This Is The Scariest Chart For Angela Merkel

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Having won Time's "Person of the Year" award, German chancellor Angela Merkel may have little time, or cause, for celebration.

The reason for that is that, as we noted yesterday when commenting on Donald Trump's snub of Time in which he said that it "picked person who is ruining Germany", is that according to increasingly more Germans, Trump just may be - in his trademark politically incorrect way - right.


In past years, Angela Merkel has been feted like a superstar at annual meetings of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, earning thunderous ovations for defending German interests in the euro crisis and facing down Vladimir Putin over Ukraine. But a CDU congress in the southwestern city of Karlsruhe next week is shaping up to be a very different affair. Under intense pressure from conservative allies to reduce the flood of refugees into Germany, the 61-year-old chancellor faces the biggest test of her authority from within the party in years.


Her Bavarian allies, the Christian Social Union (CSU), have been pressing for a cap for months, and even some of Merkel's own ministers are lobbying openly for a tougher stance from the chancellor, who marked 10 years in office last month and must decide by next autumn whether she will seek a fourth term in 2017.


"Merkel has never endured such sharp criticism from within her own ranks since becoming chancellor," read a front-page editorial in conservative daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Monday. "Under no circumstances can she allow the congress to approve a resolution on refugee policy that includes the word 'Obergrenze'." 


"The mood among conservative members of parliament is really catastrophic right now," said one senior CDU lawmaker, declining to be named. "Merkel is totally isolated." "She needs to wake up," said another top ranking party member.

Why this dramatic shift in opinion about a chancellor who until recently was seen as untouchable and simply indestructable, and suddenly appears to be all too fragile? The answer is shown in the simple chart below, which shows the soaring numbers of migrant arrivals in Germany.


The chart has major implications for Merkel's political career because, as the WSJ notes, the higher the number of migrants, the lower her approval rating... and the higher the rating of her conservative ally, Bavarian Premier Horst Seedorf.


Suddenly invincible Angela does not seem so unshakable. For those who have missed the story, here is what happened from the WSJ:

When refugees marched from Budapest Sept. 4, paralyzing Hungary’s main highway to Austria, Mr. Orban phoned Vienna. Mr. Faymann wouldn’t take his calls, aides to each say. Mr. Orban convened his national-security cabinet and decided to bus the migrants to the border. “If Austria wants them, they can have them,” Mr. Orban said, according to a person present.


Hungary’s foreign minister told his shocked Austrian counterpart the news at an EU meeting that day. Austrian officials, unprepared for mass arrivals, urgently sought German help.


The emergency caught Ms. Merkel on a day of party events in Essen and Cologne. In a volley of phone calls, she and Mr. Faymann shared a calculus, say aides to each: Only force could halt the migrants at the border; inaction could result in exhausted refugees dying on the highway. 


Ms. Merkel made a snap decision that sent shock waves around Europe: Throw Germany’s doors open. Bypassing Europe’s asylum rules and skeptical members of her government, she ordered trains to carry the migrants to Munich.


Her aides couldn’t reach her coalition partner, Bavaria’s premier Mr. Seehofer. He, like Mr. Orban, wanted to stop the migrants; the two men became Ms. Merkel’s most outspoken adversaries. Mr. Seehofer declined to be interviewed.

Initially the Germans were delighted...

As Germans greeted refugees in Munich with sweets, toys and hugs, Mr. Orban told Ms. Merkel by phone her decision undermined the fight against illegal immigration and lured migrants to Europe, aides to each say. He lambasted German and Austrian volunteers who drove into Hungary to give Syrians a lift: “Legally they are human traffickers. Is that what you want?”


He told her Hungary was fencing off its southern border. If all EU countries did the same, he said, the crisis would end. “The Hungarian solution,” he said, “is the only solution.”


Ms. Merkel replied that if Europe wanted a wall, it would have to be high and defended with violence against civilians, and Greece could hardly wall the Aegean Sea. A fence might work for Hungary, she told Mr. Orban, but she sought answers for all Europe.

... But then the mood at home turned decidedly sour:

Backlash built against Ms. Merkel at home, where pro-refugee euphoria faded while as many as 10,000 arrived daily. Local governments struggled to house and feed them. In overstretched Bavaria, Mr. Seehofer threatened to sue the federal government unless Ms. Merkel set a cap on arrivals.


She dismissed the demand. “If we have to start apologizing now for showing a friendly face in emergencies,” she told reporters, “then this is not my country.” She knew she had to convince voters the situation wasn’t out of control. Immersing herself in the logistics of accommodating migrants, she learned details about heated tents and housing containers. She tightened rules on asylum-seekers’ benefits. She pushed for EU migrant-processing centers in Greece and Italy to block bogus asylum claimants.

Merkel then did half a U-turn, doing everything in her power to court not only Turkey but Eastern European nations in hopes they would accommodate the bulk of the refugees.

She courted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom she had long mistrusted but whose help she needed to reduce the migrant flow. Mr. Erdogan’s demands, EU officials say, included money for refugee camps, visa-free European travel for Turks, revitalizing stalled talks on EU membership and regular summits with EU leaders. Visiting Istanbul in October, Ms. Merkel told him she was willing to talk about everything. One problem: Her party opposes Turkey’s joining the EU.

No problem: two weekends ago, Turkey was fast tracked for EU accession, with visa requirements set to be reduced, even as Turkey gets billions in "aid" to help with the refugee settlement

Then it was the Balkans' turn:

Balkan countries struggled with the buildup of migrants south of Hungary, whose anti-migrant fence created bottlenecks elsewhere. And many governments criticized Greece for waving migrants through.


At a summit of countries along the Balkan migration trail, called at Ms. Merkel’s behest, leaders warned they would build fences if Germany closed its border. Ms. Merkel said that, having grown up in communist East Germany, she opposed walling off countries but that there might be no alternative unless Greece and others helped manage the flow.


Under German pressure, the Balkan countries agreed to put up 100,000 people until the EU could find long-term homes. By November, far more were entering Europe. Germany alone expects to receive a million asylum-seekers this year.

When it came to vassal state Greece, Germany, pardon Europe, had a simple solution: threaten the country with expulsion from Schengen and an indefinite isolation from the European Union. Greece promptly threw in the towel and handed over control of its border to Brussels.

Meanwhile, the Paris terrorist event has rendered Merkel's initial "welcoming" stance impossible:

The Paris attacks have made Ms. Merkel’s remedies harder to sell. Eastern European leaders are still balking at taking Muslim refugees, although the EU quota decision is binding. Mr. Orban blames Germany’s open-door policy for admitting terrorists. “We are monitoring every Muslim in our territory,” Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico said publicly after visiting the French embassy there following the Paris attacks. He declined to comment.

In the end the biggest loser may be Europe itself, whose "union" is unraveling before our eyes. However, before Europe falls, the first casualty will be the person for whom a united Europe, at any means and at any cost, will be her one legacy, or perhaps epitaph.

In Germany, pressure on the chancellor is mounting inside her coalition. At their Nov. 19 party congress, Mr. Seehofer’s Bavarian conservatives voted to cap migration. Ms. Merkel told the congress turning refugees away was unworkable: “Isolation is not a solution in the 21st century.” Applause was sparse.


“You know we’re unrelenting,” Mr. Seehofer replied. “You haven’t heard the last of this.” He earned a thunderous ovation.

How does this end? Keep an eye on Merkel's "scariest chart" for hints: unless Germany can stem the influx of refugees (while making other European nations increasingly angry and unhappy with their lot in the EU) the damage to Germany's chancellor (who once cried when faced with the prospect of a Greek default) inflicted by five years of an insolvency European periphery will seem like a walk in the park compared to what the "refugee tsunami" will unleash first in Germany and then across all of Europe.

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drivenZ's picture

Time's "Person of the Year" is not always meant as an honor.

Money Counterfeiter's picture
Money Counterfeiter (not verified) drivenZ Dec 10, 2015 11:00 AM

Zionist dream come true.  Stalin would be proud.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

There will be a revolution & these people will wish they weren't here. 

thesonandheir's picture

Germans need to wake the fuck up, they were constanly afraid of the Russians overwhelming them back in the Cold War and now they are letting the whole of the Middle East in. YCNMIU!

Manthong's picture

Sprechen Sie Arabisch     ? 

boogerbently's picture

They need to add to that chart the statistics for crime in those months.

I'm thinking the lines would be paralell.

BaBaBouy's picture

She Has F'ed Germans Over but Good...

Find Out First WHO Your Voting For........

""Kazmierczak is the original name of Merkel's grandfather and father, a secret of the chancellor's family history that Stefan Kornelius, a prominent journalist at Germany's respected Süddeutsche Zeitung, revealed in his new biography "Angela Merkel -- The Chancellor and Her World." According to the book, Merkel's father wasn't called Kasner as a child, but rather was born Horst Hazmierczak. At the age of four, his parents had their name Germanized to Kasner -- not an uncommon thing to do at that time. Had they not done so, Merkel would have entered the world as Angela Kazmierczak.

Media in Germany's neighbor to the east has called the news of Merkel's Polish roots a sensation. "Finally we know why Angela Merkel speaks so heartfelt about Poland," wrote the center-left Gazeta Wyborcza. The local edition of the newspaper chose the headline "Angela Merkel Granddaughter of Poznan -- Really!" Merkel's grandfather Ludwig Kazmierczak came from the city that now lies in west-central Poland, born in 1896 as the illegitimate child of Anna Kazmierczak and Ludwig Wojciechowski. He grew up in the care of his mother and her later husband Ludwig Rychlicki.""



eurogold's picture

Trump is correct.

The govenment in Germany is doing all it can to scare the public. This will ultimately lead to Germans to go Extreme right as is already beginning to happen in France.

Blue Vervain's picture

The central argument of this article is that Merkel's behaviour was a cock-up rather than planned. I find this particularly hard to believe, especially when her solution involves Turkey being fast-tracked into the EU.


Are readers really that gullible?

Tarzan's picture

In the new world order there must be mediocrity,

all playing fields must be leveled,

all must integrate.

Just Like in America, Germany is being destroyed from within by Globalist Psychopaths!

walküre's picture

Angela is Jewish? Name change possibly happened to disguise the Jewish heritage during her grandfather's time. Khazar background would link her to Zionism which explains her hatred of Germany and her destructive policies. Also explains why she didn't have kids.


Tejano's picture

Whatever. Clearly, the woman is insane.

preusse's picture

Exactly, thats why it's called national zionist and not national socialist. They always use a diffent mask. ALWAYS.

Volkodav's picture

yes pollack mixed bloodline

schadenfreude's picture

Which is now Poland, has been German before. The Russians expelled the Poles and Germans from their country of origin after WWII. What happened to Angela Merkel's familiy happened to 100s of 1000 of people after WWII. So nothing really astonishing.

sgorem's picture

"Sprechen Sie Arabisch"?


Soph's picture

Methinks they will indeed wake up and Angela will be looking for a new line of work. From an economic perspective alone, brining in that much labor, in that short of time, into and economy that is by no means booming, is just not smart.

Acting in a humanitarian way is fine, but there's many ways to do that. Bringing down the standard of living in an entire nation by saturating the work force with cheap(er) labor only creates further problems, and greater discontent. Having your own populace pissed at you because they are losing jobs/wages, and the immigrants pissed at you because there's not enough jobs, is the end result. Not terribly humanitarian after all.

Much ungoodness on the way for Germany.

BaBaBouy's picture

She Has Fucked Germans Over but Good...

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

ZioCon plan: Islamization and Afrikanization of once successful nations.

Merkel disgusted by German flag   kinda says it all:  "Traitor"

Did Merkel just "read out Germany's suicide note"?

vollderlerby's picture

Agreed with your conclusion.  Germany is pissing away a great thing for no fucking reason.  But why???  Afraid of the Russians?  Could be.  What I think is going on, they were hammered so bad for the last 60 or 70 years to be extremely tolerant, and you could NEVER say anything against  non German, etc.  because of this unpleasantry around genocide and world war II.  But now it's time to reign in this bullshit and start protecting their free and advanced society.

WW II was 70 years ago and Germany doesn't owe the mid east anything.

Son of Loki's picture

isis conquered Mosul ... next stop, Berlin!


BTW, my Jewish friend in LA tells me Jews are leaving France in droves.


That's odd.




HopefulCynical's picture

Nothing odd about it. A cornerstone of Zionist ambitions is the reversal of the Diaspora. Drive all the Jews to israel...where military service is mandatory. Hey presto! Instant army, suitable for - well, whatever. Those whose bloodlines don't pass sufficient muster get to be cannon fodder, for sure.

nofluer's picture

Odd? Why? Because instead of waiting for the mass murders, this time they're leaving asap? You think Muslims LIKE Jews? they're killing them by the bushel basket full in the ME!!!

hound dog vigilante's picture

Consider that 2-3 generations of Germans have been raised from cradle-to-grave within a culture of guilt. Merkel's 'friendly face' policies reflect this collective guilt. I would imagine that a vast majority of contemporary Germans will never defend their 'free & advanced' society because the culture of guilt has been so pervasive for so long that any other perspective is simply impossible.

I believe that the defense of 'free & advanced' european societies will have to fall to France, Britain, and other european nations because contempory Germany will not take a stand against anything associated with race/religion/culture... yet another reason why the existing/plannned EU construction will not survive much longer - the continent is trending towards nationalism but contemporary Germany will never turn in that direction much less lead the charge...

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Germany will return to its roots once it;

1) Gets really poor for a few years
2) Throws out the US puppet governments that have been running the show since 45
3) Is really taught about what happened in the war, not the propaganda we are taught right now.  

eurogold's picture

Haus-Targaryen.....+ 100 to you !

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Many said the same thing about the Soviet government.  (Berlin would always bow to Moscow) 

People were talking about DDR in the new millinium up until the whole damn thing collapsed.  The US will be the same way.  

malek's picture

Yep, and after in the DDR the Soviet puppet government got thrown out... what exactly happened?

Also you seem to imply returning to its roots is like flipping a switch. Or close to it. Again see ex-DDR citizens after the "Wende".

newdoobie's picture

It takes a lifetime of teaching to instill guilt, but history shows that once you start praising someones DNA, all that brainwashing goes out the door quick

Normalcy Bias's picture

I hope they come to disregard the overplayed Nazi-card just as many of us dismiss the now meaningless Race-card in the U.S. and stand up and defend themselves.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I have been watching this transformation in front of my eyes, very quickly over the past few months.  Amazing to watch. 

Normalcy Bias's picture

That's good to hear. The German people have always proven very formidable when motivated.

schadenfreude's picture

Haus, there has been no transformation. It just became public what was there all the time, hidden behind the curtain of PC. My generation haven't bought into the guilt bullshit and the generation of my daughter even less. It's just the PC media, that paints the picture.

janus's picture


i knew she was doomed the minute merkel uttered that remark about recruiting 'syrian' physicians and engineers.  that clip can be played on loop and cement her demise.  i don't know too much about germans, but i can say two with certainty: 1) very few (if any) would voluntarily submit to a syrian with a scalpel. 2) the germans (along with the rest of the world) believe they have a knack for engineering.


Bush Baby's picture

Haus - one can only hope there is enough German DNA left for that to happen.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I think there are something like 70+ million Germans left.  Birthrate is falling, but it cannot fall that much more.  Germany needs a media and movie industry that glorifies men having kids & families as opposed to the "OMG OMG OMG LETS PARTY FUCKING HARD UNTIL WE'RE 40" and women illustrating their independence with "OMG OMG OMG GUYZZZZ I'M GUNNA GO TO THE CLUB AND FUCK SOMEONE RIGHT THERE ON THE FLOOR AND THEN AGAIN IN THE BATHROOM.  IM AN INDEPENDENT BITCH" which is what it currently glorifies.  Its a media problem which has caused a cultural problem which has caused a demographics problem, which has caused a massive financial problem.  

Germans like the Russians do better at protecting themselves when they are poor.  When they get wealthy, they let the wealth go to their head.  For example, in the roaring teens in Germany (roaring 20s in the US equivalent) Germany was the largest country in Europe, largest population, most advanced, wealthiest, etc., etc., and they figured "awe fuck why not, lets take on the world, I mean whats the worst that can happen?!"  

Then in the late 30s, after being dirt poor and taking good measures to protect themselves and their culture, they though "awe fuck, why not, lets take on the whole world again, we learned our lessons from last time.  Oh yeah, and we'll exterminate the most educated and wealthiest group of people in the country at the same time.  Nothing says success like decapitating yourself."  

Now today the Germans have tons of money, and they are again thinking "awe fuck, why not, lets take on the whole world again, not with the Wehrmacht this time, but through multiculturalism, the EU & integration.  We'll make everyone Germans."  

Regrettably the story always ends the same way.  I'd love to see the Germans say "nope -- we're just gonna stick to ourselves, build our cars and dishwashers, grill, Bundesliga, drive fast, Oktoberfest, and have lots of babies."  The country -- if it did this -- really would take over the whole world.  

TeaClipper's picture

German youth need to drop the war guilt and stop embrasing multiculturism, that is what started the rot

Haus-Targaryen's picture

That is something only a good dose of poverty can fix, I am sorry to say.  Its why I tell my fiance (German girl) -- the best thing that could happen to Germany right now is a world-wide depression.  

She thinks I'm nuts.  She is a Grüne voter.  I know I am right. 

researchfix's picture

Olive green is the colour of NATO. And that´s what the German green movement became.

Ghordius's picture

not quite. the truth about the German Green Party is that it always had one conservative (after all, it's about conservation of nature) and one socialist faction/wing

and by now the conservative wing is the stronger one, and it sides with the other conservatives in regard to German military interventions

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Claudia Roth.  Describe her. 

eurogold's picture

Claudia Roth makes Me puke....what a piece of Sh*t

walküre's picture

Her strap-on is the size of traffic cone.

schadenfreude's picture

Claudia Roth holds no power within the Green Party. She's just the PR tool of the Greens.

malek's picture

You're confusing statist with conservative

E_G's picture

Hey Ghordius, I d like to ask you some questions regarding your knowledge of the eurozone


schadenfreude's picture

That's incorrect. What was once a conservative wing has completely vanished. Trittin has reformed the Green Party into a a communist party, painted in green. And his successors follow the laid-out course. There is almost no difference to "Die Linken" anymore. 

researchfix's picture

The German greens always vote for war, if possible.

War must be a way of protecting the environment, or am i missing something?