Chief Of Russian Air Force Accuses Turkey Of Coordinated Ambush On Downed Jet

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By now everyone is aware of the Turkish side of the story of how a Russian Su-24 was downed by a Turkish F-16 on Tuesday morning, when it allegedly crossed into Turkish airspace for a grand total of 17 seconds, with Turkey supposedly warning the Russian bomber which had been targeting alleged jihadists in the region no less than "ten times." Turkey even produced an alleged recording of said warning, which Russia implied was faked as the surviving pilot made it very clear no actual warning had been received by the Russian warplane.

So now that Russia has had three days to go through the evidence and assemble the pieces of what it thinks happened, here is the summary as presented earlier today by the Commander in Chief of the Russian air force, Viktor Bondarev, which however presents a very gloomy picture with dire consequences for the peaceful geopolitics of the middle east.

In summary, what Col. Gen. Bondarev said is that Turkey actively sought to ambush and bring down the Russian jet starting long before the actual missile was fired, which can be confirmed by the flight patterns of Turkish warplanes which had taken off well in advance, otherwise they would not have had enough time to reach the battlezone.

The Russian ministry of defense made this grave accusation quite explicit on Twitter an hour ago, when it said that Turkey had engaged in a choreographed ambush.

Here are the details of the Su-24's final hour as recounted by RT which notes that a pair of tactical bombers took off from Khmeimim airbase in Latakia at 06:15 GMT, with an assignment to carry out airstrikes in the vicinity of the settlements of Kepir, Mortlu and Zahia, all in the north of Syria. Each bomber was carrying four OFAB-250 high-explosive fragmentation bombs.

Ten minutes later, the bombers entered the range of Turkish radars and took positions in the target area, patrolling airspace at predetermined heights of 5,800 meters and 5,650 meters respectively. Both aircraft remained in the area for 34 minutes. During this time there was no contact between the crews of the Russian bombers and the Turkish military authorities or warplanes.

Some 20 minutes after arriving at the designated area, the crews received the coordinates of groups of terrorists in the region. After making a first run, the bombers performed a maneuver and then delivered a second strike.

Immediately after that, the bomber crewed by Lieutenant-Colonel Oleg Peshkov and Captain Konstantin Murakhtin was attacked by a Turkish F-16 fighter jet operating from the Diyarbak?r airfield in Turkey. The time needed to get the aircraft ready at the Diyarbak?r airfield and travel to the attack zone is an estimated 46 minutes.


"The radar surveillance data confirms that two F-16 fighter jets were patrolling the flight zone for an hour an 45 minutes at an altitude of 2,400 meters [some 7,800 feet], which speaks of a deliberate action and their readiness to attack from an ambush over the Turkish territory," Bondarev told reporter.

In order to attack the Russian Su-24 with a close-range air-to-air missile, Bondarev said that the Turkish fighter jet had to enter Syrian airspace, where it remained for about 40 seconds. "According to radar tracking data, it was the Turkish warplane that crossed into the Syrian airspace for about 40 seconds to a depth of 2 kilometers [6,560 feet], while the Russian fighter-bomber never violated the Turkish border", he said.

Having launched its missile from a distance of 5-7 kilometers, the F-16 immediately turned towards the Turkish border, simultaneously dropping its altitude sharply and disappearing from the range of Russian radars at the Khmeimim airbase.

The Russian general again reiterated that at no point preceding the attack did the Russian bomber violated Turkish airspace.

One of Turkish F-16Cs stopped its maneuvers and began to approach the Su-24M bomber about 100 seconds before the Russian aircraft came closest to the Turkish border, which also confirms the attack was pre-planned, said Bondarev.

"At 10.24 Moscow time the crew carried out bombing and after it the plane was shot down by an air-to-air missile launched by a Turkish Air Force F-16 that had taken off from the 8th Diyarbakir airbase on the Turkish territory."

The launch of a missile was confirmed by the crew of the second Russian Su-24. "[The crew] observed a plume of a white smoke and reported it."

And this is where the narrative gets even more convoluted because according to Bondarev the Turkish F-16 was guided to its intended target from the ground and launched an air-to-air missile while the Russian warplane was readying to carry out a second attack on terrorist positions.

"The method of guidance of F-16 aircraft into effective engagement zone directly, but not along the pursuit course curve shows that the fighter jet was directed from a ground control station," Bondarev told reporters.

The fighter jet stopped maneuvers in the area of patrolling and commenced missile launching a minute and 40 seconds before the Su-24 maximum proximity to the Syrian-Turkish border, Bondarev added.

Furthermore, it appears that the jihadist groups on the ground were anticipating an event of this kind playing out above them.

Bondarev called attention to the readiness of the Turkish media, which released a professionally-made video of the incident recorded from an area controlled by extremists a mere 1.5 hours after the Su-24 was downed.

Furthermore, the operation to rescue the surviving navigator took several hours and eventually recovered Konstantin Murakhtin, although one Russian Marine in the team was killed when the rescue helicopter was destroyed by a US-made tank missile launched by the extremists – an incident they filmed and published online within hours of the attack.

He also mentioned the memorandum of understanding regarding the campaign in Syria, signed by Moscow and Washington on October 26. In accordance with this agreement, the Russian side informed its American counterparts about the mission of the two bombers in the north of Syria on November 24, including the zones and heights of operation.

"Taking this into account, the Turkish authorities' statement on not knowing which aircraft were operating in the area raises eyebrows."


Finally, Bondarev also mentioned the memorandum of understanding regarding the campaign in Syria, signed by Moscow and Washington on October 26. In accordance with this agreement, the Russian side informed its American counterparts about the mission of the two bombers in the north of Syria on November 24, including the zones and heights of operation.

This is perhaps the most important accusation, as it ties in with the incendiary remark lobbed by Putin at US "protocols" yesterday:

We told our US partners in advance where, when at what altitudes our pilots were going to operate. The US-led coalition, which includes Turkey, was aware of the time and place where our planes would operate. And this is exactly where and when we were attacked. Why did we share this information with the Americans? Either they don't control their allies, or they just pass this information left and right without realizing what the consequences of such actions might be. We will have to have a serious talk with our US partners.

To summarize, here is what Russia has implied: the US shared the flight path details of the Russian Su-24 with Turkey in advance of the flight, which then Turkey used to ambush and take down the Russian bomber, with the implicit blessing of the Pentagon. Turkey may have further shared data with "Syria Free Army" US-armed jihadists on the ground, who not only recorded the downing of the bomber and the execution of its parachuting pilot, but also were prepared to attack a Russian rescue helicopter (with US weapons) which led to a second casualty - an attack which was also captured on clip and promptly uploaded!

* * *

If Putin is in indeed onboard with this version, he will deem - perhaps not diplomatically, but certainly in internal circles - Turkey's aggression to be an act of war, and not only by Turkey but by NATO and the US, which provided Turkey with the data it needed to lead to a Russian loss of life.

What Russia's next steps will be is unclear, however as we reported previously, we expect far more aggressive provocations on the Syria-Turkey border by both sides, especially now that every Russian bombers will have air support, and now that Russian S-400 missiles can reach any provoking Turkish jet in minutes, in effect Russia establishing a "No Fly Zone" above Syria.

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90's Child's picture

Coordinating with the terrorists most likely.

How quickly they were able to hit that heli with a tow.

Looney's picture

Putin wants to hit Saudi Arabia’s and Qatar’s refineries and take control of the Oil & Gas prices.

That’s why Europe and the US, all of a sudden, have made a scape goat out of Erdogan.

Erdogan is an asshole – no doubt, but the downing of SU-24 could’ve been easily worked out between him and Putin.

Even now, Putin is trying to help Erdogan to save face. All he wants is (1) Erdogan’s public apology, (2) financial compensation to the families, and (3) punishing those who gave the order. THAT’S IT!!!

Both, the US and Europe, are desperately trying to save Saudi Arabia and Qatar from Putin’s retaliation strike for the passenger jet blown-up in Egypt (and for many other things).

The last thing Putin should do is to allow being sucked into the carefully prepared anti-Turkey bullshit sandwich. I think? ;-)


Max UK's picture

You have a vivid imagination. Nothing about Putin's past behaviour suggests he is going now to go after Saudi or Qatari targets.

What you got right, is that the plane downing is highly convenient to put a wedge between Turkey and Russia. It is a strategic coup in and of itself, but the ultimate prize is the closure of the Bosphorus to the Russian navy, which may or may not be planned also. Time will tell.

Erdogan doesn't need much coaxing to lead his nation into the role of patsy, because he is a corrupt and stupid man. NATO won't abandon Turkey, but Turkey is now DEPENDENT on NATO protection, which it wasn't until this week. The US now has its prize vassal by the balls.

TRM's picture

Not openly but if some USA or Euro made "mines" were floating in the harbour of the Saudi export facility on the north shore then who would know who really put them there?

It would only shut down the port temporarlily but send a clear message.

As to Turkey they will lose billions.Trade will be one way. Russia will get Turkey's money for gas and Turkey will get nothing. Also count on a "terrorist" bomb plot at the transmition station for Turkey this winter. Of course no damage will be done because the Russians will "catch" the terrorists before anything happens but the facility will have to be shut down for a week or two to difuse the bombs.

Watch for Gazprom to change back to Bulgaria. Now that North Stream 2 is going to happen all the eastern transit countries are mad and may just grow a pair and tell the Eurocrats to get stuffed.

Max UK's picture

yes, doubtless a brilliant plan by CIA standards, but that is not how this Russian leadership thinks. They actually make every effort to adhere to decent codes of conduct, and international law.

CrazyCooter's picture

I am starting to think this is the beginings of WWIII. If you look at the huge gas field that is split between Quatar and Iran (3/5s and 2/5s respectively and roughly speaking), the Quatar owned gas is rougly equal to all of Russia's giant gas fields combined.

Started here:

And dug into the South Pars/North Dome a bit.

What is happening - observably - is all of Russias gas routes to Europe (i.e. the customer) are being thrown under the bus (e.g. Ukraine). Turkey just turned on Russia, perhaps out of narrow self interest for its turd of a leader, but those are the facts. Both Turkish and Ukrainian routes look very questionable, so the gas route options for Russia are now the very out of the way Nord Stream - which has its own risks.

Of course, geo-politics in this area is a mess, everyone seems to be friend and enemies all at once, so maybe they can repair their relationship with Turkey, but it seems unlikely at this point.

Point being, if Russia is unable to secure transit to Europe, it is going tits up in a big way unless it can find new customers or a different export set to fund its government. This is the game I think.



strannick's picture

America  giving coordinates to Turkey to shoot down a Russian bomber bombing ISIS.

American ally Turkey given the go ahead to sell ISIS oil to support their terror

America giving ISIS a tow missle to shoot down a Russian rescue helicopter

A timely Paris bombing  to get other NATO counties into Syria.

It is a testimony to the effectiveness of American propaganda and an indictment of the stupidity of the American people that still the public believes CNN fairy tales that America is in Syria fighting ISIS, rather than supporting ISIS, occupying the middle east and destroying nation after nation to support the Petro dollar on behalf of bankers, oil companies and it's hegemonic military.

Like you said, Ukraine, Turkey, Syria. All systematically being cut off to Russia. Russia can perish in a fight, or it can perish by starving to death.

US Britain did the same to Japan prior WW2. Cut off Indonesian oil, forced Pearl Harbour. That one ended with a nuke. Maybe this time it will start with one. Twisted fucks like McCain, dipshit lackeys like Obama, and power mad politicoes like Hilary couldnt give a shit.

God blesss and keep Vladimir Putin.

America ruins the world to rule it.

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

+50 This is rthe best comment I've read on ZH in a while

You forgot a timely bombing of peaceniks in Istanbul by Erdogan to keep him in power

While we're at it let's mention our lovely best friends the Saudis and the insane sums of money we make arming them so they can spead Wahabbi hatred around the globe.

Wouldn't be a complete list without the lovely Israelis, the war criminals of Shatilah and Gaza. 

mvsjcl's picture

"America ruins the world to rule it."


You have to destroy the village in order to save it. Akin to starving your guests so they'll eat your shit sandwich.

Max Steel's picture

Na Qatar sources are less compared to Russia.They lead in LNG but not i natural gas. 

Don't trust anything on Wikipedia


HenryHall's picture

Time to slam a cruise missile nuclear bomb on Raqqa. To make it clear that the rules have changed and the West is playing with fire.

Perfectly legal as long as it is done in cooperation with, and approved by, the Syria government.

ali_baba's picture

if Russia is unable to secure transit to Europe, it is going tits up in a big way unless it can find new customers or a different export set to fund its government

Or if they invade Turkey? 

Constantinople + route to the med. hmmmmm

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

They just need to help Greece reclaim West Constantinople and all land west thereof, then run their pipeline under the Black Sea to Greece.

Turkey would be finished, last the main course in last night's dinner.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

AKA Rumelia.  The land west of the Bosporus was called Rumelia (Land of Romans).  The land east of the Bosporus was called Rum, now called Asia Minor/Anatolia.

Italians will tell you this was because of the city of Rome.  I am more skeptical.  I think Rome was named after Rum and Rumelia, but its a long story.  Suffice to say, Rome was sacked a great many times in medieval times, and Constantinople only a handful of times.

scaleindependent's picture

Good points Coot,


So does Russia have any chance?  What would its' play be here?


IMO, they need allies and they need China. It would be in Russias interest if Sino Japanese relations worsen or if the US gets China mad. 

If Russia gets its Bosporus exit blocked then they will need a port in Syria and a pipeline through Syria to get its oil/gas out.  

If Europe boycott's Russia's commodities, then its game over, and the mofo imperialists  from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Murika and the tribe that can't be mentioned will win. 

It looks like this strangulation of Russia was well planned.

The US will be happy as there will be no competitors. If Russia is gone, then CHina has no chance as well.  



Max UK's picture

Such defeats would bring out the hawks in Russia. Despite the risible bashing he gets in the western press, Putin is as aggressive as a librarian, and as despotic as your grandma.

The shame of it is, that the whole world has to go through convulsions while the stupid neocons learn the lessons of hubris.

scaleindependent's picture

What would happen if the Russian hawks come out?  Realistically?


Nage42's picture

Russia rallies ex-soviet states into a trade-assurance conglomerate, mutual security pact for all oil/gas pipelines via Russia to China.  China assures port access to global economies via it's growing navy with dominance in the South China seas bolstered by newly built sandcastle islands that have med-range air-strike capabilities (think missle batteries that will send 2,000 little missles at once at a big ship, Phalanx system can't get them all in time).  China ensures world compliance by threatening to withdraw goods manufacture... cause let's be honest, it's not like the world can pretend it can still make things at factories, that ship sailed 10 years ago, and would take >4 years to ramp back up... which country out there will forgive it's "leadership" for reelection after 4 years of _proper_ global depression, to make the Dust Bowl look like the land of plenty...


So, we have reestablishment of the USSR with China included, it's the old-boy wet dream for the military psychopaths esconded in their bunkers for that "last big hooora~" before expiring into history's great recycling bin in the sky.  Dinosaurs never die willingly, they eat everything in site, scorched earth before irrelevance, that's the military-industrial-complex.



HardlyZero's picture

After the last few years, connect dots : Minsk, Kiev, Crimea, Georgia, The Bosphorus, Cyprus, Syria.

Pincer movements or front.  

Turkey may be in the middle again, Constantinople, Ottoman, New Empire of the region, border between East and West.

Will Russia try to take on Ukraine or Turkey to keep the natty flowing West ?

Need pipelines.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) scaleindependent Nov 27, 2015 11:49 PM

and the planners name be Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, Obama's mentor at Columbia University.

yukatan's picture

ZH's spinning of Russian foreign policy is as hilariously bad as Janet Yellen's take on the US economy.

"Decent codes of conduct"--like killing dissident journalists? Invading Crimea? Or what about banning any NGO group it doesn't like with the Russian undesirable organizations law signed in May, which Tyler (big surprise) didn't cover at all? Yes Western media is biased, this slavishly pro-Putin propaganda makes Fox News tame by comparison.

Not that Tyler cares about facts when it comes to the Syrian conflict, but the Turkmen technically aren't Jihadists, but ethnic Turks living in Syria propped up by Turkey (via special forces). If anything it's nationalistic, not religious in motive. ISIS isn't anywhere in that bordering region, a distinction that the brainwashed ZH crowd cannot make.

Max UK's picture

Well it's okay now, because you've exposed the rot here and put everybody straight. Take the winner's trophy and fuck off.

SHADEWELL's picture

I must say Yukatan, you seem to have succinctly hit the proverbial nail on the head. indeed, it illicited such profoudlly thought out comments by folks like Maxuk

Also notice, where a comment is not pro putin, if you select a down arrow, the up arrow automaticaly counterbalances the selection.

Yes indeed, ZH fair and balanced reporting. Reminds me of the time leading up to our Convention in Phildelphia, my friend and collegue Mr. Adams would be appalled

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.

Thomas Jefferson
SoDamnMad's picture

TRM  Merkel released a statement a couple days ago saying Germany was doing to send up to an additional 150 advisers to train the Pershumuga which surely will piss Turkish plans to keep striking the Kurds.  I think North Stream will happen despite the 13 EU signees against it. Frankly if Europe could get a decent gas distribution system going it would be  win because they could negotiate a great Gazprom rate while still receiving LNG at half dozen ports.

BlindMonkey's picture

The Iranians could shut down the Straits easily enough.  That would be all you need to send oil to the moon.


None of these scenarios are realistic though.


Lay bare Turkey's support of ISIS and you will put a massive amount of pressure on NATO.  Greece, France, Hungary and maybe Poland want no part of the immigrants or being allied with ISIS.

France proposing sealing the Turkey-Syrian border will go a long way to stopping the Syrian violence.

HenryHall's picture

Sealing the Turkey-Syrian border first requires annihilating the government opposition in that area - the so-called moderate terrorists who shoot up airmen in the parachutes and multilate their bodies.

MrPalladium's picture

The West's elites are the prime target in a nuclear war, and even though a small and select strata might have time to hide in a deep bunker, the vast substrata that supports them, runs their bureaucracies and mans their deep state will certainly be annihilated.

No intelligent power like Russia is likely to waste a perfectly good nuke on Paducah Kentucky, but it is certain that the entire population of Manhattan Island, and the DC beltway will be vaporized along with West Los Angeles (propaganda production central) and Silly Valley. After all, the purpose of nuclear war is to "kill the king" but to spare the resources of the country being attacked so that they may be used by the victor. The effluvia of the silos in Iowa and Nebraska can be intercepted. Remarkably, our elites and their supporting substrata still believe that the main combatants will be rural boys from Texas and Tennessee which in a strange turn of justice will be the safest places to hide.

The nuclear war our elites seek to provoke will be the first in nearly a thousand years in which the elites themselves will be on the front lines of the combat. I should also note that the billionaire olgigarchs that run the U.S. government from behind the scenes are concentrated in about 18 to 20 zip codes. Does anyone believe that Russia is unaware of those zip codes and has not already targeted them?

T.Gracchus's picture

A very interesting analysis from Mr Palladium-a contributor I was not hitherto aware of.

In ancient battles, the ruling Elites had to put their balls on the line- and in many, many instances they were annihilated. Think battle of Carrhae, in which Marcus Crassus (possibly the richest man ever to have lived) died along with his son and heir, or Battle of Bosworth (end of the Plantagenets) or Flodden (Death of the King of Scotland).

The recent wars have all been about 'peasant' casualities- but the next ones might be different!  

btdt's picture


A very interesting analysis from Mr Palladium-a contributor I was not hitherto aware of.


read joel skousen. he was on this slant a decade or more ago.

js said the timing was for after 2020 when russia (and china) had completed their weapon mod programs.

but his point was that there would be a hit and it would be very focused, to decap the US mil (and leave the rest in place).

maybe an update to JS theory is recognition that the neocon infra cannot be left in place. meaning the target list includes Palladium's locations.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Just bomb the shit out of the Bilderberg hotel.  They will get the message.

Rakshas's picture

You got my vote, if only to shut down......... you know what NO fuck it just because they are such assholes and I'd love to do a jig in the dust of thier departure......

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

In the next Big One, the peasants on both/all sides simply need to take out the Oligarchs and its next sub-strata.  That's about 500,000 total (5000 Oligarchs and family, and 450,000 in their direct sub-strata).

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Which is why they will pit Europeans against refugees, and North Americans against North Americans (of different race).

True Blue's picture

Marcus Crassus; didn't they melt gold and execute him by pouring it down his lying throat?

How apt.

itrch's picture

The first goal of nuclear strike is killing the srate and changing elites. Vaporising of rural boys is not the goal. Goal is thal rural boys slaughter the elite after nuclear strike.

Because of the Russiab Federation isthe only state in the world that could eliminate USA in response nuclear punch, and in that case all american elites will loose their welth.

And because in USA the welthmens at the rule, there is simple conclusion that:

- There will be no nuclear war

- The red button in USA is not in order state. It is naturally broken to avoid accidental exchange of nuclear strikes.

Calmyourself's picture

That Turkish airbase needs some Iskander attention, price to be paid for this unfortunately, hopefully it does not get out of hand.

Rakshas's picture

Call a spade a spade (why for 7 years that has been considered a racial slur I will never know) sometimes you just have to work through the symptoms one at a time ...... when was the last time one of these ancient elite fucks like Soros went for a dirt nap?  These phukers have got to be vampires or something.... at any rate they appear to be major puppeteers in this show - would it be wrong to want to see what the world would be like without them around anymore??  

Motasaurus's picture

They don't go for their dirt naps because they buy up body parts from "state ward" children to prolong their evil lifespans. Some Rothschild went through his seventh heart just the other day. I feel for the poor child who had to die to provide him another three years of life.

Then again, considering that these self style "elites" buy kids as sex toys to physically and psychologically abuse, maybe the ones in the organ farms have it lucky. 

Truther's picture

How is it likely now that you would trust anything coming out of the US Mercenaries. Those paid Turkish bitches need a lesson in loyalty. Fuck Erdogan and the CIASIS that plays with it.

sam i am's picture


Lavrov and Syrian FM Walid al-Moallem hold joint press conference in Moscow (ENGLISH)

RopeADope's picture

I seem to recall the US saying they were inserting Special Forces into Northern Syria to 'provide expertise'.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Enter Dancing Forces, Stage Left.

Noplebian's picture
Noplebian (not verified) 90's Child Nov 27, 2015 12:22 PM
WW3 – Turkey/ISIS/Russia – The Countdown Has Begun......

Baby Bladeface's picture
Baby Bladeface (not verified) Noplebian Nov 27, 2015 1:35 PM

Noplebian now since two days ago this exact same thing posted 38 times minimally.

Is spambot. Not possible to conclude otherwise.

Perimetr's picture

The US had its second highest ranking military officer in Ankara when the Su-24 was shot down. Admiral James Winnefeld Jr, the Vice Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff was there to oversee the attack

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

And how do we know it wasn't one of his guys doing the attack?

JustObserving's picture

What did you expect of criminal Erdogan?  Turkey supplied sarin to rebels to frame Assad.  More than a thousand Syrians were killed by that sarin.

Seymour Hersh Links Turkey to Benghazi, Syria and Sarin

The assessment of the Defense Intelligence Agency is that the sarin was supplied by Turkey to elements in Ghouta with the intent of “push[ing] Obama over the red line.” Intercepted transmissions from Turkish operators in the aftermath of the attack are jubilant, and the success of their covert mission must have seemed well in hand. Obama’s implicit call to war in the coming month was proof of that.

USA, Turkey and Israel Act As Air Force for ISIS

me or you's picture

This is a great news for Russia: Last year's investment pariah Russia comes in from the cold 

"Russia is definitely one to watch," Mark Burgess, CIO for Columbia Threadneedle Investments, EMEA told the recent Reuters Global Investment Outlook summit. "Were there to be any signs of sanctions being lifted, there would be investment opportunities being thrown up from that."