In New Video, A Grateful Al-Qaeda Thanks US For Supplying Anti-Tank Missiles

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On September 30, just hours after a three star Russian general strolled into the US embassy in Baghdad and told the staff to inform Washington that Moscow would begin airstrikes in Syria “in one hour”, the Western media was alive with accusations that The Kremlin wasn’t targeting ISIS, but rather other, US and Saudi-backed rebel groups fighting Assad’s depleted SAA. Here’s what WSJ said at the time

“Among seven areas that Syrian state media listed as targets of Russian strikes, only one—an area east of the town of Salamiyah in Hama province—has a known presence of Islamic State fighters. The other areas listed are largely dominated by moderate rebel factions or Islamist groups, such as Ahrar al-Sham and the al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front.”

Yes, “moderate rebel factions such as the al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front.” 

Put simply, the US had become so desperate to preserve whatever was left of the strategy to overthrow Assad, that Washington had the mainstream media floating trial balloons to see if the public would accept the characterization of al-Qaeda as “moderate.” 

Generally speaking, most Americans didn’t notice, presumably because they were too busy ogling at Russian fighter jets and/or Islamic State’s latest Hollywood special (which at the time was a clip of an SAA fighter being run over by a tank), but for anyone who did pick up on the fact that the mainstream US media had just officially (and posthumously) labeled Osama Bin Laden a “moderate”, the farce was complete. 

To anyone who frequents these pages - and to anyone who has endeavored to question the official narrative - the fact that the US now counts al-Nusra as a de facto ally came as no surprise. The Saudis and Qatar have backed al-Nusra virtually from the beginning, and the US is all for anything that destabilizes Assad, even if it means funneling guns and money to the very same group that flew passenger jets into skyscrapers on American soil. And let’s not forget that this wouldn’t be the first time Washington has backed al-Qaeda. The US has had lots of practice in getting arms to the Mujahideen - see the Soviet-Afghan war, for example. 

None of this is a secret, which is what makes it so astonishing that the Western public is largely clueless despite the efforts of people like Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and Georgia Republican Austin Scott. 

Of course Washington isn’t as vocal in its support of al-Nusra as it is in its enthusiasm for the “moderate” opposition group of choice, the Free Syrian Army. As we’ve documented extensively, the FSA has received anti-tank weapons from The Pentagon over the past two months so that they may counter the advance on Aleppo by Hezbollah and the IRGC. Given that the very same Iran-backed Shiite militias the FSA is fighting in Syria are also fighting ISIS in Iraq, the fact that the US is supplying the FSA with weapons to kill them is nothing short of ridiculous. Here’s how we described the situation last month:

The US is now supplying anti-tank weapons and other munitions to the rebels fighting in Aleppo and those weapons are being used to kill these very same Shiite militiamen who are driving US tanks, fighting alongside the Iraqi army, and indirectly receiving US assistance just across the border in Iraq.


So thanks to Washington's twisted foreign policy, they are friends on one side of the Syria-Iraq border and mortal enemies on the other.

Well now, in what can only be described as an embarrassment of truly epic proportions, al-Qaeda has released a video thanking the FSA for supplying al-Nusra with American-made TOWs. Here’s Sputnik

The Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda's affiliate in Syria, has released a grateful video, where they openly thank the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which the US has touted as a “moderate opposition group”, for supplying them with US-made anti-tank TOW missiles (“Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided").



A recently released video shows an Al-Nusra Front field commander thanking the FSA commanders for giving his forces TOW missiles, according to a report released by the Iranian news agency FARS.


The agency reminds readers that the two groups, the Al-Nusra and the FSA, formed an alliance in March, the Army of Conquest, or Jaish al-Fatah in Arabic, to fight against the forces of President Assad.


Since then, they have fought together “at almost every single battle in Aleppo, Lattakia, Hama, and Idlib Governorates of Syria.”



Through this alliance several militant groups like the Al-Nusra Front and the Ahrar al-Sham movement have been given access to FSA's US-made heavy weaponry, which has been supplied to the militant group by the US, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


According to the agency’s estimates, Saudi Arabia sent 500 TOW missiles to Al-Nusra directly last month.

Obviously, this is the very definition of absurdity. It would be bad enough if the US were supplying TOWs to anyone in Syria. But this is Washington and Riyadh handing anti-tank missiles to forces that are firing them at the Iranians who are operating under cover of Russian airstrikes. Just to drive that home: the US is waging war against Iran and Russia with but one degree of separation. 

That's the big picture. 

But as mentioned above, this is also ridiculous because The Pentagon is killing the same people in Syria that the US-trained Iraqi army depends on to rout ISIS across the border in Iraq. And when we say "the same people", we mean the exact same Shiite militias. Every Iran-backed militiaman that's killed in Syria by a US-made weapon is one less militiaman that will return to Iraq to fight ISIS, which is of course fine with Saudi Arabia and Qatar because they're opposed to Iranian influence in Baghdad in the first place. 

Finally, the idea that the US is fighting al-Nusra in Syria is not only untrue, it's actually the complete opposite of what's really going on on the ground. 

Hopefully no one from al-Qaeda ends up firing a TOW at a Paris cafe.

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Fuck the US government.

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Didn't our government tell us that the 9-11 attacks were "allegedly" conducted by al-Qaeda, acting in accord with the 1998 fatwa issued against the U.S. and its allies by persons under the command of bin Laden, al-Zawahiri, and others. Evidence points to suicide squads led by al-Qaeda military commander Mohamed Atta as the culprits of the attacks, with bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and Hambali as the key planners and part of the political and military command.

And now we are openly arming the very same group who are our sworn enemies. 

The BS is running deep and vast from Washington...

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Relax. They're only stealing weapons to create Safe Spaces for the Sensitive jihadis so they can bang their foreheads on the ground, get a bruise to make them look "spiritual" and spew unintelligible moaning from a tower 57 times a day. Remember: its a religion of PEACE

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not long now till enough is enough and SHTF

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F U Nulander

You will get your’s one day.

Hey, y’know.. if I found a TOW dropped on my front lawn.. I could easily set it up and sight it on a passing L.E. armored vehicle.. right?


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Holy old ass anti-tank missiles. We haven't use those for at least two decades. Iraq I was the last time the TOW was used in the US military. We use what is called the Javelin now. 


I doubt those came out of the US. The internet says they are coming out of Saudi Arabia. and why would they have two different systems pictured calling them both TOW's? TOW is a very specific missile. 

SgtShaftoe's picture

Yes, I haven't seen them in service in a very very long time.  These are probably 1980s surplus that they wanted to get off the shelf. 

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Yet another win for Putin

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Unfortunately, people don't care or listen. I remember when I was selling sunglasses on the beach in my early 20's, I would say "These lenses filter in only the most harmful radiation". No one, absolutely no one, caught my stupid joke. It's the whole Mark Dice thing.

macholatte's picture

Generally speaking, most Americans didn’t notice, presumably because they were too busy ....


- ogling at ads for Black Friday
- trying to figure out if white lives matter
- voting for someone on X Factor
- waiting for John Oliver to tell them what to think
- getting high
- working and trying to raise their kids

NidStyles's picture

More like:

Trying to impress some person that might validate them

Trying to find out if someone is worth getting validated by

Worrying that they will never get laid again

Trying to figure out where they should spend every last cent

Just being high. 



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Hmmm.. pull that thing with a string

That sounds strangely familiar..

But WTF… at least they don’t have the latest and greatest..

And.. I wouldn’t mind having a couple of them stored in the basement for the next decade or so..

??  Do they use lithium batteries like the ones that “expired” fot the Afghanistan Mujahidin?

er.. Taliban.. er, Al CIA-da, er ISIS, er, IS Levant er, your friendly neighborhood oppressive STATE.,

Hi Vicky.. we see you...........



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You dress me up, I'm your puppet
You buy me things, I love it
You bring me food, I need it
You give me love, I feed it

And look at the two of us in sympathy
With everything we see
I never want anything, it's easy
You buy whatever I need

But look at my hopes, look at my dreams
The currency we've spent
I love you, you pay my rent

- Pet Shop Boys, Rent

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A great video to show your uninformed family this Thanksgiving. And then ask them why they think a government evil enough to give anti-tank missiles to al-Qaeda wouldn't rig an election to keep themselves in power.

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Well, now that everything is digital third party electronically controlled, we can trust the results, right?

Heaven forbid we should ever get a trustless, hashed blockchain system for voting..  oh.. and a verified citizenship, not that it matters anymore.


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"There is no nation on earth so dangerous as a nation fully armed, and bankrupt at home." - Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge (1916)

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Prince Charles: Syria's war linked to climate change


Sounds like he's either an idiot ... or ... a big carbon credit tax stakeholder/shareholder also.

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Aha !!!!!!!

Now I understand the locked down/ no protest U.N. Paris summit...

The Furhers are allowed to do what they please (when acceptable to the global corporations).

How convenient that a massacre, planned by a 27 year old f-up sand monkey "MASTERMIND'  happened just in time to lock down the conference.

It's not as if the concert mow-down wasn't done by skilled operatives.

Algore is a happy jet clown.

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I this the video you are referring to?

Man run over by tank.  Not censored.  According to Tyler "everybody" has seen this.

Why no one uses French missles.




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Holy Shit!!
That is the Peugeot of weapons.

kralizec's picture

Probably that last one for most honest folk...that and knowing ALL governments suck...all we can do is what is best for us and ours...screw the rest.

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"- waiting for John Oliver to tell them what to think"

If more people thought as well as Oliver does, the world would be a better place; unfortunately, too many opt for the likes of FOX & CNN & other MSM blatherers to tell them what to think.

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by now they would only be moderately explosive?

NidStyles's picture

Depends, they might blow up on the launcher, or not detonate at all. Corrosion and moisture does funny things to old munitions. 

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Hey if they kill them twice that's like what 144 virgins. I say go for it.

'Course if I had 144 virgins at once I'd feel like I died twice too, man.

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A strange reward, that's for sure.  Gimme a slut for mine.  Just a couple will do. 

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? HuH ??

Was that a pair of 72 year old virgins that look like a slut, er.. Hitlery?

How gross.

Bob's picture

You should wash those hands after an outburst like that!  And don't forget the keyboard. 

Nastier than all the clumsy virgins by far! 

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I just never want to pass up the chance to slam the wannabe slut-in chief.

?? Did you catch the GROSS joke ?


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The numb nuts are exposed when they use them and with forward spotters in place they will be taken by air strikes.

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"You sure gotta hand it to those commies."

"Yeah.  Those trucks almost look like the real thing.

"I wonder where they got 'em from?"

"Probably bought them from the Army as war surplus."


Dr. Strangelove, Minute 37:10




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Vodka.. never water... that's what the commies drink....

preserve your essential fluids

and don't play games in the War Room.

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If you ever needed any more proof the US has been taken over by a bunch of Satanic Oligarch Globalists, using the old "from Order, Chaos" doctrine, look no further all the US actions in Syria.


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Satanists are a sect of pagans descended from European Celts that worshipped Cernunnos/Satan. They are not the Order out of Chaos guys.


The Order out of Chaos guys are the Semitics. The moon worshippers from a place called Ur. From a specific city called Urusalem. We call it Jerusalem these days. 


Start here:


That will catch you up to speed who the Order out of Chaos guys are. 

SMG's picture

That's not correct, sorry.

DetectiveStern's picture

We all know they are shapeshifting Lizards.

FixItAgainTony's picture

Psychopaths, but same difference.

DetectiveStern's picture

I just prefer to believe a human couldn't act like that when I've met so many that aren't like that. Easier to believe they're Lizards. Who knows might be true might not be true but it is a better explanation for the way the world has panned out than random chance.

PTR's picture

I just prefer to believe a human couldn't act like that when I've met so many that aren't like that. 


That's the problem- you're appling a moral code that you abide by to people who do not.

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Exactly, they are not European of descent. They have nothing in common with Germanic or Celtic peoples. They merely live on our lands and work to destroy us from within. 

NidStyles's picture

Yes, it is. Christinity is not native to Europe, no matter how you religious ideolugues want to try and rewrite history. It's still a Jewish god that you are worshipping. 


Satanism is a pagan practice that has been around for hundreds of centuries. It has nothing to do with Christianity or Abrahamic faiths. Even the Judaic faith describes Satan as the god of a foreigner. Celts are foreign to Semitics, and at one time, all of Europe was under Celtic control. Jews at one time were pagans also. 


FixItAgainTony's picture

Your digression into ancient druidism has no bearing on current events or the short-hand narratives used to communicate motives or intents of oppositional forces.  Clearly "Satanic Oligarch" refers to immoral individuals who place their desires for power by any means above the moral norms of civilized society. I would categorize you as a pedant except that your use of facts is incorrect, “all of Europe” has never been celtic or celtic controlled, because SPQR.

NidStyles's picture

The Romans were a bump in the road when the Celts ruled Europe. The Celts were ruling Europe 2000 years before the Romans even climbed out of their fishing boats, they even stole Celtic traditions and laguages to call their own, it's called Latin. Even the Greeks at the height of their power feared the Celts, and even post Thermopylae were getting beaten regularly by the Celts.


If you aren't aware of this, then I have to doubt anything you have to say about European history. It's pretty common knowledge that the Latins/Celts were the first great European Civilization in recorded history. They were so feared that the Saracens called their anti-Christ a red haired devil with one eye. A Tuscan man, of Latin/Celtic decent. The ROmans called them Latins and Gauls, and some were Saxons and Britons. They were all Celtic though. 


It's insulting to say that anyone is immoral because they are Satanic. The deity being portrayed as Satan is an attack on European culture. You're being anti-European pushing that nonsense. 

FixItAgainTony's picture

Can you doubt this map showing maximal celtic expansion 275BC falls short of total European dominance? 

NidStyles's picture

That looks like European dominance to me, especially considering they were the only people in that region at the time.


That makes them the largest power in Europe at the time. The Nords didn't even exist during that period, and the Proto-Germans come from Celtic stock. Are you catching on yet? They were the most powerful nation in Europe for a rather long time. So powerful that even until the days of the Roman Empire they still dominated most of Europe.


How many other nations were that prevalent then? No nations could defeat them in battle. Not even the sacred Spartans were able to beat them. 


This still doesn't make you correct, Satan is what the Jews call one of the Celtic gods of war. Quit worhsipping the Jews man. Have some self respect and pride in your people FFS. 


FixItAgainTony's picture

You said, "all of Europe" which was an easily proven lie.  You take pride in being a tiny subversive voice for the Global Satanic Oligarchs, pardon, European Celtic Judist, so please continue rambling out of context and to irrelevant ends.

NidStyles's picture

You think they didn't control all of Europe, because they didn't live in all of Europe? The distinction I made was very clear. 


Do you realize how simplestic and ignorant that sounds? The US doesn't occupy or live in the rest of the world, but it does control most of it. 


Your personal attacks just show how fucking petty you are, and how small your mind is in comparison to your ego. Anything else you have to say is the argument of a loser, and can just be labelled as semantics from a loser, and a poor loser at that. I hope you never, or didn't, have kids. The one thing the world could use less of is fucking losers like you.


Here I thought actually sharing knowledge with you wouldn't be a waste of my time, and then you shit stains wonder why no one wants to talk to you. Why you seek validation online instead of the real world, it's quite obvious to me why in your case. Good day to you jackass.