Is ISIS Simply A "Saudi Army In Disguise"?

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Authored by F. William Engdahl via New Eastern Outlook,

In recent weeks one nation after another is falling over themselves, literally, to join the turkey shoot known, erroneously, as the war in Syria, ostensibly against the Islamic State or Daesh. The most wanted but most feared question is where will this war frenzy lead, and how can it be stopped short of dragging the entire planet into a world war of destruction?

On September 30, responding to a formal invitation or plea from the duly-elected President of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Russian Federation began what was an initially highly effective bombing campaign in support of the Syrian Government Army.

On 13 November following the terror attacks claimed by ISIS in Paris, the French President proclaimed France was “at war” and immediately sent her one and only aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, to Syria to join the battle. Then on December 4, the German Parliament approved sending 1,200 German soldiers and six Tornado jets to “help” France. Reports out of Germany say the Germans will not work with Russia or the Assad regime, but with CentCom command in Florida and coalition headquarters, not in Damascus, but in Kuwait. The same week the UK Parliament approved sending British planes and forces to “fight ISIS” in Syria. Again we can be sure it’s not to help Russia’s cause in cooperation with the Syrian Army of Assad to restore sovereignty to Syria.

Then Turkey’s hot-head President Recep Erdo?an, fresh from his criminal, premeditated downing of the Russian SU-24 in Syria, orders Turkish tanks into the oil-rich Mosul region of Iraq against the vehement protests of the Iraqi government. And added to this chaos, the United States claims that its planes have been surgically bombing ISIS sites for more than a year, yet the result has been only to expand the territories controlled by ISIS and other terror groups.

If we take a minute to step back and reflect, we can readily realize the world is literally going berzerk, with Syria as merely the ignition to a far uglier situation which has the potential to destroy our lovely, peaceful planet.

Something major missing

In recent weeks I have been increasingly unsatisfied by the general explanations about who is actually pulling the strings in the entire Middle East plot or, more precisely, plots, to the point of reexamining my earlier views on the role of Saudi Arabia. Since the June, 2015 surprise meeting in St Petersburg between Russian President Putin and Saudi Defense Minister Prince Salman, the Saudi monarchy gave a carefully cultivated impression of rapprochement with former arch-enemy Russia, even discussing purchase of up to $10 billion in Russian military equipment and nuclear plants, and possible “face time” for Putin with the Saudi King Salman.

The long procession of Arab leaders going to Moscow and Sochi in recent months to meet President Putin gave the impression of a modern version of the walk to Canossa in1077 of Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV to Pope Gregory VII at Canossa Castle, to beg revocation of Henry’s ex-communication. This time it looked like it was the Gulf Arab monarchs in the role of Henry IV, and Vladimir Putin in the role of the Pope. Or so it seemed. I at least believed that at the time. Like many global political events, that, too, was soaked in deception and lies.

What is now emerging, especially clear since the Turkish deliberate ambush of the Russian SU-24 jet inside Syrian airspace, is that Russia is not fighting a war against merely ISIS terrorists, nor against the ISIS backers in Turkey. Russia is taking on, perhaps unknowingly, a vastly more dangerous plot. Behind that plot is the hidden role of Saudi Arabia and its new monarch, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, together with his son, the Defense Minister, Prince Salman.

Saudi ‘impulsive intervention policy’

German media has widely reported a leaked German BND intelligence estimate. The BND is Germany’s version of the CIA. The BND report, among other things, concentrates on the rising role of the King’s son, 30-year-old Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Referring to the child prince’s important role the BND states, “The current cautious diplomatic stance of senior members of the Saudi royal family will be replaced by an impulsive intervention policy.”

Prince Salman is Defense Minister and led the Kingdom, beginning last March, into a mad war, code-named by Salman as “Operation Decisive Storm,” in neighboring Yemen. Saudis headed a coalition of Arab states that includes Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain. The Prince is also head of the Saudi Economic Council which he created.

The new King, Salman, is not the benign sweet guy his PR staff try to paint him.

As my soon-to-be-released book, The Lost Hegemon: Whom the gods would destroy, documents in detail, ever since CIA Cairo Station Chief Miles Copeland organized the transfer of the Muslim Brotherhood, banned in Egypt for an alleged assassination attempt against Nasser, to Saudi Arabia in the early 1950’s, there has existed a perverse marriage of the Saudi monarchy and radical “Islamic” terrorist organizations. As described by John Loftus, a former US Justice Department official, by the joining of Egypt’s Muslim Brothers and Saudi strict Islam, “they combined the doctrines of Nazism with this weird Islamic cult, Wahhabism.”

Allen Dulles’ CIA secretly persuaded the Saudi monarchy in 1954 to help rebuild the banned Muslim Brotherhood, thereby creating a fusion of the Brotherhood with Saudi ultra-fundamentalist Wahhabi Islam and, of course, backed by the vast Saudi oil riches. The CIA planned to use the Saudi Muslim Brothers to wield a weapon across the entire Muslim world against feared Soviet incursions. A fanatical young terrorist named Osama bin Laden was later to arise out of this marriage in Hell between the Brotherhood and Wahhabite Saudi Islam.

King Salman was in the middle of creating Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda as it was later dubbed in the media. His involvement goes back to the late 1970’s when he, as Governor of Riyadh, was named head of major conservative Saudi charities later discovered financing Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Bosnia. Salman worked intimately as the financial funding conduit for what became Al Qaeda together with bin Laden’s Saudi intelligence “handler,” then-head of Saudi Intelligence, Prince Turki Al-Faisal and the Saudi-financed Muslim World League.

King Salman in those days headed the Saudi High Commission for Relief to Bosnia-Herzegovina, a key front for al-Qaeda in the Balkans in the 1990s. According to a United Nations investigation, Salman in the 1990s transferred more than $120 million from commission accounts under his control — as well as his own personal accounts — to the Third World Relief Agency, an al-Qaida front and the main pipeline for illegal weapons shipments to al-Qaida fighters in the Balkans. Osama bin Laden was directly involved in those operations of Salman.

During the US invasion of Iraq in 2003-4, Al Qaeda entered that country, headed by Moroccan-born terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who had pledged allegiance to bin Laden’s Al Qaeda, creating Al Qaeda in Iraq, later calling itself the Islamic State in Iraq, the Saudi-financed forerunner of ISIS. A declassified Pentagon DIA document shows that in August 2012, the DIA knew that the US-backed Syrian insurgency was dominated by Islamist militant groups including “the Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda in Iraq.” According to author Gerald Posner, Salman’s son, Ahmed bin Salman, who died in 2002, also had ties to al-Qaida.

A Saudi Oil Imperium

If we look at the emergence of Al Qaeda in Iraq and its transformation into the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), it all traces back to the Saudi operations going back to the late 1970’s involving now-King Salman, Saudi Osama bin Laden, together with Saudi intelligence head, Prince Turki Al-Faisal.

Washington and the CIA worked intimately with this Saudi network, bringing bin Laden and other key Saudis into Pakistan to train with the Pakistani ISI intelligence, creating what became the Afghan Mujahideen. The Mujahideen were created by Saudi, Pakistani and US intelligence to defeat the Soviet Red Army in the 1980’s Afghanistan war, the CIA’s “Operation Cyclone.” Cyclone was Zbigniew Brzezinski’s plan to lure Moscow into an Afghan “Bear Trap” and give the Soviet Union what he called their “Vietnam.”

The so-called ISIS today in Iraq and Syria, as well as the Al Qaeda Al-Nusra Front in Syria and various other Jihad terror splinter gangs under attack from Russia and the Damascus government of Assad, all have their origins in Saudi Arabia and the activities of King Salman.

Has the King undergone a Saul-to-Paul conversion to a pacific world view since becoming King, and his son, Prince Salman as well? Despite signals in recent months that the Saudis have ceased financing the anti-Assad terror organizations in Syria, the reality is the opposite.

The Saudis Behind Erdo?an

Much attention of late is given, understandably, to the Turkish dictatorship of the thug, Recep Tayyip Erdo?an. This is especially so since his Air Force deliberately shot down the Russian SU-24 jet over Syrian territory, an act of war. What few look at are the ties of Erdo?an and his AKP to the Saudi monarchy.

According to a well-informed Turkish political source I spoke with in 2014, who had been involved in attempts to broker a peace between Assad and Erdo?an, Erdo?an’s first Presidential election campaign in August 2014 was “greased” by a gift of $ 10 billion from the Saudis. After his victory in buying the presidential election, Erdo?an and his hand-picked Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu opened the doors wide to establish secret training centers for what was to be called ISIS. Under supervision of Hakan Fidan, Erdo?an’s hand-picked head of the Secret Services (MIT), Turkey organized camps for training ISIS and other terrorists in Turkey and also to provide their supplies in Syria. The financing for the Turkish ISIS operation was arranged apparently by a close personal friend of Erdo?an named Yasin al-Qadi, a Saudi banker close to the Saudi Royal House, member of the Muslim Brotherhood, financier of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda since Afghanistan in the 1980’s. x

Erdo?an’s US-sanctioned and Saudi-financed terrorist training camps have brought an estimated 200,000 mercenary terrorists from all over the world, transited by Turkey in order to wage “jihad” in Syria.

But that jihad, it is now clear, is not about Allah but about Moola—money. The Saudi monarchy is determined to control the oil fields of Iraq and of Syria using ISIS to do it. They clearly want to control the entire world oil market, first bankrupting the recent challenge from US shale oil producers, then by controlling through Turkey the oil flows of Iraq and Syria.

Saudi TOW missiles to ISIS

In May 2014, the MIT transferred to ISIS terrorists in Syria, by special train, a quantity of heavy weapons and new Toyota pick-ups offered by Saudi Arabia.

Now a detailed investigation of the Turkish shoot down of the Russian SU-24 jet reveals that the Turkish F-16 jet that shot down the jet was supported by two AWACS reconnaissance planes that enabled the Turkish F-16 exact hit, a very difficult if not impossible feat against a jet as agile as the SU-24. One of the AWACS planes was a Boeing AWACS E-3A of the Saudi Arabian air force which took off from the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia airbase.

Then, as a Russian rescue helicopter rushed to the scene of the SU-24 crash, Saudi TOW anti-aircraft missiles shot the Russian helicopter down. The Saudis had sent 500 of the highly-effective TOW missiles to anti-Assad terror groups in Syria on October 9.

What we have, then, is not an isolated Russian war against ISIS in Syria. What lies behind ISIS is not just Erdo?an’s criminal regime, but far more significant, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and her Wahhabite allies Kuwait, UAE, Qatar.

In the true sense, ISIS is simply a “Saudi army in disguise.”

If we strip away the phony religious cover, what emerges is a Saudi move to grab some of the world’s largest oil reserves, those of the Sunni parts of Iraq, and of Syria, using the criminal Turkish regime in the role of thug to do the rough work, like a bouncer in a brothel. If Moscow is not conscious of this larger dimension, she runs the risk of getting caught in a deadly “bear trap” which will more and more remind them of Afghanistan in the 1980’s.

What stinks in Saudi Arabia ain’t the camel dung. It’s the monarchy of King Salman and his hot-headed son, Prince Salman. For decades they have financed terrorism under a fake religious disguise, to advance their private plutocratic agenda. It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with money and oil. A look at the ISIS map from Iraq to Syria shows that they precisely targeted the oil riches of those two sovereign states. Saudi control of that oil wealth via their ISIS agents, along with her clear plan to take out the US shale oil competition, or so Riyadh reckons, would make the Saudi monarchy a vastly richer state, one, perhaps because of that money, finally respected by white western rich men and their society. That is clearly bovine thinking.

Don’t bet on that Salman.

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Moccasin's picture

If the shoe fits.

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Moccasin Dec 12, 2015 10:06 PM

Yes, next question.

Moccasin's picture

Why aren't we looking into the Saudi role in San Bernardino attack? Shooter Tashfeen Malik was radicalized in Saudi Arabia, her Pakistani family said.

The Pope's picture

Does The Pope shit in the woods? Oh Wait!

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Tyler Durderian (not verified) The Pope Dec 12, 2015 10:32 PM

If I were Putin I'd stage a wahhabi terorist attack in Moscow (in some asian/muslim immigrant neighbourhood) ..quickly link it to Rhyadh and get a rain of 100s conventional/enriched uranium (maybe a small nuke "slipped" between them) ICBMs over SaudiArabia in less than 72h and blow them 500years back in time. Obviously miss a couple of them over Qatar.


Oil price would jump to around $80 overnight

Syria+ Iraq cleared of ISIS. Leave Iran, the new BRICS member, guard the ME animal farm

Almost islamist Europe bowing gracefully before the saviour and renewing economic ties.

Seeing all the West with their diapers filled - PRICELESS.

UN? Pfff .. after all is said and done, to the Victor goes the spoils.


PS. by the writings of Nostradamus this scenario is not that far fetched.

cherry picker's picture

Oh yes, Nostradamus with his crazy prophecies that do not make a lot of sense.  In 1986 or there abouts the mother of my children had a hard time sleeping that year as Nostradamus had predicted the 'big one' would hit California, at least an 8 or 9 on the Richter.  I read the prediction but couldn't make sense of it, yet people claimed it was about an earth quake.

Tyler Durderian's picture
Tyler Durderian (not verified) cherry picker Dec 12, 2015 11:14 PM

Looks like you take ZH comments a bit TOO SERIOUS.

And those of Nostradamus also.  

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Reggie may not like it but Barry is in bed with sheek salman.

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Saudi Arabia is not a member of NATO.

Russia just might figure that out and fix the problem at the source.

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Manthong Dec 13, 2015 12:52 AM

Sunni country supporting Sunni insurrection against Shia governments in Iraq and Syria after supporting 9/11: Surprise or no?

Bokkenrijder's picture

"If Moscow is not conscious of this larger dimension, she runs the risk of getting caught in a deadly “bear trap” which will more and more remind them of Afghanistan in the 1980’s."

I'm pro-Russian as well, but I  repeatedly warned against that, only to harvest red kudos. The best thing IMHO that Putin could do is NOT to be drawn into a large geopolitical and semi-religious proxy war in the Middle East.

Unless of course Putin deliberately wants to destabilize the Middle East so that Russia can dominate the oil and gas market?

LasVegasDave's picture

Is ISIS simply a Muslim army in disguise.

There. FIFU

Wake the fuck up white man

The Pope's picture

 "Is ISIS simply a Muslim army in disguise."


If you want to call the bedsheets that the CIA & Mossad funded mercenaries, 'disguises', then perhaps you're correct. The 'Muslim' part mostly comes from what the funders of the people wearing the bedsheets want you to think they are (vis-a-vis, the scary boogeyman du jour that your BFF;s in the ZOG captured government have decided North American soccer moms should fear).

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"Is ISIS Simply A "Saudi Army In Disguise"?"~

If they aren't they need better disguises. They look just like Wahhabis.

The Pope's picture

I had some of that with my sushi last night. It made my nose all tingly.

Paveway IV's picture

Why even use bedsheets? Check out how precisely the pump can be primed to pre-accuse 'Muslims' of false flag attacks in the U.S. before they even happen: It Just Got MUCH Worse With The Sneaky Muslim Walmart Shoppers In Missouri

Apparently, the religious affiliation of Wal*Mart shoppers is easily discernable by their 'Middle-eastern appearance'. I wonder of Sunni look different than Shia?

Is there suppose to be some imaginary terrorist attacks in the U.S. this Christmas? There's so many nowadays that I lose track. Seems like the MSM is going full-retard with Craft International's odd San Bernardino false flag, so I assume they have something bigger planned for North American soccer moms in the near future.

I honestly expected Israel to trot out the Iranian Shia terrorist false flags by now. If they keep going overboard with the Saudi-inspired Wahhabi terrorists, the soccer moms will get confused and forget Nettanyahu's warning that Iranian Shia are, in fact, the most imminent threat to mankind.

Iranians and Donald Trump, I guess. I'm still scratching my head about the latest Trump/Israel intrigue. None of the rumors seem credible, but something unexpected obviously happened. 

The Pope's picture

In any case, I use 'North American soccer moms', as a metaphorical 'poster child' here.


Naturally, this is all 'psy ops'... The first rule of any PSY OP is to go after the low hanging fruit... NASM = 'low hanging fruit' on account of the impressionability quotient...


Over the past 40-50 years, white American males have been pulverized into oblivion from everything including 'The Great American Society', to bra burning & women's lib, to 'gay pride', to 'metrosexualism', to 'affirmative action', all the way down to silly things such as 'lumbersexuals', etc. etc. etc.


It's still not over... Now they want your guns...


At this point, the white American male is 100% zombified and would simply rather be left alone to sit on the couch and contemplate the 20 fathoms of ocean over his head (or FORGET about it, as the case may be), and sip whatever beer his wife allows him to drink while she is out there getting prepared to be 'READY FOR HILARY'

scrappy's picture

I agree with your social analysis.

Take heart my friend, things change.

It's the way.

For a Few Dollars More - Final Duel (1965 HD)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Final Duel

The attack has been on Gen X, because they know we will never go along with this shit...EVER.

There are 80 million of us according to the fourth turning socially, (1961-1981) we are in our prime 34-54 right now, our turn to lead regardless..

One last baby boomer sell out clown show.

The country will begin to wake up in 2017-18.

Then we will start to face the damage.

I Won't Back Down Tom Petty

Johnny Cash  

We will prevail.

Manthong's picture

So here is an interesting thought picture..

Young Prince Salman is comfortably ensconced in his gilded palace bedroom getting a nice massage from his most recent virgin acquisition only to have a fraction of a second to discover that his “happy ending” is provided by a Russian Kalibr-NK cruise missile.


Kayman's picture

NATO- the American big dog with a lot of lap-dogs following. 

NATO will do nothing without the nod from Washington.

Now is the time to hobble Turkey and the House of Saud.

Took Red Pill's picture

 "Barry is in bed with sheek salman."

I'm not defending Obama but this situation started long before he came along. He just does as he's told.

RiverRoad's picture

And happily so.  The perfect man for the job.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Tyler Durderian Dec 12, 2015 11:23 PM

Didn't the Saudis pay for Obamas education and buy him the Harvard Law Review gig?


White French being beaten up by Muslims, they say this ends in civil war because the government and media won't even recognize it because 90% of Muslims voted for the socialist President. This is all about communism.

Vatican_cameo's picture

"Why aren't we looking into the Saudi role in the San Bernardino attack.  Shooter Tashfeen Malik was radicalized in Saudi Arabia, her Pakistani family said".


Because witnesses said that there were THREE shooter, all dressed in Military attire, tall and WHITE.  Carly Fiorino also leaked information that the automatic weapons were registered to a Government Enforcement Agency.  We don't have to look as far as Saudi Arabia for the shooters in San Bernardino, just Washington D.C.

Motasaurus's picture

If there even were shooters. Isn't that special forces operation still ongoing?

Kayman's picture

 "This is all about communism."

Power is the object. "Communism" and all the other "ism's" are a distraction.

chunga's picture

It's hard to take you serious "Tyler Durderian". Your specialty is ghastly porn links with shortened urls. You got kicked off not long ago when you were using the screen name "Anonymous User".

cossack55's picture

Hey, even serious people rely on porn, just look at the SEC.  They are super-serious about their porn.  Fraud by the banksters......not so much.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) cherry picker Dec 12, 2015 11:31 PM

7.0 1989

Nostradumbass's picture



Nostradamus with his crazy prophecies that do not make a lot of sense.


Hey - I resemble that remark!

; 0

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Nice! Now you're thinking like a jew. Fuck Nostradamus, that shit is in the holiest book of Satan... the Quran. Saudi along with mecca is to be anhillated, along with 99% of the Arabs.

But to be honest, your jew worshipping mind is too hooked on convoluted scheming to realise that he doesnt have to stage a wahabi terrorist attack. What's the point? It's not like the West are going to say "yeah a proportionate response to that would be to nuke Saudi". You dirty fuckers are so jewed up, your media wouldn't even report it and you'd demonize Putin anyway. Now, a muslim could easily be convinced to ride a goat into Mecca with a nuke strapped to his back and set it off himself. Fuck, I'll do it, if you arrange me a marriage to a goat.

Fucking jew culture - always trying to get someone else to do their dirty work. Muslims believe in a God. That's why we don't try to hide shit from him. If a goat needs to be fucked, I'll do it myself, in open view. You dont send a jew in to crash a plane into an office block - the fucker will always back out.

Boscovius's picture

This guy "ali-baba" reminds me of MDB in that his scathing, caustic sarcasm is hard to differentiate from the sincere.  I hereby dub such humour, Sarcaustic Irony!

datura's picture

Putin is not a US president, so sorry, but he does not stage false flag terror attacks. But as for the article: perhaps unknowingly? Putin knows all that very well, he was even personally threatened by one of Saudis royals, I think it was in 2013....And both Saudis and Turkey lure and train Chechen rebels. Several mosques were also closed all over Russia recently because of extremism - sponsored either from Turkey or Saudi Arabia! You still do not understand, why Putin is in Syria? ISIS was created first of all to fight Russia. There were many Chechen fighters among the "Turkmens", who shot the pilot from the downed Russian plane and they were led by a Turkish citizen. 

  So ISIS, as well as Al-Quaeda, was created to fight Russia among other reasons (remember Afghanistan). And to fight China as well, remember their muslim Uighur region. Most Russians understand that they are in WWIII already, the difference now is that, unlike Stalin, Putin is not waiting for it to come home and he has started to fight them in Syria. He simply told himself that if we are to have a global war and cannot evade it, better to start somewhere away from Russia and kill as many as possible there. This is why Russians accepted the war in Syria, although they normally do not want Putin to go to any wars. A recent poll showed that, unlike Americans, Russians do not think that a war can achieve "justice", or democracy, or whatever, but war is a tragedy to be fought from sheer necessity for survival. And Russia is now fighting for survival.

This is also why Putin was talking about using nukes It was a message to the Empire and her slaves: Russia will not give up, because she fights for her survival and Russia is ready to go to the very end, if pushed to do so. Better to die, than to be a slave. As one Russsian told me, their favourite motto in WWII was: Russians don't surrender. 

OldPhart's picture

And Russians are some tough mother fuckers.  Sticking it out at Stalingrad in the bitter cold.

In the 60's we were taught to hate and fear Russians.  As an adult I  came to know more of their history and culture.  Yes, USSR was a disgrace, but the Russian people overcame it.  Though I don't speak a word of Russian, I'd love to tour there one day just to admire what they consider their proudest achievements.

RiverRoad's picture

I wish we had a little of their moxie.  Shutting down terror breeding ground mosques sounds good to me.

Icelandicsaga...............................................'s picture

Went to Russia right after I got out of college in early 90s. Went back twice. After the old Soviet Union collapsed, Russia struggled mightily. While Putin is no saint, he did manage to improve the lot of the average Russian, jailed many of thevoligarchs and gangs that had robbed the country blind. I went to an old Russian orthodox church like 92,  old ladies were sweeping the streets, begging for spare change. One old lady....just made me choke. I gave her 20 bucks, she started kissing my hand....will never never forget that. The 90s were HELL for most Russians. The ones who survived the best haf small plots and grew food. IMF, and US Harvard assholes, made matters worse. Courtesy of IMFrvard advisers, the ""shock therapies imposed saw savings of Russians destroyed overnight..thank you fuckheadvJeffrey Sachs, Larry Summers, and Jonathan Hays in cahoots with Anatoli Chubais. Putin not perfect, but he has had some good policies, flat tax, giving small plots if land for growing food to 35million Russiabs, bringing Christianity back, and to some exteht dergulating small business...not to mention caring enough about his nation to not be bullied by USSA ...If I were Putin, I would take out Mecca if the Saufds do not quit their shit. If memory serves, Muslims believe if Mecca is destroyed, Islam has lost their god's favor.

putaipan's picture

well. i suppose the the best article i;ve seen around these parts inna long time would bring the best outta the new batch of folks that lurk here. thnx tyler engdal

Ghordius's picture

the article is indeed not bad. some stuff is not falsifiable, but good, nevertheless. the conclusion, though, is a bit funny. yes, "the spice" flows unhindered from ISIS held territories

yes, letting oil on the market seems to fit the Saudi market strategy of pushing oil prices down, and this is hell for the US shale oil production

but oil price, or even oil itself is not the only reason for Saudis to "meddle in their region", so no, it's not "all about the US", a lot is also about the Middle East itself

Bush Junior's presidency made the strategic decision of "de-Ba'athification of Iraq". By that, they gave Arab Nationalism (with a social component) and Pan-Arabism a kick in the guts

I wonder if they had even the faintest idea where this would lead to

ThirdWorldDude's picture

"I wonder if they had even the faintest idea where this would lead to"

I don't personally believe you're that naive, Ghordo, so it's a question of whether you're plain dumb or just acting as such.

The standard M.O of Pax Americana democracy-making process in the last 50 years consists of overthrowing secular governments and replacing them with puppets, while fueling sectarian violence in the background, oftentimes resulting in so called "latent (civil) wars" - the breakfast of Zio-champions. De-Ba'athification of Iraq was neither the first, nor the last occurrence of the 'divide et impera/ordo ab chao'-doctrine, as withessed by Gaddafi's Libya and Assad's Syria...

RiverRoad's picture

George Junior should have listened to his father who nixed Swartzkopf's "Now on to Bagdad!" statement.  George senior knew better than to "take" that country.

gonetogalt's picture

William Engdahl is a world class thinker, especially on the subject of oil. Not a Tyler. Check him at


Took Red Pill's picture

Yes, and NEO is a great site

Prince Eugene of Savoy's picture

Islamic Circle

Given to terrorist mom, Rafia Sultana Farook, a certificate found at her home by reporters after the FBI had left, shows that Hillary aid, Huma Abedin, has a connection to the terrorist Farook family. The Abedins planned these worldwide social changes to countries that host Muslim diaspora through immigration and Islamic proselytizing.

Ignatius's picture

@Moccasin   "Shooter Tashfeen Malik..."  Doubtful she shot anybody, certainly not proven.

Nostradumbass's picture



See that's the thing, people are already certain of the 'facts' in the murderous case because they heard it on teevee and from officials and we don't trust moose limbs. Nothing surprises me anymore. Crisis actors, long closed schools where children were supposedly murdered, fake blood and injuries at a marathon bombing... on and on.

Don't know anything about Fetzer's just very recently released book other than he says banned it. He is giving it away now:


OldPhart's picture

Re: San Bernardino.

Fact:  There was an attack.

Fact:  People were shot.

Fact:  People died, for real.

Other events, I have no personal knowledge.  This one I do.