Russia Retaliates: Putin Reveals Sanctions Against Turkey

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While many in The West had hoped for a "see, we told you so" strongman military response from Vladimir Putin, it appears the Russian leader has, for now, taken a more practical approach. The wide-ranging sanctions unleashed on Turkey (by its 2nd largest trade partner) include a ban on Turkish workers (with estimates that 90,000 will be fired by Jan 1 2016), restrictions on imported goods and services provided by Turkey, and scraps visa-free travel and bans charter flights (implicitly hurting a major part of Turkey's domestic industry). Finally, Putin calls for "strengthening of port control and monitoring to ensure transport safety," hinting at the fears many have voiced over whether Turkey shutting the Bosphorous in an escalation would be seen as an act of war.

As Interfax reports,

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree "On measures to ensure Russian national security and to protect Russian citizens from criminal and other unlawful actions and the application of special economic measures with respect to the Turkish Republic," the Kremlin press office said on Saturday.


The decree introduces temporary ban or restrictions on import by Russia of certain types of goods, whose country of origin is Turkey, which are stipulated in the list determined by the Russian government (except the good imported for personal use in an amount permitted by the law of the Eurasian Economic Union).


The decree also bans or restricts organizations, which fall under the Turkish jurisdiction, from providing certain types of services in Russia, which are stipulated in the list determined by the Russian government.


In addition, employers and contractors of services which are not stipulated in the list determined by the Russian government, are banned, starting from January 1, 2016, from employing Turkish citizens who were not employed or contracted by such employers and contractors as at December 31, 2015.

*  *  *

Here's why this will hurt Turkey (and its now non-independent central bank)...


Full Kremlin statement of actions...

The decree on measures to ensure Russia's national security and protection of Russian citizens from criminal and other illegal activities and the application of special economic measures against Turkey

Vladimir Putin signed a decree "On measures to ensure the national security of the Russian Federation and the protection of Russian citizens from criminal and other illegal activities and the use of special economic measures against the Republic of Turkey."

November 28th, 2015 20:15
The text of the document:

In order to protect national security and national interests of the Russian Federation to protect Russian citizens from criminal and other illegal acts, and in accordance with the federal law of 30 December 2006 ? 281-FZ "On special economic measures" and on 28 December 2010 ? 390-FZ "On security" decree:

1. The authorities of the Russian Federation, federal government agencies, local authorities, legal entities, formed under the laws of the Russian Federation, organizations and individuals under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, in its work to proceed from the fact that in the Russian Federation input time:

a) prohibition or restriction of foreign economic operations involving import into the Russian Federation of certain goods whose country of origin is the Republic of Turkey, on a list established by the Government of the Russian Federation (except for goods imported for personal use to the extent permitted by law of the Eurasian Economic Union);


b) the prohibition or restriction for organizations under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Turkey on the implementation of (provision) of certain types of work (services) in the territory of the Russian Federation on a list established by the Government of the Russian Federation;


c) prohibition for employers, customers of works (services) are not included in the list determined by the Government of the Russian Federation, to attract to January 1, 2016 in order to work, works (services) of workers citizens of the Republic of Turkey who are not labor and (or) civil-legal relations with these employers, customers of works (services) as of December 31, 2015

2. Pause from 1 January 2016 in accordance with the Federal Law of July 15, 1995 ? 101-FZ "On international treaties of the Russian Federation", and paragraph 1 of Article 10 of the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Turkey on the terms of mutual trips of citizens the Russian Federation and citizens of the Republic of Turkey on May 12, 2010 action of the Agreement in respect of the journeys undertaken by citizens of the Turkish Republic, which are the owners of foreign passport, except citizens of the Republic of Turkey, who have a temporary residence permit or a residence permit on the territory of the Russian Federation and citizens of the Republic of Turkey sent to work in diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Turkey on the territory of the Russian Federation in possession of valid official and special passports, and their families.

3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in the established order the Republic of Turkey to send a notice of partial suspension of the Agreement, named in paragraph 2 of this Decree.

4. To establish that the tour operators and travel agents should refrain from implementing the citizens of the Russian Federation of the tourist product, include a visit to the Turkish Republic.

5. The Government of the Russian Federation:

a) define lists of goods, works (services) provided by subparagraphs "a" and "b" of paragraph 1 of this Decree;


b) to determine the list of employers, customers of works (services) provided by subparagraph "c" of paragraph 1 of this Decree;


c) to define the list of contracts concluded with organizations under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Turkey for the supply of goods (works, services) in respect of which special economic measures provided for in this Decree shall not apply;


d) adopt measures for the following:

  • a ban on charter air transportation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey;
  • strengthening of control over the activities of the Turkish road transport on the territory of the Russian Federation in order to ensure safety;
  • strengthening of port control and monitoring to ensure transport safety Russian waters of sea ports in the Black Sea region, including the prevention of illegal residence and movement, and other marine vessels in the waters of Russian sea ports;

e) if necessary, make proposals to amend the period of validity or the nature of the special economic and other measures provided for by this Decree.

6. This Decree shall enter into force on the date of its publication and is valid until they cancel the special economic and other measures.

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Francis Marx's picture

Hey...Putty Tat is on to something... good for him.

Looney's picture

I’m glad Putin is more pragmatic than his trigger-happy predecessors. ;-)


The Pope's picture

Quite a few immediate downvotes on this thread. I guess the CIA geeks get paid extra sheckels for Saturday work if there's not a Mila Kunis film to whack off to.

Uchtdorf's picture

With this new declaration from Russia, I suspect Obama and the Repugnant candidates will all turn up the hyperbole against Putin. (For clarity, I believe Putin is no better than Obama. Just another puppet placed as head of a big country.)

tmosley's picture

One wonders whether our foriegn policy has always been so inept, or if the internet has siimply allowed us to see the ineptitude full frontal?

The lies coming out of Turkey are absolutely laughable, but with less information and no access to Russian media, they might have passed for the truth.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

These measures seem to target potential spies/saboteurs/change agents.  Thats what I gather, from the banning of Turkish workers and charter flights, any way.

Richard Chesler's picture

"Putin is a genius."

Mostly when standing next to Obongo...

Isy's picture

WW3 already started... Soon Putin will attack America and whole NATO.

BaBaBouy's picture

... Fuck, It Ain't Gonna Take Very Much to set this POWDER KEG Off...

While Most Of The uSA's iPeople And Mainstream Media Ignore the Entire News-line...

espirit's picture

In the pic,

Putin's using the 'wrong' fingers.

Victor von Doom's picture

Putin is the pre-eminent Prince of our age, and the greatest champion the world has against the Zios.

Long may he yet rule in a prosperous Mother Russia!

0b1knob's picture

Putin the genius?



1.) He has started a second front war in Syria without finishing off Ukraine first.  You know who else fought a two front war?  Hitler that's who.  And didn't that work out well.

2.) Ukraine has cut off power to Crimea.   There is no way for Russia to restore power quickly.

3.) Russia has "cut off" gas to Ukraine.   Ukraine could care less.   The main gas line to Europe runs through Ukraine.   The Ukes can tap into it or even cut it off at will.  Russia has zero ability to enforce the gas cut off to the Ukes.

4.) Economic warfare against Russia continues.   Low oil prices are bankrupting Russia.   A cut in the flow of gas revenue would make things even worse and Putin is practically daring the Ukes to do it.

5.) Russian forces in Syria depend on a supply line through Turkey that can be cut off a any time.

6.) A lot depends on the Turks acting rationally.   Never a good bet.

7.) Meanwhile the Georgians (remember them?) may take advantage of Russia's overextended state to "adjust" borders back to previous state.

Like all of you keep saying, Putin is a genius.

Number of down votes this post gets = number of paid Russian stooges on Zero Hedge.

corsair's picture

LOL! Translation:

I'm a genius and everybody that disagrees with me is paid Russian stooge :))

researchfix's picture

Wishful thinking in 7 stages. No argument from me. Not worth it.

rich1657's picture

# of down votes = number of knobs Ob1 is sucking at this very moment.

Theta_Burn's picture


1) you mean he lost the Crimea? thanks for pointing out that Putin needs to finish off Ukraine for it to be declared done..

2) Those riots and protest in the Crimea, against putin are a sight to see eh?

3) I'm sure Europe could care less about the Junta cutting off the gas "at will"

4) Low oil prices have been a boon to all the other oil producers including "US"

5) HA HA HA.... sorry, but that was fucking funny

6) More depends on your boy Putin acting rationally, so far so good..

7)Why would the Georgians want to take advantage of anything? they tried that before and got hung out to dry by the last putz in the bighouse.

Putin the genius, well lets see, one of their planes got shot down, and under that pretext they have deployed their most modern STA systems with next to no protest from anyone, how can they deny ones right to self defence? insted of just setting all that up from day 1? a plane getting hit was inevitable, now comes the genius part, the Russians have escalated 10 fold under the radar, and in the unlikely event it happens again, here is yet some more genius, with the flip of several switches a no fly zone is created.

That is of course if the Turks don't cut off all those Russian supply lines...

socalbeach's picture

On your point 2, "Ukraine has cut off power to Crimea.   There is no way for Russia to restore power quickly."



"8. The report of the first part of the power supply coming across the Kerch Straights from Krasnodar Krai are false. Expected completion is 15-20 December. The entire project is scheduled for completion by early summer next year. Ukes will never provide power to Krim regardless of the contracts and payments. Novorossiya has cut off shipments of coal to the Ukes who have screamed to EU about that situation."


Russia's population is only equal to France plus Germany's combined, Putin is doing a good job based on Russia's size.  If the "West" wants to start a war though there's not much Putin can do about it.

hwy's picture

In December of the current year after the date of the first stage of the energy bridge Peninsula will begin receiving from the Krasnodar region of 300-400 megawatts.

evokanivo's picture

Despite the downvotes, you make several good points. Russia is under a great deal of pressure, both economic and political, to bow to western interests. Drawing parallels with Germany isn't exactly appropriate - the magnitude of expenditures for Syria and Ukraine/Crimea don't come close to those you're talking about with Germany. But yes, it seems the plan is to hit Russia from several angles and have them overextend.

Russia has vast resources and can be self-sufficient. If their internal problems of corruption and graft were dealt with successfully, they would probably manage (especially once the oil price recovers). As things stand, however, the future is hard to predict! Anyway, I think their foreign policy is being handled quite well, considering all of the challenges.

Mr.BlingBling's picture

I think that the future is pretty easy to predict:  war, and a big fucking one at that. 

But I do agree that parallels with Germany are not appropriate, so let's try Japan instead.

About 75 years ago, the US was unhappy with Japanese actions in the far east and so began to strangle Japan economically, using oil as a weapon.  The Japanese then lashed out by attacking the US.

The US is unhappy with Russian actions in the mid-east and so is strangling Russia economically (e.g.  make Southstream uneconomical via EU rules on pipeline ownership; then kill Southstream by forcing Bulgaria to reject its rerouting; then crash price of oil; then try to overthrow Assad to facilitate a Qatari gas pipeline in order to take away Russia's market for gas exports; etc.). 

How will it end?  Probably like this:   (7 seconds)




SteveNYC's picture

No down nor upvote for you good sir. Just some clarifications to objectify a fairly well laid-out argument, however missing critical facts:

1) Hitler committed a huge piece of the Wermacht to the eastern front, and what was left was spread very thin throughout europe. In a battle of attrition he was crushed in the East by a larger and ultimately superior foe. All the while his manufacturing base was being gutted by raids from the West, which hindered his ability to mount anything more than a desperate, retreating defense prior to the Third Reich being crushed. Russia has put forth a mere fraction of its military in Syria, and if you believe the western press, in Ukraine. Neither theatre holds anywhere near the threat of the USSR to the Nazis. This is anything but a two-front war, more like a couple of school yard fights.

2) Not necessarily a big deal. Further alienates the native Russians in Crimea, ensuring that no matter what the West does, Crimea is never, ever returning to Ukraine.

3) Not that simple. The loss in volume will show up in Europe, and they'll eat it. Ukraine's plan is to have the gas re-routed back to Ukraine via Europe. A terrible plan.

4) Russia has almost the same level of foreign reserves (with ever increasing gold holdings as a portion thereof) as it did a year ago. Russia produces oil in the low $ teens; the lower RUB has helped account for the USD losses. Hardly being bankrupted.....

5) No, they rely partially only on the Bosphorous. Which, unless it is a time of war, they have free access to. They are otherwise able to supply via Iran/Iraq/Syria.

6) Ok, I'll give you the Turks/rationality bit. However, nothing really relies on them acting rationally except their own survival. Turkey may have a large military, but it is a minnow compared to Russia. NATO is not going to risk a nuclear war with Russia over the traitorous Ankara government.

7) They may, but again, it will fail. Russia has Georgia under control, and per above, is not anywhere near stretched to the point that this would be an issue.


I think at best, you can say the "jury is out" on Putin being a genius. However, to this point, he is by far ahead of his immature, inexperienced, and coddled counterparts in the West.


frankly scarlet's picture

NY Steve,  and exactly how many fronts are the USA-NATO-Central Bankers operating on ? South Amer, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Africa, MENA, South East Asia and of course the waters off of China and Central Asia in a full court press to try and over whelm the opposition who are the counter parties to each and every action taken here. One slip and we're into humankinds last hurrah, but who gives a fuck when you've already lived most of your life.

Latina Lover's picture

Good posting, Steve NYC

Russia has committed a relatively small air force to Syria, and is using up their soviet era dumb bombs, most of which must eventually be disposed. Considering how Putins action block the Quatari pipeline from emerging, the cost is modest.

Despite the incessant lies of the Kiev Ukie puppet regime, Russia has not invaded the Ukraine, not by a long shot. No airforce, no modern artillery or tanks, no significant electronic counter measures, etc.  Instead, Putin is feeding the Donbass with 30-50  year old equipment and munitions, effective, but at least 2 generations out of date. 

If Russia really wanted to conquer the Ukraine, Putin would be lunching in Kiev and Dining  in Lvov, and NATO would do nothing.

Better for Russia, however to stick the Ukie fascists to the EU and Amerika, letting them host the nazi parasites, to the tune of billions per year.   When Russia decides it is in their self interest, they will sponsor resistance groups who eventually will toss the Nuland/Nudelmanites out of Kiev on their USSA asses.

Thereafter, it will be at least a generation before the Ukies decide to flirt with the west, strengthening Putins hand while yielding  minimal collateral damage to Russia.

Scooby Dooby Doo's picture

Most Americans wish that Putin would wipe that POS Ukraine off the map. Then Turkey and then israel.

If Putin had a website with a Donate button I'd send him some USSA joo bucks for no fucking reason at all.

milking institute's picture

Just watching "apocalypse WW 1" on the AHC channel and getting a sick feeling deep down.  the similarities running up to the "event" are eery to say the least,a cluster fuck of worldwide conflicts only waiting for a "ferdinand" moment,wich may or may not already have occured...     hedge accordingly,kids!

Footprint's picture

What 0b1knob itemizes is an accurate depiction of the US sledgehammer tactics of the PNAC effecting a proxy war on various fronts. It is also an accurate depiction of the lawlessness of those allied to the U.S.      From the gloating tone of your post it is clear to me that you admire US gangsta style and Its terrier terrisz friends. Also that by not lobbing nukes in four different directions we have a demonstration of lack of strategic insight and intelligence from V.V.P.  0b1knob style reminds me of V. Nuland's memos: Bullets from a .ppt prepared by some staffer to "Giddyup and fetch" whatever stick master is throwing in the lawn. An ex-maidanite perhaps?

hwy's picture

1.Hitler was fighting 2 superpowers. Russia and US. US was fighting on 2 fronts - Japan and Germany. Superpower Turkey has fart bombs and ISIS has piss bombs.

2. All the material for laying the undersea electric cable from mainland Russis to Crimea has arrived from China. Chinese work has already started their jobs.. Should be delivering more than enough electrickty for the need of the island. December 20th - in about 3 weeks cable will be in FULL operation. At present, 500 diesel generator is used to supply 50% of the emergency needs.

3. If UKIES block or steal the gas, EU will solve that problen. Ukies want to anger EU? Russia will deliver what EU order. If pressure drops, EU gets the problem.

4. China will back Russia. The Urghurs problem could cost China more than financing Russia. If any Russian debt, it is backed by solid raw materials and solid assets and not future US toilet paper. China just bought 20% of Russian exchange reserve.

5. Sanctions and attack on ruble has help Russia to develop other directions of the local economy. US killed it's economy - exported jobs. Russia bought from abroad and killed it's local manufacturing. Sanctions bring back small business. Drop in rubble helps to produce cheaper - like oil production but sale price is in USD.

6. It takes a bit longer but Gilbratar is going to do fine. China has enough container ships that can give a hand from Eastern Russia. Iran and Iraq Malaki not objecting.

7.Georgia is even to restart purchase of russian gas. Georgia knows it's fake with those dead pipilines that was supposed to run through it's land.

Only losers and dictators use emotional and pysco blackmail to get like votes.

BarkingCat's picture

>>> number of paid Russian stooges on Zero Hedge. <<<

I down voted you simply because you are an ignorant dick shit..

I will trash Putin and Russia when they deserve it, just like I will anyone else.

It is called independent thought. Something a cretin like you would know nothing about.

farflungstar's picture

Their paychecks depend on a suppression of independent thought.

Then again, just hiring someone who is a tool in the 1st place makes it all easier. 

Caught_Fish's picture

Speaking of paychecks, does this mean 90,000 disgruntled Turks heading home soon?

Victor von Doom's picture

Putin IS a political genius - he's akin to a modern Russian version of Augustus. Let's look at your claims shall we?

1.) He "started a second front war in Syria". Truth is he was treaty bound to intervene - but aside from that Russia is protecting its naval base in Tartus, without which it would no longer have direct access to the Mediterranean Sea. Full points for Putin to foresee that this is important. The "second front" is also not a major drain on Russia - it is a small scale war atm.

2.) Ukraine HAS cut off power to Crimea and Russia will have a task to restore it. How is this possibly Putin's fault? The people of Crimea VOTED to rejoin their beloved and long missed Mother Russia. Putin intervened in Crimea - with the people's BLESSING to protect Russia's naval base in Sevastapol, without which Russia would be driven from the Black Sea. See a trend forming here? Full points to Putin again.

3.) Russia has "cut off" gas to Ukraine. Sure, it is impossible to police thieves so long as you don't send the police in. Putin DOES have two options here - he can shut off all gas to the EU should he need to. If he does then he would be shutting the Ukes out in the cold - and there would be nothing THEY could do about it. Secondly he could invade and crush Ukraine anytime he likes. That option is ALWAYS open to him. In short, the Uke/Zio/Nazis are living on borrowed time

4.) Economic warfare against Russia continues. Russia doesn't give a fuck. As the largest land based empire in the world, Russia has IMMENSE internal resources and some of the hardiest people on the planet. They will do just fine. As for bankrupting Russia - what the hell difference does finance make? Economics trumps finance every time once you tell the bankers to go fuck themselves. Putin has already done that. Full points to hiim again.

5.) " Russian forces in Syria depend on a supply line through Turkey that can be cut off at any time." No they don't. Russia can supply the troops through sea lanes and crush Turkey at a whim. Who the hell do you think the Turks are? A global power that rivals Russia? Not even at the height of the Ottoman Empire, let along nonw.

6.) Fuck all depends on Turks acting rationally. Putin is always rational. The cards are always the ones HE chooses to play. Putin is the master, Erdogan is a rookie hack by comparrison.

7.) Meanwhile the Georgians will do fuck all. Russian forces would roll over them in a day and be on the Turkish border by nightfall. The Zios might want them to be utterly suicidal, but even THEY are not that fucking dumb.

Like everyone here at the Hedge keeps saying - those with at least two brain cells to rub together, anyway - PUTIN IS A GENIUS.

Number of down votes this post gets = number of paid Zio stooges on Zero Hedge.


Chuck Walla's picture

I down voted, now where my check?



Wahooo's picture

Saw that prick rubio in an ad spot last night talking about how the terrorist threat is out there and how we have to be stronger for it. I wanted to reach in and strangle that ziocon fuck.

chunga's picture

I saw that too. All of them are a bunch of ass holes.

Obama signs NDAA, approving $800 million aid to ‘moderate’ Syrians, Kiev

President Barack Obama has signed the Pentagon funding bill giving $800 million in aid to both “moderate rebels” in Syria and the Kiev regime. Obama also vowed to work around provisions blocking the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

Signed by Barky and approved by the republitard CONgress (the alleged opposition lol)

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Research who the Campaign Managers, Advisers and Handlers are for Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, etc.

You may find more Ziocons than you expect.  Rubio, Cruz and Paul must speak fluent Hebrew or Yiddish by now, I'd imagine.  ;-)

caconhma's picture

Putin days are counted:

- He has lost Ukraine and Belorussia

- Syrian affair, whose goal was to divert Russia populous from a dire economic situation in Russia, is not going too well since Syrian army did not do any meaningful territorial advances in anywhere But there are a lot of PR. It is a funny war: Putin bombs ISIS and CIA/US  are resupplying ISIS

- Now Turkey bit his ass and Putin is talking about limiting "charter flights"

- Now, the Putin's big  dream to build his gas-pipeline through Turkey to EU is as good as dead after spending $8B on that adventure.



jerry_theking_lawler's picture

Erdogan won by stealing the election. Seems like there is now unrest in Turkey. Russia may be on to something here and soon there could be a seachange in Turkey. That will send the west scurrying.

Could this be Putin's actual plan? Syria is just a show. Turkey is the real deal. If Turkey overthrows its current masters there could be major change in the region...and quick.  Put in there that Iraq, Egypt, and now Afghanistan are seeking Russia's help then things may progress quickly in the ME.

Interesting times, indeed.

hwy's picture

It is not Putin's days numbered. It's all our days numbered - including your family and love ones. China knows if Russia, goes, China goes. That final war - everyone goes. Putin has safe shelters in case of final war. You don't

Putin saved Russian USD 6 billion a year!! Lost no money letting Ukraine go. Today Ukraine is heaven in hell. Ukraine lost Crimea and.... Lick your wouds. Get over it.

I was watching a 20 storey buildig to be demolished. From ourside I saw them taking down the windows. Other then that - only noise. 3 months later - a boom and it collapsed. Luckily I did not acted and posted in forums critising the workes. Saved my face.

Hugh instituitions buy our shorts on the other side after a bad economic report. One thinks they are idiots holding its as the money figures gets into negative. Who are losing to win in the end?



Kirk2NCC1701's picture

You can put your money where you mouth is, by offering a Futures bet to ZHers.  Put it in escrow with Tyler, using BTC.  

If you can't or won't, well, we'll know you're full of it and we can make a sport of junking you.  Oh, wait, my mouse just had a Missou-style micro-aggression click.

hwy's picture

Look you do prostituition or futures to make a living.

I don't.  The market is big, not narrowed to your view.

One of the branch I like is Swiss stocks. One example Nestle. When I see a monthly candle with extra high selling volume closing backwards above 50% I will buy into it. The volume indicator normally shows a climatic bar - my sign that big players are buying while others who read economic news are selling. I keep my stock for years. I get good dividends. Throw a Nestle chart and see. Try other Old  swiss firms. See if you can lose money on it's values?

Scooby Dooby Doo's picture

I've always thought that Kirk did 'prostituition' for a living too.

Consuelo's picture

Oh chit - just spit up my coffee on that...



Pooper Popper's picture


Does Putin really look like someone we wanna fuck with?????

This fucker is a killing machine!

STOP poking the fucking BEAR!

Macon Richardson's picture

He is not a killing machine. He is a human being faced with the American killing machine. His response is always reasoned, always human and always resolute.

Men master machines. Putin will master the American killing machine if that is required of him. The American killing machine masters nothing. It will and can only continue to manufacture death.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Had to Google Mila Kun(t)is.  Never heard of her, but I've seen her face, I think.

And why does H/wood and TV have an ever growing list of Jewish actors, who lack so much acting ability?  It is blatantly obvious that they got the part for being either family members of various Directors and Producers, or Clansmen.  I'm not opposed to hiring Your Own, as long as there is actual talent, but I really don't see that in most of the young actors these days.  Thus, J-Mafia cronyism keeps rising, just like the S&P or the Dow Jones, or National Debt.  Not that they are the cause of any of that, of course.

Wait.. I just decided to do w Wiki search, and found that she's a liar, because of the inherently false allegation in the following Wiki info:

"Her mother, Elvira, is a physics teacher who runs a pharmacy, and her father, Mark Kunis, is a mechanical engineer who works as a cab driver...  My parents had given up good jobs and degrees, which were not transferable."

Whaddya mean their degrees or skills were not transferable?  Physics degree, running a pharmacy, a Mechanical Engineer, Cab Driver?  What a crock of blatant BS!  No wonder she's an actress:  I know you lie, your lips are moving...

Sokhmate's picture

+1, still, I'd make a mila out of her kunis.

Mr.Sono's picture

I'm glad that Putin is taking proper measures. Let's see how Turkey reacts to there stupidity. I'm guessing there economy is on the verge of collapse. No more black market oil, inflation will be there best hedge. I