A tale of two home invasions

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This is a tale of two home invasions.

First, some highlights from this article.

May 1, 2015

 Adrian Anthony, 21; Demetre Brown, 22; Alexander Dupree, 24; and Michael Pugh, 23; were sentenced Friday, after a jury on March 10 found them guilty of a host of felony charges, including rape, criminal deviate conduct, carjacking, criminal confinement, aggravated battery and robbery.

The convictions were handed down about 18 months after the men broke into a house on East 79th Street, ransacked the home, sexually assaulted resident Eileen Potenza and her adult daughter and left with many of their belongings. The Indianapolis Star typically does not name people who are or may have been victims of sexual assault, but Potenza spoke publicly about the ordeal after the verdicts were handed down. 

Eileen Potenza and her husband, Carl, both read emotional statements in court before Borges handed down the sentences. Carl Potenza, who has a physical problem that requires him to wear leg braces, was beaten up and held captive in a bedroom during the burglary.


                 Gang raped mother and daughter

Carl Potenza said the brutal violation of his wife and daughter continue to haunt him. Another daughter, who was not home at the time, also was traumatized and is in counseling, he said. 

Still, Carl Potenza said, the "two hours of hell" was followed by an amazing outpouring of help and support from friends and strangers touched by their horrific experience. 

He concluded his statement by saying "we don't want these guys to ever have a chance to do something like this again." 

Turning to the four defendants — who sat handcuffed, shackled and connected at the waist by heavy chains — the preschool teacher asked: "When and why did your lives go so terribly wrong that you thought that this behavior was OK?" 

Answers to some of her questions were revealed in court Friday. Prosecutors noted all four young men had criminal records, both as juveniles and adults, before the home 2013 invasion. All had extensive histories of drug and alcohol abuse. And all had histories of violating court orders and prison rules, as well as failed attempts at rehabilitation. 

But the horrific "nature of the crimes," Borges said, clearly outweighed any mitigating circumstances that would have justified reducing the sentences. She noted the men did not just attack and rob the family, they humiliated the victims over the course of hours. 

According to graphic details of the crimes revealed during the trial in March, the four men and two friends drove to the Potenza home early on Oct. 29, 2013. Eileen and her daughter said in court that they each were forced to drive to an ATM to get money. Eileen Potenza was shot twice — in the leg and in the ankle — for trying to escape. 

Carl Potenza was restrained in the bedroom with a blanket over him throughout the home invasion. 

Anthony admitted that he shot Eileen Potenza and sexually assaulted her in a car, after they had left the home to go to the ATM. At least four of the men sexually assaulted the couple's daughter.

Some of the same men also are charged in another brutal home invasion that happened five days earlier in a young couple's home on North Spring Mill Road, less than three miles away. The two vicious attacks left residents across the city on edge. 

Anthony also was convicted in April in the murder of construction worker Robbie Gibson, during a Nov. 27, 2013, armed robbery on North Gray Street — about a month after he and the other men burglarized and robbed two Far-Northside homes. He is awaiting sentencing in that case, which will add even more time in prison. 

Spells also pleaded guilty to burglary in the Spring Mill Road home invasion. He faces a sentence of 50 to 80 years in prison on all charges in the two cases and is scheduled to be sentenced July 29.


Next, contrast the Potenza's story with these highlights from this article. 

September 30, 2015

FOLKSTON, Ga. -- Two sisters fought back against the man police say attacked them inside of their own home, killing him in the process. 

Police said it happened about 7 p.m. Tuesday night in a Charlton County, Georgia home on Cedar Ridge Road. That's when Johnathan Green allegedly barged in and attacked before one of the sisters fatally shot him.


Green's body was sent to Savannah for an autopsy.

Johnathan Green was shot to death by a woman police say he attacked. His family says otherwise.  

Taylor said both sisters are over the age of 65. One moved in to take care of the other, he told First Coast News. 

First Coast News spoke to Green's family, who said Green was mentally incompetent and would have never done something like authorities are alleging.


As the cliché goes: when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.  Speaking of mentally incompetent, thank God those sisters had, "common sense," to have a gun and know how to use it, to borrow President Obama's favorite gun phrase.

Of course, you can agree to give up your natural right of self defense, and the Second Amendment that was written to stop the government from infringing upon this natural right, in the hopes that the government will protect you, like in Chicago, where they have severe gun control laws.

If you really do not want to be a victim in your own home, then get an equalizer that can stop an attacker, or multiple attackers.  In my experience, that equalizer is a firearm, especially if you are a woman over 65, or disabled.  But for the love of God, get good training on how to use it, and how to safely practice using it.  Then practice regularly, keep it handy, and away from small children, until they can learn how to safely use it, like this 14 year old.  Please read my article:  Guide for Learning to Use a Sidearm to Defend Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Property, Should a Race War Break Out.

Next, answer the following important question: HOW LONG ARE THE SCREWS SECURING THE HINGES OF YOUR FRONT DOOR?  

Go unscrew one and measure it now, friends.  It will take less than one minute.

If they are less than 3 inches, or you do not have a good deadbolt, then you have a one-kick-door.   We will see how you do when a vehicle loaded with bad hombres pulls into your driveway...and a moment later are all in your home with guns to your head.  

We need to take responsibility for our own safety, and to have our mind, body, and equipment ready at all times. We all need to work together to create an environment that is hostile to bad guys.  We don't need more gun-free zones like San Bernadino (14 killed),  Ft. Hood (13 killed), Sandy Hook (27 killed), Columbine High School (13 killed), and Utøya Norway, (77 killed), where psychopaths can mow us down at their leisure.  The hope that criminals and psychopaths will not obtain or use weapons because it is illegal is a fantasy.  Again, just look at Chicago, and Paris.

Don't EVER open the door for strangers.  Always keep your doors locked, install door jamb armor with 3-1/2 stainless screws, always use the intercom when someone rings, always carry a weapon, and get the training and find the will to use it.

    "An armed society is a polite society, " -Heinlein.

Finally, if you know someone special that likes the finer things in life, and lives in an area where they may need to defend those finer things...and their life...[against multiple armed home invaders] I offer the following to help you even the odds:


$4252   mrs_horseman's recipe for, "Can-of-Whoop-Ass."

$1300   Benelli M2 Tactical Shotgun with Ghost Ring Sights 
$115   Mesa Tactical Urbino® Pistol Grip Stock for Benelli M2, 12½ inch length of pull
$75   Nordic Components +2 Rounds Extenion Tube for Benelli M2
$100   Meprolight Tru-Dot Tritium Sights for Benelli Shotguns with Ghost Ring Sights 
$300 Surefire DSF-M1/M2 LED Forend WeaponLight for Benelli M2
$53 URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling Complete Kit
$132 GG&G M2 Charging Handle & Tac Pad
$40 Urban ERT 30 round shotgun shell belt
$67 8" by 10" Semi-Concealable Style Covert Rifle Plates Carrier
$220 Level IV Stand-Alone Lightweight 10" by 12" Regular Shooters Cut Front
$220 Level IV Stand-Alone Lightweight 10" by 12" Rectangular Back Plate
$430 = 2 x $215 250rds 12 Ga. Winchester Military 2 3/4" 9 Pellet 00 Buckshot
$400 =2 x $200 250rds 12 Gauge Remington Slugger 2 3/4" 1oz. Rifled Slug
$800 =$400 x 2 Weekends of Tactical shotgun class


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Falconsixone's picture

Aw...no punkin pie ...sad face

When I first saw the perps I thought I'd read about you killing them when they got out.

Stay on that punkin killer.

mattfriend88's picture

The gun information is useful and interesting.  My take is that a gun and a dog are what you need.  The dog will, hopefully, discourage the intruders. If not, his barking will deny the advantage of surprise.  It does not have to be a large dog.  This is ancient wisdom.  


Common_Cents22's picture

I like shotguns too, but there is such misinformation about shotguns.

Most everyone assumes a shotgun offers some big spread short range.  It does NOT.  Look up pattern spreads on shotguns with most loads at home defense distance, especially buckshot.   You better be aiming that sucker.   

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) Common_Cents22 Dec 29, 2015 3:08 PM

Or just saw it short.

Beats the hell out of a 9mm in confined spaces.

DirkDiggler11's picture

Overall a great read HH. I enjoy the debate over the "best" self defense tactics and weapons as I learn something from almost every contributor on ZH, as well as some unfamiliar weapons to further explore based on the advice from several posters.

We all have our preferences on what is the "best" home defense weapon. For me, it is a double barrel 12 gauge Parker Brothers shotgun that I grew up hunting with as a kid and have used up until present day. My first shot will certainly be an intruders last. As for multiple intruders, that's what my ammo belt is for.

Common_Cents22's picture

unless you carry the shotgun around the house and have it in your lap while watching TV,   they can be useless.

multiple attackers could bust through most doors (big key is to fortify your doors to buy time) in a couple seconds and be in your face before you realize what is going on. 

heck, if im woken up at night, it takes me several seconds to wake up from groggyness and listen to what noise it was and get my wits about me.   i think most others would be the same way.

the only realistic weapon at that point is a handgun that is immediately deployable, either on your person or next to you.

there won't be time to get the shotgun out of the closet or out from behind/under the bed.   


Dr. Bonzo's picture

I'm neither an opponent or proponent of any particular weapon or system or defense technique. All I know from cold hard experience is that violent encounters go fast. Really fast. So arguing the efficacy of a shotgun.... hmmm. If you've shouldered it and you're standing at the ready, great. I can see it from a law enforcement or military perspective or during civil unrest when you have ample time to prepare. But talking the practicalities of self defense in a combat scenario. Sorry, whole different animal. Argue the pros and cons of a shotgun all you like. Add nice photos. Makes for a great read.

Violent encounters go fast. You barely have time to process what's happening, let alone put together a coherent response. And you NEVER pick the time and place. NEVER. First time I had to draw a weapon in self-defense I barely had time to get the weapon out of the holster. The second time my hands were shaking so badly no isosceles stance in the world was going to help me deliver a shot on target. I couldn't holster the weapon. The adrenaline hit me after the encounter had passed and was running wild. I was shaking like a spazz. My friend was involved in a justifiable shooting, shot in self-defense, when he was finally able to shoot he was blinded from a head wound and on his back on the ground. Had to fire blind in the direction of the kicks. Yes. Stereotypical 3-5 foot distance range. You will NOT be Bruce Willis. You're fighting for your life and it's not fucking pretty.

I've adjusted my thinking to point-and-shoot accordingly. I've also practiced breathing techniques to be able to tap into my rage faster so I can get through those 1-2 seconds of denial and fear and get my adrenaline to work in my favor.

Imagine where and when you are least prepared to respond to a violent assault and now defend yourself. In the shower. Dead asleep. Drunk. On your back under your car doing some engine work. Mowing your lawn after a few beers. Pick your choice of ugly.

That's reality. When the shit hits the fan your awesomesauce $1300 tactical shotgun is going to be two rooms over. The $120 buck .38 Special is going to save your life. Stash one behind the toilet bowl, under your pillow, under the mattress, in a drawer; your wasteband; coat pocket. Tool box. Trust me. You want Reliable. Fast. Concealable. Any system that isn't available to you when you need it most is of no practical use. Majority of shootings happen at such a close range you can practically punch your assailant. In fact, the motion of reaching for your weapon and bringing it to bear in the fight so closely resemble punching you might as well train to shoot that way. If you haven't trained in the short draw-and-shoot from your belt or pocket you're short-changing yourself. Practice a few boxes hip shooting at targets at 3-5 feet drawing from your wasteband with something small and compact. Practice sitting as if you're in your car. Practice laying down. Practice rolling over. Practice wrong-handed and practice with no index finger. Practice running for cover. Practice whatever is uncomfortable and forces you out of your comfort zone and remember safe gun handling procedures. You can see right away this sort of training involves very dangerous muzzle angles, so prepare your range practices accordingly before you start going through your drills.

Be safe people and let's all stay out of the papers.

Common_Cents22's picture

yep,  home invasions by multiple attackers require you to really have a gun on you or literally right next to you.    your best time to defend is when they are kicking in the door.

They are on top of you in seconds before you realize what is going on.  to think you'll have time to get to a room, gun safe etc....once they have kicked in the door is pretty foolish.

use your handgun to get to your shotgun or rifle.   and set up your defensive position in bedroom/safe room with your shotgun/rifle.

that's why i prefer a high capacity semi auto handgun for immediacy and capacity to repel multiple attackers.     


there are also plenty of ideas and products online to conceal additional weapons in furniture, shelves, pictures etc...if you want to stash a couple extra around the house.   easy access with magnets etc...


as far as a shotgun, the KSG bullpup has twin tubes and has a capacity of 13 or up to 25 mini shells (they cycle well).   The KSG is pretty new in the last couple years and The gen2 KSG has been pretty reliable after problems w/ gen 1.   

that or an AR 15 w/ a couple 30rd mags or even a pistol caliber carbine has capacity and firepower. 

A round of prevention is worth a 1,000 rounds of cure.  an absolute requirement is to harden your perimeter, reinforce doors/windows to give you that precious extra few seconds to realize and react.   Once they get in, it'd be a miracle to be able to do much.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Some good stuff. Thank you.

That's reality. When the shit hits the fan your awesomesauce $1300 tactical shotgun is going to be two rooms over. The $120 buck .38 Special is going to save your life.

However, it appears that you may have missed a few portions of the "reality" in my article.  First, like many home invasions these days, there were 6 armed men participating in the one where the mother and daughter are gang raped for two hours by the same 6 armed men.  If my wife, child, or I had to try to stop this horror, God forbid, I would much rather we be armed with a 7-shot 12-gauge (boom boom boom boom boom boom boom) than a 5-shot .38 Special (pew pew pew pew pew).

You want Reliable. Fast. Concealable. Any system that isn't available to you when you need it most is of no practical use. Majority of shootings happen at such a close range you can practically punch your assailant. In fact, the motion of reaching for your weapon and bringing it to bear in the fight so closely resemble punching you might as well train to shoot that way.

I agree.  You may have missed this paragraph:

If you really do not want to be a victim in your own home, then get an equalizer that can stop an attacker, or multiple attackers.  In my experience, that equalizer is a firearm, especially if you are a woman over 65, or disabled.  But for the love of God, get good training on how to use it, and how to safely practice using it.  Then practice regularly, keep it handy, and away from small children, until they can learn how to safely use it, like this 14 year old.  Please read my article:  Guide for Learning to Use a Sidearm to Defend Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Property, Should a Race War Break Out.


Dodgy Geezer's picture

Now, you see, the way I read the same story as you did is that:

Story 1

There were 6 armed, experienced and ready criminals, against 2 victims.  If one of the victims had a gun, they might have killed one of the criminals. If they were lucky.  They would then have certainly been slaughtered - probably tortured to death.  As it was, they escaped with their lives, and the criminals were caught.  So, without a gun, no lives were lost.

 Story 2

There were 2 sisters and a mentally retarded man, who may not have had any malicious intent. We don't know, because he's dead.  So, with a gun, one life was lost, and we don't know if he was a criminal or not.

Common_Cents22's picture

nice monday morning quarterbacking there.


so you have a crystal ball or can mind read vicious thugs intentions?


you are willing to trust your life to bloodthirsty armed thugs to SPARE your life?


look around, plenty of home invasions end up w/ the slaughter of the victims to prevent any witnesses. 


fucking dolt.

Dr. Bonzo's picture

Yea, I have to confess I haven't had to deal with the children situation. It's a good article, but there's a tendency among firearmsowners to get involved in excessive fetishizing of their weapons at the expense of considerations of practical reality. I'm not knocking your article. As I said, I'm not a particular advocate of any one school or method. Given the circumstances, they all have their place.

What I want to emphasize is that you will never get to dictate the circumstances of your own violent encounters. It will happen to you when you are least prepared. The time most gun owners spent cleaning their favorite .45 or playing with their tricked out M4 would have been better spent doing some curls and push-ups to maintain upper body strength, and mental training to be able to make that switch to combat-mind. Even with all the training and experience and having had several encounters, I still walked into a situation where I was completely caught off-guard with my mind far off in the clouds having a good time and not present in the here and now. That Murphy motherfucker just doesn't fucking like me ;)

Not knocking your piece, I'm saying, ultimately a weaponized mind is probably more valuable than all the firearms in the world.

Stay safe bro!

stiler's picture



We have evil govts today, who will only enforce the laws they want enforced and shape society with these. God says capitol punishment is necessary and that quickly. But mistakes are made. Indeed they are, but if a person is blameless, there is another judgment they are not a part of. To know the Saviour of the world is to have your name written in the Lamb's book of life. Until then, we should have the right to defend ourselves, if govts won't.

taketheredpill's picture




Based on your extensive (Sample size N = 2) research I agree with your conclusion.


P.S. Death Wish was just a movie.

WorkingPawn's picture

The Gunsite Prayer - on my wall where I read it daily:

Lord, make me fast and accurate

Let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me

Grant me victory over my foes and those that wish to harm me and mine

Let not my last though be 'If I only had my gun'

And Lord, if today is truly the day that you call me home,

Let me die in a pile of empty brass.

truthalwayswinsout's picture

Progressives and their war on the White Race allow scum like this to hang out in prison. Progressives give more rights to convicts to commit crimes than for good people to defend themselves.

For such a crime, these criminals should have been killed or better yet it is legal to sentence them to slavery where they would have to work in prison to repay their victim's the entire cost of their crimes in money. If they refuse to work and work productively to make minimum payments, simply excecute them.

Heaven forbid to do such a terrible thing to Obama bin Laden's poor oppressed brothers, make them slaves to work for their victims. Of course not, there will be no federal charges for these brothers violating the civil rights of White people.

dchang0's picture


That's a great list of equipment. Kudos for the recommendation of URBAN-ERT Sentry slings--they are fantastic, especially with all the quick-detach adapters. The mash hook adapters are awesome. I've spoken with the owner/inventor before, and he's a cool guy.

The Benelli M2 is a good recommendation too, although I would also recommend the Beretta 1301 (Tactical or Comp) or FN SLP Mk 1 shotguns because they are gas-operated (no short-stroking like Benellis sometimes do, especially when shooting from the hip), are ready-to-go out of the box and are proven to endure thousands of rounds per year of abuse in 3-gun matches. Both the 1301 and SLP can usually be found a few hundred dollars cheaper than the Benelli M2, too.

Also, mount a red-dot sight on your shotgun and forgo the ghost ring. A red dot is such an insane (objectively-measurable) advantage, especially on shotgun or pistol, over the bad guys that every law-abiding gun owner should have one. BUT, it must be one whose battery life is 50,000hrs (Aimpoint H-1 and CERTAIN models of much-cheaper knock-offs by Primary Arms and Holosun), otherwise it becomes a giant ghost-ring sight if the battery is dead. At 50,000hrs, one could leave the red dot turned on all the time for 5 years straight--no fumbling with it under stress during a home invasion.

TWO more things you should add to the list:

1) Good, easy-to-don ELECTRONIC HEARING PROTECTION like the MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X with 600hrs battery life. This will protect one's hearing from permanent and significant damage while allowing the wearer to whisper instructions to family members and hear the invaders move about. Obviously there would need to be eletronic hearing protection for most of the family, in easy-to-reach places. A cheaper equivalent is the Howard Leight Impact Sport, but these fail at where the cable enters the ear cup, and the batteries don't last very long. If your batteries are dead, the headset will still protect you from loud sounds but will prevent you from hearing any quiet noises or whispers.

2) Easy-to-don EYE PROTECTION. Drywall produces a lot of blinding dust if shot with a shotgun (try it--it's fun!), so if the bad guys are shooting at you and miss and hit the wall next to you, you may be temporarily blinded while trying to shoot back. Sadly, the only effective means of preventing this are goggles, which are typically uncomfortable, hard to put on, and fog up at the most inopportune times due to perspiration and body heat.

But some Home Depot wraparound safety glasses could be enough to keep one's eyes clear.

Almost all shooters will have the safety glasses, but most do not own a good pair of electronic hearing protection.


ONE MORE recommendation: buy 12ga Federal Low-Recoil 9-pellet 00 buck. Low Recoil is still lethal but much more manageable in terms of muzzle jump. If a gang of thugs is piling in through your front door, you will be shooting at distances short enough that they can run up to you and grab your shotgun in under a second or two at the most. Fast well-aimed shots are better than powerful shots in this situation.

lakecity55's picture

When I was in training for LE years ago, they said always keep a piece within reach. I always have.

Conax's picture

Jail time is an inadequate punishment for the likes of those four demons.

They like jail, they lift weights and hang out with the bloods in there.

Execute these trash, call it an escape attempt.


Polymarkos's picture

He left out installing a murder hole for firing on undesireables beating on your door.

Saddam Miser's picture

A "vehicle loaded with hombres."   That's rayyycist ;-)   just kidding, nice article HH.


cherry picker's picture

Do you really think these women want their names and pictures plastered all over hell's half acre after being raped?

Too many sickos out there as it is and why make their ordeal worse when complete strangers look down their noses at these two, either in pity or judgment?


lunaticfringe's picture

I am glad these women chose to be fully disclosed. There is no shame  or humiliation in being a victim- the real shame would be that these low life cocksuckers ever get out because you can bet their next victims will be killed.

Common_Cents22's picture

Yes, was very brave of them.   They should be allowed to pull the trigger or flip the switch on those thugs.

Sandmann's picture

If you can't protect your women they have to let the world know

holgerdanske's picture

I agree, no need to show pictures of the victims.

Sandmann's picture

Why ? are victims supposed to fade away ?

Polymarkos's picture

Pardon, but all I heard was "WAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Skip's picture

Another winner from HH!

Marvin Harris, one of the world's most noted anthropologists, wrote a book in 1980. This title was previously available as America Now: The Anthropology of a Changing Culture. New York: Simon & Schuster. The new title is Why Nothing Works: The Anthropology of Daily Life 1981.

In the chapter titled: Why There's Terror on the Streets, he demonstrates that American White men have violent crime rates LOWER than English in England and the Japanese in Japan. So why does America have such a high level of violent crime? Dr Harris puts it quite plainly: Blacks and Hispanics. That's the story. He also pointed out that the average gun owner is a middle-aged, middle class White guy.

the HORRIFIC violence against Whites that our government is eager to allow.

Amanda Blackburn, a White Woman (a wife, a mother, and pregnant with second child), is Murdered in Home Invasion in Indianapolis: When We Learn Suspect is Black, the Story Will Quickly Fade Away...

Amanda Blackburn. She woke up, pregnant with her second child, prepared for the challenges the day would present. Her one-year-old son slept in another room.

She never had the opportunity to lay her head down again and sleep in her own home.

Her husband will now go to sleep every night, in a home he will no longer share with his wife.

She is dead, the victim of yet another home invasion in Indianapolis.

Though few dare understand what's coming, the evil of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) scam - cooked up by the Obama Administration and HUD - hopes to import black criminality to every community enjoying a surplus of whiteness, so that the misery of blacks we see on the nightly newscasts comes to our own backyards.

Washington Post Op-Ed Cheers: Mass Immigration Will Destroy NRA, Second Amendment

Mass immigration from the Third World would destroy the NRA and ultimately the Second Amendment, a Washington Post op-ed declares, as foreigners with no cultural connection to America continue to pour into the nation at an unprecedented rate.

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Skip Dec 9, 2015 11:01 PM

Interesting stuff.  Thanks!

Never One Roach's picture

Your articles are very informative. I always learn something new. Thanks. Keep it up!

Collectivism Killz's picture

More than anything, remember to carry a gun. Having one in the night stand at bedtime is great, but many home invasions have been happening around breakfast and dinner time when suspects have learned that all family members tend to be in the same area.

Also, for handguns, go with Liberty ammo. The 10mm is a 60 grain round that goes 2450 FPS out of a glock 20. It will punch through heavy clothes. IIIa body armour, but won't over penetrate. I have fired these rounds in .45 LC, 40, .45 and 9mm. All have impressed me.

10mm's picture

Hmmm, your speaking my lingo. However, the baddest 10 Mike Mike is by Underwood Ammo. It's legal, and wicked. www.underwoodammo.com  Lehigh Defense Ammo 10mm Extreme PENETRATOR. And the term for home carry 24/7 is called super carry. Showers as well. Laugh, till it happens. Glocks love showers. Try that with your shiny 1911s lol.

Berspankme's picture

God dammit- I bet sharpton will be all over this

Berspankme's picture

I was walking downtown today in one of our fine cities. There are so many feral animals walking around(two-legged), a person would be nuts not to be armed at all times.

Vendetta's picture

I saw some of those feral animals in a city just north of San Bernardino a few months ago when I was down there.... saw nothing good about them.   I think they were scouting the little convenience store I was visiting.  One of em came in and was saying really odd things trying to deflect attention to him though it was just me and the store owner talking and no one else in the store.

tarabel's picture



No, a person would be nuts to keep living there. I mean that seriously. The writing is on the wall. Anybody who sees it but stays is actually less sensible than the blind ones or the ferals that feed off them.

If someone wanted to home invade me, they would die of a heart attack by the time they jogged halfway up my driveway.

bunnyswanson's picture

Well, in your case, if you landed on the mental map of a mentally ill predator, time is on his side.  Casing your house, your schedule, the family members also would be worth sizing up, laying in wait, element of surprise.  Crime shows detailing these crimes are not hard to find. 

tarabel's picture



Perhaps, but that's a personal vendetta, however twisted, as opposed to randomized smash-and-grab activities.

Who was that masked man's picture

But.....  But.......  But.......  But.        Black lives matter.

JoeSoMD's picture

HH:  I follow your posts and consider you a sincere and thoughtful writer.

I would challenge your selection of equipment.  The total cost is really, really high.  I would appreciate it if you would put together a budget list of items.  Surely there are decent shotguns that are less than $1300.  The people who live in neighborhoods like mine that need the protection that a shotgun provides can't even consider forking over $1300.  I know... I know... it is a small amount compared to what your life is worth, but there has to be a less costly solution.

idahosinker's picture

Winchester 1300 defender, use for about $250

Not made anymore,  but the SXP is pretty much the same gun new.

get one used. Its a bargin and most are in new condition.

Its called the speed pump because its the fastest pump shoot.

Need to practice so you dont short cycle it.

Best low cost 9mm is the EAA witness. Look on line, new for $226 a few months ago

This is a turkish copy of the CZ75, a great pistol.

dchang0's picture

I agree. The Benelli M2 is a very pricey shotgun. Yet, it is also proven, proven, proven by thousands of competition shooters to shoot tens of thousands of rounds per year and just keep going.

The advantage of having a semi-auto shotgun over a pump is pretty significant and objectively measurable. Go to any shotgun competition's website and look at the scores. The guys running pump shotguns consistently run slower times than the guys running semi-autos. And the guys running semi-autos with red dots (Open division) have even faster times. Aside from not having to rack the slide manually, most semi-autos (especially gas-operated ones) have exceptionally low perceived recoil, a must for smaller shooters.

I've recommended the Beretta 1301 Comp or Tactical (~$1000) or FN SLP Mk 1 (~$950). Both are also proven reliable over thousands of rounds per year. That shaves $300 off HH's recommendation right there--enough to buy a spare pump-action Mossberg or Remington (both excellent choices).

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With TWO hands the performance degradation with a pump is marginal (I have either red dots and/or fiber optic w/ ghost ring on most of my 870's).  Recoil can be addressed with a Knoxx stock, my little septuagenarian mother shoots 12ga magnum slugs with one.  And a properly maintained pump action should have marginally better cycling reliability (there are too many apples and oranges to say that definitively).

However, with only ONE hand, they're both a bitch to reload, but shooting the pump action becomes significantly MOAR difficult, and slower.

That said, if one hasn't practiced one handed, what he or she actually needs is MOAR ammunition and MOAR training, and if one's purchasing power can't afford a semi automatic shotgun + training + at least a thousand rounds, then the first corner to cut is the semi-automatic action on the shotgun.

Unfortunately the act of buying something, in and of itself- NEVER makes one safer or more prepared, yet that is exactly how FAR TOO MANY people operate at a subconscious level.  

With firearms specifically, they will hold their monetary value better if left unused in a safe, but at the cost of their value in saving one's life.  The minute quality modifications are made to a gun, one often stops being able to "get their money" out of it.  And the minute less-than-quality modifications are made to gun one often get less "lifesaving ability" out of the gun.  Decisions, decisions...    

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A shotgun is a real force multiplier, it's like a bunch of small caliber pistols being shot all at once or one HUGE ONE (slug)

H&R Pardner Pump Protector (12 gauge) - $199

00 Buck - 75 cents to $1 a shotgun shell (approximately 9 .33 pellets)

The Pardner is a Remington 870 Clone, good steel, built like a tank and uses 870 accessories (google it).


PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE (you need for it to be second nature under stress)

Get some B's Dry Fire Snap Caps (9 for $36 on Amazon) and practice loading, firing, and pumping in various situations