Meanwhile On The "Apocalyptic" Northern Greek Border...

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In a somewhat depressing show of the farce that is Europe's immigration policy, local media reports "apocalyptic scenes" on the northern Greek border where "economic migrants" who are not entitled to leave Greece's provisional camps are fighting with 'refugees' who are entitled to leave, and head into other European nations. Petrol bombs and stones flew through the air, fists, kicks and wrestling on the ground as migrants hindered refugees from entering Macedonia (FYROM). People have injured, trampled and faint, among them many babies as some migrants tried to pass together with the refugees and were apparently hindered with stun grenades fired by the FYROM police.

As KeepTalkingGreece reports, for one more day tension rose on Greece’s northern borders with FYROM. “Economic migrants” and refugees battled with each other as the first are trapped inside Greece and only the latter are allowed to leave. Petrol bombs and stones flew through the air, fists, kicks and wrestling on the ground as migrants hindered refugees from entering FYROM. some migrants tried to pass together with the refugees and were apparently hindered with stun grenades fired by the Fyrom police, while the Greek police tried to diffuse tension on its own soil.

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A growing number of ‘economic migrants’ who are not allowed to enter the Former Republic of Macedonia have camped near the village of Idomeni in a provisional settlement and under appalling conditions. Greek media report that as of Friday, they were some 7,000 people: men, women and children.

Note by Video uploader: “Apocalyptic scenes and chaos in Idomeni Greece as FYROM authorities have dramatically reduce the flow of refugees and close borders for hours. People have injured, trampled and faint, among them many babies. The situation gets even worse because of freezing low temperatures during the night.”

Following EU’s instructions, FYROM authorities allow only refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Irak to enter its territory and then move northwards to other European countries. People form other countries are considered as “economic migrants” and Greece is entitled to keep them on its soil.

Migrants who are not allowed to leave Greece reportedly block the FYROM borders when they are opened and this creates tension among the two categories of people seeking a future in Europe.

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Many of the migrants have been allegedly ‘sitting’ in the provisional Idomeni camp for the last 18 days. On Thursday, a Moroccan migrant, 22, was electrocuted when he grabbed the wires of a stopped train. His death triggered tensions in the crowd.

Despite the deadlock in the area, the appalling conditions and the rising tension, more and more buses with refugees and migrants keep transporting refugees and migrants from Athens to Idomeni.

On Thursday, Greek Migration Minister Yannis Mouzalas, announced that there would be an “operational plan in the next 4-5 days” for those migrants who cannot travel to Europe but refrained from disclosing details.  There are rumors that 3 camps for migrants are under construction in the broader area of the Greek capital. Greek media reported that there will be trains to transport the migrants to Athens and Thessaloniki.

But the problem is: A) these people do not want to stay in Greece and B) where will these people be located in the two major cities, who will come up for their expenses, how long will they stay in the debt-ridden country.

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There were reports that NGOs had left Idomeni after angry migrants had looted their supplies, but on Friday the NGOs have returned.

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Hot tea offered to migrant kids by @DresdenBalkanKonvoy

Today, Friday, EU interior and foreign ministers are meeting to take important decisions on how to deal with the Refugee Crisis. So far, the European Union proved that it is well-skilled and capable in creating a perfect mess.

With one country after the other closing their borders to migrants and imposing segregation policies, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and FYROM confirmed their loyalty to Brussels and cut the Balkan-route for thousands of people who could have also be coming from other war zones or been persecuted for political, religious or other reasons in the ‘democratic’ world of Middle East and Africa.

So far, the Only Solution that the EU was capable to find is that these people can stay in …Greece!

Meanwhile, even their countries of origin do not want these citizens back and Pakistan sent 30 migrants back to three European countries on Thursday after refusing to allow them to disembark from a chartered plane at an airport in Islamabad. A spokesman for the Pakistani Interior Ministry, described the migrants as “unverified deportees,” most of whom were sent back from Greece, saying “the authorities would not permit anyone to enter the country without proper documentation.” !!!



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WayBehind's picture

Poor kids. Merkel should send some Lufthansa planes over ASAP so the poor kids can travel in style. What a fucked up world we are living ...

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Ghordo, behold the results of voting for people who believe in Cultural Relativism.  

WhyDoesItHurtWhen iPee's picture

Do migrants look different than refugees ?

If so how ?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

There are no refugees entering Germany.  They are all immigrants.  In German law there is a difference.  The Shitheaded Left is attempting to try and reinterpret the distinction between the two, if they get their way, anyone from anywhere in the world, whose country is either poor or at war qualifies for free shit without end in Germany.

HowdyDoody's picture

So what is the difference in German Law? Just asking.

Ghordius's picture

simple. if you are fleeing war, you are a war refugee. since Germany has very vivid memories about such things...

Stackers's picture

Have you guys seen the videos of "refugees" swarming trucks in Europe to smuggle themselves across Europe ?


Holy cow


Surviver22's picture
Surviver22 (not verified) Stackers Dec 4, 2015 11:28 AM

ISIS is really strong and can make a huge damage...

All the weapons in the world won't matter once ISIS army kick into gear!

froze25's picture

If you wake up one morning and the power is down but your cell phone that you know was charged isn't working. It has hit the fan. Don't be foolish have 6 months of food for you and your family divided into at least two parts stashed in two different locations. After 3 months most of the Free shit army will be dead. You need to last at least 3 months. Guns, Ammo, Food, Water and energy. With those 5 things you can survive and thrive.

Now look at what is being done, Guns they are trying their best to take them away and the same with ammo. Food, GMO is poison as well as most other additives they are pushing on us. Water, the BPA in plastics causes feminization in men and hyper feminizaiton in women, cancer rises. Fluoridation lowers IQ and makes you passive (Nazis openly wrote about it). Energy, plants are being shut down and prices are continuing to go up. You need to understand basic steam engines and how alternators work and you can reconstruct a crud gen.

aVileRat's picture

Since we're playing end of the world wargames you left out a few things.

1. Free shit army will more than likely become a roaming horde. If you look at the fall of Imperial China then the Imperial treasury buckled under Fiscal stimulus programs, the roaving horde scenario is the most likely. In this event, given the wide dispersion of supply depots, fallow hunting grounds and the very socioeconomic nature of the "Average" American to want to "roam" in the event of Day Zero, your assumption that 5.1 million other well armed, underemployed people will happily fight it out in NYC/Boston/Chicago/DC is a bit weak.

2. Cells run on a backup grid and as we saw in Ukraine and most of Arabia, barring total destruction of every radio tower and computer system, the cells should still work for a while. Failing that, you have sattelites which orbit for a few years. The average (made post-1976) mechanical engineering part only has a shelf life of 5 years and a operating life of 8 to 10 years max. Given the average USA vehicle is already 6 years old, don't bother expecting a failed USA to have much for working parts, part inventories or working transports within 3 to 5 years of Day Zero. Plan accordingly, esp when you are planning to rebuild USA in the mountians of New Mexico.

3. The average midwest home according to police unions is cased and scoped for breakin at least 10 times a financial quarter. These stats are run from insurance companies so take it with some salt. Now imagine the case and breakin number if the FSA knew there was no risk of being caught, esp. if the bugout home/stash is a known non-occupied site after monitoring the place for 10+ weeks. Your stash will be long gone, like your LA warehouse car collection within the first 3 days of Day Zero. Hell, escape by helicopter/airport will be your best bet, until someone figures out how to resell manpads for cambell soup cans.

4. GMO is genetic breeding. We've been doing it as a species since 1730. If you can't cope with high yield corn, then feel free to stop eating Jersey beef. BPA only leeches after the bottle is heated, you get more benzene exposure from your damn PVC pipes, so pull out some chemistery analysis books and stop talking dumb shit about dumber shit. Forget heirloom seeds, you need the shit which can grow with 3% nitrogen (furnished from Deer crap) and deliver 20%+ yields of high calorie energy. Look at the diets of old Slavic war cultures and Native American war tribes. Year 1 to 4 is going to be brutal for about 80% of modern 'preppers'.

5. Everything else is bang on. But don't bother with trying to construct your own generator, this isn't Fallout 4. Fuel sources are the first thing to go, securing them is priority. Looking at how you would adapt in the MENA should be your template vs. the latest Zombie movie. Mapping out what your new role in a place like Syria would be should override all your Day Zero planning.

Fractal Parasite's picture

That BBC report on illegal migrants coming into UK is obviously designed to engineer a sense of "Aw, let's all feel sorry for those poor people, they're actually heroes for managing to reach England (by illegally cutting into trucks).".

No mention of the authorities obviously having been told to stand down and not enforce the law. You can even see in the video @10:58 crimes being perpetrated right under the noses of the French Police, who do nothing. They might as well just legalize the whole thing.

Also noteworthy:
@7:08 The BBC reporter interviews migrants in Calais and says "Almost everyone I meet is from Sudan or Eritrea" (!)
@8:09 An interviewee says "We are trying to escape from dictatorship of African country".
Incredible, the EU authorities forgot to check the facts before choosing which country to bomb because of the refugee crisis!

nemesis2012's picture

I have come to the conclusion that you are a freemason or a zionist, which is it?

froze25's picture

@Ghordius, If I am a US citizen and we are at war (think we are, not sure when we haven't been) do I get to come to Germany for the Goodies?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

German law requires refugees to be fleeing from a country to German in which there is civil war, war, or they are being discriminated against based upon their religion, race, sexual orientation, etc., etc., 

Last time I checked -- Austria is none of those things.  

Pliskin's picture

Are Austria part of the U.S. coalition to kill as many Muslim women and kids as possible? 

Ghordius's picture

nope. but Austria has a sizable amount of Turks that are working there since nearly two generations. they are Muslims, too

Abitdodgie's picture

Why is it that Switzerland and Israel are not getting bothered by unwashed masses.

Bush Baby's picture

Merkel is trying to do what Hitler couldn't .... completely and permanently destroy Germany and her neighbors.

Pliskin's picture

Merkel, like all the other Europuppets, is doing exactly what she's told to do.

Antifaschistische's picture

the world is polarizing...again.   Peak lunacy creates a demand for someone with a consistent message on the other end of the pole.   Of course, the Muslim world is full of Hitleresque characters.  Eventually, the non-Muslim world will again produce a few.   It's the natural course of events.

TRM's picture

And to think that all the nazi wannabe types still worship that little pissant austrian corporal like he was a great man. Ha. You are half correct about his real role being to destroy Germany.

Both he and Borman were put to a task that was a win-win for their owners. Win the war and Russia is destroyed or lose the war and Germany is destroyed. Whatever one dies first the other is then targetted.

So Germany got destroyed first and then it took a while to get rid of Russia but horror of horrors the Russians are back and in a military way that Germany has never been allowed to.

Bananamerican's picture

I watched that video and thought 2 things: Europe still needs these poor-bastard-muslim-peasants like a hole in the head and

ironically enough, the 'well-meaning' frau Merkel has blood on her hands....TONS of it, for encouraging all these 3rd worlders to take a flyer on free Euro goodies.

the road to hell is paved with PC good intentions and Europe is descending into hell but the Left sees what the Left wants to see..

scroll ahead to when these French Lefties actually try to pass out food (twice) in the migrant jungles

mkkby's picture

Every one of these thugs shown in the video are law breakers, therefore no need for vetting.  They have shown their true colors.

If you let them in, you are letting in an invading army.  Since it is so obvious, it must be intentional.  Europe NEEDS another hitler to kick out the invaders, either peacefully or by force.  Rope for the collaborators.


My mother was from Germany. She was 8 years old when WW2 ended. Grandfather drove an ambulance in the war. I spent time there as a child with my cousins and grand parents.

My mother would be apoplectic if she saw what Merkel and the left were doing to that country.  

HowdyDoody's picture

Greece. Here's a tip. Do not allow any ferries from Turkey to dock at any of your ports. Nail down the land border. Nothing out of Turkey, period.


Ghordius's picture

you find me in perfect agreement. this mess is very typical for people that put principles above any feasibility and... math

if I may add, the whole is just showing that when Hungary's Orban was being pilliored by the European Left... he was right

meanwhile, this has batshit nothing to do with your strange overseas theories of "Cultural Relativism", which, frankly, I do not even understand. I seldom understand what Americans talk about when they talk about "culture", and you "culture warriors" on both sides even less

speaking of German culture, how are your German language skills? are you back from Old Dear Blighty? did you have funny "cultural shock" encounters to tell about? or did you find there your new "Heimat"?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Cultural Relativism is the theory all cultures are of equal value. I am sure you can understand.  

Good, I had a nice conversation with a recruiter earlier this week -- all in German, she says out of all Americans she has ever personally spoken with in German -- my German is the best, and I have a funny accent, sounds like I am from the Netherlands or Norway, not the typical American accent.  I took it as a compliment.  

I hated being on the island.  Germany is so much cleaner.  I got called an ungrateful colonialist.  Apart from that -- nothing much. 

Ghordius's picture

no, I had to think about since the very beginning of our spats about it, and I still don't understand. what is value, when it comes to culture? it sounds to me as if they were for sale, or something

of course I might, personally, value this or that culture for it's language, art, achievements, philosophy, way of life, etc. but it's... personal, isn't it?

yeah, the English have a strange attitude versus trash, for example. "ungrateful colonialist"? eh?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Oh touche.  

Take for example, French, German & English culture, and compare it with Ecuadorian, Congolese & Saudi culture.  

Which group has contributed more to the world?  

froze25's picture

Well the middle east did before they went bat shit crazy preserve the knowledge of the world while the west was in the dark ages. Most all industrialization did come from the northern countries of the world. My guess is that the harsher the climate forced people in those areas to become more inventive for survival. Basically if you as a people needed to get through winter you had to plan ahead a bit more and be inventive to make that period easier to survive. The harsher the winter the more inventive you needed to be. There is also the fact that most Europeans and Asians have Neanderthal DNA, I have no idea if that is a factor.

TRM's picture

The area now known as silicone valley was inhabitted continuously for more than 7,000 years with very little development. Game was plentiful, fresh fruits were common. No need.

Necessity truly is the mother of invention and desperation is the father.

Bananamerican's picture

"the middle east did...preserve the knowledge of the world while the west was in the dark ages"

is that true or was it European monks that preserved it? If it WAS 'easterners', which 'knowledge of the world? was it that they 'preserved'? Was it Greek?

even IF true that they helped preserve the knowledge of the WEST, what the fuck have they done for the human race lately?

Ghordius's picture

and who keeps the scorecard? again, it's personal valuation. and the discussion in other terms the hiding ground for lots of weasels

Klemens's picture
Klemens (not verified) WayBehind Dec 4, 2015 11:09 AM

Refugees, Made by The Synagogue! 

Noplebian's picture
Noplebian (not verified) WayBehind Dec 4, 2015 12:33 PM

The agenda is moving along nicely......

MadVladtheconquerer's picture
MadVladtheconquerer (not verified) Dec 4, 2015 11:03 AM

Meanwhile, Uncle Vladdy having gone for a constitutional in the Levant, sees the price of oil and the rubble

collapse further as the Saudis kick him in the shins.  Oil to 30 and the rubble to 80 and flat-lining there for

yrs and yrs.  Deal.  With.  It.  Beee-otches.

"Come on 'Dillos!  Let's get it on!"

RacerX's picture

Oh, the "children".

NoTTD's picture

Helen Lovejoy:  Won't you please stop corrupting our children?

Krusty the Klown: No.

Omega_Man's picture

thanks John McCain and scum bucket USA... pieces of shit

Unix's picture
Unix (not verified) Omega_Man Dec 4, 2015 11:30 AM

you know what cat-brain, you wouldn't know the truth if it smacked you in the nose! I read your uninformed, inane attacks with no merit every day, and all I can do is shake my head at your ignorance.

Take a flying leap woman!

highandwired's picture

Maybe you should enlighten us ignorant "uninformed, inane", simple folks with the "truth" you hear on MSNBS or Fox...waiting to get some "real truth". 

Unix's picture

This puke lumps all Americans in his inane posts, I didnt sign up for it. I dont watch the idiot box, but you do evidently.

Ghordius's picture

author forgot to mention the bribes to other, non-EU countries, so that they keep them in

Bush Baby's picture

Move those tents onto the train tracks

Freewheelin Franklin's picture

Keep bombing their homes, and supplying weapons to "Freedom Fighters". 

Unix's picture

LOL, as long as they keep strapping on suicide vests and shooting innocent civilians, we should bomb them to the pre-stone age.

These people have been lopping off heads well before America even became a country, and you blame America, how disingenouos of you.

In your tiny little brain, you think America started this crap, you are DEAD WRONG freewilly!

NordikAvenger's picture

You are right, my sagely insightful American friend....lopping off heads is much much much worse than fire-bombing cities like Dresden and Hiroshima .... because the "japs" and "krauts" (isn't that how you say it in your country, my friend?) deserved it.....


I'm half German and I can tell you that Dresden was pay back for "The Blitz" . There was no excuse for fire bombing that city as it had no military value and they deliberately brought in a second wave to strike the city when they knew the fire fighting brigades would be out.   

Having said this, That is the nature of war. It has no rules. (War is the abscence  of civilized behaviour, which is why I believe that "crimes against humanity" and Nuremberg was farce)

Germany brought this (Dresden and the 2 million that died while in Allied camps) on themselves. Dresden would never have happened if the German people had stopped Hitler. The generals had over a dozen chances to be rid of that bum austrian and didn't.  Germany, Japan and Italy rolled the dice and lost. Thats the breaks. 

Germany has done more than any nation to atone for what it started (more so than the Japanese) and has a right to rejoin the civilized world and a for whats its worth in my 50+ years I have never heard family or friend from Germany ever complain about what the Germans endured during and after the war. 


Jack Burton's picture

US long range fighter planes arrived for two days in a row to machine gun all the roads leading out of Dresden. Photos and videos exist of these attacks. Ambulances, old people, injured people in horse carts, the US Pilots machine gunned them all. This is fact, it is not up for debate.