Trump Takes Nation By Storm: More Americans Agree With Muslim Ban Than Reject It

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In case you were confused how it is that Donald Trump's polling numbers could increase following his Muslim-ban comments (which have beeen widely denigrated by any and all talking head who can fog a mirror - from The White House down...), here is the "surely not us?" answer.

As The Hill reports, a new post-Trump survey by Rasmussed finds that 46% of likely voters would favor a policy preventing Muslim immigrants from entering the country until tighter screening procedures can be implemented, while only 40% would oppose such a measure.



In direct opposition to what The White House said (that Trump’s proposal is "totally contrary to our values as Americans,") it is apparent from this survey that the Obama Administration does not know its 'constituents' as well as it may have thought.

Simply put, based on this poll, more Americans - republicans and democrats - support Trump's idea of banning the entry of Muslims into America than oppose it, and now that it is 'polling' as a populist idea, we await Hillary Clinton to jump on the bandwagon.

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From the beginning of time...FEAR works...sad

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Substitute "Trump" for "ANEL":

After many years of observing such outrages and being unable to do anything about them, the public have had a great deal of tension build up in their minds, and this is no accident. The Occulted Powers have intentionally created this tension so that it can be released at a time, and in a direction, of their choosing. This article, and a million more like it, reflect that strategy.

On its surface, the article presents the “Left” (represented in this case by Syriza) in a favorable light while denouncing the “Right” (represented in this case by ANEL). But if we look beyond the surface to the psychological subtext, it is actually associating Syriza with the things that are causing outrage in the public mind while associating ANEL with the public themselves. Putting it a bit more plainly, the article is promoting these mental associations:

Syriza and the “Left” = all the outrages that have been pissing you off

ANEL and the “Right” = YOU, because like you, ANEL stand in opposition to the outrages and are being marginalized and demonized for it.

So what articles like this actually do is get the battered public to identify with the battered political party / political figure that is out there saying what the public wants to say and doing what the public wants done. And when the “Left” finally collapses and the “Right” stands up to “save the day” (per the NWO script), all the tension that has been building will finally find its release. -

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This country was founded upon Enlightenment principles.  Until Islam goes through some sort of "reformation", the cultural differences will be impossible to bridge.

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Let's ask a Founding Father about that.



Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen; and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan  nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

Now be it known, That I John Adams, President of the United States of America, having seen and considered the said Treaty do, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, accept, ratify, and confirm the same, and every clause and article thereof. And to the End that the said Treaty may be observed, and performed with good Faith on the part of the United States, I have ordered the premises to be made public; And I do hereby enjoin and require all persons bearing office civil or military within the United States, and all other citizens or inhabitants thereof, faithfully to observe and fulfill the said Treaty and every clause and article thereof.

-- From the Treaty of Tripoli, 1797



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Trump = Winning


People keep underestimating him, people keep being shocked by his success. Even after 50 years of him riding into countless cities kicking up a humongous firestom and riding out with the prize... people still think he is dumb, thin khe blurts stuff out without thinking, people think he is rash.


Trump is a super cool, strategic machine, everthing he does is calculated. Everything is part of a bigger strategy. He is focused on one goal. One goal.

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One goooooaaaaallllll!

Trump is the perfect politician for Jerry Springer nation. Can't wait for the last minute Dem spoiler candidate, Rosey O'Donnell.

What a show it will be. And all the dumbasses will line up with their retarded reasons why Rosey is better than Teh Donald.


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This is not a surprise at all. There is a huge percentage of people in this country that hate others strictly based on their race or religion. This is nothing new. What is different now is the ability of false information to be spread very effectively due to the fact that most people are too lazy and/or stupid to do their own research to form their own opinions. Trump has identified a weakness in the minds of the average American voter and he's exploiting it to his gain. Too bad most can't see this. 

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Tyler Durderian (not verified) kaa1016 Dec 10, 2015 8:59 PM

Why don't we enlight some muslims?

The old fashion way:

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All of the lefties are scared and offended from what I see in these comments. 


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Yep, those who want to bring down the hammer of big government on those who have committed no crime certainly do seem frightened of something.

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Once you are scared you loose your sense of decision. you do what your are told to do.

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so how does mr trump suggest that us customs will determine who is a muslim and who isn't?

will they just ask and hope they tell the truth?

will they install muslim detectors at every airport gate?

i'd like to know.

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I don't agree with Trump.  We shouldn't discriminate against just mugloids.  We have the right in every conceivable way to deny access to our country for fucking reason we see fit at any given time and against any people we choose.

So we actually need to deny all access to ever person world-wide while we work on deporting the millions of illegal invaders the traitor in chief allowed into the country.

its not unconstitutional.  They are illegal and foreign so our Constitutional rights do not apply to them.


So make it apply to everyone for say 5 years.  And sort out all the scumbags at the same time.




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You chose to do nothing when your "Government" (chosen by you) decided to bomb their countries "back to the Stone Age" - so you will expect retribution. The longer the delay, the more extreme (as your ongoing ME carnage continues, pretty much unabated).

The solution? (now of course too late) - mind your own business. Obviously "not the American Way", so expect the consequences of your actions. Think "they'll forget"?? They still remember the Crusades, so their long term intergenerational memory is excellent. They neither forget, nor forgive, and their methods of retribution, though brutal (in the eyes of the West) are remarkably effective.


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excellent points all.  remember the majority support bush had for the iraq war to punish saddam for 9-11?

the ignorance and fear of the "majority" of the u.s. is astounding still.  they elected and reelected bush and obama for goodness sake.

not that much of it is left, but this absurd idea of banning religions is wildly unconstitutional.

more u,s. citizens are killed by lightning than terrorists.

stop killing the muslims and mavbe they will stop killing us.   ya think?

what would you do if the u.s. were less powerful and some nation had been bombing it rather indescriminately for years because they wanted a pipeling to say alberta?

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All of the lefties are scared



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Regardless of who wins the election, as Tyler is wont to say, America will get exactly the president that it deserves.

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At what point did controlling immigration become a violation of the first amendment protection of religion?  Under that logic attempting to control the flow from our southern border would be an act against the Catholic Church. Citizens who happen to be Muslim are protected under the first amendment.  They have the right to believe and worship as they wish.  They do not have the right to break the law or replace our legal system with sharia law.  The first amendment is not a guarantee to some imagined right to immigrate.



The Southern Poverty Law Center set the precedent on how to deal with domestic terrorist in their case against the United Klans of America.  When an organization provides the forum for a call for murder, that organization becomes liable for the acts of adherents and sympathizers who heed that call.   As I recall as a result of that Klan case, a black woman wound up with keys to the United Kan’s headquarters.   Under that precedent, any mosque that provides a forum for a call to murder should be sued and bankrupted.

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not that much of it is left, but this absurd idea of banning religions is wildly unconstitutional.

Woah - I've been giving you way too much credit over the years - or did you suddenly go full retard on us recently? If I understand it (and I'll bet a fat stack of American fiat that I'm right), the actual action in question is a temporary moratorium on refugee immigration from Muslim nations. How that morphs into what you wrote above is a case study in media manipulation of weak minded "citizens". Here, have another steaming cup of narrative. What, you expected two girls as well?

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I find it hilarious that alot of the same people that supported GWB and the Iraq/Afghanistan war are now incensed that the terrorists are angry at us and we must stop and kill all of them. ha. Alot of the top guys in ISIS are former Iraqi military. Great idea electing Bush, huh. Twice!

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Wow, what a hol-e-y argument...

The solution "mind your own business" - well, you should have told that to Muslims 1200 years ago when THEY started invading Europe and the Levant. They started this BS with their "convert or die" philosophy. Islam has been at war with Western Europe for over 1,000 years, with periodic cessations of hostilities, but the pot has always been simmering. After the Enlightenment, Western science outstripped Muslim efforts a hundred-fold, and Islam became nothing more than an occasionally pesky irritant on the civilized world's SE border. However, the discovery of oil changed all that, and provided the Muzzies with enough money and power to become a threat, which the Saudi goat-herders have been pushing through their funding throughout the world. 

The West, being until recently at least nominally Christian, was willing to 'forgive and forget' Muslim atrocities, but apparently mercy and forgiveness are two virtues absent from Islam. So, if the Muzzies want "retribution", I say: BRING IT. The West is very near the tipping point. A couple more refugee rapes, a couple more mass shootings and bombings, and Islam better start running for cover. 

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alot of us wouldnt be here if the US didn't allow immigration after WWI(among other times). The Europeans were thought of inferior, they were stealing jobs, they were communists, had different religious beliefs,  they were dangerous. How quickly we all forget.     

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Have them color in a caricature of the "phophet Mohammad"  screwing a young boy using a crayon.  If they're willing to do that, they're my kind of Muslim so let them in!

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There is no mandatory requirement to import the world to the US.  Shut down all immigration and visa issuances from nations with large percentages of Islam.  At this point, we'd have to figure in Sweden too.   

Why is there constant insistance that we have to maintain open borders to every nation in the world  

This would be very easy to accomplish if Uncle Fraud wasn't corrupt.

I'd be willing to bet good money we'll have another Islam mass killing in the US between now and election day which will of course give another massive boost to trumps campaign.  Islam followers can't help themselves.  The siren call of 72 virgins beckon. 

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Umm, make them eat a Ham sandwich?

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LOSE asshole!  It's fucking spelled LOSE!!!  FUCK YOU and all like you. LOSE!!!  Learn how to fucking spell!!!

jeff montanye's picture

certainly is passionate about correct spelling.  makes you wonder if there's something more . . . .

BarkingCat's picture

Because "loose asshole" reminds us all too much of Obama.

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Look, I understand that ZH is the last bastion of unfettered free speech and all, and that it is your right to post links to porn sites here.

But just as you have a right to post links to porn, I have a right to complain about it. You are a worthless piece of shit for posting this kind of trash. You have confused liberty, which is self-governance; with license, which is two dogs fucking in the street. But even dogs have an innate sense of decency, and only do what comes naturally. You on the other hand, know better, and so your crime is worse, for dogs cannot be perverts, but you can be, and are.

I hope others share my sense of outrage, and that you, and all other porn-posting scum are shamed to such an extent that you will slink away, never to be heard from again. You really are a crass, classless asshat.

Omen IV's picture

look i agree its inappropriate - that said - outrageous? - that is subjective - what is clearly outrageous is the -  Presstitutes - as coined by Mr Roberts and their treatment of Trump who has legitimate position that should be debated not denegrated

Unfettered speech is a rare treasurer - especially when accompanied by an abundance of intellect - the transitory out of bounds should be tolerated in the interest of destroying - politically correct!

TheEndIsNear's picture

Yes, I for one agree and I've noticed a surge of trashy trolls on ZH recently. I hope it's not the first wave of hired trolls/scum intent on taking down ZeroHedge or turning the comment section into incoherent babble such as what happens to most news aggregation websites (eg; Digg, Reddit, etc).



TeraByte's picture

You have all means of blocking the stuff e. g downloading Ghostery for Google or Firefox. My browser is not plagued by porn sites unless I had an urge to go there, your choice.

PennilessPauper's picture

"all other porn-posting scum are shamed to such an extent that you will slink away,"

Really?   You think people still have shame when living in a collapsing fascist third world police state? Did you watch the video until the end before you decided to get offended?  How are two dogs fucking in the street not perverted?  Why don't they get a room? 

Humans have been putting the pencil in the other hole for thousands of years either by drunken mistake or willingness experimentation.  Just the same as your parents did.

God, Alah, and Flying Spaghetti Monster bless you and have a safe and blissful day!

P.S. zerohedge is far from the last bastion of free speech they are owned by ABC.


stacking12321's picture

may the flying spaghetti monster touch you with his noodly appendage as well.

but, you should be aware that the ABC you metion (ABC Media, LTD) is not the ABC of 'murcan tee-vee, seems to be a media company registered in bulgaria.

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McC - Your post was so out of the blue and so passionate, it nearly blew my jaded, cynical mind.  Just to clarify:  are you against the posting of links to porn or porn itself?  Or the particular video? Inquiring minds want to know...

Regarding the topic at hand... banning Muslims simply cannot be operationalized.  Anyone with an IQ north of 90 knows this at heart, but goddamit if it doesn't feel therapeutic for a sloganeer like Trump to say it!  And say it again, and again..

Shit, probably half of everything Trump promises cannot be operationalized.  Kind of like the 8th grader running for school president who promises more snack bar choices and more cola vending machines.  Now there's a true asshat.

That said, I'm voting for Trump.  If he gets elected, he will be the perfect catalyst for burning down Rome, so the people can begin rebuilding four years later.  Trump 2016!


Ghordius's picture

"banning Muslims simply cannot be operationalized"

correct, not without a lot of very, very awkward measures, at least. like having to walk over crosses in the way Christian martyrs were found out in the 3rd Century

now the question I pose is if Trump is going to use this surge in popularity for a new proposal that can be operationalized

for example: "no immigration at all"

I am though still more interested in his qualifier: "until we know what is going on". still very interested to see if he is going to expand on that

jeff montanye's picture

when being muslim is illegal, only outlaw muslims will be legal.  or something like that.

and p.s. if by "until we know what is going on" he/you mean why some muslims target americans for violence i vote for eternity/never.

or, wild guess, until we stop arming israel and, on our own, attacking muslim country after muslim country for reasons that become harder and harder to explain much less justify.

glenlloyd's picture

While I agree that it's gotten trashy, no one said you had to look at it, no one made you click on the knew what it was based on the link, it's your choice not to look at it.

BarryTheBolshevik's picture

Holy shit
That was fucking awesome hilarious ! Just took a slug of some good brandy and spew it all over my iCrap! Ii wanna party with you man, the stories you tell like the time your friend made it with that goat !? I wanna party with you cowboy! Yeeeeeeeeehawwwwwwww

FrankDrakman's picture

Oh, good Lord. I see them too, see the URL, know it's porn, and don't click. How hard is that?

It's a lot less offensive than, say, Rosie O'Donnell pontificating about.. well, anything. 

Free speech unfortunately includes the right to offend. I agree with you, the guy's an idiot for posting that crap here, but geez.. have some perspective. With all that's wrong in the world, why worry about some jerk-off (accurate term for guys who watch porn, doncha think?) who is clearly looking for attention?

thethirdcoast's picture

This is actually called, "respecting her virginity until marriage."

tumblemore's picture

"What is different now is the ability of false information to be spread very effectively due to the fact that most people are too lazy and/or stupid to do their own research to form their own opinions."


The Koran explicitly calls on muslims to wage war on non-muslims.


Read it for yourself; it's not that long. About half is peaceful stuff and the other half is a guerrilla manual.

Billy the Poet's picture

About half is peaceful stuff and the other half is a guerrilla manual.


Kinda like the Bible then? Lots of swordplay there.



There is no compulsion in religion.
-- Quran 2:256

Say, "The truth is from your Lord": Let him who will believe, and let him who will, reject it"
-- Quran 18:29

And if your Lord had pleased, surely all those who are in the earth would have believed, all of them; will you then force men till they become believers?
-- Quran 10:99

For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.
-- Quran 109:6

Therefore do remind, for you are only a reminder. You are not a watcher over them;
-- Quran 88:21

He said, "O my people have you considered: if I should be upon clear evidence from my Lord while He has given me mercy from Himself but it has been made unapparent to you, should we force it upon you while you are averse to it?
-- Quran 11:28

janus's picture

Fuckin convert already, Billy....shit, as much as you proselytize you deserve a check from rhyiad.  What the fuck has become of the west...our people are not only self-loathing sissyphants, they advance our enemy's cause.  It's disturbing.