Russia Presents Detailed Evidence Of ISIS-Turkey Oil Trade

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On Monday, Turkey’s sultan President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said something funny. In the wake of Vladimir Putin’s contention that Russia has additional proof of Turkey’s participation in Islamic State’s illicit crude trade, Erdogan said he would resign if anyone could prove the accusations. 

Now obviously, conclusive evidence that Ankara is knowingly facilitating the sale of ISIS crude will probably be hard to come by, at least in the short-term, but the silly thing about Erdogan’s pronouncement is that we’re talking about a man who was willing to plunge his country into civil war over a few lost seats in Parliament. The idea that he would ever “step down” is patently absurd. 

But that’s not what’s important. What’s critical is that the world gets the truth about who’s financing and facilitating “Raqqa’s Rockefellers.” If a NATO member is supporting this, and if the US has refrained from bombing ISIS oil trucks for 14 months as part of an understanding with Erdogan, well then we have a problem. For those who need a review, see the following four pieces:

Unfortunately for Ankara, The Kremlin is on a mission to blow this story wide open now that Turkey has apparently decided it’s ok to shoot down Russian fighter jets. On Wednesday, we get the latest from Russia, where the Defense Ministry has just finished a briefing on the Islamic State oil trade. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Turkey may be in trouble.

First, here’s the bullet point summary via Reuters:


That’s the Cliff’s Notes version and the full statement from Deputy Minister of Defence Anatoly Antonov is below. Let us be the first to tell you, Antonov did not hold back. 

In the opening address, the Deputy says the ISIS oil trade reaches the highest levels of Turkey's government. He also says Erdogan wouldn’t resign if his face was smeared with stolen Syrian oil. Antonov then blasts Ankara for arresting journalists and mocks Erdogan’s “lovely family oil business.” Antonov even calls on the journalists of the world to "get involved" and help Russia "expose and destroy the sources of terrorist financing." 

"Today, we are presenting only some of the facts that confirm that a whole team of bandits and Turkish elites stealing oil from their neighbors is operating in the region," Antonov continues, setting up a lengthy presentation in which the MoD shows photos of oil trucks, videos of airstrikes and maps detailing the trafficking of stolen oil. The clip is presented here with an English voice-over. Enjoy.

After loading up with oil, a truck convoy in east Syria heads toward Turkey in direction Al-Qamishli:

October 18: in the Drer-ez-zor region a satellite imagte reveals 1772 oil trucks:

November 14: in the Tavan and Zaho regions, in the zone where coalition forces are active, one can see a gathering of oil trucks:

November 28: in the region Kara-Choh on the territory of an oil refinery one can see 50 oil trucks:

The routes of alleged oil smuggling from Syria and Iraq to Turkey:

A substantial part from east Syria enter a refinery in Batman, Turkey (100km from the Syria border):

Video: an oil truck enters Turkey unhindered:

And here's the latest video of Russia destroying Islamic State oil infrastructure:

Oh, and for good measure, Lieutenant-General Sergey Rudskoy says the US is not bombing ISIS oil trucks.

*  *  *

Full statement from Anatoly Antonov (translated)

At a briefing for the media, "the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the fight against international terrorism. The new data "

International terrorism - is the main threat of our time. This threat is not illusory but real, and many countries, primarily Russia, knows this firsthand. The notorious "Is Islamic state" - the absolute leader of the terrorist international. This is a rearing monster of international terrorism can be countered. And you can win. Over the past two months, Aerospace Russian forces is clearly demonstrated. 

We are firmly convinced that victory over LIH need to deliver a powerful and devastating blow to the sources of its funding, as repeatedly mentioned by President Vladimir Putin. Terrorism has no money - is a beast without teeth. Oil revenues are a major source of terrorist activity in Syria. They earn about $ 2 billion. Dollars annually, spending this money on hiring fighters around the world, providing them with weapons, equipment and weapons. That's why so LIH protects thieves oil infrastructure in Syria and Iraq. 

The main consumer of stolen from legitimate owners - Syria and Iraq - the oil is Turkey. According to the data entered in this criminal business involved the highest political leadership of the country - President Erdogan and his family. 

We have repeatedly talked about the dangers of flirting with terrorists. It's like that stokes. The fire from one country can spill over to others. This situation we are seeing in the Middle East. Today, we present only part of the facts, confirming that the region has a team of bandits and Turkish elites stealing oil from the neighbors. 

This oil in large numbers on an industrial scale, for the living pipelines from thousands of oil tankers entering the territory of Turkey. We are absolutely convinced today present you the hard facts about what the final destination of the stolen oil - Turkey. There is a large number of media representatives, and Our briefing will see more of your colleagues. In this regard, I would like to say the following. We know and appreciate the work of journalists. We know that in the journalistic community, many courageous, fearless people honestly do its job.Today, we have clearly shown you how the illegal trade in oil, the result of which - the financing of terrorism. Provided concrete evidence that, in our opinion, may be the subject of investigative journalism. 

We are confident that the truth with your help will, will find its way. We know the price to Erdogan. He has already been caught in a lie again Turkish journalists who opened Turkey delivery of arms and ammunition to militants under the guise of humanitarian convoys. For this imprisoned journalists. 

Do not resign Turkish leaders, particularly Mr. Erdogan, and did not recognize, even if their faces will be smeared by oil thieves. I might be too harsh, but at the hands of the Turkish military killed our comrades. The cynicism of the Turkish leadership is unlimited. Look what they're doing ?! Climbed to a foreign country, it shamelessly robbed. And if the owners interfere, then they have to be addressed. 

I stress that Erdogan's resignation is not our goal. It is - it is the people of Turkey. Our goal and the goal to which we urge you, ladies and gentlemen, - joint action to block the sources of funding for terrorism. We will continue to provide evidence of robbery by Turkey of its neighbors. Maybe I'll be too straightforward, but the control of these thieves in business can be entrusted only to the most close people. 

No one in the West, I wonder, does not cause the issue that the son of the President of Turkey is the leader of one of the largest energy companies, and son-in-appointed Minister of Energy? What a brilliant family business! 

This, in general, may elsewhere? Well, once again, of course, such cases can not be charging anyone, only the closest people. Votes this fact in the Western media we do not see much, but it sure can not hide the truth. Yes, of course, dirty petrodollars will work. I am sure that there are now discussions about the fact that everything you see here, - falsification. Well. If it did not - let be allowed in those places that we showed journalists. 

It is obvious that today the publicity was devoted only part of the information about the monstrous crimes of the Turkish elites who directly finance international terrorism. We believe that any sane journalist should fight this plague of the XXI century. The world experience has repeatedly argued that the objective journalism is able to be an effective and formidable tool in the fight against various financial corruption schemes. We invite colleagues to investigative journalism on the disclosure of financial schemes and supplies oil from the terrorists to the consumers. Especially since the oil produced in the controlled militants territories in transit through Turkish ports shipped to other regions. For its part, the Ministry of Defense of Russia will continue to disclose new evidence on the supply of terrorists oil to foreign countries and to talk about the conduct of aerospace forces of Russia operations in Syria.Let's unite our efforts. We will destroy the sources of financing of terrorism in Syria, as you get involved in the kind of work abroad. "

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<-- Erdogan stays

<-- Erdogan actually quits 

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No one in the West, I wonder, does not cause the issue that the son of the President of Turkey is the leader of one of the largest energy companies, and son-in-appointed Minister of Energy? What a brilliant family business!

His name was Hunter Biden.

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Yes, Ukraine has been a front for many of the oligarch's activities.  Hurry up and let's get this free-for-all started so we can cull the fucking herd back to a productive few!

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Half off.....who wouldn't buy it?

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1. Erdogan quits

2. Erdogan hangs


Please vote

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bend over Erdogan, Putin is going in. Its sexy time bitchezzz

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Regime change will take place ... but it won't be Assad.

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Doesn't matter what evidence Putin offers, the USSA Minion Mainstream Media liars will bury, distort or outright lie to defend Turkey.  If Putin wanted any media play, he should photoshop the detailed evidence on a picture of  Kim Kardasians ass.

The good news is that the Turks will figure it out, along with the rest of the world. 

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The main difference between al-CIAduh and CIsisA is that even the dumbest of the dumb have figured out that ISIL is controlled and equipped by Western Intelligence.

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Clandestine operations...

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Anonymous User (not verified) Xibalba Dec 2, 2015 11:09 AM

Cuntdestine operations...

3, 2, 1 ...

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John Kerry can explain his own satisfaction.

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I've already seen more evidence for ISIS-Turkey oil trading than Saddam's WMDs... still waiting for that BTW.

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Note to self: Time to rewatch Wag The Dog

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Add 'The Network' to the list.

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So now we know why Erdogan shot down the Russian plane.  Damn Ruskies have cut into his personal bank account when he was trying to catch Putin.  This is not going to end well for Erdogan, and it shouldn't.  The guy is a double talking peice of shit...but Putin is smart enough to let Erdogan's own people take him down, maybe with a little help.

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It's the greatest threat global security has ever faced.

All the weapons in the world won't matter once ISIS army kick into gear!

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Tyler how long will you allow this turd to spam his porn links?

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Amen.  It is bad form to let that a-hole spammer keep posting here.

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I'd like to email or tweet some ZH links from time to time, but almost always hold back because I don't want to be associated with those porn videos.

In fact, I would like to send this to an international journalist I know. Haven't done so yet because of the porn.

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I decided to email the YouTube link itself. Would have preferred to send the ZH link.

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Nobody has to click the link from "Annonymous User."  You got to know it's nasty. How did you know it was porn? 

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<<I'd like to email or tweet some ZH links from time to time, but... >>

... the 1st rule of Fight Club is......? 



I recently have developed a change of heart about the goofy porn-trolls and all of the cluttered advertizements. 

I see the obstructions as an unintended filter at the door of the club that keeps some folks out.  In other words, if the relationship you hold so dear will be jeopardized by porn-trolls and too much low-class advertizements, then maybe you should not share ZH with that person. 

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i second Chunga.

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crazy world in which we live.  say boo to jews and you're links of desperate homeless persons giving blowjobs and, well, nada.


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It's FIght CLub and free-wheeling comments are great...except for that crap. Fix the "abuse" email address and we can help get rid of the slime.

(I've tried but the emails bounce with a message that my own email address is disabled)

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What pisses me off (excuse my 'French'), is that we have all seen people get booted off ZH for FAR less.  Time for one of the "Junior Tylers" (responsible for content oversight) to get his ass in gear.

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How is Anonymous user accepted as a user name anyhow? 


I seriously think this is government hacking work right here. To discredit ZH.

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Anyone who thinks that this will not escalate into global war is a liar or fooling themselves. This is the ultimate goal of the elite. You better learn how to survive...


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You're right.  If you wanted War, you'd probably do exactly what we've seen the Western puppets and muppets perform.  I can only assume that since QE is such a lack luster of a fix with the central banks firing blanks now that they think it's time for a new big war to keep the sheeple busy.  Who better to blame for their problems than our old faithful friend, Russia.

If I were China I'd get involved big time.  The EU and for that matter anyone else rely so much on cheap imports from China so no one is gonna jeopardise that until they cant do anything more.  They have so much leverage without firing a shot.

Putin saw this comming back in Ukraine, when he talked on RT about not caring for their 20$BN fine because war is comming, he wasn't talking about Ukraine.

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I took the "standard phrases" from our media and changed the name al-Assad in Syria on name Obama in the United States:

Obama Must Go! With Obama, America has no future! America and the Obama regime are incompatible! Obama is not legitimate because its military-police regime robs the US population and is constantly killing of US citizens! The majority of the US population does not support the bloody regime of Obama! Obama Must Go!

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NATO cunts supporting terrorists deserve whatever they get.

There was a lull when the Russians made their entrance into Syria, as Thinktank Land had to recalibrate their bullshit and get on message for the sheep. A couple weeks later the AmeriKans are crying crocodile tears over civilians and Russia killing kinder, gentler terrorists rather than ISIS.

LOL AmeriKans concerned over civilian casualties. 

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<- Ash Carter is a piece of shit

<- Ash Carter is a piece of shit

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Hey, that's not fair to pieces of shit.

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Perhaps Russia will take Karl Rove's advice and create a new reality every couple of weeks so as to keep the think tanks busy studying.

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And yet, we are still supposed to "Support Our Troops"

If they had 'truth in advertising', they'd call it "Support Our Storm-Troopers", to serve the Empire

Wise up, people.  We have a MERCENARY ARMY -- by Definition.  


   a. You Volunteered 1,

   b. You are getting Paid,

   c. You have a Contract (with or w/o a Retirement Package)

   d. After said Contract has expired, and if Released from further Duty (at sole discretion of Employer), you may enter a new Contract with a private 'security firm', i.e. "Mercs R US", or retire to pursue other activities (work for Gov.US, or one of its para-Gov units known as NGOs).  In some cases, you may be so disillusioned or burned out, that you actually join the private sector.  In some rare cases, assuming you haven't killed yourself, you may actually have become an open or closet anti-war activist.  Which makes you a Born-Again Citizen, and a genuine Hero. If you are married with children, you are a mutha-facking hero, aka... 'Dad'.


[1] It matters not/naught if you're a well-meaning 'Patriot'  (10%), an Economic Desperado (85%) or a Closet Psycho (5%).  They'll take you even if you're not a US Citizen.  In which case, you can become one after a mere 2 years, and in the Naturalization Process their Look-back Window is literally 2 years.  I know this for fact.  If you want to challenge me on this, you'll have to put your money where your mouth is, and pony up some serious Cash/BTC.


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Privateering has been around for a long time.


King Henry III of England first issued what later became known as privateering commissions in 1243. These early licences were granted to specific individuals to seize the king’s enemies at sea in return for splitting the proceeds between the privateers and the crown.


Mercs are not new, and they are never going away as long as humans hate eachother.

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"And yet, we are still supposed to "Support Our Troops""

Maybe it's time for the troops to start supporting the people. They ain't fighting the right terrorists.

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I am beginning to love Mother Russia more than the USSA.

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I'm sure the Rodina loves you too. But if you really love the Russian Motherland... there are vast expanses of Wild, Wild East ready for settlement. If you have any serious experience with farming, that's the modern "Go West, Boy" -Land

and no, I'm serious. including the dashboard-cam on the pick-up track. I helped two european farmers to settle there years ago, they are doing magnificently. They are even paying back my original investment, and that's seriously unexpected. One dairy farmer and one goat farmer, btw. And they love the Russian-EU agri-spat

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we have similar spaces here in north america; only, it is presently 'owned' by the district of columbia.  but i don't think their deed and title are legal.  don't really feel like challenging their claim in court, either...better to just destroy their courts and with it their claims.


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I don't see how anyone can downvote me. These cats are doing God's work and the US & Co. are complete ass hat clowns.

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I get that from the Cold War clowns I know. It's still sometime between 1962 and 1986 for them.

Graaaak!! Putin's a KGB hack! 

All the media minions and PR magicians the US employs can only polish a turd for just so long.

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Debka and Jpost also push this cold war nonsense.

The downvotes are coming from paid zio trolls.

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For people of a certain age, "Russia is evil" is their default setting. They literally had that message pounded into their brains for decades, and unless they frequent alternative media sites, it's hard to overcome.

I see it with my parents. I can talk to them about this stuff for a few hours and gradually get them to see glimmers of the truth, but they usually completely revert to their normal thinking by the next time I see them. It doesn't help that they have Fox News on all the time.