Dozens Of Global Stock Markets Are Already Crashing: "Not Seen Numbers Like These Since 2008"

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As's Mac Slavo notes,

The system is beyond the point where it is merely showing stresses and fractures. Things are now falling apart and there may well be no way of putting them back together again.


The media will continue to claim everything is fine, until the day of panic and reckoning when it will suddenly be the ‘next Greece’ or ‘2008 all over again’… but worse.

27 Major Global Stocks Markets That Have Already Crashed By Double Digit Percentages In 2015

(via The Economic Collapse blog's Michael Snider)

Anyone that tries to tell you that a global financial crisis is not happening is not being honest with you.  Right now, there are 27 major global stock markets that have declined by double digit percentages from their peaks earlier this year.  And this is truly a global phenomenon – we have seen stock market crashes in Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East.  But because U.S. stocks are only down less than a thousand points from the peak earlier this year, most Americans seem to think that everything is just fine.

The truth, of course, is that everything is not fine.  We are witnessing a pattern similar to what we saw back in 2008.  Back then, Chinese stocks and other major stock markets started crashing first, and then U.S. stocks followed later.

But when you step back and look at what has been happening globally, a much more ominous picture emerges.  I spent much of the afternoon looking at stock market charts for the largest economies all over the globe.  What I discovered was financial carnage that was much worse than I anticipated.

It turns out that there are at least 27 major global stock markets that have fallen by more than 10 percent from peaks that were set earlier this year. As you can see, many of these stock market declines have been quite impressive…

1. China: down more than 30 percent

2. Saudi Arabia: down 26 percent

3. Germany: down about 13 percent

4. United Kingdom: down close to 12 percent

5. Spain: down 15 percent

6. Brazil: down more than 22 percent (13,000 points overall)

7. Malaysia: down 17 percent

8. Turkey: down 16 percent

9. India: down close to 12 percent

10. Chile: down 11 percent

11. Columbia: down about 30 percent

12. Peru: down more than 40 percent

13. Bulgaria: down more than 20 percent

14. Greece: down more than 30 percent

15. Poland: down about 19 percent

16. Malaysia: down 10 percent

17. Egypt: down 32 percent

18. Indonesia: down 18 percent

19. Canada: down 12 percent

20. Ukraine: down 45 percent

21. Morocco: down 13 percent

22. Ghana: down 17 percent

23. Kenya: down 27 percent

24. Australia: down 13 percent

25. Nigeria: down more than 30 percent

26. Taiwan: down 15 percent

27. Thailand: down 20 percent

We have not seen numbers like these since 2008, and trillions of dollars of stock market wealth has been wiped out globally.  So the “nothing is happening” crowd is simply dead wrong.  Stocks are already crashing all over the planet. 

[ZH: In fact 47 of the world's 93 largest stock indices are down over 10% year-to-date...]


In fact 30 nations are down over 20% Year-to-date...


Just because the big U.S. stock market crash has not happened quite yet does not mean that a major global financial crisis is not happening.

But do you know what is crashing here in this country?

Junk bonds.

At this point, yields on the riskiest junk bonds have risen to levels that we have not seen since the last financial crisis.  As I have discussed repeatedly, yields on junk bonds spiked dramatically just before the stock market crash of 2008, and now it is happening again…

Yield On CCC Bonds - Chart from Federal Reserve

This is precisely the kind of behavior that we would expect to see if a major U.S. stock market crash was imminent.  Personally, I watch the junk bond market very, very closely because it is such a key leading indicator.  And according to Jeffrey Snider, it appears that “something” is starting to cause junk bonds to sell off at an alarming pace…

There isn’t much as far as confirmation, but it increasingly appears as if “something” just hit the triple hooks (CCC) in the junk bond bubble. At least as far as one view of it, Bank of America ML’s CCC implied yield, there was a huge selloff that brought the yield to a new cycle high (low in price) above even the 2011 crisis peak.

But just like in 2008, a lot of people will not heed the warnings because they don’t have the patience to watch long-term trends play out.

We live in a society where we expect constant instant gratification.  We have instant coffee, video on demand and 48 hour news cycles.  If something does not happen immediately, most of us quickly lose patience.

For months, I have been warning that conditions were perfect for another major global financial crisis, and since that time events have been unfolding in textbook fashion.

And as you can see from the numbers above, we have already entered a new global financial crisis.  If you tried to tell someone in China, Brazil or Saudi Arabia that a financial crisis was not happening, they would just laugh at you.  We need to start learning that the world doesn’t revolve around the United States.

Of course the U.S. is heading for tremendous difficulties as well.  This is something that I covered yesterday.  All of the fundamental economic numbers are absolutely screaming “recession”, and yet most of the “experts” are still forecasting good things for the coming year.

Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  None of the problems that caused the crisis the last time around have been fixed, and most of our “leaders” seem blind to what is happening at this moment even though the exact same patterns that played out in 2008 are playing out once again right in front of our eyes.


If you have been waiting for the next global financial crisis, you can stop, because it is already here.

As we move toward the end of 2015, let us hope for the best, but let us also get prepared for the worst.

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coinhead (not verified) Skiprrrdog Dec 5, 2015 9:59 PM

This global market crash is obviously going to cause a global EMP.  But you will be okay because of your AR-15 and oldcoin.

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So, where do you think all that crashing capital when end up?   No matter the country, smart folks will find a way legally or not to protect their wealth.

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But! With modern CB's, Plunge Protection teams, etc. etc. etc. It takes several months instead of 2 days. (the top 10% make more $$$$ that way)

So we got that going for us, which is nice!


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very smart people are often very wrong.

the correlation between all these countries is that they use the US Dollar as a reserve currency.


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Monetas (not verified) Dec 5, 2015 8:13 PM

When Capitalism catches a cold .... Socialism get pneumonia ?

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Slimjimmy (not verified) Monetas Dec 5, 2015 9:24 PM

The FED will save us!



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"The FED will save us!" - Llloyd Blankfein

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"Instead of celebrating capitalism's virtues, we offer it grudging acceptance, contemptuous tolerance but only for its capacity to feed the insatiable maw of socialism. We do not conclude that socialism suffers from a fundamental and profound flaw. We conclude instead that its ends are worthy of any sacrifice — including our freedom."

Janice Rogers Brown "Whiter Shade of Pale" speech:

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Why do only a few people in the US see this trainwreck coming?  Are people that out of touch with reality?  Or are they still in denial?

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Doesn't matter.  Christmas shopping is in full swing.

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Its unreal, They are totally out of touch.  Im not sure whether its a curse or not to be able to see it coming?

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No, not out of touch with reality or in denial, they are just plain fucking stupid... I stopped having this conversation with people because they cannot grasp the concept... Their life is fine, so the world must be doing ok... Sheeple, all of them... 

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If they don't read it on their FaceBook page or on Instagram - it's not important enough for them to be bothered.

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wrong! I post easy to understand snippets on FB that would lead a child to understanding, but am totally ignored as a crank or conspiracy nut

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Soon, "nobody saw this coming"

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Ho hum, it is finally here.  As we have been telling you was inevitable ever since the last one, and how much worse this was goiing to be.

And nobody is dealing the one after this :

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Its actually worse than those figures suggest because almost all of those countries' currencies have also fallen 10-25% against the mighty dollar and gold. Even though house prices went up in some of those countries, they actually fell in USD terms.

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Just bump up interest rates to see what happens.

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Earlier this week, the US stock market dropped, only to rebound Fri, going up > 300 points, apparently based on ECB Chairman Mario Draghi’s comments that the ECB cheap money spigot will continue flowing. Every time there is drop in the US stock market, the FED is ready to supply more cheap money to keep the markets inflated. Recall former Citibank CEO Chuck Prince’s comments in his 2007 FT interview- “When the music stops, in terms of liquidity, things will be complicated. But as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance. We’re still dancing. (See: Citigroup chief stays bullish on buy-outs Jul 9, 2007;

Bottom line- as long as the FED continues supplying lots of ultracheap money to keep the stock market inflated, they will be plenty of people who will continue to “dance”.