Dow Dumps 300 Points From Highs, S&P Breaks Key Support, FANGs FUBAR

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Well that escalated quickly...

It's been a wild ride for the machines running The Dow this last week...


S&P broke below the 50 and 200DMA...




USDJPY is seeing massive liquidation...


Just a little more turmoil and The Fed will "hold"


Charts: Bloomberg

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Just like the big dump I'm going to take after eating at a Shake Shack.

Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

Stop calling the low again

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BTFD, Santa is fueling up with $1.89 regular

mtndds's picture

QUICK, someone break the market.  The market only breaks when it goes down.  Never when it shoots up.

remain calm's picture

The Fed is on permanent hold. This is all entertainment to sell tickets for CNBC to Kramers misfits and retards.

Pabloallen's picture

Becuse its a sham ........


RonArgent's picture

At what point do you buy back in to oil companies? When the dollar does go in the shitter, it might be a good hedge to have

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Cramer will pick some winners, tune in at 6pm



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When half go bankrupt, you start buying the remaining half.

remain calm's picture

I hope your BM is not as violent.

RobD's picture

Don't we usually see a bunch of Hindenburg sittings when the market does this?

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this is the big one billy. [/judge smails]

Arthur Schopenhauer's picture

Fell out of my chair...

Judge Smails - Ooooh Billy Billy Billy 



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Things are going just swimmingly and how dare you doubt the high lords of the market and their algo's of infinite wisdom. I can see Nirvana over that cliff somewhere.......

Rockfish's picture

Just high enough and long enough to off load to retail peeps. 

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Something triggered that (US and EU) at 11:00ish?




The “FUCK YOU” month.


There is much anger in the world so I purpose a month where you can say FUCK YOU to anyone, everyone without recourse.  Your boss, you spouse, your children, your neighbor etc for 1 month to relieve tension. You can still say it afterwards at your own risk.   The only exception is that if you are holding a gun the safety must be on.


Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

Sounds like a weak version of the purge

OregonGrown's picture

Quit your sniveling and buy the fucking dip!

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   Is anyone declaring, "self help" yet?

RadioFlyer's picture
RadioFlyer (not verified) Yen Cross Dec 9, 2015 12:47 PM

just self abuse


buzzsaw99's picture

This is the big one. I'm coming Elizabeth. [/Fred Sanford]

ThroxxOfVron's picture


This is the big one.  I'm coming...[/Tori Black edition.]

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I wrote a rather depressing letter to go with my Christmas cards this year. It basically ended with "This will not end well". Today I thought that it might have been a little too depressing for a Christma greeting. However, after looking at that chart, I think I did the right thing.

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Little Johnny, you see that lump of coal over there in the corner with your name on it? Hold that tight to your chest and remember that this will be the high point in your life. 

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Little lump of coal? Well we're going to need it to keep the house warm.

Countrybunkererd's picture

As I read this I proclaimed rather under my breath mind you... "OOOooooHHHHhhhhh GGGGooooooooooodddddd"

The reasons?

1.  I am not the most depressing individual on the planet

2.  has to do with 5 year old kids being absolutely screwed for their grandparents (our parents/boomers).

3.  72 individuals on the terror watch list were employed within the DHS.

4.  We are absolutely heading for a world war with nuclear arsenals.

5.  I got a lump of coal for Christmas as a joke (i didn't know at that moment) and cried really really hard.  What about the reality of it not being a joke?

kiwidor's picture

That is the most optimistic comment thing i've seen all year

Jason T's picture

Market WTF'd again..

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

Algos piling on highest side of the teeter-totter...wam. Now, other side...wam. Rinse, repeat.

Yen Cross's picture


  S&P 500 VIX 19.43 +1.83 +10.40%
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It's getting easier and easier to just buy a tranquilized VIX and just wait for the alarm clock to go off.

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just in time to btfd. ;)

Squid Viscous's picture

"US Stocks are mostly lower as an early gain fades" - Yahoo Finance LOL

insanelysane's picture

Even a whale can breach the surface, its just a matter of how long until it goes back under.

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Wow, a trillion dollars! What's that, a C-note in 1970's cash? Big whoop.

assistedliving's picture

massive layoffs, USAC Truman in the Med, ISM plunge, Draghi drivel,

Turkey on the warpath to cover ISIS oil trades, Retail disaster, MERKEL/TIME PotY, $20 crude coming our way, and the elephant in the room?

Beware The "Massive Stop Loss" - JPM's Head Quant Warns This Unexpected Downside Catalyst Looms Next Week  Can it get any better?  BTFD y'all.  no worries.  The milleniums will save us Boomers.  
Countrybunkererd's picture

Considering that the boomer made this nightmare, i can care less for them.  I'd imagine the "milleniums" don't give a shit about them either.  The boomers already "got theirs", weren't satisfied so they took from their children, and when that wasn't enough the took from their grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Unfortunately these "boomers" aren't even happy with that, so i guess they are going to decide it is ok to have their offspring of many generations killed in a world war.  The boomers should not be allowed to vote anymore based on their prior choices.

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Draghi's secret deal with European CBs to buy equities got busted. If CBs are now forced to ease off their buying or even sell some of their portfolios, watch out below.


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"I am the dread pirate Yellin! There will be no survivors! Many are here, I am here. But soon, you will not be here."

A little throwback to 1987.
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Never Mess with a FED Chair when a rate hike is on the line!

Conax's picture

As Herbert approached the tar pits of La Brea he could hear the booming bellows of the sinking mastodons, feel the ground tremble at their frantic flailing against the inevitability of their imminent demise..


Janet Shalom Bernanke's picture

I was going to hold anyway, you had me at "approaching the 50 day moving average".

How am I to give you the illusion of a growing economy if the market isnt at all time highs?

Time to BTFD!   because I'm stroking my dove right now.



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"It's A Trap!"

          - Admiral Ackbar