Winning, but Losing, at the Penny-Pitch: A Look at the Coming Collapse of the European Union

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Winning, but Losing, at the Penny-Pitch: A Look at the Coming Collapse of the European Union

Written by Jeff Thomas (CLICK FOR ORIGINAL)



Winning, but Losing, at the Penny-Pitch: A Look at the Coming Collapse of the European Union - Jeff Thomas


When I was a boy, a carnival would come through town annually, with a Ferris wheel, a merry-go-round and, of course, a midway: rows of makeshift stalls where fair-goers might win a prize by throwing a ball at weighted milk bottles, shooting a rifle at metal ducks, or pitching pennies at small glass bowls.

If you were to succeed in any of the above, the standard prize was a small stuffed bear (Although many large bears were displayed, generally, the few actual penny-pitch winners only succeeded in winning one of the smaller bears). Still, to a child’s mind, even this was cause for celebration, as you went home a winner.

I was one of the lucky ones. I actually did take home a prize on one occasion. I had been going to the fair faithfully every year and would save up my pennies for weeks in advance, so I’d have plenty to invest in bear futures on the midway.

It was only a day or two after I brought home my prize that I realised that I had spent several dollars in pennies winning a stuffed bear that probably (back then, in the 1950’s) only cost fifty cents to produce and, after I possessed it, actually had zero value to me…I had no use for a cheap stuffed bear.

So, here’s the penny-pitch progression:

1. Promise of significant benefits for what seems a minimal initial investment.

2. Excitement builds with continued investment.

3. Elation when a prize is actually won.

4. Realisation that the prize is of less actual value than anticipated.

5. Realisation that the aggregate cost of the prize was so high that the money would have been better spent on something else.

In 1993, Europeans were invited to the new EU Carnival. In addition to the rides, there would be a midway: a variety of benefits such as open borders, a common currency and the opportunity to work in other countries more easily than before. Most European countries joined, even though, in most cases, only a minority of registered voters actually declared their desire for membership. The midway organisers (the political leaders) were all in favour and virtually everyone joined.

Like any midway game, all those who signed on were required to pony up, but the amount of money being invested seemed relatively small at the time. But like any midway game, it’s not the first pitch of the penny that gets you…it’s the subsequent, seemingly unending ones. It adds up.

Still, there have been those who have actually benefitted: those who actually moved to another EU country and got a good job; those who conduct multi-national business, etc., but, in the main, the conveniences have not been that great and the negatives, more and more, are eclipsing the benefits.

The non-elected oligarchy of the EU passes new laws at will. Moreover, at this point, so much money has been thrown at non-productive members that entire countries are, in effect, welfare states, living off the teat of the more productive countries. And feeding them has required unending and massive borrowing, which those who are pitching the pennies will, presumably, eventually have to pay. And each time it seems as though the situation couldn’t get any worse, Brussels creates a new diktat, such as the demand that all EU countries take in millions of refugees, whom they claim to be Syrians fleeing the civil war, but who are more likely to be from Afghanistan or North Africa and are people who demand benefits, but clearly have no desire to assimilate.

The people of Europe have been the patsies in this grand scheme and are, at this point, experiencing decided buyer’s remorse.

So, here’s the EU progression:

1. Promise of significant benefits for what seems a minimal initial investment.

2. Excitement builds with continued investment.

3. Elation when a benefit is actually received.

4. Realisation that the benefit is less actual value than anticipated.

 5. Realisation that the aggregate cost of the benefit was so high that the money would have been better spent on something else.

Returning to the penny-pitch, I recall that, by my early teens, I had realised that this was far from being a worthwhile investment. Once I realised that the prizes were of so little actual value to me and that I would have been better off spending my pennies in some other way, I ceased to enjoy the excitement of the midway and learned to invest money in a better way. I later prospered.

However, many, many people never lose the thrill of the promise of easily-won prizes. As they mature, the prizes that they seek may be more sophisticated than a stuffed bear, but the lure of easy benefits remains difficult to refuse and, in the case of governments, voters return to the polls periodically, each time believing the empty promises of politicians, saying to themselves, “This time it will be different.”

For so many people, the promise of a quick, easy solution to complex problems is impossible to resist and, more to the point, the more exaggerated the claim, the more likely that voters seem to buy into it. As Adolf Hitler said, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually, they will believe it.”

And so we witness in virtually every “democracy” that conservatives such as David Cameron and Donald Trump offer outrageously simplified and impossible promises and otherwise-intelligent voters march off to the voting booth to vote for them. Similarly, Hillary Clinton and Justin Trudeau leave liberal voters starry-eyed with equally outrageously simplified and impossible promises. The only difference between liberal and conservative is that the rhetoric takes a slightly different slant. The method of deception is the same, and the effect on voters is the same.

And, of course, the outcome is the same. Trouble is, if we’re wise enough to figure out that the penny-pitch is a mistaken pursuit, we can simply walk away and never come back. However, if an entire country gets suckered into a construct as implausible as the EU, it’s not so easy to walk away. Brussels has no intention of folding its tent. Nor are the political leaders of Europe going to back off on the EU idea.

So, will the EU simply carry on? It’s doubtful. At some point, the debt will cripple even the net-payer countries to the degree that the people will rebel. In addition, the social dictates, such as the acceptance of refugees, have been so dramatically damaging on the street level that the people of many countries are reaching the boiling point. Eventually this will travel upward, as we see in Poland where, in an election year, the government itself is saying no to Brussels, no matter how Brussels threatens to penalise them for not doing as they are told.

The EU was never intended to serve the people of Europe, it was meant to empower the rulers of the countries of Europe and to subjugate the European people. Its days are numbered, but the cost of its demise will be borne by the people of Europe. Certainly, increasing numbers of them might wish that it could be as easy as throwing the stuffed bear in the dustbin, but it will not be so simple or so painless.


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Winning, but Losing, at the Penny-Pitch: A Look at the Coming Collapse of the European Union

Written by Jeff Thomas (CLICK FOR ORIGINAL)


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Salah's picture

everything that's occurred on this 1 level ["Arab Spring"-> "refugees" -> "EU political contagion"] = breakup the E.U.

everything that's occurred on this 1 level ["Ukraine"->coup d'etat->separatists->Russian sanctions] = breakup the E.U.

the Greek thing they did to themselves, ditto Portugal, Spain, etc. 

the US-UK "deep states" do NOT WANT A UNITED EUROPE, whatsoever!  remember how Thatcher went ballastic when Germany got re-united? (& she was quietly dumped by the starry-eyed Euro-fairies)

now everyone can see what it will be like if united, esp Germany + Russia (the good old days, circa 1930-42) 

but as the Wicked Witch of the West once said, "these things must be done delicately"

bluskyes's picture

What EU? only the welfare cases want it. They've lost their contractual prvilege to govern, by violating the rules of governance.

harrybrown's picture

just tell it like it is, the zionist jews control it all & they plan to get rid of most of it the eu or whatever... simple!

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Blend us out of existence might be more accurate than get rid of us.  But comes to the same thing in the end.

CTG_Sweden's picture




Article (Jeff Thomas):


“The EU was never intended to serve the people of Europe, it was meant to empower the rulers of the countries of Europe and to subjugate the European people.”






My comments:


That´s true. The existing mainstream parties consolidate their power by introducing a political layer above the member states which is hard to remove since many countries depend on the subsidies the EU provide. If half of the member states depend on EU subsidies all other countries must have a non-mainstream majority in order to get an anti-EU-majority within the EU. And that´s almost impossible. And if a majority of the member states depend on a minority, an anti-EU minority is even more impossible. This is a very simple and clever political idea engineered by the European mainstream parties and their backers.







Article (Jeff Thomas):


“Its days are numbered, but the cost of its demise will be borne by the people of Europe.”






My comments:




I don´t think that the days of the EU are numbered. But it´s true that the living standard in many countries may be impaired significantly. But that doesn´t matter for the ruling élite as long as they consolidate their power.


I´m not sure that all mainstream politicians are driven by pure ideological motives such as those stated by Coudenhove-Kalergi in Praktischer Idealismus. Coudenhove-Kalergi launched the idea of a United States of Europe in the 1920s and founded the Pan-Europa movement. This organization was supported very early by prominent European politicians like Aristide Briand, Edvard Benes, Edouard Herriot, Paul Loebe, Karl Renner and Gustav Streseman. The fact that Max Warburg provided the initial funding of the Pan-Europa movement is no secret. I found this on Wikipedia:


“According to his autobiography, at the beginning of 1924 he came through Baron Louis de Rothschild in contact with Max Warburg who offered to finance his movement for the next 3 years giving him 60,000 gold marks; Warburg eventually remained sincerely interested in the movement for his entire life and served as an intermediate man as to bring him in contact with influential personalities in America such as banker Paul Warburg and financier Bernard Baruch accompanying him there.”


Coudenhove-Kalergi´s idea seems to have been to secure some kind of trotskyite-capitalist rule by transforming the composition of the electorate. Even if Coudenhove-Kalergi openly said that he wanted élite rule (meaning that people like him and his banker friends should have all political power) rule rather than democracy I guess that he felt that a different composition of the population would facilitate the élite rule he envisioned.


Many politicians are also concerned about their future pay cheques. I also suspect that there are influential people, newspapers and intelligence organizations that have a sexually related hold on many politicians. In Sweden, it seems as if the Swedish Employers´ Confederation through a lady by the name Doris Hopp provided mainstream politicians with free hookers in the mid-1970s. In Britain we have the Profumo scandal in the 1960s. I doubt that even a fraction of the dirt that can be used against European politicians has ever surfaced in mainstream media or even in obscure web sites. So far, the name of the female Swedish social democratic member of the parliament who worked for Doris Hopp as a hooker (“Inga”) has not surfaced even on the Internet. I know her real name since a former journalist that worked for one of the biggest Swedish newspapers told me who she was.


The principal problem, however, is who controls the big media. If the big media support the EU, the electorate will also support the EU. I think that the big media would support the EU in most European countries even if a majority of the population would starve as a result of the EU. People would not blame the EU for the starvation. If the big media says “starvation is the result of too little EU, if we get a more centralized Union, we will prevent starvation from escalating too much” people will most likely believe it. When the big media in Sweden in the mid-1990s said that the extreme interest rates in the early 1990s was the result of the fact that Sweden was not EU member [not the peg to the Ecu (the forerunner to the Euro)] people believed it. No big media told them them that this was the result of the peg and that the politicians could have abstained from the peg to the Ecu. (Erik Åsbrink, the minister who allegedly came up with the idea of a peg to the Ecu later got hired by Goldman Sachs.)


miki's picture

a united europe has not worked nor will it ever work since all members have non uniting values deeply inbred in they culture

one italien does the work of three spaniards

one will return your lost wallet one will pickpocket you

lets not even go near the newly minted europeans, the eastern block, thats total slavic and mongol garbage

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Bear in mind that Coudenhove-Kalergi´s plan envisioned that "The man of the future will be of mixed race.  The Eurasian Negroid race of the future will be similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals."

Now add in the roles of Max Warburg, Bernard Baruch and the Rothschilds and the  tribal  symmetry becomes pretty clear. And the current mudslide from Africa/ME makes even more sense. Whites are to be blended out of existence.

Bemused Observer's picture

If whites are blended out of existence, then so will everyone else.

That IS the future. Oh, not just yet...we are in no way ready for such a blending. But it is our cultures that stand in the way of this.

The globalists would rob us of our various cultures in their attempt to make this happen. But all they are doing is trying to force something way ahead of it's time. This will lead to resentments, and blowback, which will lead to ever-greater distancing of the various cultures.

So don't worry...white people won't disappear in your lifetime. But in your great-great grandchildren's lifetimes, we'll all be mutts. Maybe we'll be happier, I don't know. Today our differences seem to keep us apart and at each other's throats. But the biology is inevitable. Breedable individuals in proximity WILL breed, regardless of cultural differences.

CTG_Sweden's picture

Some additional information on Erik Åsbrink according to the Swedish version of Wikipedia:

His father was Per Åsbrink, head of the central bank in 1955-73. His mother was Erika Åsbrink (born Krassowsky/Richter).

JR's picture

Neither the EU nor the Soviet Union self-destructed all by themselves. And the self-destruction of America is getting a big assist from the same bankers -- the private owners of the Fed. Behind it all we can find, among others,  Max and Paul Warburg:

Sealed Train

The Sealed train is the name given to the train used to take Lenin? and other communist subversives from Zurich back to Russia in 1917.

Lenin, while crossing German territory, had with him on board of his train some ten million dollars in gold, thanks to German chief banker Max Warburg, whose brother Paul strangely enough, in 1913, was the chief architect of the Federal Reserve System, the central bank of the United States. A good sum now and an enormous sum then knowing that he would undermine the Russian government and stop the Russians fighting on the Eastern Front. The pay off would be the transfer of forces to the Western Front where they were bogged down.

Dragon HAwk's picture

Every time i see somebody buy a lottery ticket i stuff an Imaginary dollar in my wallet..

  my wallet is very fat.

Consuelo's picture

"I ceased to enjoy the excitement of the midway and learned to invest money in a better way. I later prospered."


Indeed you did Mr. Sprott.   Indeed you did...


nnnnnn's picture
nnnnnn (not verified) Nov 27, 2015 9:39 AM



there wont be a break up of the eu

the eu is not an economical construction

absloutely all economical data is faked and manipilated

if something is failing its because the eu-authority want them to fail


the idea behind eu is to counter russia, china, india and africa

at the same time to have several voices

all of the eu-member countries are ruled by cia

eu is not independent

and today, under usa's guidance its lead by germany

Farqued Up's picture

This is a good article but it would have been better if he could have explained how the people are going to shuck ones that aren't elected. Who appoints and removes them? What if they refuse to step down? How to break away? Can we spell entrenched?

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Farqued Up Nov 27, 2015 3:48 PM

Ask the same question about the "United States".  Then add "How do we get rid of the people who are elected?" as well. 

You can't vote for "none of the above".  You can't stop the aristocrats by voting.

EBT excepted's picture

d'ghee'o'teen, da reason fo' what da wheel wud 'nvented...

Ghordius's picture

well, there are two governing bodies in the EU

an elected parliament and... the real boss, the EU Council

now look how people get into the Council. Germany's Merkel, or the UK's Cameron, or Hungary's Orban. All appointments to national governments

all the rest is just asinine propaganda

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

The EU Commission is the real boss, FFS.

Billy O'Naire's picture

an elected parliament and... the real boss, the EU Council

Isn't that the EU Commission, Ghordius?


You're quite right IMO about where the real power lies.

ebworthen's picture

Stock markets and consumerism are the midway and mass media the carnival barkers of our modern circus.  Don't miss the two-headed man and the bearded lady!

AlaricBalth's picture

Bearded Lady? Our First Lady will be highly offended.

Ghordius's picture

the same amazingly incoherent and completely illogical article? b-o-r-i-n-g

at least the other one ended with a "keep some physical gold", and that was the only saving grace


Arnold's picture

You would  admit that the luster has diminished from the EU, wouldn't you?

Ghordius's picture

generally, yes. though it heavely depends on your definition of what the EU is. most people talk about what it ought to be, not what it currently is

Pickleton's picture

In other words, you've completely fallen for the penny pitching of what it ought to be, but will never be.

Arnold's picture

 Is Brussels having trouble balancing multiple crisis at once?

The two that come to this American mind  are the EURO and the ISIS plague, and I may throw unrestricted immigration and energy concerns  in there as well.

Ghordius's picture

the first two are strictly speaking none of Brussel's concern. they pose as if they were in charge about that, but that's not so

the third is too a national affair, i.e. a member's affair. the fourth is a global issue, isn't it?

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

ghordius, have you made a meal of the crow you must eat..??your european assimilation of the muslim male and female has hit a bit of a hiccup.

please explain how that could have happened?? I was not surprised after paris that you were missing from ZH. waiting until things cooled down no doubt.

Hyjinx's picture

It will be a problem for Brussels when Schengen gets severely impaired.

new game's picture

ha, what a fuckin joke-NIMBY...wake the fuck up, slumber jack.

it is in your front yard, comin up your ass but not in your mind, dumb fuck...

Arnold's picture

Thanks, I appreciate informed perspective.

it is difficult to discern national affairs from (greater good) EU policy from this side of the pond.


Now, back to my blissful Idiot persona to have a turkey sandwich with cranberry and mayo.