The Future Of Cannabis

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The recreational cannabis industry is changing fast, and the last few years have been a blur for investors observing the space.

More people today believe that cannabis should be legal than ever before, and famed investors like Peter Thiel have already made giant bets on the future of recreational cannabis.

Here’s five facts you need to know on the fast-moving industry:

  1. Recreational cannabis is already legal in four states and D.C. It is also available for medical purposes in 20 other states, as well as Canada. Viridian Capital Advisors, which provides research to the cannabis sector, estimates between 6 to 13 states will legalize recreational usage by end of 2016.
  2. Legal cannabis was a $700 million industry in Colorado last year. In 2014, Colorado retailers sold $386 million of medical cannabis and $313 million for recreational purposes. The two segments of the market generated $63 million in tax revenue, with an additional $13 million collected in licenses and fees.
  3. Stocks in the sector have boomed over the last two years. The Viridian Cannabis Index, which covers 60 publicly traded cannabis companies in the United States and Canada, was up 77.5% in 2013, 38.4% in 2014, and 23.6% in 2015 Q1.
  4. Total legal cannabis sales have sailed in recent years With $1.6 billion in sales in 2013, it is expected to increase to $3.5 billion in 2018, which is good for an expected 17% compound annual growth rate.
  5. Nearly half of U.S. states and all of Canada now have access to medical cannabis. That includes 23 states (148.6 million people), 1 district (0.7 million people) and Canada (35.2 million people). That’s 52% of the entire population of the United States and Canada.


The landscape of the cannabis industry is quickly changing. More jurisdictions are turning to legalization of medical and recreational cannabis, and the growth story behind the industry is just beginning for investors.

Source: Visual Capitalist

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90's Child's picture

I've been buyin MJ stocks for a while now.

Hopefully they blow up.

Skateboarder's picture

Monsatan's Law: If it can be modified, it will be modified.

Perhaps not right now, but someday soon - be careful what you smoke, friends.

p.s. cannaStocks are probably the biggest blow-up "investment" since the bigIPO scam of late, except this aint gonna be no scam. If I didn't absolutely abhor the current "markets" and the idea of participating in them (you continue the charade by being a participant, hence my non-participation), I would be buying 'em like silver. Mmm... silver....

0b1knob's picture

Yeh sure drugs are great for the economy. 

Just ignore all the lost productivity, accidents, and general phuckery done by stoners. 

I can hardly wait for your analysis of the benefits of the legalization of heroin. 

coinhead's picture
coinhead (not verified) 0b1knob Nov 25, 2015 11:41 PM

Buh drugs and do drugs with your kids!

Soul Glow's picture

I grew weed in Arcata, CA - the WEED CAPITOL OF THE WORLD - for two years and grew weed in Oregon this year, and I can tell you, weed growers/dealers can be the scum of the earth.

Sometimes they are just as bad as bankers - ZH most hated enemy.

Weed growers/dealers pretend to be social and environmentally conscious, but they are cut-throat capitalists whom sell their friends out when it comes to the margin.  Yet they speak/vote socialist.  So that's the rub; I don't care if someone is capiatalist, go ahead and hire cheap labor, but the weed game doesn't pay the workers a lot.  One reason is because there is no union.  People hire desperate people to work, and then don't pay them what they are owed.  All the time.

And what else is to be expected?  It is a billion dollar business.  Who needs friends when you are making $1,000,000 a year growing a fucking weed?!

Seriously, the weed game is tainted with blood.  It won't save America from collapse, even if the $$ post-pone it monetarilly.  Americans are greedy from top to bottom.  The economy will fail.

Skateboarder's picture

Surely you've been to Garberville, and maybe even Honeydew, CA. Once while hitch-hiking through the region in '07 after backpacking the lost coast, my friend and I got a ride from a man in the area, and he gave us some insights into the life there. He had been to prison due to the politics of the land and trade, and his lawyer friend busted him out.

90%+ of the people there are in the business, he said, and it is all very cutthroat.

I have had the chance to meet and talk to several growers - they are all very cutthroat indeed. Tainted with blood, some are, and some are merciless. Some are thieves, and others are honorable, and most are without any clear purpose in their being. Of course, those are the observations from the handful of people I have seen. The older generation, boomer-aged, are better in their behavior and thought. A friend's father, whom I had the pleasure of meeting, was an honorable gentleman as such.

It's not like growing and selling tomatoes lol - there is a certain taboo associated with the trade, and it is riddled with bloodlust, druglust, and moneylust as everything drug-related in this modern world goes.

The shamans of old are long gone...

Anonymous User's picture
Anonymous User (not verified) Skateboarder Nov 26, 2015 7:35 AM

Smoking marijuana is fun, but when you lose your job due to absenteeism, low productivity, accidents, etc  this will be the most probable future for all dope users.

(There's no such thing as free lunch):

FrankDrakman's picture

Oh, for pity's sake. I smoke a bowl 5 days out of 7, and still get up every morning at 6 am, and ride a bike 30 minutes to work (and it's freakin' cold in Toronto!). I'm highly productive at work, so much so that another company is looking to make me an offer, and I can surf ZH while getting my work done. 

Research indicates pot CAN mess up developing minds (e.g. kids under 20), so I can see restricting it from minors for that reason, but for adults?  Your argument about irresponsible use would be exactly the same if you replaced "Smoking marijuana" with "Drinking whisky", and we saw how well Prohibition worked out. 

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

And rarely does a recreational drinker get labeled an unproductive worker/member of society. A reasonable person with any level of resposibility wouldn't drink or smoke on the job.

Oldwood's picture

all things are harmless in moderation,but it is in the nature of drugs and booze to create some level of addiction for some people. What we face is a strict prohibition that rather than easing will be thrown wide open. Our system is only guided by laws now with morals playing virtually no role. As such what is illegal one day and becomes legal the next has no inhibitor to abuse. We saw this with abortion, where what was considered immoral and illegal became common and acceptable overnight, leading to massive increases in abortion as well as disease and permissiveness. Most of us who grew up in the sixties and seventies understand both sides of this argument. My concern is the impact of almost overnight revisions of law that can have direct and devastating effects on people's lives. Illegalization of these drugs can seem arbitrary and unjust, but causes little personal harm by depriving us of this liberty, where the reversal of these laws can potentially destroy many lives. All I seek is moderation in all things and am sick and tired of Jekyll and Hyde policies. Putting people in prison for smoking pot is as stupid as pretending it presents no risks.

Buster Cherry's picture

I like your sensible comment.

Dinero D. Profit's picture

I reject Oldwood's argument in part. Herb is and has been ubiquitously available for 50 plus years.  Tens of millions of people use and have used herb regularly. 

Marijuana effects a sense of wellbeing, stimulates a sense of beauty, and encourages a natural sense of values.  No wonder it is such a threat to theologians. 

Oldwood's picture

As a child of the sixties, I quite aware of the effects of pot, and have also tested current versions of higher end weed in Colorado, and there is no comparison. This new shit is strong. I'm not for legalization or making it illegal in our current sense. It should have common sense restrictions to protect the young and not carry any heavy penalties beyond public intoxication and drunk driving. The problem i see is the transition for penal system status to new age embrace. Drug use will increase and so will its collateral damages. This hot and cold mess we have created is even more destructive than the drugs themselves.

The other side of this, the "collective costs", are another issue. As long as society is forced to take responsibility for this collateral damage, we will have no choice to to limit our freedoms. We have created a single payer social insurance system that increasingly is removing the cost of individual choice and transferring it to the collective, the paying part of the collective ... those who work and pay taxes. conservatives, regardless of their desire for freedom and personal responsibility, will not support liberalization of any legal standards as long as they feel they will be forced to carry their ultimate costs. Exactly why most refuse to support immigration reform, as we KNOW that it will only result in MORE immigration and higher costs to our earnings, jobs, taxes and everything else.

At this point I doubt if I could support ANY change coming from government as I am far too jaded and cynical to believe they will do anything in policy that will not ultimately fuck me in the ass. For all you yearning for legal weed, I'm sorry if you feel I am an impediment to your freedoms, as I largely agree, but until they get the social addiction to government off my back, I likely will not go there.

MSimon's picture

And the cost of Prohibition - including the prison industrial complex - is free?


It used to be that parents were in charge of protecting their children from environmental dangers.The government has never been good at that. See Success, Prohibition.


Most of the dangers ascribed to pot are refer madness. It is medicinal (cures cancer) and there has yet to be a recorded overdose fatality. Compare that with alcohol.


GMadScientist's picture

This goes well beyond "gray areas" about when it is or is not the state's job to step in...this is a growth industry for private prisons on the other side of the legalization fence. Having something that is both illegal and everyone wants to do is an essential plank in their platform of profit and pensioneering.

If that moderation comes from the barrel of a sherrif's shotgun, it's not really moderation is it? This is a human problem and not something that is amenable to being solved by governments. Period.

DontWorry's picture

the key fault in your argument is choice.  People have the right to make a choice about their life if it doesn't harm someone else.  People are harmed much worse by being deprived of their liberties or put in jail than having the choice to smoke weed. 

What happens when the government "Illegalizes" a liberty that you enjoy?

Oldwood's picture

Freedom and choice are important, and we all have a right to pursue them to our heart's contentment. Right now...speaking for myself, the ability to anesthetise myself falls down the list a bit, and honestly seems like an inhibitor to real freedom, if the extent of that freedom is defined by remaining stoned.

If the legalization of drugs defines our freedom, be well prepared to see our freedoms soon to be provided in the form of a government mandated prescription, a sense of well being and contentment (enhanced by a beer and bag of chips) as a guaranteed right to one and all.

MSimon's picture

Your argument applies equally to alcohol. Ready to reinstate that Prohibition?

mkkby's picture

Nope.  Fail.  You still don't have a choice because you do not have INFORMED CONSENT.

Whether pot is safe or not is still completely unknown.  You are GAMBLING with your long term health.  Maybe you'll be lucky and just get high and eat a little too much.   But maybe you'll become a burnout.  We all know burnouts, who obviously have life long brain dysfunction.

If the gov really cared about any of us, there would be research to understand the risks.  But all they really care about is money.  Money for prisons, the corps who run prisons, and now taxes on the weed economy.

Just like gambling was evil until gov's realized they could get a piece of the action.  Now there are numbers rackets (lotteries) and casinos everywhere you go.  Money makes it suddenly not so evil.

So we go from imprisoning people to telling them to experiment on their brains.  Not much better.

-.-'s picture

"My concern is the impact of almost overnight revisions of law that can have direct and devastating effects on people's lives."

Ditto, OldWood.

I never wanted my marijuana to assume a similar tract towards a legal market such as tobacco and ethyl alcohol. Furthermore, there is no more of an excuse to allow it to necessarily assume such a path unless it is an overtly capitalist and political agenda prevailing in forwarding itself due to a duped electorate with a poor education in history (which is not anyone's direct fault, necessarily).

I do not want the Marlboro Man to fuck with my flower and herb. Ever since I was being asked by others regarding legalization of marijuana by states (I'm in Texas), I've stuck my comment: I want my drugs to be illegal.


That is not to intentfully impress or depress people; it is because one has to undertand the definition (which includes history) of what it is to be a legal, publicly traded good in today's markets. I'd rather go to jail (and I have been, three times) for drug charges knowing that Time will Reveal itself. 

GMadScientist's picture

And often does an alcoholic claim to be a 'recreational drinker'. "I'm recreating right now, your honor."

Maybe you have no idea who is or isn't so you don't really have a leg to stand on when it comes to professionalism eh?

Stop trying to be Judge Judy and estimate people's worth by their productivity and skills alone. The world doesn't need another ill-informed nanny.

GMadScientist's picture

Your links aren't bad enough? You have to do bad impressions of a D.A.R.E program for 5 year olds?

dirty belly's picture

Yes, I exercise the legal right to use marijuana here in Oregon.

Before, when I was in college, I smoked after school.  I was the only one to get an A on the final for my 'Statics and Strength of Materials for Architecture and Building Construction' class.

I also made the college presidents list, and vice presidents list.

I interned at the same college, and was a direct hire from an intern to complete a project that had never been brought to such a high level.

To this day, my work is still in use at the college, which involves peoples safety.

As a musician as well, I raised over $7000.00 for the campus longhouse project for indigenous people that attend the college.

All the while, I used marijuana.

My driving record is SPOTLESS.

I do not use alcoholic beverages in any form.

I do not use tobacco products.

With all due respect, how can you be so wrong?


Oldwood's picture

I have never had an accident while driving drunk. I have drank myself into a stupor on many occasions in my younger years, drove my car blind drunk to the point I did not remember doing so, all without harm to anyone.

Alcohol is perfectly harmless.


I am a shaman, and far from being 'long gone'.

SixIsNinE's picture

 your reflections may be accurate but they must be understood within a context of ILLEGAL under penalties of lockup, yes, even in California.  Drug head DEA let their snitchies sniff out and setup and frameup all over the place... yes in California ... the helicopter raids ....

So many like SoulGlow forget how DYNAMIC the changes are when the plant you are holding is liable to land you in jail/prison, or whether that plant is a regular something like that bottle of wine in your kitchen. 

That's how DUMBED DOWN the populace is, precisely because of the prohibition laws. 

Yes, that's why I am leading the charge to put the DEA on receivership because of their gross miscarriage of their duty.  As the KingPins of Controlling Consciousness, their failure is beyond even our failure to put men on the Moon !


SixIsNinE's picture

the key is people's freedom to grow the plants.  That certainly includes the Poppy plant. 

Enabling monopolies is the antithesis of what Zero's are about,  Can I get an Amen, Brother & Sista Zeros ? !

Until we mend the broken link between humanity and nature we will continue to see this "shitshow" of psychopathic players on the Devil's Chessboard. 

Farming & Cultivating took a back seat, over the last 150 years ... but that wave has crested and if we return to allowing humans to do what we do naturally, which is to grow and care for mother nature's goodness, God's plants, then we can prevent the Dystopian Nightmare Police State ...

repeal the CSA (controlled substances act)  ... put the DEA on receivership and start WISE-ING UP instead of DUMB-ING DOWN.  

Clowntard comment from  Ob1knob shows that he is in a juvenile state of consciousness and has probably never had his little world shaken up ... has trouble connecting more than 2 dots together ...  good news, there are UPGrades to consciousness, and they come from plants and psychedelic chemistry.


SixIsNinE's picture

Right on Rusty - coca leaves are another natural wonder plant.

Anytime you concentrate into some highpotency derivative, from caffeine powder, to heroin powder, to cocaine powder ... you will have problems with the intensity. 

The locals in S.A. the 100+ year olds, will almost always have been lifelong coca chewers ...

Ignorance is bliss's picture

I use to live in La Paz. The Coca plant was sold as tea. Helped a lot with altitude induced headaches. Very helpful plant. If I recall the cocoa plant is legal even in the U.S.

2500saturdays's picture

I had to login to give you a greeny. Thanks man.

Fuck Ya , amen Bro.

It's a weed that anyone should be allowed to grow without fear of the beat stick of big gov.

No shit here. BSC chem , rec use university, mrs 2500 mets breast cancer, rick simpson oil for 12 months, NED on last CT scan from medical oncologist. These + results were achieved with NO convo patent medicine chemo like taxotare, pertazumabe, herceptin etc and NO convo radiation. I am not selling it, you can't, but the mrs and I are living it.

There is more to the THC/CBD + 100's of other terpines than getting high .  most need to edumacate themselves. on this plant.

The Jack Herer story. A good place to start down the hole.


A Nanny Moose's picture

...and prohibition fixes this, how?

Please solve the rsultant mafia wars, and police State violence against these "criminals" who, by definition, simply dis-ofucking-bey the goddamed law anyway.

GMadScientist's picture

The fact that you don't know how many stoners there are working productively in society is a big hint as to how clueless you truly are.

Your logic applies more so to alcohol and tobacco, and yet I don't see you and the other Women of the League of Temperance making a comeback.

Take your ignorant misconceptions and shove them in the space formerly consumed by the braincells you've obviously destroyed.


dirty belly's picture

Here is a thought for you.

You call marijuana a drug.

If so,

then you make contact with the pharmaceutical company,

that you know of,

that produces marijuana,

and simply ask them to to stop the manufacture of


jaxville's picture

  Legal grow ops are really expensive considering the compliance issues.  Illegal ones can be done for cheaper using a rental property and stealing juice (water and electricity). 

  From what I hear, the price of high quality "legal" weed is pretty much the same as what it was during prohibition. 

    Boy, I can hardly wait until the big corporations move in and fix that. 



SixIsNinE's picture

they grow just as easily as a tomato plant ... and gets people back in touch with LIFE and the process of seed germination into a flowering plant ... get your hands in some dirt folks, it's good for you

GMadScientist's picture

And gives you some measure of control over what you smoke. Club weed is so GMO-tweaked for high-THC content that you may as well eat a damn spacecake.

The best Sun's picture

Even un-mosantoed the THC levels in modern Mary Jane can lead to psychotic episodes and suicidal impulses in long term heavy users.

No withdrawal necessary but withdrawal definitely makes it worse.

I mean, it won't fuck you up like high dose zoloft or some of the other SSRI's, but you won't be much fun to be around.

My view is this is just another anchor being attached to the American people by TPTB.

By all means use it, but don't abuse it.

Cool mon.

GMadScientist's picture

I'll take cranky for a couple days over permanent receptor site damage 10/10

Dinero D. Profit's picture

Yesterday, for example, I was rejoicing. Tranquility was the name of the game.  Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

I was out airing the dogs down at the gorge.  We always find something to enjoy. The dogs acted like contending with rapids, chutes, and whirlpools was hilarious and I had a couple of cold ones, plus a brownie. These are home-made brownies and the brownies I bake, no kidding, are so strong they could cure cancer when ingested.


Herb keeps the birds off the antenna. It keeps my frequency clear. It liberates the consciousness. It stimulates wide thoughts with much feeling.


I get a hoist in emotions, always. Sometimes, I get these far off wandering thoughts.  I dwell on great and worthy things. Yes, great and worthy things. Take my word for it.  

Demdere's picture


This says cannabis is just a plant, and plants can be raised cheaply. 10 cents / joint cheap.

This puts the cannabis breeder's progress in perspective with other crops.

And this is social effects of good thinking about drugs and guns.

pitz's picture

I just can't see the traditional medical establishment rolling over and accepting it.  Nor can I see the doctors writing prescriptions like, "smoke 2 smishers daily for pain" that are to be fulfilled from not-so-reliable sources.  Just watch, the lobbyists will figure out some way of putting the 'business' in the hands of the big boys instead of the small businesses that currently dominate the marihuana scene.

Sanity Bear's picture

that's what Marinol and its like are about

SixIsNinE's picture

ok Zeros, listen up - :) h/t good ol' Bangalore Equipoise !

here is what advertising the God's Goodness Wonderplant looks like in a state where it's legal :



it's NOT a secret anymore why this state's Tourism is BOOMING - 

bunnyswanson's picture

Your worry should be clinics run by individuals who bleed in Mexican supply, sell it and bring down the price from ample supply.  I quit smoking for 2 years and during those 2 years, while working in a medical facility which drug tested, I was dagnosed with breast cancer which had been inadvertently overlooked 1 year prior.  I quit and returned to self employment and began my voyage into cancer treatment.  My familiarity with terminology allowed me to come up with my own treatment plan which was not what the physicians had in mind.  Hence, I had to delay care for 4 months while getting 2nd and 3rd opinions, sending my slides to genetic lab in San Franciso and John Hopkins.  During this time, I was giving additional MRI scans and mammograms and to everyone's shock, my tumor was shrinking.  My cells were "nearly indolent."

Blow pot smoke into a spider as it is building its web, and the result is haywire.  Come back next day, and you will see the spider has come to his senses, and the web has been repaired where before, bridges were missing or collapsed.  Studies have been performed.  Cancer cells require nourishment and in their search for glucose, the introduction of a component of THC interferes with it's ability to effectively accomplish this, the cells starve rather than turn necrotic, become weak and less aggressive. 

Buster Cherry's picture

In cases such as you descibe, its a good thing.

bunnyswanson's picture

Yep.   I saw $ in oncologist's eyes where iris should have been.

sleigher's picture

"I just can't see the traditional medical establishment rolling over and accepting it."


No probably not.  But if the fucking nanny state life controllers had just legalized the shit in the 60's, or never made it illegal in the first place, the medical community would have had 50+ years to develop alternative ways of admistration that isn't smoking fucking blunts.  They would have isolated the CBD's into medicine that actually cures cancer.  Oh fuck no...  can't have that.  American Cancer Society rakes in a billion per year.  Fuck The Cure!!!  Cancer for everyone.