For his actions that day, he was put on a death list.  The attempted murder of Stone in San Diego on October 8, 2015 was a team effort, with at least three men, a woman and two cars involved.  A planned hit which the stumblebum San Diego cops will not fully investigate now that they one guy, James Tran, in custody.  Tran expertly stabbed Stone in the heart and liver.  UC Davis doctors saved Stone.  If Stone had died, Tran would have been given safe passage outside the USA.  Now, Tran takes the fall.  Obama and his NWO masters do not tolerate failure. 

Calmyourself's picture

You would think master NWO assassins woulld know about this new invention called a gun. Hard to save him when his medulla oblongata decorates a stop sign..

Sudden Debt's picture

the borderless travel just made it a shitlot easier for the illegals and unwanted people to go wherever they wanted to.

It was crazy to start with. Every country needs to check and control it's borders and not only in a war time situation but also in peacetime. 

In times of peace one should prepare for war.

NidStyles's picture

They are locking the borders with millions of illegals within their borders. It's like dumping a guy missing a leg into a pig trough. The real Europeans are going to get decimated here. 

Chuckster's picture

Those porkers do make a lot of problems go away.

blabam's picture

locking the border doesn't mean nobody gets kicked out anymore, it just means you control the in and outflow. 

Freddie's picture

They need to send them home.  Europeans need to rise up and MUSSOLINI the politicians who want to keep these invaders.

Just find a gas station or lamp pole and some rope.  They need to have the balls to do it.

Supposedly Germans and Swedes have been fire bombings housing for illegal invaders before they are housed there but it is being kept quiet.

American white males are more pathetic and cheer on their Trayvon thugs and and Jameis rapist FSU quarterbacks like little girls.  Southern white males at places like U of AL, TN, NC, GA, FL clemson, Auburn, KSU and others are among the most pathetic fan bois.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Yeah. It's important to ensure that your tax livestock don't try escape to another pen on the tax farm.

souljaboy's picture

So what they have now is just like the USA and Mexico, right?

Chuckster's picture

People love to speak of the fog of war(excuse for stupidity).  What about the fog of peace?  Can people be vaccinated?

flyingcaveman's picture

Funny how unions are meant to make your voice stronger or more in control but really just weaken it by lumping you in with every other retard and dilluting your vote, concentrating power by handing over the decision making and agenda setting to a handful of bureaucrats who have no idea what your best interest is.