FT Bombshell: EU Unveils Standing Border Force That Will Act "Even If A Government Objects"

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Last weekend we wrote that in Europe's attempt to contain the greatest refugee crisis since WWII, it would directly take control over the border control of the one country which over the summer lost its sovereignty (but at least it still has the euro), and which serves as a springboard for tens of thousands of migrants to proceed onward with their journey to Germany (where as reported earlier, they are no longer desired, as their continued arrival results in a plunging approval rating for Angela Merkel).

We added that the deployment of additional officers will begin next week, and noted that as our friends at Keep Talking Greece wrote:

"the masks have fallen. Hand in hand, the European Union and the Frontex want to cancel national sovereignty and take over border controls in the pretext of “safeguarding the Schengen borders”. With controversial claims, they use the case of Greece to create an example that could soon happen “in the border area near you.”  And the plan is all German."

Finally, we asked whether this was merely Paranoia...

"or just another confirmation that the Eurozone is using every incremental, and produced, crisis to cement its power over discrete European state sovereignty and wipe out the cultural and religious borders the prevent the amalgamation of Europe into a Brussels, Berlin and Frankfurt-controlled superstate? "

It was not paranoia, because according to blockbuster FT report released moments ago, "Brussels is to propose the creation of a standing European border force that could take control of the bloc’s external frontiers even if a government objected."

As even the otherwise pro-EU FT cautiously notes, "The move would arguably represent the biggest transfer of sovereignty since the creation of the single currency."

We agree, because this is precisely what we said would happen.

... the European Commission will unveil plans next week to replace the Frontex border agency with a permanent border force and coastguard — deployed with the final say of the commission, according to EU officials and documents seen by the Financial Times.


The blueprint represents a last-ditch attempt to save the Schengen passport-free travel zone, by introducing the kind of common border policing repeatedly demanded by Paris and Berlin. Britain and Ireland have opt-outs from EU migration policy, and would not be obliged to take part in the scheme.

Naturally, the first guniea pig wil be Greece: the state which has already lost its sovereignty courtesy of capital controls that will likely persist in some form in perpetuity, and which is most distressed and thus least equipped to say no. It will spread from there and promptly become the norm for a "project" which the European apparatchiks think is long overdue.

Indeed, as the FT adds, "European leaders have discussed a common border force for more than 15 years, but always struggled to overcome deep-seated objections to yielding national powers to monitor or enforce borders — one of the core functions of a sovereign state. Greece, for instance, only recently agreed to accept EU offers to send border teams, after months of wrangling over their remit."

However now in the aftermath of the Paris suicide bombings and the indefinite emergency "pre-crime" laws instituted in France, conventional wisdom in Brussels is that Europeans' eagerness to trade sovereignty (and thus liberty) in exchange for (border) security, is far greater.

The result: a loss of border sovereignty, which woul effectively make the customs union one big superstate controlled by Brussels:

One of the most contentious elements of the regulation would hand the commission the power to authorise a deployment to a frontier, on the recommendation of the management board of the newly formed European Border and Coast Guard. This would also apply to non-EU members of Schengen, such as Norway.

And the absolute kicker:

Although member states would be consulted, they would not have the power to veto a deployment unilaterally.

And just like that, goodbye sovereignty... all in the name of halting the endless onslaught of Syrian refugees, which ironically was unleashed in the first place just so Europe could get its supplies of natural gas from Qatar instead of Russia.

Europe has a prepared response, of course, saying that individual states are clearly unable to defend themselves against the barbarian refugee hordes:

"Dimitris Avramopoulos, who is responsible for EU migration policy, said: “The refugee crisis has shown the limitations of the current EU border agency, Frontex, to effectively address and remedy the situation created by . . . the pressure on Europe’s external borders.” He said the EBCG would be a way to “protect and strengthen Schengen”.

Actually, it would be a way to hand over all military control to a body of unelected bureaucrats. Here's why:

If the plan is approved by EU states, Frontex’s replacement will have a slew of new powers, including the ability to hire and control its own border guards and buy its own equipment. It will also be allowed to operate in non-EU countries — such as Serbia and Macedonia, which have become transit countries for people trying to reach northern Europe — if requested.

One doesn't have to even be a member of the EU any more to become a vassal state of Brussels.  But the scariest aspect is the following:

The new agency will be able to deport people who do not have the right to remain in Europe — a power Frontex lacked.

And just like that, the decision of who can and who can't stay in any one European country will be delegated to some faceless bureaucrat in Brussels, circumventing all sovereign laws.

The new force will also be able to call on a pool of border guards set aside by member states in reserve, as well as its own guards. National capitals will retain day-to-day control of their borders, but the new agency will be able to monitor their efforts and step in if it feels the protection on offer is inadequate.

* * *

Now we admit that some of this may come as a shock to some naive Europhiles, who still do not realize that all of this was preplanned, and predicted as long ago as 2008 when an internal AIG presentation answered the simple question: What Europe Wants. The answer:

To use global issues as excuses to extend its power:

  • environmental issues: increase control over member countries; advance idea of global governance
  • terrorism: use excuse for greater control over police and judicial issues; increase extent of surveillance
  • global financial crisis: kill two birds (free market; Anglo-Saxon economies) with one stone (Europe-wide regulator; attempts at global financial governance)
  • EMU: create a crisis to force introduction of “European economic government”

All have been spot on, but not even this aggressive and accurate forecast predicted that Europe would be so bold as to effectively take over border and population control sovereignty across the entire continent. It is about to do just that.

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de3de8's picture

The beginning of the turn?

astroloungers's picture

I didn't realize Greece was part of Oceana

RafterManFMJ's picture

Wow, so I wonder if Germans, Greeks or Dutch started to hit and run these forces, if they'd be labeled terrorists?

seek's picture

No need to wonder, the answer is yes.

The labels come from the media, which is owned by and works for the people trying to implement these mega-states (and ultimately global government), so there is no question anyone that fought the multinational force, even if it was in an attempt to preserve soverignty, would be considered a terrorist, in spite of the fact that they wouldn't be targetting the local civilian population for political purposes, which is what terrorism really is.

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Tyler Durderian (not verified) seek Dec 10, 2015 10:07 PM

This is what EUROPE has become:


SMG's picture

If you need any more confirmation the Globalists actually do exist and want to create a Global Scientific Dictatorship....

847328_3527's picture

It's no surprise to me that Americans are heavily supporting The Donald. After seeing the disasters Bush and Barry have created.

I remember watching those poor seniors at the Obamacare Town Hall meetings being yelled at as "Nazis" by Pelosi.


86% of the people polled voted against Obamacare yet Pelosi, Reed and O'Bama forced it down our throats. Republicans sat by sleeping. I know I know they were a  minority in Congress but they could have blocked it somehow or at least modified it so it didn't screw over the MC as it has.


MSM (such as NPR, HuffPo, etc) also sat by and said nothing but praise for Obamacare. Pathetic! There was zero critical/analytical journalism excpet for blogs like zh.


So it's no wonder the middle class is fed up. I am not sure Trump is the best one but so far I see him as the ONLY one to rock the boat and consider what middle class America wants and needs.

Latina Lover's picture

Want to be that this Border Force controlled only by the EU commission will eventually become a rapid reaction force to put down rebellions within the EU?

fudge's picture

Border Force = Standing Army. Exactly as was mentioned a while back, now they get what they wanted by other means. Never let a crisis go to waste.

Stuck on Zero's picture

And these border force troopers are called ...??  Wermacht? SS? Alpencorps? Imperial Storm Troopers?

The Pope's picture

 "And these border force troopers are called ...?? " - @ssholes

Amish FinEng's picture

It will be wonderful when more Muslims take charge and kill off the parasites who seek to dominate the Goy.

HowdyDoody's picture

Fundamental problem. The really evil Muslims are owned by Israel. In some ways ISIS is indistinguisjable from Jewish extremism.

Jewish terrorists pour gas down the throat of a Palestinan teenager, then set his alight.



Manthong's picture

If there is trouble in Greece, Junker could just place Nazi collaborator snipers on rooftops to shoot Greek partisans.

It worked for Churchill after WWII.

It worked for some cookie lady in Maidan in 2014.

“All those collaborators went into the system,” says Manilos Glezos. “Into the government mechanism – during and after the civil war, and their sons went into the military junta. The deposits remain, like malignant cells in the system. Although we liberated Greece, the Nazi collaborators won the war, thanks to the British. And the deposits remain, like bacilli in the system.”

Athens 1944: Britain’s dirty secret


commoncourtesy's picture

Manthing. Thank you for sharing this information.

I have only recently discovered that most of the real truth has been hidden from the people of the UK.

I am saddened and shocked at the historic facts documented here. His-stories that our Government push through tel-lie-vision and scholar-lie school books are just that.

This is endemic in our society - enforced ignorance.

Evil BLOOD-LINES are globally terrorising the world.

Please keep sharing information. We need to oust the real global terrorists and exterminate their Bloodlines once and for all.

Gonzogal's picture

You might like to read or watch YouTube videos about Operation GLADIO...that was set up at the beginning of the Cold War by the US/NATO (including UK) to control via terrorism the governments of the day, mainly to prevent "communism" from taking hold in governments.  Greece was attacked, so was Italy, France, Belgium among others.

The same is happening today with "flase flag" terrorism or GLADIO B (it never really went away).  As you watch the links below, think of the attacks in France and elsewhere recently and the similarities are striking.










robobbob's picture

you can bet that deep behind the curtain will be the same cartel that was behind the curtains the last time europe was on fire.

in an honest world, there should have been a ten year rope shortage in europe after WW2. but alas, the real culprits, the ones with the check books, were allowed to skate free, and given a country of their very own.

jeff montanye's picture

this sounds less extreme than trump's proposal.  and with far more justification.

not that i support a european nation run by germany with or without france.

fudge's picture
what difference at this point does it make? ;)
Overfed's picture

The fourth reich has risen and taken most of continental Europe without even firing a shot. All done through manipulation, "common currency" "open borders" and false-flag terrorism. Well played.

fudge's picture

Many ZH commentator has been accused of wearing tinfoil caps when mentioning that exact scenario, and yet this is what we see now happen. Well planned ;)

wee-weed up's picture



OMG!... What has the EU come to?...

Global Storm Troopers?...

Adolf would be proud of you, Angela!

Paveway IV's picture

This is similar to the U.S. Emergency Powers that Bush and Obama granted themselves by Executive Order relative to states. If the federal government decided an individual state couldn't (or wouldn't) enforce federal law, then they could declare the equivalent of martial law in that state and take control, deploying armed forces for enforcement if they see fit.

One of the scenarios they were anticipating is something like a bird flu outbreak. The federal governement could decide to quarantine cities, counties or entire states. Federal troops would be deployed to enforce that among all affected transportation infrastructure. Same thing for a refugee stampede in the case of a natural disaster or nuclear plant accident. Anything a state does can be overruled by the federal government if they decide it's in their best interests.

Worst of all: the feds can take control of communications infrastructure to prevent panic - they can black out phones and the internet in any section of a city, state or region if it serves some interest of theirs.

The Pope's picture

Hunger Games here we come. & may the odds be ever in your favor!

robobbob's picture

and to think that ALL of this was laid bare and was openly available in 1945 in "The Red House Report"

Much like "Project Northwoods", you can put the evidence right in front of peoples faces, but if it contradicts their programming, they will attack you, and not the criminals.




G.O.O.D's picture

And these border force troopers are called

They will be given white hats and from this day on  forever be known as "The Gewd Goys"

Ghordius's picture

let me see... from memory, the US Secretary of the Treasury has under him an agency called Secret Service, a "SS" that has some 22'000 agents in total

but no, those "man in black" do not sound scary, they are, after all, an old affair, to which American are well used /sarc

what hyperventilation

Crash N. Burn's picture

"Border Force = Standing Army."


 It's all according to plan:

"In 2012 UN migration chief Peter Sutherland urged the EU to "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states. Such a proposition may sound absurd, unless you take into account that breaking down the national identity of a country makes it much easier to dissolve political boundaries and independence. And that's precisely what the technocrats in Brussels want.

Hollande has been one of the most outspoken voices in this push to hand over more power to a centralized European government, effectively stripping member states of any meaningful sovereignty. Give that European government a military, it's own surveillance apparatus and public which is struggling financially, looking for someone to blame, and practically begging for war, and you have a recipe for the rise of overt fascism in Europe.

Many have remarked that recent moves by the French president take several pages from the extreme right. Some have interpreted this as an attempt to prevent the right from capitalizing on the event, but it hasn't worked out that way, at all. (See also this article)

Taken on its own one might be inclined to interpret this as a political miscalculation, but what if it's not? Hollande's actions don't make much sense if we view him as an independent leader, but they make perfect sense if you understand that he's just a puppet.

The powers seized by Holland following the Charlie Hebdo and Paris Attacks, are not suited for the political left. The left is held back by the need to maintain a soft spoken, inclusive veneer. Those rising up to replace them will not be.

The right will not scale back these powers. They will expand them, and they will use them, even more than they are being used now.

It's the left, right, left, right two step to tyranny."


The Paris Attacks Are Just The Beginning

Perhaps we should change the spelling to Europeon?

Gonzogal's picture

"The powers seized by Holland following the Charlie Hebdo and Paris Attacks, are not suited for the political left. The left is held back by the need to maintain a soft spoken, inclusive veneer. Those rising up to replace them will not be."

Which is why, along with the proof available these "attacks" can be classified as "False Flag" attacks aka GLADIO

NidStyles's picture

IMO This should have been the first thing the EU did. That they waited so long to do so just points out that they were not interested in actually behaving like a responsible government and were just chasing the free money.

Lore's picture

You forgot the "/sarc."

NidStyles's picture

There is nothing sarcastic about my post. 


Had the EU been made to protect Europe, they would have stood up a military first. It wasn't, so it was only stood up to destroy Europe. 

Ghordius's picture

we like to divide things into spheres of responsibility. the EU was made for economic matters. as such, it's a liberal (classic) idea:

freedom of movement of goods, services, capital and people inside the EU. the Four Freedoms of the EU. for EU citizens

if this is "to destroy", then you ought to take that yellow out of your flag, then it's the yellow of liberalism (classic). you know... freedom

"Schengen" is a separate treaty, btw. and this EU proposal is all about that treaty, and the "common borders" of the "Schengen Area"

rwe2late's picture

Your alleged "Four Freedoms" have a flip side,
related to control the economics leading to control of everything else.
Local sovereignty to distant control. Local self-sufficiency to distant dependency.
Local business to distant corporations. Local government bent to serve outside corporate and other interests.

Globalism is not all good or benevolent.
Yet, some problems (such as militaristic bullies, pollution, disease, poverty)
seem to transcend local solutions.
Given the intractable nature of the problem, the prospects for humanity and most other life on this planet appear dim.

hungrydweller's picture

See above.  Never let a crisis go to waste; especially one that you helped create.

Ghordius's picture

sadly, a +1 for pointing out the thing. FRONTEX is an old proposal that never got much traction, before. now that Greece has a leftist government that winked through the refugees, and only cooperates if money is involved, those proposals are getting back in line

FRONTEX is currently being deployed at the Greek border. the northern Greek border, mind. in refugee camps for people being held there so that they don't continue their trip

Secret Weapon's picture

LL - you are a Precog.  Cheers. M2

WhackoWarner's picture

With all due respect.  If you think that local (read national) politics have any friggin impact I am of the belief that that is rather naiive.  Money/greed/control of all meaningful resources by said monopoly money is all it ever was.


Voting has no effect.  Obama? Clinton thinks she has meaning but would be cast aside in a minute.  Americans do the dance of "Who is the richest? Biggest ass?".  I suspect that even Buffet would be run over.  Secret wealth, likely worth trillions in control could give one flying frig about US elections or who ends up sitting in some chair reading a teleprompter.


National elections were bought out decades ago. National laws, any idea of freedom. Baby they are gone.  Donald Trump or Hilary the Poster Child for fraud?  Follow the money.  And it is century old money.

WillyGroper's picture

>>>>>>National elections were bought out decades ago. National laws, any idea of freedom. Baby they are gone.

Respectfully disagree...They never were. Potemkin Village.

>>>>>>Follow the money.  And it is century old money.


Lore's picture

Re: "National laws, any idea of freedom... gone." <..... Fuck THAT! 

Apparently, the European people learned nothing from the actions of their stark raving crazy ruling families from WW1 and WW2.  Psychopaths push as far as you permit them. Sooner or later, this is going to come down to a big fight. It's begun already (started in MENA). Events build up, gradually, gradually, with the MIC stirring the pot and supplying arms to all sides, until SHTF.  And as their world is made to collapse around them, all the stupid, brainwashed, submissive sheeple wonder "How could this happen?"

AGuy's picture

"I remember watching those poor seniors at the Obamacare Town Hall meetings being yelled at as "Nazis" by Pelosi."

Old seniors are on Medicare not obozocare. Medicare is currently far better than Obozocare.

manofthenorth's picture

Without borders there are NO states,

without a state there is NO sovereignty

The end of individual sovereignty, freedom and liberty is very near perhaps.

WhackoWarner's picture

Sweetie the end was decades ago.  The awareness filtering through is trickling down.  Freedom and liberty have been stripped for decades.  But party on and buy the newest gadget you have no need for.


I refuse to own a cell phone tracking device. I refuse to have GPS in my car. I refuse to accept a smart meter surveillance device on my home. I need no Smart appliances that track my habits.  I do not need, support, buy stock, or use anything related to Facefrig, Yahoooooo,  or any of these other crippling manisfestations of insecurity and ego.


Freedom and liberty ended a long time ago while people embraced this aspect of tech.  The aspect that gives permission to the end of any privacy.  Or any thought of privacy.  So go on and text away, Facefuck away, share your every manipualted thought.

weburke's picture

got any of those dollar bills?  notice the rfid ? 

TheEndIsNear's picture

I have some old dollar bills that say "Redeemable in Silver".

The Pope's picture

Read the fine print. It actually says "Redeemable in Silver bullets if you happen to be a werewolf"

Oldwood's picture

Fear has always been with us. It is convenience that provides the path to hell. All sacrifices are ultimately for convenience, for the avoidance of the more difficult, the harder job or choice. The easy button. Animals in the wild know not to fall for easy food, to be wary. People know better also, but we all breakdown eventually. We all fall for the something for nothing sales job. We know that there is NOTHING in life for free....never has been, yet we fall for it every time.