Whistleblower Warned Turkey Would Attack A Russian Jet

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Society needs whistleblowers. They serve as a check on corruption and governmental overreach and in the private sector, they are often the only thing that stands between unbridled corporate greed and the otherwise clueless masses. 

As Edward Snowden demonstrated, even the most “developed” of nations need checks on government and that goes double in places like Turkey, where an autocracy is masquerading as a largely developed democracy. 

Despite the fact that Erdogan has managed to create an environment in which the press and the police are afraid to pursue the truth for fear of brutal reprisals from Ankara, there’s one Turkish citizen who stands against the suppression of free speech: Fuat Avni. 

Fuat Avni is a pseudonym used by an anonymous government whistleblower. He has more than 2.3 million followers on Twitter (so, half as many as Donald Trump).

Here are two excerpts from an interview Vocativ conducted with Fuat Avni last year: 

Vocativ: Is there a reason why you chose the name Fuat Avni?


FA: I did not open the account with this name initially. I used different names. But I did not want any other person to be hurt because of what I wrote, so I changed user names frequently. Fuat Avni means “a helping heart.” I thought it to be suitable and I continued with it.


Vocativ: Do you alone control the Twitter account? 


FA: There is no team behind it, only me. I don’t need to get any information from anyone because for years I have been working at in sensitive positions within the AKP [Turkey’s ruling party]. Because of my position, I have information about people at critical points. The reports and information come to my desk as well. It is ridiculous to think that an insider gets information from an outsider. Only I and Allah know who Fuat Avni is.


Well, on Sunday, October 11, Fuat Avnil tweeted something interesting. 

That, allegedly, is the tweet that foretold Ankara's move to shoot down a Russian Su-24 near the Syrian border late last month in the first incident of a NATO member engaging a Russian or Soviet aircraft in more than six decades.

The prediction didn't go unnoticed. 

Late last month, Russia's sharp-tongued, US foreign policy critic extraordinaire Maria Zakharova cited the Fuat Avnil tweet in accusing Turkey of purposefully downing the Russian warplane. Here's Today's Zaman (whose editor in chief just resigned under legal pressure from Erdogan):

In comments on Turkey’s recent downing of a Russian jet over violation of its airspace, a spokesperson from the Russian Foreign Ministry has recalled that famous Turkish Twitter whistleblower claimed back in October that the Turkish government was planning to down a Russian jet to remain in power.


At a press conference on Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova claimed that Turkey “purposefully” downed the Russian Su-24 at the Turkish-Syrian border on Tuesday and said the “unprecedented” incident will have serious repercussions.  


She also quoted statements of Turkish Twitter whistleblower Fuat Avni who claimed in October that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government and President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an were  planning to down a Russian jet to bring Turkey to brink of war with Russia to ultimately keep its power. “This is very interesting,” Zakharova said.


Yes, it is "very interesting" that Turkey's most famous whistleblower and anonymous Twitter personality should predict such a dramatic event more than a month ahead of time. As Zaman goes on to note, "Fuat Avni's identity is unknown and has prompted wide speculation, but the account has previously revealed numerous details that would appear to indicate that the user is close to or inside the government and the account has attracted a large following."

Fuat Avni also predicted the widespread crackdown on the media ahead of of November's elections. The government also attempted to have his account blocked in October after he tweeted information about Bilal Erdogan's finances (again, from Today's Zaman):

Fuat Avni said in a series of tweets on Oct. 4: “In Italy, Bilal will manage accounts in Switzerland and other countries. Bilal has billions of dollars to manage.” Claiming that Bilal flew to Italy on Sept. 27 and plans to remain there for a while, with family members possibly joining him later, Fuat Avni wrote: “They are planning to keep Bilal in Italy until the [Nov. 1] election. They will decide whether or not he will come back depending on the situation after the election.” The whistleblower said there is a plan in place for President Erdogan and his family to flee a possible trial on corruption charges if necessary after Nov. 1 and that Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioglu is organizing the plan.


After Fuat Avni's claims were reported by media outlets, Bilal Erdogan's lawyer filed a complaint against Fuat Avni's Twitter account, asking for a court to block access to it on the grounds that the tweets breach his rights. In a decision on Oct. 6, the ?stanbul 7th Penal Court of Peace decided to demand that Twitter block access to the account in Turkey, but the popular social media website has refused to implement the court decision.

As you can see, this is a serious thorn in the side of the Erodgan regime and in case the implications of the above aren't clear enough, we'll close with a quote from Istanbul-based Cihan News - which is controlled by Zaman owner Feza Publications - ca. October 12: 

Avni, who claims to be among Erdogan's inner circle, says the president of Turkey has seen the latest polls in the run-up to the snap election in November, and is convinced that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) cannot regain a single-party majority. 


Avni purports that Erdogan is even thinking of declaring war on Russia and taking advantage of the de facto situation, consolidating his grip on power. 

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813kml's picture

I wish Maria Zakharova would blow some whistles, starting with mine.

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Turkey needs this conflict to distract its population for the coming financial collapse.

Second, Turkey is a main supported of jihadi organizations such as al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham.

Even the US trained rebels were killed by these jihadists, with Turkey assistance.





Tarzan's picture

Funny, Ardagon wants a war with Putin (if not with weapons then of words) to solidify his grasp on power, to rally the Votes.

Who else do we know who's power is waning and needs an excuse for Martial law to distract the people and rally support?  The president, Congress?

There are rumors Washington will be attacked next week,

that Congress will be closed and not be able to come up with a budget, due next week,

and that Congress will be out of business, conveniently, and refuse to use the emergency protical to complete their budget responsibilities. 

They've already secretly used Martial law to speed the budget process and to avoid revealing how bad our finances are, they are trapped! 

They cannot put a real budget in writing because the numbers don't ad up and investors across the world are already ready to dump the dollar.  They're just waiting on the trigger, nobody wants to jump first.

Martial Law is coming to America, full frontal!

Escrava Isaura's picture



I live in DC metro area. Maryland side.

Wondering if you be proved right.


Also, doesn’t the congress go away for the holidays? Doesn’t we all know that US has no money, unless it borrows? Doesn’t we know that the banks are richer than the US?


Doesn’t we know, by now, that nothing make sense?


omniversling's picture

Am not American so humbly offer this memory fragment: The US has been under (effective) 'Marshal Law' since 1933. Here is a reference, but if searched, there are pages of articles that IMHO support this conjecture.

State of national emergency

War and Emergency Powers Act of 1933


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Why do you always leave me with sloppy seconds...sigh.

813kml's picture

Don't worry, I'm clean as Charlie Sheen.

Implied Violins's picture

OK, and if there is a next time, I promise my first initial is not 'H'.

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Did you also escape sniper fire in Bosnia?

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They've done amazing things with AZT cocktails, you two should be able to make it to your wedding.

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She is pretty. Beauty and brains!

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That is anti-psakiist

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But here in the U.S. we hang whistleblowers out to dry - after they spend a good deal of time in prison and spend tons of money on fines.  We treat 'em right!

Proctologist's picture

I'd bet the Turks would be more economical. I don't think Sharia law values excessive legal fees /s. This Fuat better stay anonymous, or:


Oracle of Kypseli's picture

I bet he is actually a Russian Turk who is not even in the country. Maybe it's Snowden?

Russians create their own whistle blowers so that no one suspects that they have flies on the walls.

Just maybe.

DeadFred's picture

When Nuland made waves with her F... the EU comment many overlooked the question of how the Russians could leak a recording of a phone call made over a secure line. What other recordings have been made? Will we get treated to Obama whispering sweet nothings to Reggie or maybe even something with real teeth. It seems like the Russians are taking their gloves off so don't be surprised if the White House gets buffeted by some storms soon.

Hey, I can hope can't I?

GMadScientist's picture

What's the point of bitchslapping the old clowns in an election year? They're diggin' up dirt on Hillz, Trump, and Space Cadet Carson now.

swmnguy's picture

The prison time will include enough solitary confinement and sleep manipulation to make anyone insane, also.

-.-'s picture

Society needs whistleblowers.


Society has whistleblowers; society needs reliable, safe, and legal channels for whistleblowers without fear of recourse from courts or vested authorities. 

Atomizer's picture

Loretta E. Lynch will call for her arrest on hate speech charges. 


Implied Violins's picture

Once the collapse happens, there will be so many whistleblowers coming out of the closet that it will be impossible to stop them all. When those paychecks stop, there won't be anything else to lose by being quiet. Be ready for some VERY interesting 'revelations' over this next year...

marcusfenix's picture

bringing the country to the brink of war to retain and increase power I can believe.

but actually declaring war on Russia I highly doubt.

there is a gap between power mad and suicidal and I think Erdogan knows the difference. at lest I hope he does.

besides this isn't Washington DC we're talking about.


Sages wife's picture

With all due respect, wrong on both counts.

Anunnaki's picture

Looks like Erdogan is getting ready to invade Northern Syria forcing war with Russia and Iran

Francis Marx's picture

Russians just need to supply the Syrian solders with anti-tank weapons and that will keep the turks to busy hauling away their junk to make war with russia.

KJWqonfo7's picture

The Turks declare war on Russia, the Greeks declare war on the Turks (they invade Greek airspace all the time).  The USSA falls in with the Turks?

The Greeks (take the 4 guys that actually have ammo in their weapons) and launch an incursion in Cyprus.  Now Turkey has a "war" on two fronts and the Russians use the opportunity to "help their NATO ally" Greece.  The Russians beat the shit out of any Turkish forces in Cyprus via the air.  They may or may not drop a few loads of arms to the Kurds for shits and giggles.  The stream of refugees to Europe stops since most wont travel from one war zone to another.

The Greeks work a deal with the Russians for air base access...

What does the USSA do?????

BarnacleBill's picture

An interesting scenario, KJ. But I don't think Russia would ever arm the Kurds - at least, openly. That wouldn't sit well with either the Syrian or the Iranian governments.

KJWqonfo7's picture

It would only make sense if they did it on a very limited basis and by supplying arms to all the right wrong people (at least temporarily). 

Now the EuroPoliticians stick to the we hate the Greeks Keep Calm and Carry On mantra while the Europlebs become increasingly nationalistic. The hard left in the Euros flies its hammer and sickle high the right wing breaks out the boots.

Erdogan on the other hand is facing a Turkey with ultra religious conservatives becoming increasingly ISSIS'd while the general public requires an increasingly heavy hand to control.  Since he knows all the stolen oil money in the world wont prevent him from being chased to the ends of the earth his conversion to Assad 2.0 is hastened.

What does Obama do? 

My guess is not a damn thing...


BarkingCat's picture

Obama does not give a fuck. He has year left of golfing with the best travel a lodging in the world.
He sucks at golf and sucks even more as president but the asswipes that actually run the foreign policy for him are much worse.

trader1's picture

apparently Obama is going to face the nation tonight in a special speech from the oval office...

Salah's picture

ChoomBoy's coming for your guns, pure & simple.  

Little does he realize the cosmic clock has just about run out on the Democrat Party.  

That donkey's headed to the Mexican abattoir  for dogfood, bootskins, and pinata stuffing

AllBentOutOfShape's picture

Assad has apparently been open to the idea of arming some of the Kurdish rebels to help fight against ISIS.



Paveway IV's picture

"...But I don't think Russia would ever arm the Kurds - at least, openly..."

If by 'openly' you mean reported by Western MSM, then I agree. Western MSM does not report additional developments that makes it look like the U.S. is getting kicked to the side of the road in Syria. The Russians apparently just airdropped arms and ammo to the Afrin Rojava Kurds (PYD) this week. This article appeared in BASNews, generally considered a mouthpiece of Barzani and his Turkish/U.S./Israeli supporters. The articles in BASNews do not reflect the opinion of the vast majority of Kurds, just Barzani and the ZATOKurds. It delivers the party line to english-speaking readers; Barzani's son owns BASNews.:

Russia Parachutes Military Equipment to PYD

ALEPPO — A Russian military transport aircraft has parachuted tons of military equipment to Democratic Union Party (PYD) forces near Aleppo.


A statement by the Local Coordination Committees of Syria (LCCS) confirmed that, on Wednesday, a Russian military aircraft dropped five tons of standard arms and ammunition for the PYD forces, north of Aleppo.


The Russian military support for the Syrian Kurds comes after a Russian warplane was downed by Turkey last week and tensions between Moscow and Ankara escalated in the area.


Russian manoeuvres for greater influence in the Syrian civil war by supporting Kurdish players, will anger Ankara greatly. The supplies will support Kurds in their efforts to connect Kobani and Afrin in northern Syria, by taking control of areas around the A’zaz district.


Syrian Kurdish parties, supported by both the US and Russia, have proven their effectiveness in the war against Islamic State (IS) and other radical Islamist groups.

Turkey accuses the PYD of affiliation with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and claims that international military support to Syrian Kurdish parties will be used against Turkey by the PKK.

Barzani generally hates the Syrian PYD and PKK Kurds because they won't obey him and his criminal empire, but he doesn't want to demonize them because it might hurt his own ZATOKurd efforts to obtain more arms and funding for the Peshmerga - the KRG national troops in Iraq (=ZATOKurds loyal to Barzani). One of ZATO's schemes was to elbow the Syrian Rojava Kurds from Kobane out of the picture and send in Barzani's loyal Peshmerga to close the Kobane - Afrin gap. In fact, a group of several thousand Peshmerga were assembled and trained for this task in northern Iraq. Northern Iraq - you know... the place where those 150 Turkish 'training' guys were holed up supposedly training Arabs. These fake ZATOKurd troops were the ones that got the 50 tons of U.S. airdropped arms and ammo. 

OK, stay with me here: The Syrian Rojava Kurds don't like ISIS streaming in and out of Syria in the Afrin - Kobane gap. But they are farmers and home owners protecting their turf, which is only in Kobane and Afrin. They're like local militia - they have no desire to take Raqqa far to the south or close the Afrin - Kobane gap themselves. One of the big reasons is because the have few arms and no armor or artillery and nobody will arm them, including the U.S.

The U.S. airdrop was to Barzani-loyal ZATOKurds (the fake Peshmerga army being trained in northern Iraq). Many of these supposed Peshmerga are Turkish Kurds and Turkomen. It's nothing but a ZATO proxy army to replace the Rojava militias and carry out ZATO attacks to secure Raqqa and 'the gap'. The MSM does their best to confuse everybody when it reports on the Kurds. The intent is to equate Rojava local militias and the PKK with 'terrorists' and cement the idea that the good Kurds are the Peshmerga - which are in reality mostly Barzani's ZATOKurd thugs.

There's also the small matter of the fact that there is no such country as Kurdistan. There are Kurdish areas of Syria and Kurdish areas of Iraq. Barzani as illegal president of Kurdish Iraq cannot decide to send his fake Peshmerga ZATOKurds to Syrian sovereign territory for any reason. Even the Syrian Rojava don't want the fake Peshmerga ZATOKurds coming over from Iraq to stir up trouble. Even though the Rojava Kurds are reluctant to do so, they would consider closing the gap if they were properly armed and given the right equipment (armor and medium weapons). Barzani and ZATO don't ever want the Rojava Kurds armed - the Rojava are to be subjugated to Barzani, the KRG and new Fake Kurdistan.

The Russians have no part in this fake ZATOKurd Peshmerga army of mercs. If the BASNews article is accurate, they are arming the Rojava militia in Afrin. This pisses off Barzani, ZATO and Turkey. Barzani want's Afrin and Kobane defended and connected, but only as subjects and vassals of his new Kurdish kingdom. It's hard to subjugate and oppress someone if they're armed.

Joe A's picture

NATO's art. 5 does not count if a member unilaterally goes to war. Turkey declaring war on Russia will not rush in NATO's help. European countries are really pissed off with Turkey at the moment and will not come to help them.

KJWqonfo7's picture

I'm pretty sure Vlad has outfitted the Kremlin with Article 5 toilet paper.

Vlad does what Vlad wants.

Fod's picture

I don't think Greece is getting any international support in ousting the Turk invaders from their occupation of Cyprus right now, moving military against the occupying forces will probably brand the Greeks as "terrorists".

Francis Marx's picture

I guess O-bomba will probably use the same tactic to stay in office and keep Trump out. Just start a war come next Oct.

BarkingCat's picture

That's horse shit.
I seriously doubt that he even wants to be there now.
He likes the perks and notoriety but not the job.
He can golf more when he is out of office.

Francis Marx's picture

 RE:   ^ If that was the case, why did he run a second time?

Its only the Chair of power he wants. Not the respossiblity.

Thats why he spends 60 percent of his office time out on the golf course. No pressure out there.


The Greek horse's picture

at last a Turkish person with Balls!!!!

tbd108's picture

How do you know it's not a woman?

DeadFred's picture

He's an insider. Maybe the tweets are about pillow talk but there aren't many women allowed inside in an Islamic country, even Turkey.

GMadScientist's picture

And I never thought I'd say this, but props to Twitter for standing up for their accountholders rights (or does this just cement the idea that they are a CIA front?).

smacker's picture

The closer Fuat Avni is to the seat of power in Turkey the more likely it is that a trap will be set to expose him. Numerous ways to do this.

I wouldn't want to be him being caught by thugs working for Erdogan.

He needs to check and re-check that any tidbits that he publicises is not contained in a report or whatever that's only available to Him or in a unique copy of a report as a trap etc.

GMadScientist's picture

Yep, when each minister is given different BS to leak and...well, let's just say he and Allah won't be the only ones who know who Fuat is after only his info gets leaked.

Junerberno's picture
Junerberno (not verified) Dec 6, 2015 6:36 AM

Russia has all the women, that's for sure.

Spiritof42's picture
Spiritof42 (not verified) Dec 6, 2015 8:43 AM

Here's some background on Maria Zakharova. I love to see when beauty is matched by brains.


One quote attributed to her:

The label “moderate terrorists” reminds me of the footage showing IS militants cutting out their victims’ hearts and eating them in front of a terrified crowd. Should we call this moderate cannibalism?”"

Crocodile's picture

I have been saying for quite a while that when a nation plays both sides of the fence and you are but a small nation; it ends badly when you get thrown under one of two buses perhaps both.  The real problem is that large military base that the US, I mean NATO, has that is so important to the Afghan drug production and distribution and for military purposes.


ISIS HQ or command and control is the US embassy in Turkey; so the embarrassment to the US is a real problem and the need to remove Erdogan will grow, but Turkey also has many financial ties with Russia.  There are going to be real problems for the Turkish government and people over the coming weeks and months.


Damage control from the west, likely a blackout or silence in the media until they can figure out how to get rid of this imbecile and Russian will be trying to get a grip on the hearts of the Turkish people...should be another interesting world event(s).  How much further downward in deceit & deception can we as people continue?