It Wasn't Us - Pentagon Shrugs At "Exaggerating, Sloppy, Uncaring" Russian Jet Shootdown

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The Pentagon's army colonel Steve Warren has made it clear how Washington feels about the unraveling situation in Syria. In not so many words, Warren explained 'not our problem', pointing out the Russian jet shootdown is "a Russia-Turkey issue," and that US was not ionvolved. He then quickly moved on to the propaganda section of the briefing, explaining how "sloppy, uncaring" Russia was "exaggerating" its achievements in Syria.


The Pentagon explains, it wasn't us...

“Our Turkish Allies informed us that their military aircraft shot down a Russian military aircraft near the Syrian border after it violated Turkish airspace on Tuesday. At this time, we can confirm that US forces were not involved in this incident,” the official said.



And Bloomberg headlines explain how Washington really feels...



Warren says it can confirm that the Turks warned the Russian plane 10 times before shooting down the jet.


He said they were working to establish exactly where the plane was when it was shot down.

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The stupidity in this country is breath taking.  I suppose he uttered the words he was told to do.

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He said they were working to establish exactly where the plane was when it was shot down.

They've finally learned about making claims as to what the actual facts are when they don't actually know or know that they're false. 

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If the past is any indicator, Russia was pulling their usual provocative tricks thinking nobody would step up to them.  They were wrong and someone armed with a US made weapon knew he had teh upper hand over cheap Russian crap.  This is Putins fault and nobody else's.

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May your body be consumed in nuclear fire first.

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This is a turkey-russia problem?  Oh, just like we told Saddam that it was an Iraqi-Kuwaiti problem 25 years ago?



At least they supplied video, instead of after 3-4 years there the Pentagon the same week announced it had destroyed 100 trucks. 

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as an american, i feel ashamed that what putin and the russians say is more credible, direct, and honest than what our pathetic excuses for government/military say.  i only hope the rest of the world recognizes that it's our shit government and military that talk/think this way, and not we the people.  

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My interpretation of this statement is that Turkey, due to its own stupidity and duel complicity, is on its own and any retaliation by Russia will not be covered under NATO Article 5. Article 5 states that " an attack on one Ally shall be considered an attack on all Allies." 

Vlad just received the implicit go-ahead (as if he needed permission) to implement a rebuttal in the form of a "Turkey shoot" on those responsible. 

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So when Vlad creates a no fly zone over all of Syria excluding Israeli, French and US aircraft, is that just a Syria-Russia issue?

Bring on the S400's

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Bart Simpson diplomacy - "I didn't do it."

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Sloppy military work?  Does that mean the Russians may have injured some Turkish oil tanker drivers?

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Anonymous User (not verified) Bastiat Nov 24, 2015 3:00 PM

Turkey just put herself on a straight path towards a world of hurt: 

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Commence no-fly zone on the border region between Syria-Turkey in Latakia. Putin will deny Turkey it's own airspace in that region where they are operating. Russia's pilots & SAM operators will have orders to shoot first and ask questions later when it comes to Turkey's air assets. Russia may even take out Turkey's SAM sites too.

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I'm sure Vlad's aware of that rule and will be cautious of whatever the fuck the Pentagram or U.S. Gov-scum say that might invite Putin to attack Turkey.

They may be saying they won't involved now just to fake Vlad into attacking.  After that they'll get all kinds of involved and continue to blame Russia for this whole mess.

I'm sure Vlad, as usual, is more than just a few steps ahead of these guys on the chess board right now.

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You only hope? Did the US just bomb the Govs of the countries we didn't like? You are a US citizen, collateral damage just as our Gov has inflicted on countless foreign soils. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR GOVERNMENTS ACTIONS. But we as a country are too pussy and PC, squabbling about fucking nonsense as our Gov fucks the world up in our name, to do anything about it.

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I agree with you both. On one hand, we have no say in who runs the government any more. It's now government of the people, by the puppets, for the banksters.

On the other hand, if a majority of our populace wasn't dumbed down, numbed out and utterly self-absorbed, we'd have gotten the pitchforks and torches out by now.

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Years ago there was a video of a State Dept. representative (I think her name was Katherine Brown), where Saddam asked what the consequences would be if he escalated his situation with Kuwait, he was told that "we have little interest in the region", or something like that.  The video hasn't been able to be found for quite a few years now.

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Why would any developed country with a modern air force and navy need to exaggerate about how well it has been targeting people with no air force, and almost no SAM capability?

Pure propaganda. I'm not suggesting that Russia is more effective than the U.S., but this is literally target practice.

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Fucking barbarians, all of them including the amoral idiots in Washington.

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When those big chesp Russian nukes fly hopefully you will have a frint seat. 

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Your ignorance, stupidity and general fuck-headedness is amazing....Unfortunately there are too fucking many of you around!

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"...At this time, we can confirm that US forces were not involved in this incident,”

Poster on Pentagon wall: 

Not Our Monkeys...

Plausable deniability...

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Look-it.. US military has looked like a total buffoon after the russians did something in weeks where the US couldn't do in 20 years. Of course the dick is going to be a dick.

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So it's a NATO of convienience then?

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Did the American spokesman say anything at all about the American made and supplied TOW anti-tank missile destroying the downed Russian CSAR helo?

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It's only breathtaking if you don't expect it.  

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Uh - Ok got it, now can we please get on with more Natasha...?

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Following the script.

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Not are problem??? So Turkey can get bitched slapped by Russia, since it's not are problem. Rightttt

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No, that's different.

Wait for it, he will come with a reason why.


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Nuland's husband Kagan calling for US ground forces in Syria... 50,000 troops... How is it Amercians stand for this shit?

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"Nuland's husband Kagan"

These Obama nut-jobs are also salivating about the thought of nuclear war.

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Kagan, Kaganonich... Oh, the Tribe...

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They maybe don't stand for it, but they don't care.. But they will once the hell starts happening on the US soil.

Recommend reading this post:

Auslander goes behind enemy lines 

An american back at home after years abroad.

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Since when do "Americans" fit into the equation any more? The liberals stopped caring about war once 0bama was selected, and your average conservative is so worn down by 0bama's lies and bullshit and complete foreign policy failure that they don't know what to think about anything anymore.

Anyways. If you bother to think about it, the odds that 0bama puts 50,000 troops in Syria is about a million to one against. 0bama is a pro-Muslim and pro-ISIS, and ISIS is a CIA golem run amok, which everyone seems to recognize except the CIA itself. Furthermore, the CIA is headed up by John Brennan, a crypto-Muslim who converted during his time in Saudi Arabia, so it's clear that no one that matters is going to do anything that threatens militant Islamic organizations like ISIS. Kagan can be safely ignored, most likely he is just throwing up a straw man that 0bama can "bravely oppose".

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The odds that Obama puts 50K in Syria is way higher than that. Geez.   

If he was such a militant muzzie, how come he serves the neocons and israel so well? 

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Either him or the next president will send 50-100K soldiers to Syria. Unless a ray of reason reasserts itself.

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Mooeeehahwa, "Fucking Americans".


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I hate these people.

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This is the quality of leadership we have. NONE

jUST A FILTHY LYING PIECE OF SHIT, Maybe he will get his transfer to Turkey and get treated like the Russian Officers just did.

God. I hate these people too.

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Wow, the nuclear armed Russians are being provoked big time. Not good.

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My layman guess is all bombing runs on Alan's Snackbar will have fighter escorts from now on kicking things up a notch. 

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Dont we have AWACS flying there to support activities?

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That sort of thing, in that theater of operations would strictly a NATO asset, boy!

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Son, let me tell you that we are in NATO. I really need to examine some info I came across regarding the oil dealing in Turkey by an individual whose company (american) is also involved with projects in Pakistan. 

What really bothers me is the plane shot down over the Sinai and how Egypt has pointed a finger at Turkey for supporting ISIS in the Sinai/Egypt region. Now we all know that Russia has good relations with Egypt but there are those would would love to see tension between them. This gets uglier by the hour.

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So... no wedding parties or hospitals then? ... how uncaring and sloppy.