US Has Secret, "Non-Negotiable" Plan To Send 100,000 US, Saudi Troops To Iraq, Lawmaker Claims

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“For every seven Shiites killed, we want seven Sunnis [killed] in their place.”

That rather alarming declaration comes from outspoken Iraqi lawmaker Hanan Al-Fatlawi. Not known for holding her tongue, the Shia MP inflamed sectarian tensions with her eye for an eye tirade in the summer of 2014, prompting Diana Moukalled, the Web Editor at the Lebanon-based Future Television to pen the following sharp rebuke

No one will be safe from the worsening situation in Iraq; and many parties are guilty. But for the prime minister [ZH: al-Maliki at the time] and MPs from his coalition to turn the bloody discourse of sectarian violence into an official language is a major moment in history, 10 years into the experiment that is the new Iraq.

In another infamous TV appearance turned ugly, the firebrand lawmaker was once accused of being an Iranian puppet by a Sunni tribal leader from Anbar (where Iraq is now fighting to wrest control of Ramadi from ISIS). “You should be ashamed of yourselves, a quarter of you came from a broad and you sold Iraq. We don't know you; who are you? we don’t know your origins. We are not leaders of parties or militias, we are tribal leader and we speak for the people.” he said. 

In January, Fatlawi withdrew from Maliki's State of Law coalition to form her own political movement called Irada (Arabic for "will"). She’s also suggested - as has Iran - that the US is secretly supporting Islamic State. Here’s an interesting excerpt from an article Huffington Post ran back in March: 

“A lot of events happened in multiple places supporting the opinion that the U.S. in one way or another supports ISIS -- giving them food or arms,” Hanan al-Fatlawi, an outspoken Shia member of parliament, said by phone. She has publicly stated that the United States may be secretly throwing its weight behind the extremist Sunni militants who have violently seized control of large swaths of Iraq and Syria. She points to a blast in the restive Anbar province, where Sunni tribesmen are battling ISIS, that killed dozens of Iraqi troops, saying that it was the Americans who killed them. She's not alone in her views.

“Many people in Iraq believe me,” she explained. “They believe that ISIS is probably a baby of the USA or a baby of Israel.”


Al-Fatlawi says she’s suspicious of U.S. involvement in the battle to retake Tikrit that stalled 10 days ago. While Iraqi officials cited the need for more well-trained reinforcements to help clear the heavily booby-trapped city, she has a different story: The United States made Iraqi forces halt the offensive to help ISIS, or so that the Americans could swoop in and save the day, claiming victory as their own.


Most of all, Al-Fatlawi says, she just can’t believe that the United States, with all of its weaponry, military intelligence and international sway, would have this much trouble taking out ISIS. It just doesn’t add up, she says.


Well now, Fatlawi contends that according to "information [she] has from inside the meeting," John McCain last month told PM Haider Al-Abadi that the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE are set to send in a total of 100,000 troops to Iraq. Here's a screenshot of Fatlawi's Facebook post

And here's RT with a bit more:

During a meeting in Baghdad on November 27, McCain told Prime Minister Haider Abadi and a number of senior Iraqi cabinet and military officials that the decision was ‘non-negotiable’, claimed Hanan Fatlawi, the head of the opposition Irada Movement.


“A hundred thousand foreign troops, including 90,000 from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and Jordan, and 10,000 troops from America will be deployed in western regions of Iraq,” she wrote on her Facebook page.


She added that the Iraqi prime minister protested the plan, but was told that “the decision has already been taken.”

As RT goes on to note, that may sound far-fetched but it's not at all inconsistent with what Lindsey Graham (who joined McCain on the trip) said in Iraq and what McCain himself said yesterday in the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing with Ash Carter.

From Graham last month: “Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey – they have regional armies and they would go into the fight if we put [the removal of] Assad on the table. Most of the fight will be done by the region. They will pay for this war."

From McCain on Wednesday: “A small component of American forces with international forces, which could be gathered and then go in and take out this caliphate. If we went in with a large Arab force, with Turks and Egyptians even … there’s 20,000 to 30,000 of them [ISIS fighters], they are not giants.”

Well guess what? The Turks are already there. They arrived with two dozen tanks near Mosul last Friday.

"I've personally reached out to 40 countries," Carter told the committee, which is ironic because that's the exact same number of countries Putin says are supporting ISIS. Here's WaPo

He specifically named the Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia, and Turkey as needing to put more skin in the game. Turkey, Carter said, “must do more” to control its long border with Syria that many ISIS fighters cross undetected, and criticized Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, which had joined “only the air part” of the anti-ISIS campaign in its early days, for becoming “preoccupied” by the conflict in Yemen since.

Yes, "preoccupied" with the conflict in Yemen, which is of course just a proxy war between Riyadh and Tehran, as is the war in Syria. Interestingly, were the Saudis, the UAE, and Qatar to get overtly (as opposed to the covert support they already provide to various Sunni extremists) involved in Iraq, it would be yet another attempt to rollback Iranian influence.

As we've said all along, all of these conflicts are part and parcel of a Mid-East power struggle between Russia and Iran on one side, and the US, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states on the other (see here, here, and here). Recall this map which shows Moscow and Tehran encircling the Saudis: 

ISIS is simply everyone's excuse for participating in what amounts to a world war. All that's needed to take the "proxy" out of this regional proxy war is for Iran to get overtly involved in Yemen (as opposed to fighting through their Houthi proxies), for Russia to get the airstrike invite from Baghdad, and for the Gulf states to bring planes and troops to Iraq. 

You can see why a Shiite lawmaker in Baghdad would be hypersensitive to a plan that allegedly involves an invasion by 100,000 US and Gulf troops.

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“For every seven Shiites killed, we want seven Sunnis [killed] in their place.”


Religion of Peace, Religion of Peace, Religion of are getting sleeeeepppyyyy.

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Shia and Sunni dispute is more about chain of command and it's political, not religious. 

90's Child's picture

You'd think they'd learn from their own history.

Occupation is not victory.

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"Get your asses back into that hellish meat grinder, boys!"


                  -Your Commander-In-Chief

The Saudi King needs you to fight for what is rightfully his!

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@One And OnlyIndonesia has the most muslims in the world... They're not sponsors of terror, they're pretty peaceful actually.  What this only shows is your, and the lot of you, shameful ignorance and Neocon induced fear.  Minority of zealot Muslims attack the West (and East) because you do nothing to stop invasions for their oil and they're told you invade because of Christianity.  Religion is used on both sides.  And WTF is Zerohedge fanning this ignorance?  Have they been bought?


If China/Russia/Iran invaded USA you bet Christianity would be used more than what it is today (Zionist support).


USA is a country of global peace... country of global peace... global piece.

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So who will chop off more heads..

ISIL or the Saudi’s?

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Is that a trick question? I'm pretty sure they are the same. ISIL just has additional sponsors.

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"The angel of the LORD also said to her: "You are now pregnant and you will give birth to a son. You shall name him Ishmael, for the LORD has heard of your misery.He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers." - Genesis 16:11-12

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So is the US going to invade Iraq again?  Because there is no way the existing Iraqi government is going to allow that.

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She so sexy.

Makes that trainwreck from San Bernadino look like a Hooter's girl.

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You have Russia who has already agreed to spend their blood and treasure to get rid of ISIS/L, so let them do it.  Why should our guys stick their necks out for the Saudi dictators?

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So we (KSA,Qutar, USA) get control of Syria, defeat Russians and run new pipeline to Europe bankrupt Russia and live happily ever after as the SS-18's rain down...

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Y’know, that effects photo of McLame makes him look like a white Darth Vader with his helmet ON.

“I am your father, Luke”

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Tyler Durderian (not verified) Manthong Dec 10, 2015 2:26 PM

"And you mother was a Saudi camel", Luke

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Tyler Durderian Dec 10, 2015 2:38 PM

McCain, your father was a war criminal for LBJ:


BTW, didn't we politely refuse your offer to be CIC?

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Double secret boots on the ground probation

eforce's picture

Force Russia to submit or nuke us...sounds about right.

MadVladtheconquerer's picture
MadVladtheconquerer (not verified) Jtrillian Dec 10, 2015 1:33 PM

You mean like the Iraqi govt existing at the time of the 2003 invasion allowed it?

Or, more appropriately, survived it. 

eforce's picture

This time the government could rely on help from Iran who could, along with the government, covertly support an insurgency.

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Yep. We have a winner. It has been written and so it has been throughout history. The US messed up by rattling their cage. Should have just left them alone, in hind sight, and not allowed them into the US. Keep them towel heads contained to their own yard and you should be alright.

Winston Churchill's picture

You're wasting your time, a whole bunch of bigots arrived on ZH once Drudge

started posting links.

I have fond memories of my time spent in many muslim countries, with the exception

the KSA.Muslims are generally great people that would give you the short of their backs.

Different for sure but hey, thats what makes the world go around.

They definitely don't deserve the steaming hot shit sandwich which the US is serving up to them by the

evil empire..

All things considered the blowback is surprising tepid, so far.

Bring the Gold's picture

Let's be fair the US is working on behalf of it allies almost to it's own detriment. Israel and House of Saud are way into this, not to mention the Turks and Gulf States. Even the EU has skin in the game. Their elites want those pipelines too.

Lea's picture

"Let's be fair the US is working on behalf of it allies almost to it's own detriment."

Great, I found a bona fide, honest-to-God sucker on ZH!

Bring the Gold's picture

Nice ad hominem, you got any facts to dispute what I said? I got facts and links for days...

JLM's picture

I have heard these same sentiments from others who have travelled among the Arabs.  They would give you the shirt off their back is a common comment.  What you are not saying is that generous and nice as they are when the subject of Israel comes up a wall of hatred descends and poisons all discourse.  

hongdo's picture

True.  Very hospitable and kind to a fault to visitors.  But never discuss their religion. 

Aaronson.Jones.Rutherford's picture

Hmmm, I wonder why they don't like Israel.

logicalman's picture

If you were to steal a guys house and hold him at bay with extreme violence when he protested the situation, I think you might find yourself being hated and despised.


jaxville's picture

  What decent person would not be indignant concerning Israel?  It's clear that nation has a fix in the game with all the horrible things they get away with.

SilverSphinx's picture

"I have fond memories of my time spent in many muslim countries,..."


What do you mean by 'muslim countries'?? Theocratic tyrannies?

Why don't you go back to your fondly remembered 'muslim countries' and proclaim Christ, then come back and update us with your new memories.

ILLILLILLI's picture

Why don't you take your "roadshow" to Israel and proclaim the Kingdom of Christ there...??

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You should find a new name, Dhimmi


How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity.

-Winston Churchill

logicalman's picture

At best, Churchill was a self-interested drunken warmonger.

Not the kind of guy I'd look to for wisdom.

He was instrumental in the formation of Israel.

He sent bombers to Berlin, intentionally goading Hitler into bombing London so that the people would be easy meat for the propaganda machine. His 'Ultra' knowledge, from the breaking of the Enigma code meant that he could bugger off out of London, in plenty of time, should anything big be heading that way.

Evil fuck of the first order.

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Is ZeroHedge kidding me? You guys don't believe a thing the US government says (not that I do), but a Shiite Iraqi lawmaker says so, so it must be true? Must be a slow news day to be writing stories like this.

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Well, if he is correct, I imagine that the SEALs in your avatar will be among the first to know.

Enjoy the desert...frogman...again.

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Geez, this is like a bad scene from “Starship Troopers” except that the Brain Bug is in Washington, DC.

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Let the Shia and Sunnis fight it out among themselves.  Let Saudi and Iran join in on the fun.  They've been killing each other for 1500 years and they seem to enjoy it.  What right does the US or anyone else have to tell them to stop.  After all, if they are havng fun killing each other ovet there then they will be too busy and distracted to kill in the west.

Boggles the mind that anyone keeps getting in the middle of that mess.  Let them keep their hell holes.

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where have all the good zerohedgers gone, not as many as there used to be............ahhhm its about oil, gas, pipelines, a shit ton of money, and control of said grounds and even the world itself....or a hell hole as you call powers that be will fight for it....i get your point but unfortunately the world is not that simple

August's picture

They've mostly gone off to a secret site, loaded with insightful discussions re economics, finance and politics.

And they sure as hell are posting any links at ZH.

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I've been wondering what site the old guard is on for quite some time. I miss the "junking" days. I even miss Marla wading in.

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The world is definitely complex, but one thing that simplifies figuring out why shit happens is.............

Follow the fucking money!


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You must be a beached seal if you can't get your head out of the sand....non of it really matters anyway because if the US and its USD cum allies put 100k boots on the ground in Iraq, Russia and China will finally drop the financial nuke the size of the earth on everyone holding USDs - the war will be over before it begins.

sandhillexit's picture

Problem is one of perspective.  The locals have been at this for a long time, and, after watching the US Senate hearing yesterday, we have clearly learned very little from experience.  For most Americans there is no ME history except the Bible.  But it is worth reading about the Parthians.  Place-names will be familiar.  Fighting and trying to dominate the Parthians bled Rome dry.  

"Antiochus conquered Babylonia and occupied Susa, where he minted coins.[39] After advancing his army into Media, the Parthians pushed for peace, which Antiochus refused to accept unless the Arsacids relinquished all lands to him except Parthia proper, paid heavy tribute, and released Demetrius from captivity. Arsaces released Demetrius and sent him to Syria, but refused the other demands.  By Spring 129 BC, the Medes were in open revolt against Antiochus, whose army had exhausted the resources of the countryside during winter. While attempting to put down the revolts, the main Parthian force swept into the region and killed Antiochus in battle. His body was sent back to Syria in a silver coffin." (The rebellious Maccabi who had been fighting Antiochus for their Parthian allies, went home, hence the whole Hannukah story....) 

Or this,

Marcus Licinius Crassus, one of the triumvirs who was now proconsul of Syria, launched an invasion into Parthia in 53 BC in belated support of Mithridates.[74] As his army marched to Carrhae (modern Harran, southeastern Turkey), Orodes II invaded Armenia, cutting off support from Rome's ally Artavasdes II of Armenia (r. 53–34 BC). .....Surena, with an army entirely on horseback, rode to meet Crassus.[76] Surena's 1,000 cataphracts, armed with lances, and 9,000 horse archers were outnumbered roughly four to one by Crassus' army, comprising seven Roman legions and auxiliaries including mounted Gauls and light infantry.[77] Relying on a baggage train of about 1,000 camels, the Parthian horse archers were given constant supplies of arrows.[77] They employed the "Parthian shot" tactic, where the horsemen would fake a retreat, only to turn and fire upon their opponents. This tactic, combined with the use of heavy composite bows on flat plain devastated Crassus' infantry.[78] With some 20,000 Romans dead, approximately 10,000 captured, and roughly another 10,000 escaping west, Crassus fled into the Armenian countryside.[79] At the head of his army, Surena approached Crassus, offering a parley, which Crassus accepted. However, he was killed when one of his junior officers, suspecting a trap, attempted to stop him from riding into Surena's camp.[80]

Crassus' defeat at Carrhae was one of the worst military defeats of Roman history.[81] Parthia's victory cemented its reputation as a formidable if not equal power with Rome.[82] With his camp followers, war captives, and precious Roman booty, Surena traveled some 700 km (430 mi) back to Seleucia where his victory was celebrated. However, fearing his ambitions even for the Arsacid throne, Orodes had Surena executed shortly thereafter."

or this,  

"Yet the Romans had no discernible grand strategy in dealing with Parthia and gained very little territory from these invasions. The primary motivations for war were the advancement of the personal glory and political position of the emperor, as well as defending Roman honor against perceived slights such as Parthian interference in the affairs of Rome's client states."

Bring the Gold's picture

A pleasure to read. I love posts by fellow history buffs. You can learn almost everything you need to know about current power plays by reading about ancient history. Back then history was written by elites for their elite sons so they could understand how the world really works. After the printing press and literacy began to spread the Vatican released a papal bull on the need for propaganda and ever since history tells us elites are our friends, unless you mean the elites over those hills. Those guys are tricky lying thieves and murderers, not like your good "Enlightened elites" over here.

Bring the Gold's picture

The post so nice ZH put it up thrice. Sigh.

Bring the Gold's picture

Is there an echo in here...? Echo in here...?

Tarzan's picture

No Islamic extremists in Indonesia?  There are extremists in every religion on every continent and TPTB love to exploit them no matter where they reside.


  • 1 August 2000 — A bomb detonated outside the official residence of the Philippines Ambassador to Indonesia, Leonides Caday, in Menteng, Jakarta. The bomb killing two and injuring 21 others.[3]
  • 14 September 2000 — A car bomb exploded in the basement of the Jakarta Stock Exchange, triggering a chain of explosions in which a number of cars caught fire. Most of the dead were drivers waiting by their employer's cars.[4][5]
  • 12 October 2002 — The coordinated bomb attacks occurred on in the tourist district of Kuta, Bali. The attack was claimed as the deadliest act of terrorism in the history of Indonesia according to the current police general, killing 202 people, (including 88 Australians, and 38 Indonesian citizens).[7] A further 240 people were injured. Various members of Jemaah Islamiyah, a violent Islamist group, were convicted in relation to the bombings, including three individuals who were sentenced to death.
  • 9 September 2004 — A one-tonne car bomb which was packed into a small delivery van, exploded outside the Australian embassy at Kuningan District, South Jakarta, at about 10:30 local time (03:30 UTC), killing 9 people including the suicide bomber, and wounding over 150 others.[12] Jemaah Islamiyah claimed responsibility for the attack.[13]
  • 1 October 2005 — Series of suicide bomb and a series of car bombs exploded at two sites in Jimbaran Beach Resort and in Kuta, Bali. The terrorist attack claimed the lives of 20 people and injured more than 100 others. The three bombers also died in the attacks.[16]
  • 17 July 2009 — The JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton Hotels in Jakarta, were hit by separate suicide bombings five minutes apart. Three of the seven victims who were killed were Australians, two from the Netherlands, and one each from New Zealand and Indonesia. More than 50 people were injured in the blasts.[18]
  • 15 March 2011 — a package of explosive device hidden in a book was delivered to Ulil Abhsar Abdalla, an activist of Jaringan Islam Liberal (Islamic Liberal Network) in Komunitas Utan Kayu complex near 68h Radio station, Utan Kayu, East Jakarta. The note enclosed with the book requested Abdalla to write a foreword for the upcoming book to be published. The Institut Studi Arus Informasi (ISAI) receptionist suspected the package and call for Gegana (anti-bomb squad) help. There was no casualties in this attack, however before the Gegana squad arrived, the bomb exploded severing one of the police's arm trying to defuse the device.[19]
  • 15 April 2011 — a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device in a mosque in a police compound in the city of Cirebon, in West Java, during Friday prayer. The bomber was killed and at least 28 people were injured.[20][21]
  • 25 September 2011 — a suicide bomb exploded in Bethel Injil Church in Sepenuh, Solo, Central Java. The blast killed the bomber and injured 14 people.[22]
  • 8 April 2012 — Trigana Air PK-YRF airplane were shot by unidentified gunmen during landing approach on Mulia airstrip, Puncak Jaya, Papua on 08.21 AM. A Papua Pos journalist, Kogoya (35), were killed in this shooting.[23]
  • 17 August 2012 — two policemen guarding a Lebaran (Eid ul Fitr) traffic post in Solo, Central Java, were shot by gunmen on motorcycle. The shooting was happened after midnight on 01.10 AM Friday, 17 August 2012, and the two policemen were injured.[24]
  • 16 October 2012 — Police discovered two corpses of murdered policemen that has been missing three days earlier in Tamanjeka village, Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi. The victims are head of Police Unit Intelligence of Poso Pesisir sector, Brigadir Sudirman, and Poso Police Resort Assault Unit, Brigadir Satu Andi Sapa. They were missing during investigation mission on suspected terrorist's training ground in a forest at Poso Regency.[25]
  • 27 November 2012 — Three policemen stationed in remote Pirime police post, Jayawijaya, Papua, were killed in an attack by a group of unidentified men. Police suspected the Papua separatist movement were behind the attack.[26]