Using New "Pre-Crime" Laws France Arrests 24 Climate Activists

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As Intellihub's Shepard Ambellas writes, one-hundred and fifty heads of government, a.k.a. the elite, are gathering over the course of the next few weeks for a massive climate summit that’s anticipated to attract and indoctrinate over 40,000 visitors from around the globe. The summit, dubbed COP21, is sponsored by the United Nations (UN) and will reportedly focus on combating climate change. However it’s doubtful that geoengineering, which ironically is mostly to blame for current climate patterns, will even be a topic of interest to scheduled speakers. To boot any chance of that information making it out to the general public is limited as 24 activists have already been placed under house arrest."

He further observes that "emergency powers" declared in the wake of the recent Paris attacks - in the name of terrorism - and adopted virtually overnight, were extended for a period of up to 90-days by the country’s leadership allowing for such activists to be jailed in advance of the summit or at anytime within period.

France 24 confirms the "pre-crime" arrests, writing that twenty-four environmental activists have been placed under house arrest ahead of the Paris climate summit, using France’s state of emergency laws. Two of them slammed an attack on civil liberties. The order ends on December 12, the day the Paris climate summit draws to a close.

French security forces have been on edge since Islamist gunmen killed 130 people in a deadly rampage across Paris on November 13, in the country’s worst ever terrorist attacks.


The ensuing state of emergency, declared by President François Hollande and extended by lawmakers for three months, has given police sweeping powers to search homes, handcuff residents and place people under house arrest, without judicial oversight.

In other words, as of this moment, in France one doesn't have to actually do anything to get arrested - it is sufficient is for someone, somewhere in the chain of command to suggest any one individual is a potential threat, and they will be promptly removed from society for an indefinite period of time. As such, French "civil rights" have completed a full cricle and are now back to the infamous "Law of Suspects" drafter orifinally by Maximilien Robespierre during the French Revolution.

On Thursday, one such raid in the western city of Rennes led police into an apartment shared by several unsuspecting flatmates.


“They entered the apartment with shotguns and assault rifles. It was quite violent. They pinned us to the ground,” said Amélie, a young barmaid who did not wish to give her full name. “It lasted quite a long time. We had no idea why they were there.”

Reuters also confirmed the arrests took place ahead of the summit and reported that the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, said the activists were suspected of planning violent protests at the talks which kick off on Sunday, a day ahead of the opening ceremony, and run until Dec. 11. "These 24 people have been placed under house arrest because they have been violent during demonstrations in the past and because they have said they would not respect the state of emergency,” Cazeneuve said in a speech in Strasbourg.

As Ambellas summarizes, "while authorities know that these people have no connection to terror movements they have still managed to silence their voices", which means that pre-crime, no longer a concept out of Steven Spielberg movie about a dystopian future, has become an all too real part of daily lives.

Furthermore, citing the heightened terrorist threat, French authorities have issued a blanket ban on demonstrations – including all rallies planned to coincide with the climate summit, which Hollande is due to formally open on Monday. Some climate campaigners have vowed to defy the ban, and as the following images from Paris today show, have indeed done so.

According to AFP, French police fired teargas Sunday to disperse climate change activists in Paris who threw objects at them during a demonstration ahead of key UN talks. Riot police took action after a small group of masked protesters in the Place de la Republique square began chanting "State of emergency, police state", referring to measures restricting protests that were introduced after the November 13 terror attacks in the city.

As RT adds, crowds gathered in the French capital on Sunday to attend a global march for the climate, despite the ban on gatherings enforced by French authorities. When one of the groups charged a police cordon, tear gas was deployed to push them back. "Huge amounts" of tear gas were fired at protesters near Place de la Republique in central Paris, according to witnesses’ reports on Twitter, with objects flying in the direction of security forces. 

The march, which was set to take place in dozens of cities around the world, was restricted in the French capital falling under the ban on gatherings introduced after the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris.

La Republique metro station, closest to the scene, has been closed by authorities, citing security measures. The riot police repeatedly attempted to push back the activists, spraying the crowds with tear gas. Ahead of the summit, 24 green activists were put under house arrest, with police saying they were suspected of planning violent protests, according to Reuters.

A live feed from Paris shows the current state of the protests which has been dying down in recent hours

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JustObserving's picture

Never let a crisis go to waste. Never miss an opportunity to reduce freedoms and terrorize your populace to control them

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Cimate Activists banned.  Are Climax Activists still allowed?

Looney's picture

Awww… Maidan in Paris!

I think I just saw Nuland flying on a broom.  ;-)


NidStyles's picture

Ladies and gentlemen, your New World Order on display.


Thank you Marx, may you rot in hell.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

First they came for the dirty hippies, and I did nothing.

NidStyles's picture

These are the "hippies" doing this. They will get no sympathy from me. This monster came out of the liberal leftist camp. We told the Marxists back in the 1930's what would happen, they didn't listen then. We told them in the 50', 60's, and every decade after. They never listened. They called us animals and monsters, and even sided against us to blame us for the fucking holohoax. 


None of you will ever get any sympathy from any of us Nationalists, You brought this shit on yourselves, every single last one of the leftists and liberals. 

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

I don't know about France, but the red white and blue bald eagle waving conservatives(along with the asshole democrats) were the ones who stripped my country of all its freedoms. Now it's too late and we all live in a police state. Merry Christmas!

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An analysis comparing how tools used by FOX News to statistically distort issues are similarly used to promote global warming / climate change:

A paper detailing the UN's IPCC obscuring of data that goes against global warming thesis:

Former Greenpeace president Dr. Patrick Moore's speech in London on October 14, 2015


NidStyles's picture

Fox news isn't Nationalistic, and it never has been. 


It's ran by a fucking Zionist FFS. 


Look how quickly you leftists responded though, fuck you trolls are finally catching on. 

general ambivalent's picture

People are leftists for disagreeing with you? Seems a bit like pre-crime...

NidStyles's picture

You mean telling people about the likely outcome of their choices is criminal? Then mocking them later when it comes to happen is bad? Oh you poor baby, you will enjoy your bondage before you die. 

You picked your fate, now accept it. You're a leftist because you believe in leftist things. It's not a matter of disagreement. That is what you morons can't seem to understand.

Keine Macht für Niemand


WordSmith2013's picture

France Uses Terror Attacks As Pretext To Arrest Climate Activists


"Climate Summit Lockdown In Progress"


nmewn's picture

And all the emperors still have no clothes on. Anyone think to arrest & charge "the emperors" for burning all that jet fuel in order to actually, ya know...get to France?

Apparently not.

So so so...just shut up!!! ;-)

NidStyles's picture

They are too busy wishing for peace to do anything meaningful in their lives. They spend their entire lives just wanting something that is impossible in their lives and thus passing the problem onto the next generation. 


knukles's picture

Protesting Against AGW is the New Terrorism

nmewn's picture


I call Safe-Place!...lmao!!!

RafterManFMJ's picture

Even though we've all been predicting this shit tsunami, it's spooky as hell watching it unfold.

nmewn's picture

Incredible ain't it?

And just to think, we were called the crazy ones ;-)


Handful of Dust's picture

" We arrested some folks. "


"Change you can beleive in!"

palmereldritch's picture

Climate Cops and pre-crime...

"Oceania has always been freezing."

Hulk's picture

We are all crazy, its just a question of degree !!!

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What get's me about Christmas is all the fairy lights.  Perhaps now they'll do something about it, eh? lol ;)

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go back to anal with your father

NidStyles's picture

Aww, the poor little bitch had it's feelings hurt. You don't belong here if you can't handle what I have to say.


Been here one year, and haven't figured out zerohedge yet. 


This isn't the place for the weak of will. 

Chris88's picture


You have my support (I love the AnCap flag as your avatar, fellow AnCap brother here).  You said you'd been here only a year so let me explain to demise of the retards (oh no a microaggression) that now largely visit this site and comment here.  Many people get confused in their web browser, whether or not they want to go to HuffPo but just accidentally click ZeroHedge.  The majority of posters claim to be for freedom and capitalism, then decry big "corporations" (only evil when it has public shareholders ) and "banksters" - they have no clue what a bank does, never worked in a bank, couldn't even read a balance sheet, but nonetheless these clowns think that Goldman and JPM etc. caused the crisis, not the Fed, FDIC, FHFA, and other assorted government morons.  

Despite this being a financial blog, barely any commenter here works or has worked in the field.  We had one such clown a couple weeks ago bitching about Walmart's buybacks, he thought the income the company was making should allow them to do just raise everyone's slaries, not knowing it was a capital management acitivty and not an income statemnet idtem - no, I'm not making this up, and here's a guy whos' been posting here for years, on a financial blog site, and has no clue on accounting I could teach a 10 year old.  

While there's a few other AnCaps and our not yet converted miniarchists, most of the politics here are moronic.  Most of the economci/financial comprehending here is downright laughable.  It wasn't always like this, but the FSA and class warfare jackasses have unfortunately infilitrated this blog.  If you want to speak to an entire community of intelligent people you need to go to the Mises Institute, cause you sure as shit won't find it here.

hannah's picture

'...these clowns think that Goldman and JPM etc. caused the crisis, not the Fed, FDIC, FHFA, and other assorted government morons....'

stopped reading the fed gov controls the central banks?....hahahahahhaha what an asshat.

Chris88's picture

Love to know what you do for a career, hannah, as you certainly don't work in finance or anything relevant to it.  Go read some more Jerkyll Island bullshit and show the world you know everything. Central banking = 5th plank of Communism.  Put that gender studies degree to work sweetheart.

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Chris, .. reading comprehension !!!!.. NidStyles said that didthatreallyhappen has been here for a year and that in that time he (didthatreallyhappen) not figured out how this website works.

NidStyles has been here for quite sometime.


I do agree with you with regard to the critique of many of the commenters here. I have been reading ZH for about 4 years (my guess) and have seen it go downhill quite a bit over the last 2 years but more so in the last 12 months.

Most of the very best commenters are gone. Many banned because the ran afoul of the "Racial Discrimination" policy - which by the way is bullshit. Voicing ones opinion, no matter how controversial, is not discrimination. 

Many others have simply moved on as the dumbest of the Fox News and Huffington Post have migrated here.

Chris88's picture

Regarding the 1st paragraph, I skimmed it so I did indeed miss that.  Regardless, glad somebody else realized the retardation of posters going on here.  Maybe i'll go on an astrophysics website and argue, I'm not a physicist but hey who cares I'll talk out of my ass like most people here do about finance.

So Close's picture

I believe I would call it, "Post Crime" or "Post Massacre", or "Massacre Prevention" arrests at this point.  Not, "Pre Crime."

greenskeeper carl's picture

I don't understand what these 'violent environmental activists' are complaining about. Aren't all these heads of state on their side? Won't they be trying to implement the very same draconian measures the activists themselves support?

And as for the posters defending the actions of locking up these 'dirty hippies' just remember freedom of speech goes both ways. I think these global warming activists are delusional as well, but UNTIL they actually break a law and turn violent, they have the right to their delusions and the right to speak their mind, however deranged they may be. Supporting these measures is a slippery slope. I'm sure some of you remember getting a subpoena for the identities of posters saying they wanted to put a judge through a woodchipper, feet first a la Fargo. Every measure you support being used against those you disagree with will end up being used against you

beaglebog's picture



Yep.  If you vote. you ARE a Socialist.


Your votes cedes decsion-making to the Collective.


Your vote cedes control over your property, to the Collective.


Ergo, you ARE a fucking Socialist. Or, maybe a Fascist.  There's no real difference.

Abaco's picture

Bullshit. One can believe in the illegitimacy of the vote for philosophical reasons and still cast a vote for tactical reasons. One thing the vote does is give TPTB a reading on how far and how fast they can push. 

A Nanny Moose's picture

Sorry, I do not see a tactical angle in a process that relies on "the counters"

NidStyles's picture

You mean the Neo-Cons, who are also a part of the Zionist left? You mean those assholes that we were telling you fuckers were being lead by the disgusting Jewish Supremiscists 20 years ago?


You mean those flag waving morons? Those people aren't Nationalists either. 


The Nationalists are the ones you fuckers have been calling anti-semitic holohoax deniers for decades. Not the Neo-Cons. 

BarkingCat's picture

Dude, I have to bust your bubble but the holocaust did happen. Why do you think that most of Eastern Europe, which had sizeable Jewish populations now as almost none??? They all did not immigrate to Israel or the US.

Lostinfortwalton's picture

It really is difficult to believe that George Bush the Idiot came up with the concept of Homeland Seurity on his own.

nmewn's picture

And O'Barry injected steroids into it expanding it by leaps & bounds. Oh why oh why can't we emulate the Euro-Peons in everything we do!? ;-)

knukles's picture

Can we please start saying it's "Obama's fault" since he's done nothing but advance the Fascist state?

kliguy38's picture

second tier order taker....just like GW

NidStyles's picture

A Fascist system would at least expell the foreigners. This system seems to only add to them, it's Communism. 

nmewn's picture

Lets just wait till The Won finally finishes off health insurance, race relations and raises the dead for full effect ;-)

Greed is King's picture

Just read an article which states that all America has to look forward to is revolution;

so don`t despair, it`s never too late.

caconhma's picture

Looks like the French 9/11 was well organized.

BarkingCat's picture

Please stop using the word liberal to describe them.
They have stolen a great word and sure as hell do not deserve it.
These people are the antithesis of liberal.

NidStyles's picture

Being Liberal means no restrictions on who can do what within your country moron. You guys let the Jews in after centuries of knowing better, this is what you get. You deserve it, you deserve for this to be pinned on your corpses. Liberals caused this mess. You fuckers will obviously not be the ones cleaning it up. 

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

Wow, the down vote brigade is pissed.

NidStyles's picture

That's what happens when you speak about the Jews in such an open manner.