14,000 Refugees Due For Deportation From Sweden Have Vanished: "We Simply Do Not Know Where They Are"

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As part of the just concluded "cash for refugees" deal between the EU Turkey, the FT adds that not only will migrants whose asylum applications are rejected be sent back to Turkey but that this "crackdown on irregular migration would be complemented by a parallel programme offering a legal route to Europe, resettling up to 500,000 Syrian refugees directly from Turkey, Lebanon or Jordan."

The FT adds that, as expected, "if such an EU-wide scheme were made mandatory it would be flatly opposed by many eastern European countries. To avoid the proposals being blocked, Brussels and Berlin are exploring a “voluntary” scheme with 10 countries willing to take refugees. It is unclear whether other Schengen members would be asked to contribute to the costs of resettlement."

But before crossing that particular bridge, which will sow even further anger, mistrust and antagonism spread among the member countries of the European "Union", a bigger question is just how will Europe track down and sequester those refugees that pose the biggest threat in the eyes of authorities, those who are already slated for deportation.

As the following case study from Sweden proves, having once entered Europe, Europe may have problems trying to track down the hundreds of thousands of refugees having already found their way to the continent.

As Sweden's Afton Bladet reports, over half of all the illegal migrants slated for deportation in Sweden have mysteriously disappeared. 

The National Border Police Section reports that of the 21,748 individuals due to be sent home after their asylum applications were turned down, a whopping 14,140 have simply vanished off the police radar. Around a third, or the remaining 7,608, still live and are accounted for in the Swedish Migration Board's premises or have indicated an address for their own homes. It is not clear if anyone has actually tried following up on said home address to see how many have simply made one up.

Based on a translation of the Swedish report by Breitbart, some are expected to have left the country secretly, "but the majority are thought to still be in Sweden, having fallen through the cracks of the comprehensive welfare state."

The local cops is brutally honest: "We simply do not know where they are”, said Patrik Engstrom, a spokesman for the local police.

This is not the first time refugees have vanished from official supervision: one month ago we reported that roughly 4,000 asylum-seekers who had initially been accomodated by the German state of Lower Saxony had "mysteriously disappeared." To our knowledge they have still not been found.

Ever the egalitarian paradise, Sweden was as concerned about labor abuse as the current whereabouts of the refugees, and Afton Bladet noted that a number of unscrupulous employers in the country have taken advantage of the invisible migrants, using them as cheap labour off the books, with no wages tax to pay or minimum wage to heed.

The reported goes on to note that while at the start of 2015 the migration bureau was responsible for deporting migrants who failed to gain a visa, the rising tide of migration created new challenges and the job was transferred to the Police in October. The task of deportations was handed over to police because the migration board considered that as the situation deteriorated, “coercion would be necessary” to get migrants to leave. Yet through a severe lack of manpower, resources, and political mandate to take proper action the police have proven unable to handle the job.

Now, even the police is proving helpless at managing the process: "a police spokesman said they simply did not have enough officers, having been ordered this month to become border police as well, enacting government policy to check passports and papers."

"We have failed because too much of our resources go to reintroduce border controls at internal borders" Patrik Engstrom adds.

Hamstrung by government policy, the border checks have also been a failure, making no significant reduction in the number of migrants crossing into the country daily. Officers were only permitted to make spot checks at the border, and were forbidden to profile individuals on the basis of their ethnicity, language spoken, or skin colour, making effective control impossible.

Finally, even in cases where the police manage to find illegals and send them home, nations such as Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, Eritrea, Lebanon, Morocco and Libya don’t accept their own people back in many cases.

In other words, Europe has unleashed the refugee genie without much thought for the consequences. And now that the "consequences" have arrived and Europe is scrambling to put the genie back into the bottle, to its amazement it has realized that the genie has mostly vanished.

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smart move.

would you wait around to be carted off back to the hellhole from where you came?


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coinhead (not verified) trader1 Nov 29, 2015 5:33 PM

ISIS went further north, they are living with teh Laplanders.

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Under the EU's Dublin Regulation, refugees should be deported back to the first EU country they entered, often Italy or Greece, which have the worst welfare provision. But if refugees can delay their re-applications by 18 months, they may be able to stay in Sweden, hence the motivation to go underground.


By EU law it is next to impossible to deport refugees to their home country unless they have been convicted of a major crime. And even so, the home country most likely will refuse to accept them.

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There is a perfectly logical explanation for the disappeared refugees...

ISIS aren't the only cannibals on the planet. Swedish meatballs incidentally have never been cheaper...

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Not to worry, you'll know exactly who they are as soon as the freebies end and they're coming for your stuff.

macholatte's picture

Giving the 3 billion Euros to Greece in exchange for an island to sequester all the migrants was way too easy & too simple & too effecient. Europe is so screwed.

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They are temporarily away @ ISIS training camp. But don't worry as they will be back in terminator style, literally.

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Have they checked the welfare offices?

MalteseFalcon's picture

This is a complete crock.  The Swedish government is refusing to implement deportation. 

If I were an EU government, and for some reason that is totally lost on Sweden, I wanted to deport refugees, I'd take the easy way out and give them a train ticket to Sweden.

Sweden wants refugees?  Fuck them.  Let them take them all.

Convicts.  Mentally handicapped.  HIV infected.  The whole lot.

I now realize that a country like Sweden needs to have the bejeezus kicked out of it before it comes to its senses.

At the same time I demand that the US prepare to accept any Swedes fed up with Sweden.

Finally a shout out to the arsonists.

Freddie's picture

Until the Swedes start Mussolining their politicians then they will be sold out.

There are millions of trees in Sweden and I am sure plenty of lamp posts and petrol stations.  Just get some rope.  Skip the tar and feathers.


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If these muslim invaders are allowed to set foot in the US, this is EXACTLY how they'll be vetted.  Ooops, we made a mistake.  We misplaced a few thousand terrorists.  Must have left them in my other jacket, like they are a set of keys.

This is how the kenyan nigger will screw the people.  Climate change is his number 1 security threat.

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If you like your terrorists you can keep your terrorists.

fleur de lis's picture

They're in Barbara Spectre's basement.

boattrash's picture

Note from U.S. State Dept.

We found them. They're all safe and sound in Michigan!

XitSam's picture

I hear pigs will eat almost anything.

nmewn's picture

"Why? Why?!! Because its the law dammit!"...lol.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Monty Python "because it's written, that's why"

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Stick with teh Bitcoin threads ya little cunt!

Freddie's picture


Cutoff the welfare and they will leave.  Allow Europeans born in Europe to own more guns and this will be another incentive. 

F the EU and F all politicians who f**k over their own people.

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Yuck!  That means they're probably fucking the raindeer... ew...

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Chris Dakota (not verified) trader1 Nov 29, 2015 5:40 PM

How do you lose 14,000 people who are not used to that cold climate?

Something stinks here...

Urban Redneck's picture

Did they even bother check to see where the FSA was using their EBTs?

nmewn's picture

Obviously not or to even cancel them ;-)

mkkby's picture

Every one of them who used a fake address has fraudulently applied for asylum.  If the cops wanted to deport them, that proves they are criminal.

Let's see.  I'll just stand on a steet corner.  Blonde, blond, blond, dark -- check papers bye bye...  rinse repeat and done.

BarkingCat's picture

How hard is it to spot a non Scandinavian in Sweden.
Hell, they could spot the Italians in a second.

Normalcy Bias's picture

...or check for a spike in reported rapes?

greenskeeper carl's picture

Just trot a blond girl in a skirt out on the street, have her walk through the Muslim ghetto, and grab them as they start to follow her. Problem solved

Normalcy Bias's picture

Like trolling for fish? I like it.

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I AM SULLY (not verified) Normalcy Bias Nov 29, 2015 6:39 PM

Everybody likes to troll for bitches.

Like down on WA Street ...


Dem dare girls really respond to it.

(at some deep feminine level)

Normalcy Bias's picture
What did the blind man say when he passed the fish market? Hellooo ladies!
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Oh FFS. The government can track down anyone's whereabouts from their cell phone when they want to. Just like the illusive Paris terrorist who is still somehow supposedly going around Skyping & messaging his friends and relatives. But can't be found.

vollderlerby's picture

Why don't the Swedish authorities just ask the NSA where those 14,000 are?

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Lost? It's like the University of Iowa saying they can't find the football team. These folks kinda stick out a bit doncha think?

BarkingCat's picture

Who is the retard that down voted you?
Must be one of the retarded Swedes that is infected with jungle fever.

abyssinian's picture

Check the Mexican/US borders! Obama has his buses waiting for them 

CheapBastard's picture

Has Jerry Brown finsihed his Super-Link Rail Line from the Mexican Border up to the Safe Zones of LA and SF ? Why take a bus when you can travel in style on the taxpayer-funded Brown Bullet Rail!


"Todos a bordo del tren!"

Suspect in killing of San Francisco woman had been deported five times




Illegal Alien Charged with Beating Chinese Student to Death in Los Angeles



junction's picture

These refugees didn't disappear, they just started using a new identity card.  Most of these border crossers have learned the hard way how to look after themselves. Expect many of them to try to get to Germany or Canada.  Including the rapists and dope dealers. 

Faeriedust's picture

This is probably why the NSA has been so keen to push biometric passports.  Because they knew this was coming, with the Islamists ready to funnel fake ID documents around the world if necessary.  Passport photos have been a joke for decades, and anyway, they know that foreigners all look alike to us.  So without fingerprints or retinal scans, there's no way to know if the fellow showing you a passport is the same fellow it was originally issued to.

snodgrass's picture

Probably part of the 100,000 Onutter wants to bring to this country.

Niall Of The Nine Hostages's picture

Sweden isn't that big a country population-wise. 14 people might manage to blend into the background without a trace, if they were serious about not being found. Not 14,000.

I dare say if the police did their goddamn jobs and actually looked, most of the 14,000 would be easy to find.

HowdyDoody's picture

Maybe Barbara Lerner Specter, the great proponent of 'multiculturalsim for you' invited them round for a house party.


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All the cops have to do is go to those neghborhoods in Stockholm, Malo, etc that they are afraid to go in. That's where they are. If they're too chicken to go, then the USA can send some trigger-happy pigs to clear the streets first.

o r c k's picture

No, because the police are not allowed to profile on ANY basis. It's now well known that this almost global rape capital is now a Muslim nation. Within a very few years the police and all public servants will be Muslim and operating under Sharia Law. Considering Swedens cultural suicide I'm sick and tired of ANYTHING having to do with that now dirty culture. We can just remember how it once was.

Jack Burton's picture

Sweden's schools and universities have been training leftists and multi ethnic worshipping students for over 3 decades. Now the education program has reached it's goal, a national suicide of an entire race, ethnicity and culture. No, this is all by choice, Swedes have been taught that their white skin is a crimes, that their rich nation is theft. Blacks and Arabs no constitute a special group whom Sweden owes a home, health care and monthly pay check. Why? Well, because whites are a majority, and thus are guilty as a race. Sweden must be cleansed of it's culture and replaced by Islamic and Black races.

Asked why, the average Sweden can only protest that they are not racists, and that even asking such a question makes you a nazi.

It is deliberate suicide, planned for and worked on for years by select leftists all across Sweden. These leftists worship a multi cultural god, who will make Sweden heaven on earth, when it is majortiy Muslim and Black African.

Sounds crazy, but I assure you, this is just what is going on.

30% of Swede stand against this suicide. So far, they have not had strength in numbers to fight back. I hope that this changes, and Swedish leftists are hunted down like Wolves in Sweden.

chicmagnet's picture

Everything is so fucked up, the silent majorities in the nations will see the rise of Hitler type leaders to keep the breed pure. They will be within there rights to do so.