Another Data Point To Ignore - There Are The Most Distressed Bonds In 6 Years

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In the immortal words of Taylor Swift, "shake it off." That appears to be the meme of the new normal. Terrorist attacks - buy em; looming World War 3 - buy it; plunging earnings - perfect!; collapsing capex - bullish; soaring inventories - back up the truck; crashing homeownership - awesome sauce! interest rate are going to rise - brilliant!


And while the ongoing carnage in the credit market is being ignored for now ("well, that's just energy, right?" nope!)...

The fact of the matter is, as one manager pointed out that there are the most distressed bonds trading in six years - warning, "it's not just energy, it's everywhere."



Ignore that!


Charts: Bloomberg

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No problem: Trump will personally buy all of these distressed bonds if elected. 

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you mean in an official capacity, that much is understood

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I knew there was a reason why I put shorts in on bond market the other month

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Yet the people on TeeVee still think that the FOMC is imminently going to hike policy rates.  Wow, the delusion sure must run strong these days....

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no problem. fidelity will buy them and put them into grandma's portfolio. take another bonus boyz!

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Ignored, continue to buy.

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Data points is a civil right



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As soon as I saw charts I went straight to the comments.


Brilliant.  :-D  Thanks.


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Raymond_K._Hessel (not verified) Nov 27, 2015 2:47 PM

More printing and devaluation was always the plan.

Resistance is futile.

Ink and paper for real assets is the whole point