Iran Has "Irrefutable Evidence" Of Turkey's Role In ISIS Oil Trade

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When Turkey shot down an Su-24 near the Syrian border late last month, the world held its collective breath. Everyone was asking themselves the same question: “How will Putin respond?”

The fear was that Moscow would retaliate militarily. After all, Putin isn’t exactly known for backing down from a fight. Of course an attack on one NATO member is considered an attack on the entire alliance and so, it appeared that the world might have witnessed a Franz Ferdinand moment, if you will. 

But Putin had an ace up his sleeve. 

Rather than sending a couple of Tupolev Tu-95 Bears to Ankara, Moscow unleashed a propaganda campaign aimed at exposing Turkey’s role in facilitating Islamic State’s lucrative oil trade. It was almost as though Putin was just waiting for Turkey to give him an excuse. Just hours after the Russian warplane crashed, Putin accused Turkey of buying ISIS oil on the way to calling Erdogan a “backstabber”. Adding insult to injury, he said all of that while sitting right next to Jordan’s King Abdullah. 

From there, Moscow proceeded to deliver near daily pronouncements accusing Erdogan and his family of funding international terrorism and the entire media campaign culminated in an epic presentation by the Russian MoD featuring photos of oil trucks, videos of airstrikes and maps detailing the trafficking of stolen oil. 

As it turns out, this strategy has done far more damage to Ankara than one could ever hope to achieve with a couple of bombing runs. Turkey’s complicity in the smuggling of stolen crude from Syria and Iraq has been put on display for the entire world to see and it’s been nothing short of an epic embarrassment for Erdogan. It’s also helped to inform the public about the extent to which ISIS operates with the support of state actors. Last week, Russia even went so far as to suggest that the US is involved as well. 

Washington and Ankara vehemently deny the accusations, but with each new video clip out of Moscow, it becomes more and more difficult for the US and Turkey to explain why it looks like ISIS is able to smuggle oil across the Turkish border with impunity. 

Make no mistake, Russia knows damn well what’s going on here, but Moscow has taken the same approach with regard to the US as it did in early October when Putin cordially invited Washington to join forces in the fight against ISIS. That is, last week’s jabs (mentioned above) notwithstanding, Moscow has generally presented the evidence to the US as though The Kremlin seriously expects America to consider it and break off its alliance with Turkey. Russia did the same thing in early October when Moscow invited the US to join forces in the war on terror.

In both cases, Moscow knows that Washington is complicit in the effort to arm, fund, and train Sunni extremists and by making public overtures like proposing alliances and presenting evidence of state sponsored terror, The Kremlin puts The White House in a very awkward position: America is effectively forced to explain what’s going on to the public and when it comes to Syria, there’s no way to do that without exposing the entire charade.

Well, just in case the US needs any more “help” in determining whether its ally in Ankara is in fact supporting “the terrorists” (as Sergei Lavrov refers to ISIS), or if perhaps Erdogan’s right hand isn’t aware of what his left hand is doing, Iran is here to help. “Iranian military advisors in Syria have taken photos and filmed all the routes used by ISIL's oil tankers to Turkey. If the Turkish authorities are unaware of the Daesh oil sales in their country, then we can provide them with such intelligence,” Iran’s Expediency Council Secretary Mohsen Rezaie told reporters on Friday. 

Meanwhile, Iranian diplomat and analyst Seyed Hadi Afghahi had the following to say in an interview with Sputnik:

“It is important to point out a few key points. Firstly, it is important to understand whether it is sure that the purchase by Turkey of Daesh’s stolen oil was carried out with the full knowledge of President Erdogan, his son and son in law. The reaction of Erdogan and Turkish authorities can say one thing: they were stunned and shocked that Moscow has such evidence. This significantly affected the position of Turkey's NATO allies. 


"Our military advisers and trainers are in the immediate vicinity of the event. Our experts are involved in operations in three areas: strategic, tactical and informational. They are in contact with their Russian counterparts. Through the efforts of our countries (Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq) the Information Centre for the fight against terrorists and Daesh was established.


"In addition, our experts are working closely with the Syrian army, the soldiers of the Lebanese ‘Hezbollah’ in the conduct of the fight against terrorists. Therefore, any exchange of intelligence between our military agencies, and ways to monitor traffic of trucks with contraband oil, heading in the direction of Turkey, is gathered in photographs and videos." 


"If Erdogan continues to deny the facts [Iran] will provide more irrefutable hard evidence such as photos, GPS navigation of the oil convoys and videos.”

This all comes as Erdogan sends troops and tanks to Iraq where Shiite militias loyal to Iran have promised to attack any and all Turkish interests and where some Shiite politicians in Baghdad are calling on PM Haider al-Abadi to seek "direct military intervention" from Russia to expel the Turks (see our full account here). 

On that note, we'll close with one last quote from Afghahi:

"The immensely ambitious policy of President Erdogan fundamentally damaged relations with many countries. Ankara’s actions ranging from the downed Russian plane, disrespectful remarks against the Iranian authorities, and the illegal invasion by Turkish tanks in the territory of another state – Iraq, all point to the fact that Erdogan is trying to ignite flames of new war in the already unstable region."

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OrangeJews's picture
OrangeJews (not verified) Hapte Dec 7, 2015 6:05 PM

What difference does it make?

wesson's picture

Russia able to impose an effective no fly zone over Syria, put harsh sanctions against Turkey, move and deploy S-400 missile systems werever they want, without anyone capable to prevent or complain about it, including Israel.


Pretty big difference.

JungleCat's picture

What difference does it make? Iran is our newest BFF. We must not doubt the oilatollahs who run Iran. BFF power !

Now would you just please just BTFD !

TeamDepends's picture

The spice must flow. And with it blood, until we pull our heads out and snatch what is ours from the jaws of the oligarchs.

nope-1004's picture

What's worse is the fact that the US is COMPLICIT in this terrorist support plot.

Totally unacceptable and not only worthy of a Presidential impeachment, but a financial withdrawal of the USD from all nations using and agreeing to use the USD in trade and commerce.  This makes the USD a toxic currency and anyone using it is indirectly supporting global theft of resources and crimes against humanity. 

The world needs to move away from the "global policeman" being the #1 terrorist.


quintago's picture

Who cares what Russia is able to do. The question is what will they do.

silvermail's picture

Who cares what USA is able to do. The question is what will they do.

valjoux7750's picture

Eventually go full retard

Rakshas's picture

...... pretty sure the sun now sets between us and the Full Retard line.......

Chia-Pet's picture

Stop insulting tards. Maybe they don't want to be affiliated with 'merka.

Jack Burton's picture

Good question. What Russia is not prepared to do is be lured into taking rash military action against Turkey. The SU-24 shoot down was a provocation hoping to get Russia to act militarily. Something Russia does not plan to do. They have a plan. To use air pwoer to support the Syria Arab Army to crush rebels across Syria. Retake ground and force NATO and Turkey to make a military move to stop Russia or Syria's Army. Only then would Russia even consider being sucked into rash military action against NATO, USA, Turkey, or anyone else.


BlindMonkey's picture

Wouldn't it be something if the Iraqi M-1s were sent to blow up the Turkish M-60s tanks? (I was a Navy guy so if that isn't an M-60 in the pic I apologize in advance)


It is the essence of the MIC/Krugman wet dream

Deus Irate's picture

Not complicit, but dominant, instrumental and fully responsible. Maxima Culpa.

Occident Mortal's picture

Erdogan thinks we (the West) have his back.

He's so wrong.

There isn't a single government in Western Europe that would survive the weekend if they decided on military action to back the Turks. I don't care what the NATO treaty says, there would be revolutions and guillotines.

I'm not exaggerating when I say Turkish soccer fans are the main reason Turkey is utterly despised across most of Europe.

Nobody but nobody would fight for Turkey and the fact they are in NATO means absolutely nothing. We wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.

topshelfstuff's picture
American Journalist Murdered By Western Ally For Exposing ISIS Ties


Jack Burton's picture

Good point. European population from Baltics to the Balkans, nobody would answer the call to fight battles for Turkey. In fact, most Europeans wish Turkey would fall off the fucking map once and for all. It is only the USA who stand fully behind Turks. Why? Because a big ocean keeps Turks a long way away.


valjoux7750's picture

Growing up in germany in the late 60s i remember this house that was owned by turks, my grandma (omma) and me walked past it on the way to and from the market. Was scary place, very unfriendly people. They were considered trash back then too. 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

<-- Ultimately, months or years from now, Erdogan will 'swing' by the rope, or worse

<-- Ultimately, months or years from now, Erdogan will take Political Asylum in the West (US, UK)

opport.knocks's picture

Based on modern history, obviously asylum for a couple of years, followed by being appointed governor of an Oblast in Ukraine. 

Oracle 911's picture

Well that is the plan, but will TPTB be able execute it?

Demdere's picture

So beat the 9/11 drum.  It was a false flag operation, please everyone get past 'conspiracy theory' and go watch one of the Architect and Engineers for 9/11 Truth videos.  Nobody can watch one of their videos and think anything but "Yes, how could it have taken me this long to understand? MSM propagands is GOOD!"

Our whole world is FUBARed because of the effects of 9/11, the most pressing of which for the people who did that bit of treason is the fact that they will be hung if peace is allowed.  All the hatred and stupidity and perverse everything follows from that requirement of keeping their heads on their torsos.

They must have a military takeover to keep their heads.  That will require revolution, which requires gun control and abortion and blacks vs whites and every single possible division be magnified, and all possible communities being shut down.

In other countries, at some point in here a special forces squad comes through a neighborhood and kills everyone they can.  Bingo, ethnic division.  They did Yugoslavia, the entire balkans with that.

Deathrips's picture

The Truth, from the guy the media hates?


Imagine that.


Lay it out. Lay out israeli payments to Turkey while you are at it!


Jim Ludwig's picture

Good one, Deathtrips. Especially the last line! Thanks for rising so above most of the haze of stemmer commentors here.


socalbeach's picture

Convoys of oil tankers going from Syrian oil fields stretching to the horizon and entering Turkey, and no "smoke" from them destroying the oil, to quote Putin, and ship based oil tankers leaving Turkish ports, isn't that proof enough?

mtndds's picture

so many wars.  Its like I am hearing about wars and rumors of wars.

cossack55's picture


"wars and videos of wars"

Blankone's picture

Re Wesson:

Nothing has been stopping Russia before now.  Everyone knew and knows what is going on.

I think having Turkey shoot down a Russian jet in Syria and brag about it was more than enough justification for a no-fly zone if Putin had the guts to do one.  In fact, Syria is a soverign country and that alone was justification to do one as soon as Russia began bombing some people.

Reality is Turkey recently moved troops INTO Syria and Russia does nothing.  Just yesterday the US flew planes into Syria and bombed a Syrian military base freely and with impunity.


Deus Irate's picture

The US might charge off half-cocked and destroy things without thinking of the consequences much as you describe, but not Russia. My bet is the idiots at the pentagram are a hell of a lot more afraid of Putin than even a Russian bag-lady is of America. No matter what the US does all one need do is wait for them to screw up or run away after a hand-full of backward neanderthals wearing pyjamas kicks their asses. Why waste good ammo?

Fed Supporter's picture

Blankone, didn't you know only the US has the right to violate any other country's air space at will.  Its the law look it up.

silvermail's picture

"Just yesterday the US flew planes into Syria and bombed a Syrian military base freely and with impunity".

This is because only you think that "impunity."
The next time, the army of Syria will be have a very serious air defense - as a gift from Russia.
The planes of US, which will "accidentally" and "by mistake" bombing the Syrian army, will be shot down by Syrian air defense too, "accidentally" and "by mistake".
This solution to the problem and the answer is in the style of Putin.

Of course, if the United States so much want a war with Russia, they will get it. But for the US, this war will be the last war in the short history of the country called the United States. Amen.

Boomberg's picture

Putin has already said IN PUBLIC that US cities will not be spared if war breaks out. One can only imagine what has been communicated not in public. In a nuclear exchange the US or what's left of it might manage to declare a victory, but their will be nothing left to live for. 


.National Suicide 1980's picture

But thank God the Clintons, Obamas and Bushes will be safe. And you can bet Cheney and his degenerate clan will be safe as well, in fact, there'll probably be a couple of unsuspecting young guys there, who just happen to be a perfect match for Cheney when he needs to harvest another healthy heart. 

Blankone's picture

With what will Syria shoot down the jets?  Only Russia has the S400, Putin has to this day refused to deliver the S300 that was contracted for by Syria in 2007.  And why would Syria not have what they needed now?  So much for being a chess player.  And why was the S400 system that Russia does have in Syria not used if Putin will protect Syrian/Hezbollah troops?

Always tomorrow.  Always next time.  Turkey, the country that shot down a Russian jet in Syria has moved troops into Syria.  And nothing.

BlindMonkey's picture

I understand the Syrian S-300s are being delivered.  Additionally, Russia is furiously working the diplomatic channels in conjunction with every move on the battlefield.  What you are seeing out of Turkey is going to split NATO and you can bet that Russia is working on the weak seams.  

silvermail's picture

Soviet air defense many times knocked down US planes. And do nothing, except for some applications. Always tomorrow.

valjoux7750's picture

The no fly zone should have been put in place the first week of russian activities when the US dad its pants around its ankles

JungleCat's picture

"The bad news is Iran is capable of making a nuclear bomb. The good news is they have to drop it from a camel."

--David Letterman

Winston Churchill's picture

You're a fool. Iran has had nukes since the early 8-'s, bought on the black from the ex soviet

stockpi;es.MIRV warheads, easily smuggled. I'd lay you good odds they are not sitting in an

Iranian armory.Two can play the Sampson option.

Jack Burton's picture

Maybe that explains Iran's confidence over the years in dealing with a wildly hostile Israel and Zionist America! I always wondered where Iran's courgae came from in facing down two mad dogs with the biggest militaries on earth.


.National Suicide 1980's picture

I know Letterman is Jewish. Do you know if he is a Zionist as well?

Uchtdorf's picture

We've known for a while, and suspected for even longer, that ISIS was funding themselves with stolen oil. I mean, why would they attack and capture oil fields if they didn't intend to do something with the oil?

Now then, where are they buying their guns, bullets and Nikes? Do we have GPS logistics on that as well?

.National Suicide 1980's picture

Shhh, quiet down ... Don't speak of that strange looking distribution center in Tel Aviv. Remember, it's Soda Stream...just, Soda Stream.

alexcojones's picture

Years ago I asked another US veteran: 
Why are We in the ME?

"Oil. Israel, Empire," he said "In no particular order." 

willwork4food's picture

At least there's one that is honest about his mercenary role to (cough) defend the US.

Jack Burton's picture

In boot camp I asked why America was still in Vietnam. Senior petty officer said "Because we want resources and we are going to take them". Short and simple.

opport.knocks's picture

Did you ask what resources they had in Vietnam that the US could not get closer to home? Sounds like the officer was off script on that one.

Chuckster's picture

Actually Jack....boy am I going to get down votes for this.  JFK'S cousin (arch bishop or whatever he was) wanted Vietnam to be Catholic....holy shit....all those lives and money.  About 10 years after the war ended a reporter was over there doing an after the war piece and an old woman was working in a rice patty.  He asked her what she thought about the war.  She said: "I don't want to be Catholic"  I see a woman (she is the sweetest thing) from Vietnam 5 days every week.  A few weeks ago she told me the same thing: "I didn't want to be Catholic, I had my own religion."  O.K. boys and girls...tell me I'm wrong.  I love it when people watch tv and get filled with crap.

The Pope's picture

The only thing that Amerigoy are concerned with in this moment is tonight's game & what the media tells them to think about it, (whereby the only thing important about that is whether or not Dan Snyder should change the name of the team from the REDSKINS to the BITTEN OFF FORESKINS).