US, French Aircraft Carriers Rush Toward Syrian Coast To Find Numerous Russian Warships Already There

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Two weeks ago, on November 5, and one week before the Paris terrorist attack, we reported that somewhat unexpectedly, France had dispatched its only aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, to "the eastern Mediterranean for operations against Isis in both Syria and Iraq."

It was unclear just what these pre-emptive operations would be and why France is getting so dramatically involved in the campaign against ISIS. Not knowing the dramatic attack that was about to unfold (whose false flag origins have been quickly ignored as nobody has yet explained why a fake Syrian passport was found next to the suicide bomber), we speculated that this move had to do with the departure of the CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt which had left the Persian Gulf region a month ago, leaving the entire 5th Naval Fleet without a US carrier presence for the first time in a decade.

One week later, we found out that Paris may have had an advance hint of what was about to unfold when on the night of Friday 13 it all fell into place.

But with the French aircraft carrier full steam ahead toward the Syrian coast, the US could not afford to leave the airborne defense of the region to the French, so it did what was just a matter of time: it weighed anchor on the CVN-75, Harry Truman which was deployed toward the Middle East where according to the Daily Press it will "fight the Islamic State."

USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) Deploys from Norfolk, Va. from on Vimeo.

According to the Press, "the Truman is expected to reach the Persian Gulf before the year’s end. The U.S. has been launching air strikes into Iraq and Syria from aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf — at least until last month, when the USS Theodore Roosevelt left the area after an extended deployment. The two-month gap is the first in nearly a decade that the U.S. has had no carrier in the region."

While the Truman’s departure date was set more than a year ago, it came about six months earlier than first planned. In October 2014, it was announced that the ship would switch deployment cycles with the Norfolk-based USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, which required an additional 10 months in the shipyard.

As the Navy Times reports, "there were no immediate changes to deployment orders as a result of Friday's terror attacks, but there is great resolve among the sailors to support their French allies, said Capt. Ryan Scholl, Truman's skipper. Scholl said his crew is ready to bring peace or "violent destruction."

Something tells us it will be the latter.

Once again, here is the ETA: Carrier Theodore Roosevelt left 5th Fleet in mid-October, leaving that region without a carrier until the Truman CSG gets there, which should be about six weeks, or just around the New Year.

Then again, according to the latest Stratfor naval map, the Truman is already approaching Gibraltar. If accurate, it means the carrier will be next to Syria in a couple of weeks tops.

Scholl offered assurance to coalition and U.S. forces still in the fight across Syria and Iraq as part of Operation Inherent Resolve.

"The Harry S. Truman battle group will be there in due time and execute our mission successfully," he said. "We hope that brings some peace of mind to the people that are out there, both our coalition partners as well as our troops on the ground, and it brings a hard-to-swallow, deliberate pause in our enemy."

Where things get very interesting is what the Navy Times says next:

ISIS is not the only challenge that awaits the flotilla, which includes the cruiser Anzio, Carrier Wing Air 7, and destroyers Bulkeley, Gravely and Gonzalez. Russian, Chinese and Iranian marines have established their presence in Syria, and Russian warships from the Black Sea have relocated to the eastern Mediterranean to protect fighter jets conducting airstrikes in support of Syria's Assad regime. In preparation, the strike group's Composite Training Unit Exercise focused on adversaries that more closely resembled those of the Cold War.

Russians and Iranians we knew about, but Chinese? Does the US Navy know something that has not been made public previously?

While we await the answer, what we do know is that suddenly the east Mediterranean is about to become a warship and aircraft carrier parking lot, with the Truman and de Gaulle side by side, just as we predicted it would be a month ago when we said that the summer of 2013 naval scenario is unfolding once again.

Then there are the Russians. Here's the latest from Tass:

Ten ships of the Russian Navy are involved in the anti-terrorism operation in Syria, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu told President Vladimir Putin on Friday.


"The naval group comprises ten ships, six of them are in the Mediterranean," the minister said.


Shoigu said the Caspian Flotilla warships on Friday launched 18 cruise missiles at terrorist positions in Syria hitting seven targets.


"On November 20, the Caspian Flotilla warships launched 18 cruise missiles at seven targets in the Raqqa, Idlib and Aleppo provinces of Syria. All the targets were hit," Shoigu said.

As we said: busy, and it's only going to get busier.

But the punchline is Russia is already treating the Syrian coastline as its own playground, and has imposed explicit no fly zones in the eastern Mediterranean as the following tweet reveals:

What happens when both the French and the US navies, both packing dozens of airplanes, arrive and convert the Mediterranean off the Syrian coast into one big warship parking lot.

We can only hope that the sudden confluence of goodwill and best intentions by the superpowers to crush ISIS is genuine instead of merely a ploy to get everyone in the same place and result in the biggest ever Gulf of Tonkin redux and an "accidental" sinking of one or more ships... with or without a fake Syrian passport planted next to it.

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Truther's picture

Remember the Farce.... Can't let a good crisis go to waste. Welcome to the WWIII cluster fuck.

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Nobody knows who is on whose side. 
Just like the Gog and Megog prophecy .... Golly gosh and gee whiz!

Don't forget there are a couple British airfields on Cyprus, as well ...  Just sayin'

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And a bunch of Israeli subs. Whereabouts unknown.

Unix's picture

what about the russian, chinese and american subs? it's those you should be worried about mate

Lumberjack's picture

I am seeing groups of high flying aircraft heading east off of the eastern seaboard now "mate". Looks bad in my book.

Unix's picture

is that right? imagine that...

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Anonymous User (not verified) Unix Nov 22, 2015 2:34 AM

When the americunts will get there my guess is that the russians will receive them like this (hopefully):


PS I know that not all the US soldiers are black, but a nice picture.

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Youre a piece of shit.



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coinhead (not verified) Deathrips Nov 22, 2015 2:48 AM

Do aircraft carriers have any "intrinsic value" you fucking retards????

Tall Tom's picture

Yes. They do.


They have UTILITY. In fact they are being utilized right now.


Value and utility are synonyms.


Do your guns have intrinsic value, FoneStar?


Of coirse they do.


But you value a concept which I do not.


People who value the same wil trade using that.


Personally I will not. I do not have to accept your values. You need not accept mine.


Is not Liberty wonderful?

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Hollywood hopes you pony up for a few more movies quick before this get's under way. Paying for your propaganda rules!

coinhead's picture
coinhead (not verified) Tall Tom Nov 22, 2015 2:16 PM

Ah we get it, teh ship's hull and ship's guns have "intrinsic value" because you can touch them.

But the ship's radar and radio system are totally worthless because you can't touch a radio wave or a radar signal.


Dip, meet shit.

Radar and radio exist as physical components that do stuff for people that mean something in the physical world. Like not crashing into stuff, or getting a missile up your ass.

Get a shitcoin to do that, and you got something going on - oh.


Valuation dropped again, fucking over anyone vested in crypto ponzi.

Fuck me running, I'll bet you hate it when that happens.

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OrangeJews (not verified) SILVERGEDDON Nov 24, 2015 7:28 PM

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I think this deserve a ban.  Not the first time he post porn link.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Maxter Nov 22, 2015 7:59 AM

These people are starting WWlll which will result in the end of humanity and not a whisper of protest.

Obama the magic man who silenced protest with his #blackwarsmatter skit.

I guess that is why the Deep State installed him as a rookie.

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Yep, he's an enemy of Zero Hedge trying to make it unusable at work because of the risk of opening porn. He's been littering Zero Hedge with porn links for weeks.

He needs to be banned.

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Ah well figured Blue Verv. Tylers take heed the pornster is messing with your potential click count. Unless its the Tylers being paid by this porn site ? Nah that would n,t make sense to stoop so low, Zero has a reputation as a "high brow" cognocenti place and that shit really brings the tone down.

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Anonymous User (not verified) justdues Nov 22, 2015 10:23 AM

You cunts ever heard of freedom of speech?

It covers the freedom of link also.


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You just wrote the perfect example of abusing freedoms to the point that it has to be addressed.

fleur de lis's picture

Anonymous User is dragging things down to the fathomless depths of his own fetid mind.

Zero Point's picture

Especially the American ones. They may run across one of their Israeli "allies" and get Libertied.

fleur de lis's picture

That's an interesting point. Will Haifa be opened to Am/Fr/Br ships?

StychoKiller's picture


"We hope that brings some peace of mind to the people that are out there, both our coalition partners as well as our troops on the ground, and it brings a hard-to-swallow, deliberate pause in our enemy."


WTF?  What troops on the ground?  Someone best fire up the Obamatron's teleprompter!

Johnny Horscaulk's picture
Johnny Horscaulk (not verified) knukles Nov 22, 2015 7:37 AM

3 things jews will do to prepare for their temporal "messiah" according to a muslim scholar. (Fwiw)

RagnarRedux's picture

"3 things jews will do to prepare for their temporal "messiah" according to a muslim scholar. (Fwiw)"

He is correct.

philipat's picture

Those carriers are sitting ducks against Russian third generation Cruise missiles, which is why the US carrier group was moved out of the Gulf after it was realised (Duuuh...) that they could be hit by Cruise missiles from the Caspian. They would be the first to be taken out in a US escalation, leaving Russian Syrian land-based air power in control of the immediate vicinity, especially after deployment of the new Russian S400 SAM systems to deal with possible interventions from Cyprus. So I don't think the West should start to get any duplicitous ideas here.

Allen_H's picture

Those shit fucking ameriKunt ships can run, but cannot hide from superior Russian tech. Russia could wipe them ALL out within 5 min. And when I say 5 min, its all they way back to your eastern coast, from the med.

fleur de lis's picture

Remember Pearl Harbor. It was another false flag, hatched and pulled off without a hitch because there was no widespread communication at the time.

As planned we were plunged into another central banker bloodfest because the American public was so outraged. Until that point Americans wanted to stay out of the war. Which was started by the same ilk we're stuck with today.

Some time ago, I remember reading that the best ships were sent to San Diego a week or so before the attack. All those killed were nothing but expendable pawns to the DC psychopaths.

Do these guys think they are any more valuable? Were there personnel transfers in and out beforehand? Their grieving spouses, orphaned children, and distraught families mean nothing to the warmongers and indeed will be at their mercy.

Anyone of any value to the Matrix was probably reassigned. This perverse exercise has nothing to do with American security, just psychopaths afraid that they will lose control over their favorite murder and mayhem game.

DC psychos are gambling with every American life on those ships, Captains, officers, cooks, mechanics, they're all the same expendable pawns to DC control freaks. Anyone killed will make headlines and revenge will be the order of the day. As planned.

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

Is this why there is only 1 AC in the region at a time....they want 'losses' but limited losses.

Freddie's picture

The Kalibr M shot from the Caspian Sea on tiny littoral ship no bigger than a large yacht were for ground targets and they are generally sub sonic. They are harder to detect and shoot down then Tomahawks.  Probably more relaible as well because Raytheon and The Pentagram are so corrupt like the rest of MIC.

See F-35 mega expensive pile of shit hangar queen of corruption.  Aka can turn, can't hide can't fight per Pierre Sprey.  Also can't even f**king fly apparently.  Or the F-22 which starves the pilot of oxygen.

The Kalibr M anti ship missiles are even more dangerous.  They go supersonic before the terminal phase.

They also have the Onyx aka Super Sunburn

The Kalibr and Onyx are both supersonic against ships.

The Swedes have a pretty cool anti ship missile but they are an emerging Islamic state.

JohninMK's picture

The claim that the carrier left the Gulf because of the Russian action is totally untrue.

The USN announced months ago that it would leave in October. And it did.

It takes weeks to organise this kind of movement, it is not just the carrier but its whole task group.


PlayMoney's picture

Reminds me of Airplane when everybody lined up to slap the lady (isis)

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Umm didn't Nostradamus predict a great Western fleet would be destroyed in the eastern Med.

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Already there? everyone knows the Russians have always had a navy base there.

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Johnny Horscaulk (not verified) Francis Marx Nov 21, 2015 9:08 PM

Oh, "isis" will likely get some shore to ship missiles from Uncle Scam, Salafist Arabia, or Ersatz Israel soon enough.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

We didn't know they were there until we came over the horizon.

Half of us were afraid the ship would fall off the edge of the earth.

Chuckster's picture


The distruction and body count of this is beginning to sound like many can there be?

buzzsaw99's picture

It would be well for your government to consider that having your ships and ours, your aircraft and ours, in such proximity... is inherently DANGEROUS. Wars have begun that way, Mr. Ambassador. [/Jeffrey Pelt, The Hunt for Red October]

GooseShtepping Moron's picture

Damn it Buzzsaw, you beat me to it. I was trying to find exactly that clip on Youtube, but no dice. And here's to Richard Jordan, the handsome charactor actor playing Jeffrey Pelt, who passed away in 1993. (He also did a fine job as Duncan Idaho in Dune.)

vollderlerby's picture

Slightly off topic but this needs to be said: Hope the retards in Hollywood read you post.  Here we are referencing movies from 25 years ago with an Harvard educated actor delivering them with credibility.  Compare that to the dribble that's out today for retarded teenagers that watch this shit like hypnotized squirrels, no wonder no one wants to go to the movies.

lakecity55's picture


He had a distinguished background, grandson of the respected Judge Hand.

Wish we had more actors of that calibre today!

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The terrorists just needs to hold on a few more weeks before the carrier arrives and the care packages start dropping. Dear Uncle Sam we really liked the Tows you sent. Please add more manpads and mustard gas next time, Sincerely- Habib al-fukawi

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Somebody has got stop the Soviets genocide of Allahs faithfull servants. Why does Putin hate Allah and Muslims?

GooseShtepping Moron's picture

Sweetie, go down to the play room if you want to act like that. The grown ups are having a conversation here.