Caption Contest: Kerry, Putin, Lavrov Staring Match Edition

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Earlier today, in "The Humiliation Is Complete: Assad Can Stay, Kerry Concedes After Meeting With Putin," we documented John Kerry's visit to Moscow where America's top diplomat discovered there are Dunkin Donuts in Russia and also found some time to talk Syria with Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lavrov.

After what amounted to a staring contest over the fate of Bashar al-Assad, Kerry blinked as expected, and the US is now willing to concede that the Syrian President may remain in power indefinitely. 

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You were saying...?

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Kerry swallows!


P.S. The last time the Quds Force commander visited Putin, Russia moved into Syria. Well…

According to the Fars News Agency, General Soleimani Visits Russia

TEHRAN (FNA)- Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force Commander Major General Qassem Soleimani traveled to Moscow last week to meet President Vladimir Putin and high-ranking Russian commanders, unofficial sources said Wednesday.

Somepin’ big is in the works… This time in Iraq? I think?  ;-)


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Putins' expression is priceless.  He's like:  "You're so full of shit Kerry....."



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I love Putin's shit-eating smirk. 

It just screams "got you fucking good Horse Face".

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It looks much more serious judging by facial expressions than the last potential nuclear standoff over the Crimea when Kerry and Nuland showed them their testicles...

Kabuki theater my friends...

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And notice how Kerry goes to visit Russia, not the other way around.  Speaks volumes because Putin doesn't need the US, but the US needs ME oil.


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FU israel! Bring the Russian pipeline! American military is a dont ask dont tell and female joke. General Katlin Jenner is in charge.

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Now watch in awe as Putin brings back Saddam Hussein.

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Putin is just fascinated that Herman Munster is actually REAL.

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Now that israel has a direct SSL tunnel into our military technology they(israel) doesn't need the real thing anymore. As long as any and all surplus goes to israel shithole everything will be fine.

FUCK these joos! Wake up America!

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You pigeons crapped on the board.  We must crush the pigeons!

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How do you say "So this horse walks into a bar..." Russian?

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best caption so far goes to Krispkritter.

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Putin: "Who wants to be the last diplomat to be humiliated over Syria.  The last diplomat to be humiliated for a mistake!"

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There's is a magnitude of contempt and loathing in Putin's stare we can't comprehend .

Putin is looking into the eyes of a shallow, botoxed Billionaire-by-marriage who, if given the chance, would reduce his beloved nation to servitude and ruble.

Obama would trade his for 18 rounds with Tiger

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Putin: Look into my eyes....You're feelin sleepy. Now listen, you need to let Assad stay and put a leash on your turkey.

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They're both thinking the same thing...

"Obama is merely the second most retarded clown in the US government."

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Putin:  "Do you need any hay or oats comrade Mr. Ed?"


Love Putin and Lavrov.  Rational adults dealing with evil juvenile psychopaths. 

I sleep better at night knowing Putin and Lrvrov are around because hopefully they can stop or at least deter  these sick evil f**ks from starting WW3.

The USA is a paper tiger now with defective and outdated hardware.  Backed by illiterate troops who do not have enough discipline to make it in the private sector.  Who worship Facebook, Star Wars, fantasy football and their Trayvon ball player thugs.  What a pathetic joke.

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The shame of having to agree with your statements...

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That’s the “did he just ask for the nearest Dunkin Donuts?” stare.


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Meanwhile, Lavrov looks like he wants to beat the crap out of the Kerry for having to deal with such a joke of a loser in serious times.

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Lavrov expression "debil" which means dumb ass

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Baby Bladeface (not verified) NotApplicable Dec 16, 2015 6:48 PM

Lavrov: "The nerve, the boorishness contemptible, I am not believing! To bring along that Nuland .......... woman."

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Lavrov" Do we really have to deal with this horse face loser and his pathetic welfare state country?"

Putin: "Nyet"

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It 'screams' the quiet confidence of a man in control - of himself, his nation and the support therein.   It's been a long road since the raping of the early 1990's by the West, but worth the struggle.   Russia is a proud nation again.

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Putin: Why the long face, John?

Kerry: Because I didn't put on a fresh Depends before sitting down.

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I would not want to play poker c him. He knows his "tells" and hides them well.

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Yes, they will probably believe that, too. We won't embarrass you in public.

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Putin is thinking: "This man is a silly boring nincompoop.  The only way I can stay awake here is to amuse myself by listening to him, studying him, and attempting to discern who is the greater nincompoop..... This man?  Or his boss?  This won't be easy...."

Lavrov is thinking: "Vlad is still awake.  He must be doing that thing again where he is trying to figure out if Kerry is more stupid than his boss."

Kerry is not thinking anything of importance, is incapable of it.

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Kerry is thinking of his beloved Serotta.

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Just threw you a bone, 4200.


Putin:  My little finger could make this clown cry...from across the table.  Why oh why do I allow myself to submit to these westerners?


Lavrov:  What is comrade Vlad waiting for? he could drop this clown with his little finger...from across the table!  Note to secretary (my real secretary who keeps my appt. book); never schedule again meeting for westerner little shot.


Paging Mr. B. Alatovkrap.

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Lavrov: Whatcha wanna do with him?

Putin: He got a real pretty mouth, ain't he?

Lavrov: That's the truth.

Putin: [to Kerry] You're gonna do some prayin' for me, boy. And you better pray good.


After all Syria was "just there" sort of like the Cahulawassee River...

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Not how devout Christian's think.

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And you speak for all devout Christians?  Like Saudi Arabia speaks for all devout Muslims?

Do you doubt the devotion of Christians in Appalachia?

Or are you one of the Puti fags who can't come out of the closet and simultaneously can't stand jokes about Dear Leader Puti when one of the several levels of the joke insinuates that he is as queer as you?

Lighten up, Francis.

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I'm telling you Kerry she's (Nuland) a fucking dog.

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Just Gona throw this out there. When Obama went to the pentagon I saw that as a Hirohito goes to see Mcarthur moment. A real president would have had that press confrence in the Oval Office and those generals would have been ordered. By a commander n chief. Any thoughts?

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Vladimir: I get the throat.

Sergei: I will gladly rip out his heart then, comrade.

Kerry: You guys look hungry...

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Of course the US blinked.   Assad is a very good money maker for the US, Jew owned war factories.

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It is hard to make a winning argument when you do not hold the moral high ground. 

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Hahaha nice try John, you were trying to Kohn the world, but we're on to joo!

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The smell in the room from Kerry shitting his pants has gotta be overwhelming

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That's complete horseshit and you know it...

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You're rolling tonight, buddy.  I'll have whatever your having b/c this Sobieski isn't doing it's job.  Might need the brown goods....

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Bashar is his name? 

I thought it was Al. 

So tell be about this Bashar fellow...

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yes, you are our bitch now!

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Kerry is Waaaaaayyyyyyy Out of his league. What a 3-D Loser...